Tom Selleck gave his blessing for the Magnum P.I. reboot

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First of all, is EVERY show getting a reboot? It’s getting hard to keep up with the never-ending list of revivals. (If anyone wants to bring back Bosom Buddies, I’m perfectly okay with this, but only if Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari sign on to reprise their roles.) But hey, I guess Magnum P.I. is back.

At the TCA summer press tour on Sunday, the new Thomas Magnum, Jay Hernandez, and some cast and crew talked about updating the beloved 1980s series. The man who originated the role of the former Navy SEAL-turned private detective, Tom Selleck, is apparently happy about the return of the show.

Jay said that “I know [Executive Producer] Peter [Lenkov] has talked to him, and the conversation went well, and he gave us his blessing.” Lenkov added “He was great. I mean, I’ve talked to him a few times since then, but when we were pitching the show, we went to him first to get his blessing.”

The new show isn’t so much a reboot as a re-imagining of the original. In addition to the lead now being played by a Latino actor, the role of his right-hand man (and butler), Higgins, is now being played by a woman, actress Perdita Weeks. Lenkov pointed out that the change was needed because “I thought [the original show] was a boys’ club. If you’re going to do it in 2018, you need a strong female lead.” Perdita echoed the sentiment, adding that adding a strong female character to the mix adds “a new dynamic” to the show.

Are we good with a Magnum PI without Tom Selleck? I do like Jay Hernandez, but is the show really Magnum now? At least Lenkov is aware of Tom’s star power, stating at the panel discussion that “I think trying to clone Tom Selleck, trying to do that Magnum, that’s a slippery slope. I don’t think we wanted to do that.”

In addition to Tom’s obvious charms, his iconic mustache is also missing from the new series, but we will find out what happened with that. Lenkov acknowledged, “We are going to nod to it in the second episode.” And if you’re still asking yourself “Why Magnum? Why now?” He explained there’s really no better time than the present to revive his story, asserting:

“I also thought that the portrayal of Vietnam veterans back then in the seventies and eighties – it was really a dark portrayal. I thought that ‘Magnum’ was a real positive portrayal of Vietnam veterans. So, you cut to 2018 and 2017 and we’re seeing a lot of movies about veterans – and of course they’re dark portrayals.

“And, I thought that if there was ever a time to bring ‘Magnum P.I.’ back and really make it relevant, it’s now because we’re really telling these positive portrayals of veterans coming back, serving as civilians without uniforms, as he’s serving and helping people.”

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I’m still on the fence about this one. Tom Selleck was so charming and I hope Jay can fill his shoes, as he’s not filling his facial hair. I guess we’ll find out when the new series debuts on September 24.

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44 Responses to “Tom Selleck gave his blessing for the Magnum P.I. reboot”

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  1. Rescue Cat says:

    Looking forward to the Laverne and Shirley reboot.

    • RBC says:

      There are also reports of reboots of All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Facts of Life in the works. I personally want a reboot FalconCrest

    • Christin says:

      L&S is one of my all-time favorite shows! The entire cast was so memorable.

      • holly hobby says:

        And they argued all the time according to Garry Marshall. haha. I read that Happy Days was filmed right next door to L&S and the L&S set was so loud that the HD cast can hear everything if they put their ears against the wall.

    • Jan90i067 says:

      Nope, the draw of Magnum, PI was Tom Selleck’s goofy charisma, and amazing good looks. Plus, he was just a damned nice guy! From what I’ve seen in advanced screenings, this dud looks like it lacks EVERYTHING that worked in the original. I’ll hard-pass this one.

      If we’re going for reboots (and GOD I am SO tired of them), I’d say “Knott’s Landing” and/or “Falcon Crest”. We’re sorely lacking in a good, nighttime weekly soap! I’d love Desperate Housewives, too. Shows with good, strong female led-driven characters! YES!

  2. Jane says:

    Sorry …NO! I loved, LOVED Tom Selleck as Magnum and cannot picture a reboot.

    • Happy21 says:

      Me TOO!!! I fell in love with Magnum and Tom Sellect when I was in first grade and I will NEVER EVER get behind this. Tom Selleck is my forever crush even though he’s over 30 years older than me.

  3. Aang says:

    Idk. No mustache, no tight high waisted light washed jeans with a tucked in shirt. No Tom Selleck. No Higgins. Not really Magnum is it?

  4. TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    My dad looked EXACTLY like Tom Selleck in his thirties and forties, especially with a hat on. People used to come up and ask him if he was him. So… I find Jay Hernandez much more attractive 😂 I am cool with the reboot, I like Magnum PI. My mom will be unhappy though, she watched this show every time it was on (for reasons listed above).

  5. Beth says:

    Hollywood needs some creative writers to come up with new, entertaining shows instead of reboots of old shows that are still being shown on cable. I’d rather watch reruns of the original show with the original cast members instead of a reboot. No more reboots!

    • Eleonor says:

      Reboot and remakes .
      It ‘s time to stop, seriously.

