E: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie ‘are not even close to settling their divorce’

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I decided to use some vintage-flavor photos in this Brangelina story, because I was getting tired of the photos from this year. I always think it’s interesting to look back at all of the old pics of a now-divorced (or divorcing) couple to see if there’s some kind of visual indicator for when sh-t went off the rails. If anything, I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie looked totally over it as early as 2014 and 2015. My theory is that they got married just because their kids wanted them to. And now we’ve got this: the worst divorce case we’ve seen in a long time. Even though there was noise, a few months ago, that the Brangelina divorce was winding down, that doesn’t seem to be the case whatsoever. Some highlights from this E! exclusive:

They’re not close to settling their divorce: “Brad and Angelina are not even close to settling their divorce,” a source tells E! News. “They are so hung up on dealing with the custody issues that they haven’t even exchanged any financial documents yet, which is routine in divorces and one of the first steps people take in the filing process. There will be no settlement or resolution anytime soon. They are kind of at an impasse at this point because the focus has been on custody; nothing else has been hashed out yet.”

Neither can agree: Both adults are keen on “working out the details of the divorce,” but have been “unable to reach an agreement that they are both happy about.”

Brad spending time with the kids this summer: “Brad has been spending some time with the children this summer but he would like to be able to spend more time with them,” the insider shared. “He really enjoys the time that he gets to spend with them.” The former Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-stars have tried to keep things civil but “things with Angelina have been strained as they work things out.”

[From E! News]

The rest of the story is full of factual errors and strange extrapolations on what we know for sure. We know for sure that up until this summer, Brad was only seeing the kids under supervision, and he wasn’t seeing that much of them. We also know that the big fight has been about custody, of course, but I think it’s extremely weird that this “insider” claims that Brad and Angelina haven’t even worked out anything financial thus far. It was always clear that Angelina never really gave a crap about Brad’s money – she was never going to “take him to the cleaners” in their divorce, and before and during their marriage, they kept their financial stuff pretty separate. What’s the deal? Is the custodial battle masking a different fight about money? Eh. This is so weird. And we’re going to be hearing more about it for months to come, apparently.



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  1. Bashful says:

    Divorces are ALWAYS about money at some point. The division of assets are typically used as bargaining chips in custody disputes in my experience.

    These two should get this wrapped up for their own sanity.

    The judge will most likely decide custody since these two have reached an impasse, and can not agree.

    I do hope that the “reunification” process works for the kids sake, and that Brad remains an engaged parent.

    • Karen says:

      Oh she gives a crap about his money. They lived the high life travelling, buying multiple homes, etc. It was his money that financed this. Her films make no money, are they called vanity projects? Buying that place in France was a serious waste. They both will end up like Cage and Depp.

      • Artemis says:

        If it was his money, why would AJ care? She bought her own property close to BP and her finances were always solid. The French home is still used jointly for their wine business and she shot her perfume ad there. BP could buy her out but most of the costs were BP’s improvements like the lightning and we don’t know how much AJ poured into it with her own money. He was the contact person and dealing with these decorating things, AJ even said that decorating was his thing in that Vanity Fair interview. BP and his hobbies cost more than AJ’s traveling. She’s not a fashionista and has a small team, BP is more Hollywood than she is so his costs will be higher than hers and that’s his problem.

      • Booie says:

        The woman is one of the highest paid actresses in the world… you think she needs his money to live a luxurious lifestyle? Her vanity projects are funded by her working on films with Disney or the animated ones she does.

        She has always said she saves a third of her money so I imagine her savings are also decent AND she has donated all the money she’s received from her recent ad campaigns. Makes you think she doesn’t need the extra cash if she’s confident to give it away. I’m sure she’s doing just fine. Besides in an interview from a few months ago she referred to herself as the home’s breadwinner. She’ll be fine without his money. If money is an issue I imagine it’s more that the kids receive what they’re entitled to.

      • lucy2 says:

        She doesn’t need his money, but they were together for quite a while and had a lot of shared property, a charity foundation, and a lot of kids. Unless they very clearly kept everything 100% separate, there’s going to be some serious financial stuff to work out.

        “Both adults are keen on “working out the details of the divorce,” but have been “unable to reach an agreement that they are both happy about.””
        If that’s the case, then both are going to have to compromise and each be a little unhappy about it. Their kids need a path forward, they need to both move on, and they’re probably spending millions in lawyer fees.

      • Karen says:

        And to add here. The latest on the Daily Mail is he is not paying enough child support. It IS about the money ladies.

    • Roundbelly says:

      In family law disputes custody is supposed to be sorted before financial. Custody is first so no point in the courts deciding the money as it determines the other. Standard.

    • LT says:

      That was not my experience at all – we split it all down the middle and moved on. My fiancé had a trickier divorce, but the issue was not about money or custody…it was about who would control a shared asset, which they both had emotional ties to.

  2. Frosty says:

    I can see how unwinding their mutual financial involvements would take a lot of time in the best of circumstances, but I also think this is what he does, he drags his feet. Even though they divorced quickly, the financial/business unwind with Aniston took about 2-3 years IIRC.

