TMZ needs to remind you that poor Brad Pitt still doesn’t speak to Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

Does Brad Pitt even need lawyers when TMZ is doing all of the heavy lifting in their campaign against Angelina Jolie? Yesterday, TMZ threw a party when Brad’s lawyer “slapped back” at Angelina’s court filing. They painted her as a nasty woman, a liar, a devious bitch, etc. Buried within TMZ’s report was the fact that the bulk of the money Brad says is “child support” is actually a loan. Since then, Angelina’s lawyer slapped back with a detailed and savage statement to People Magazine. TMZ hasn’t said one word about Angelina’s lawyer’s statement, which speaks volumes. Instead, TMZ is running yet another “pity poor Brad” article:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at war in their divorce case, but the more immediate struggle is the co-parenting situation that even has a judge issuing a warning to cool it … or else. We’re told Brad has been spending the bulk of his Summer in England — where Angelina and the kids live — so he can see his 6 children. The judge in the divorce case set out a schedule for Brad to visit with his children in London beginning in mid-June for 10 hours a day. The visitation increased last month to 4 consecutive days at a time.

Our sources say Brad and Angelina never interact with each other, and the handoffs are always through nannies and assistants. It’s clear there have been issues over Brad interacting with the kids. The judge in the divorce case already issued an order saying Angelina tried to restrict Brad’s access that the judge believed was “harmful” to the children. The judge even said Brad had a right to call and text the kids whenever he wanted, and Angelina could not monitor the contacts. From what we’re told, things are getting worse, not better, between the two.

[From TMZ]

There’s no new information here. The whole point of this piece is too remind everyone that Angelina Jolie is a Difficult Bitch Who Refuses To Speak To Brad. The only somewhat new information is that according to TMZ, Brad has spent much of the summer in England. I thought he was filming Once Upon a Time In Hollywood in LA this summer? I thought that Brad was throwing massive hissy fits about how the kids would need to travel to see him? You’re telling me that Angelina still has primary custody of the kids and his every interaction with them is still being heavily monitored by the court system? Oh, right. As for Angelina and Brad barely having any interaction… yeah, we knew that too.

Angelina Jolie visits The Louvre in Paris with her kids

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  1. Sarah says:

    So he actually had to go to London to see the kids? Given his previous hissy fit, you would think the FBI was about to barge Jolie’s door open and go get the kids in England to bring them to their poor dad any day now… Team Pitt’s antics are irritating, to say the least.

    • They cannot seem to grasp that it’s not attractive for a grown man to insist on being the center of a family when children are involved. It’s like, what about the kids? Why can’t he switch his schedule for them given that he’s one person and they are six? This is not a good look.

    • ariana says:

      I have read every word of the leaked document, and nowhere does it say Angie tried to keep the children away from their father. It does say the children want nothing to do with their father, and Angie and the therapists were to try and convince them Brad wasn’t dangerous. (wonder why the kids thought their father was so scary).

      Also, the document does not give Brad the right to ‘call” the children whenever he pleased, he is going to be able to text them, not call them. Also, the document says TWO monitors are to be with Brad and the children at ALL times. So, basically Pitt still cannot be alone with the children, even when at his house.

  2. Steph says:

    Meh, both are dragging this to no end. Team kids.

  3. Spikey says:

    Jesus, Brad, put the phone down! You’re morphing into Thomas Markle and that is never a good look.

  4. Original T.C. says:

    Dude woman up, take care of your children and stop running to TMZ! I’ve loss so much respect in him, I hate irresponsible warny people. You are not a victim in this story and your children will one day read all of this.

    • Aims says:

      1000% His actions caused this situation. Suck it up, be a father and stop trying to throw your children’s mother under the bus. You are forever connected, so be an adult.

  5. Pas says:

    Entertainment Tonight sources from brad just lied. Lol

    They will really continue their narratives and strongly blinding themselves from the facts that angie is giving. Not one statement of angie has been written from this shitty site. Guilty.

  6. roses says:

    Lol TMZ is so full of it just to get clicks. So they basically just gave a summary of the last order for the summer agreement in defense of their man Pitt and to of course paint Jolie in a bad light. It proves we are definitely living in a man’s world. SMDH

  7. LORENA says:

    I was never a huge fan of this couple but as the child of divorced parents who still refuse to be in the same room together, this is sad. Its terrible for the kids, its a huge weight on you when your parents don;t get alone and you’re always having to choose. Someone should be the bigger person for the sake of their children. They still had good times together and were obviously at one point in love. Just sad all around

    • SilverPoodle says:

      This X 1 million. My parents divorced 30 years ago and did not like being in the same room, speaking, etc. but they did because it was best for their children. The children are being harmed by their refusal to be adults.

    • LORENA says:

      Don’t get along***

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m sorry you had to go through that Lorena.
      That’s very much what I keep saying – at some point they need to figure out how to be civil and work together to parent these kids. I believe he’s 100% responsible for the split, but both need to try to move beyond all that and compromise to move things forward.

  8. Chaine says:

    So what, why should she speak to him? Their marriage is over. Unlike most of us, she is lucky enough to have nannies and handlers so she doesn’t have to be there holding her breath for a tense exchange in a Mickey Ds parking lot.

    • SilverPoodle says:

      She should speak to him because he is their father and will always be. Unless he abused them, then all bets are off.

      • Da tea says:

        Silverpoodle, are you forgetting why they divorced in the first place? Cps and the fbi were called on them because of whatever he did on a plane. So yeah he is abusive.

      • Adorable says:

        I remember when Angelina broke up with BBT,she said they didn’t speak for 3years.This divorce has been particularly tumultuous with how they even broke up,The kids being involved not to mention the press leakes,yea don’t see them speaking for a while,if at all.