      • Incredulous says:

        Nonsense, there’s loads more of the ’80s to ransack, beats thinking up new ideas…

      • BrutalEthyl says:

        IKR? They’re obviously too lazy to come up with their own stories so they keep piggy-backing off the shows we loved. If they just have to do another Magnum, then make this Magnum, Jr and continue the story. But either way, I have no intention of watching this crap show.

  6. Eric says:

    Must be the Trump effect: laziness

    Stop with the reboots/reimaginings.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Or people are so scared for their future that they are looking backward for nostalgic forms of comfort.
      But yeah having so many reboots is annoying.

  7. boredblond says:

    I would’ve kept the stuffy male Higgins to contrast with magnum, but made his pals/cohorts two women..they were the ones who helped on cases and were in on the action scenes..honestly, I’m not that interested in another remake..

  8. kgeo says:

    Sorry for this, but I am a huge Magnum P.I. fan. Higgins was the head of security for the Masters estate, not Magnum’s butler. They butted heads a lot. Anyway, if this is done well, it could be fun. I had no idea this was happening and just last night I was thinking about how I wish I had that Magnum P.I. box set that I didn’t let my husband buy me. It used to be on Netflix. I could get into this revamp if it stays close to the original, but just gives new stories, and a more diverse clientele (LOL). Magnum was pretty one dimensional, and while the back stories were dark, everything was wrapped up pretty neatly by the end of each episode. It was just really entertaining tv that didn’t suck you in past 22 minutes.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Higgins was the head of security for the Masters estate, not Magnum’s butler.”

      thank you for clarifying this…and, if you believe the rumors…Higgins WAS ACTUALLY ROBIN MASTERS. ;)

      • Marley31 says:

        If anyone is listening I would love if someone made a Silver Spoons reboot or just show the re-runs☺ and no I like Jay Hernandez and have no problem with him but I just can’t There is only 1 Magnum PI and that’s Tom Sellec its like watching a remake of Rocky

  9. V says:

    What about ‘the lads’, Zeus and Apollo? 🐶🐶

  10. Indiana Joanna says:

    I liked the original, but not enough to watch the reboot. Tom Selleck’s charm always outshone his good looks. That will be difficult to duplicate.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Enough with the reboots!

  12. Snowflake says:

    Tom Selleck was my first crush 😀

  13. KidV says:

    Damn. I forgot how hot Tom Selleck was back then. My granny used to crack up every time she heard him speak though. His high pitched voice didn’t match the rugged looks.

  14. holly hobby says:

    Sigh.. Tom Selleck, Magnum, Dr. Burke! He was a fine fine man.

    Seriously this show sounds a lot different than the original. Would it kill them to give it another name? Why Magnum if we’re going to change things up?

    Of course Tom Selleck would give his approval. He works for CBS. Can he say otherwise?

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ holly hobby : Why Magnum if we’re going to change things up?

      Because more people will tune in to see a Magnum reboot but fewer people will tune in to see a private detective series set in Hawaii. They are leveraging (or perhaps stealing) from Tom Sellback’s and Magnum PI’s good will.

  15. Lilly says:

    My first thought on seeing the headline was: “Great, now I never want to see it.” His blessing means nothing to me, but I’m sure fans of the original will be appeased.

  16. Greta G says:

    I went into labor, with my first child, during the finale of Magnam P.I. and refused to go to the hospital until it was finished! My husband was not too happy with that decision!
    Tom Selleck is the one & only Magnum. That said, they have my blessing to reboot only because I can get my Tommy fix with Blue Bloods.

  17. Happy21 says:

    I can’t get behind this. I have the whole series on DVD, still have the sticker family friends brought back to me from Hawaii in 1984 that has Magnum on it and I will never get behind this massacre regardless of Tom Selleck giving his blessing. The lengthy trailer I saw for it a few months ago looked like a disaster. No. Just no. Please stop. To be honest this actually hurts my heart, this show was so near and dear to me as a kid.

  18. Justmyopinion says:

    The new guy is too cookie-cutter. Selleck could probably step back into Magnum’s shoes.

  19. Jerusha says:

    Does anyone else remember Selleck from his two appearances on the Rockford Files? He played Lance White, Mr. Perfect, a P.I. who wore a white suit and exasperated Jim Rockford no end by being so perfect and having it so easy. That was my first memory of TS and he got Magnum the year after those appearances.

    • Happy21 says:

      He also played an extremely good looking man that wanted to spend the night with Elaine on Taxi. She had him in her cab like the whole episode.

    • Holly hobby says:

      He played Jaclyn Smiths boyfriend on Charlie’s Angels too. He was mustache-less in that one.

    • Jan90i067 says:

      Don’t forget Monica’s eye doctor/parents’ friend/boyfriend on Friends!
      SOOOOO cute then…sigh….

  20. hnmmom says:

    Since Tom Selleck is a sitting Board Member for the NRA, I take a hard pass on anything to do with him.

  21. OnyxXV says:

    Doesn’t anyone in Hollywood have two brain cells they can rub together and come up with something original? I hate reboots. I will not watch them. Spin-offs are fine, but reboots are just dumb.