  3. whatWHAT? says:

    Man, he looks like crap in those long-hair pics. like a heavy drinker…go figure.

    • Artemis says:

      People have said during those days he looked like he had a mix of fillers with alcohol bloat. I also mentioned this. Stans insisted he looked amazing and all the rest was just hating. Dude clearly looked bad during the WWZ promotion run. I wonder what triggered his alcohol abuse during certain periods.

  4. Whatabout says:

    They probably owned joint properties, I know that house in France they sold. I’m not sure about their wine (Maravel?). I think they both are seriously loaded and it would take months to really take apart their assets and figure out who has what. It sounds like they both are more concerned though with custody. So it doesn’t surprise me that the divorce is on the back burner.

  5. roses says:

    If we are to believe these reports, his team has been busy these past few days, first TMZ, now US Weekly and E! News. They really need to chill, makes me wonder what’s really going on. Hopefully this will all get resolved soon for everyone’s sake.

  6. Ashley says:

    But wouldn’t her trump card be the plane incident? Shouldn’t that give her leverage in this battle?

    • Booie says:

      She’s too decent of a person to spill those details. If she weren’t everyone would have known by now. I think she wants to fight for her kids but do so cleanly without sinking to that level. But I’m not sure if that will work this time.

    • LadyT says:

      Agreed. There is no trump card. Everyone knows he made serious mistakes which he has admitted and has attempted to rectify.

  7. bap says:

    Team Angelina!

  8. Embee says:

    I like looking at the old photos too. It was so clear in those People magazine wedding photos that she was monumentally unhappy and doing the wedding against her better instincts.

    • Artemis says:

      She looked happy when the kids were in the pictures but that one photo of looking solemn on her own. Why did they pick that one to feature anyway?

      I remember the rumours of them being together after MAMS when I was 15 reading it in a magazine. I was so angry as I thought he wouldn’t be good for her (I don’t know why). She was an inspiring woman with a strong spirit and I never really liked him. She had a different vibe than most Hollywood people. When he brought that mess with his divorce from JA to AJ I knew he somehow would change her life for the worse, I just felt sorry for these women. That AJ after building up her life after BBT with Maddox as a single mom would let a married Brad frigging Pitt run her life the way he did and subsequently bring all that negative rep back to the surface, I don’t get it.

      • Sara says:

        Most times, when your relationship starts with sneaking around and lying and cheating it doesn’t end well.
        I don’t think either of them are the most moral person in the room. I think they are both willful, spoiled people who want their way and it’s going to get uglier before it goes away.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Oh I think she cares about his money. And I think he cares about hers. I don’t think either one is out to take the other to cleaners in this divorce, but I don’t think the financial aspect of this “uncoupling” is going to be any less messy than the custodial aspect.

  10. Vi says:

    While he is worried about smearing Angelina, she’s out enjoying Thorpe Park.

  11. tracking says:

    They were only married for two years and apparently had a pre-nup, so maybe the financial piece won’t take very long(?)

  12. mary says:

    team brad

  13. Mara says:

    ‘Brad really enjoys spending time with the kids’ I’m sure he does. That’s not in question, it’s whether they enjoy spending time with him which is the issue.

    • Carmen says:

      Exactly, and the courts never seem to take that into account. It’s all about what the parents want. They couldn’t care less what the kids want.

  14. Endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    In an ideal world she and Ralph Fiennes get tothegher and have a super fun, passionate relationship.

  15. MCV says:

    I thought that all these things were resolved with a prenup

  16. chrissyms says:

    I am sorry. The two of them BOTH are utterly ridiculous. It has been 2 years. They paraded their love and parenting to us for 10 years and now look what it has come too. It is just hurting the kids. Kids need both parents and they need those parents to be stable. They also need to not be dragged through a divorce and custody battle for years on end. They both are big hollywood actors and they both have big huge egos. It is gross to watch. I couldn’t pick a side if i tried.

    • Sara says:

      I agree, 100%. I just said above that these are two spoiled, willful people who each want their own way, and it is going to get even uglier.
      I hate divorce.

  17. ladida says:

    What a mess, yikes. They have like $400 million between the two of them and half a dozen properties at least.

  18. coco puffs says:

    Money? I think its the custody and both are not having it any other way but what they want. But the judge will have the final say so. It doesn’t matter what either of them think or say. That is why I think it’s the children and the therapists pulling on the strings of the judge and Pitt is upset and his lawyers are arguring that Angie is planting seeds in their heads.
    I could be wrong but this seems to be the problem. Nevermind what kids really feel. I don’t think its all but some are resisting him and that doesn’t make him happy. It’s all or none in his book. I don’t even think he feels any of them should resist him. That is the bottom line. Instead of blaming himself he is blaming her for his kids really not wanting to be around him.

    • Carmen says:

      At this point it’s more like they are both throwing everything they have at the wall and hoping something sticks. Angie is rolling out the big guns. Let’s see what kind of ammo they are loaded with.