      • ariana says:

        @Adorable, It was only one year Angie would not speak to BBT, after that they were fine.

  9. Da tea says:

    I think he’s the one with money issues because his team leaks every time he’s shopping for art or whatever. Remember that story where he spent millions on a coffee table? You never hear about aj spending crazy amounts. People mag is saying this is unusual because Angelina’s funds are going to be made public soon because she’s asking for support. Then we’ll see for sure.

    I just refuse to believe that a person that made a boat load of $ on salt and maleficent needs a loan. No way. She got paid for the toys that Disney made for maleficent too as well as back end deal. Maleficent made something like 700 + million and salt made crazy amount of money too

  10. Jennifer says:

    My husband does the exchanges, I rarely go and never go alone because their father is abusive. Honestly reading these updates is like looking at a carnival fun house mirror of my own custody issues with my ex and all the actions she has taken are those of an abused woman.

  11. Adorable says:

    As facts come to light,it’s apparent that Brads Ego took a knock at being left by Jolie.Slowly but surely(even his fans who refuse to believe butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth)are seeing this guy has issues,I mean all these leakes weren’t necessary,in an effort to make her look bad.

    • HEAVE HO says:

      Every time I see these dorky stills from this new movie he’s in I think Aah, there’s the real Brad

  12. bap says:

    He is such a manchild. Be a real man and stop showing bad behavior toward your family. Worry more about your children happiness then you Image

  13. bap says:

    He is almost 55 years old and still acts like a manchild.

  14. Julia says:

    She is supreme Bitch . Good lord I despise Her .

  15. porcupette says:

    I love & laugh that you feature the same unflattering foto in every single Brad Pitt column, the one where he looks like a total lunkhead trying very hard to grasp a basic concept, like say up and down, or past and future. The anti-sex god.

  16. DS9 says:

    My ex husband as a manipulative manchild whose feelings remain hurt that we aren’t together.

    I don’t speak to him directly and I’m not sorry.

    Our daughter knows we both love her.

    It’s better for her if she doesn’t see me rage spiral every time he implies I’m a shit parent.

  17. I do not understand why this man would rather go after his ex in the media than put all that energy into repairing his relationship with his kids. This is so illogical to me. Kids love their parents, both of them. The worst thing to do to kids is attack the other parent, and publicly no less. Why is it so important to him that he be looked at as the one who ended the relationship? We all know she left him, he can stop now. It’s jist so petty and sad.

    And before anyone comes at me about parental alienation, there is no evidence that’s happening, but there is evidence that Brad is attacking AJ right here in front of us. All I’ve seen are leaks attacking AJ, which has always been the case for years. She’s always the one who takes the hits. She has no history of hitting back or of attacking her exes, unlike Brad (Jen Aniston anyone?)

  18. Mia4s says:

    I think it may be because he still only has limited visitation, so she is with them and sees them far more. They’re trying to encourage “time with Dad” and you’re “safe and fine with Dad” to repair the relationship. Hey you know what would help that? Dad not acting like a gigantic narcissistic prick who leaks negative stories about their mom.

  19. Roma says:

    This is fairly common in cases of parental alienation. The parent who has been estranged is encouraged to have open and ongoing communication. Often, the parent who is doing the estranging is overbearing during the other parent’s access time. Limiting to 1 call per day helps ensure the estranged parent gets to rebuild the connection with the child/ren without interruption.

  20. Alice says:

    And I’ve seen this working zero times. Usually, the fact they are limited in contacting their primary caregiver leads to exactly the opposite outcome – strong desire to communicate with the primary caregiver while away and a rebellious or even angry attitude towards the allegedly estranged patent who is seen as enforcing the limitation. I continue to be astonished at judges who insist on enforcing relationships. Never works in human world.

  21. tracking says:

    Right, and this is unlikely to remain the status quo. Just a temporary bridge measure to help Pitt rebuild with his kids. Once custody is settled, likely shared since CA, the kids will be free to communicate with both parents when they want. Only if the court suspects parental alienation is ongoing, and Pitt pursues it, would other arrangements have to be made. (this was meant to respond to Roma)

  22. Booie says:

    Everyone still bringing up alienation or the fact that she should be trying to cooperate? You realize the entire TMZ article is a lie right? He has NOT spend the majority of his time seeing his kids in England. He spent no more than 2 weeks and they were supervised visits. And the one week his children were supposed to be in LA, he was on set every day.

    All recent and past filings have shown he wasnt exactly cooperating with the suggestions from court at the beginning and now that he kept his family’s home and all the contents (all his kids things, really) and you think it’s shocking that she wouldn’t want to communicate with him?
    She tried to cooperate. She chose a house close to his. She could’ve chosen a house farther away but she didn’t. She abided by all court orders and suggestions. She even wanted her kids to have legal counsel so she could take a step back from the issue. She was the one who has to try to mend their relationship. And yet, he repays her with this crap. Leaks and lies to the tabs trying to make her look bad when in reality, he’s the one who has made this entire process difficult.
    It’s no surprise that his kids weren’t responding well to him either.

  23. Da tea says:

    Exactly. It’s like the people who are commenting on this issue haven’t been paying attention. You said it all. He is trying to say he’s been in England all summer when we know that’s not true because he’s filming a movie and was onset when the kids were forced to visit him. Trashing aj to the tabs is all about his image and I think he didn’t want the divorce so he’s making it difficult. She wants out and filed bifurcation – you know if he wanted to speed up the process he would’ve had his lawyer file bifurcation but instead he wants to restart ? Basically he is the one that doesn’t want their divorce proceedings to end yet.