DM: Duchess Meghan wishes her dad would ‘stop blathering’ to the press

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the edding of Charlie Van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenkins

I tweeted this yesterday, and I’ll say it again now: I feel like Thomas Markle has been suspiciously quiet this week, and I strongly suspect that another interview is coming. Maybe on Sunday, maybe at the Mail or The Sun. It’s just a thought, and maybe I’m wrong. In the meantime, Meghan and Harry are hopefully enjoying their time off, and I truly hope they’re on vacation right now, and that Meghan is currently being knocked up. But someone in Meghan’s camp – who? – went to the Daily Mail to discuss how Meghan is totally over her father’s shenanigans.

Meghan Markle has made it clear that she refuses to be manipulated by her father’s ‘emotional blackmail’ after saying that she has heartlessly cut him off and she would be better off if he were dead.

‘Enough already,’ Meghan told a close friend. ‘For the life of her, she can’t understand why he’s digging such a deep hole for himself and to say things like, ‘It would be easier for her if her dad died.’ She said she just wishes her dad would “stop blathering” to the press. That’s the one birthday gift she wanted from her father.’

According to the source close to the 37-year-old duchess, ‘Meghan has no immediate plans to contact her father. Firstly, she’s deeply hurt and secondly she can’t trust him to keep their conversation private. Meghan is big on being true to herself and taking care of herself, and if this means avoiding toxic relationships so be it. It’s not like she’s never ever going to speak with her dad again, but certainly not now, not in this climate.”

Thomas Markle has said that Meghan might be better off if he were to die: ‘Everyone would be filled with sympathy for her,’ he said. The friend says this is not the first time Meghan has had to deal with her dad’s self-pity.

‘Behavior like his doesn’t happen overnight. Why do you think her parents got divorced in the first place?,’ the source told ‘Meghan’s had to deal with a lot of self esteem issues growing up with a narcissist. She has tools to cope with emotional blackmail. She does pray for him. That’s Meghan. She does not have a bad bone in her body, but she’s not falling for her dad’s crocodile tears. She’s been down that road far too many times before.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I have no idea if Meghan or the palace organized this strategic leak or what, but I believe what this “friend” says. While Thomas Markle’s emotional abuse of his daughter in broad daylight has shocked the media, the royal family and everyone else, I don’t think it was shocking at all to Meghan. Meghan’s seen her father up close, and she’s had to deal with his bulls–t for 37 years. She wasn’t surprised. She was disappointed, and I would imagine she’s probably quite embarrassed too, that the Markle side of her family is so trashy. But she’s dealt with her father’s crap before, just never at this level. And I do hope she’s taking care of herself and putting herself first, regardless of what those toxic narcissists do or say.

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  1. Dazeem, Adele says:

    While i 100 percent agree with everything this “friend” said, as this IS the Daily Fail, I wonder if its a real leak or just simply, finally, someone on the staff of this paper that is logical and has dealt with these kinds of personalities before and knows what Meghan is probably feeling. While there is lots of disagreement, the consensus has definitely come around that Thomas is narcissitic trash and Meghan should be done w him. Thoughts?

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      This friend definitely exists in one of the heads of the editors. The backlash on social media has been not what they expected.

      They are changing the narrative so they give themselves a get out clause.

      People do not like the proxy emotional abuse of the Fail.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They underestimated how many people have difficult people in their lives like the Markles and see through them. It touched a lot of nerves.

      • Missy says:

        I’ve read the comment section on several sites and realized that the majority of people are sick of this story. The media created this narrative about the Markles, and now they are dealing with the backlash. Thomas and Samantha did too much and went too far with all the paid interviews. Even those who don’t like Meghan are becoming uncomfortable with the nitpicking and emotional abuse.

      • Jan90067 says:

        You know, Meg can’t comment directly to the Press, (esp. The Fail!), it it wouldn’t surprise me if this “friend/source” is part of Palace PR putting this out there. Just a thought….

  2. Whatabout says:

    Hopefully Thomas Markle has decided to shut his stupid, emotional abusive mouth.

    I could totally see Thomas Markle reading EVERYTHING about him. And I think he knows it looks bad. He will lay low for a month or so. Then spring up around Meghan and Harry’s royal tour. He will point out that he hasn’t spoken to the press in a month or two and try and get sympathy.

  3. Flying fish says:

    Whether someone from Meghan’s camp spoke to DM who knows. It is obvious that Meghan does not like her Father’s conduct, thus he is being ignored, done and done.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Whether the source is a real one or not, what they are saying is completely true IMO (so it could be a totally false source…speaking truth….lol). Meghan is not going to contact her dad right. The more he runs the press, the less likely she is to contact him. Maybe in a year, maybe 2, maybe 5 – but not now. I agree that I don’t think she’s saying “I’m never talking to him again” but she’s not dumb. She knows what would happen if she called him to talk to him.

    And besides the fact that he would leak and misrepresent any conversation they had, I imagine she just flat out doesn’t WANT to talk to him now. So I don’t think she’s sitting around KP saying “oh I really want to call dad but I just cant bc he’ll call TMZ.” She’s probably thinking “hell no I have no desire to talk to him.”

  5. MariaTI says:

    I never thought I would have something in common with a Duchess. I too, wish Meghan Markle’s father would stop blathering to the press. Seriously, though, I had a father like hers. I managed to develop a healthy (for me), extremely boundaried relationship with him in the last years of his life, for which I am very grateful. I have no doubt that if I had ever achieved any kind of celebrity, he would have acted very similarly.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Hear, hear! Similar situation for me with my mother. Boundaries are healthy!

    • booboocita says:

      I tried for years to establish boundaries with my narcissistic jerk of a father. He’s an abusive a**hole, but I wanted SO MUCH to have a relationship — any relationship — with him. I wanted the fantasy relationship of a loving, supportive dad and a loyal, loving daughter. I didn’t get it. About 25 years ago (I’m in my late 50s), I realized that I was never going to get it, and that I had to disengage for my own good.

      I haven’t spoken to him in about 27 years, and I don’t expect I ever will again. I still feel bad about it, but in a sort of abstract “wish I had a father” way, not a “wish I had THAT father in my life” way. It is what it is. I can’t mourn him any more. I don’t know if Meghan will ever again have a relationship with her dad, but I know what she’s feeling, and I don’t blame her for her silence.

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t know what I would call my father. He had exactly 2 conversations with me in the 17 years we shared a home. I was plain invisible as far as he was concerned. I honestly don’t know if he would sell me out or not. I also decided in my early 20′s that it only hurt trying anymore to have a relationship with him. Soon after that, he had a stroke that rendered him speechless for the rest of his life. Didn’t want to talk to me, now he can’t. Karma?

  6. TheOriginalMia says:

    While the sentiment is probably true, I don’t know of any Americans (in my orbit) who say “blathering”. That said he does need to stfu, but I doubt he will. He’s a narcissist.

    • Other Renee says:

      Mia, I was thinking the exact same thing about the word “blathering.” Not a term used by any American I know of. Like ever.

      Yeah, he will never stop BLABBING to the press.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I have heard it before used by Americans. Not many but a few.

    • Lady D says:

      I use it, but I’ve read a lot of books by English authors who do use the word.

    • Mel says:

      I say “blathering” all the time and I don’t think she or her friends would give the Daily Mail anything. Perhaps they’re trying to backtrack/ makeup for enabling the shenanigans or they’re trying to start another cycle with the blathering idiotic Markles.

    • Amelie says:

      American and I am familiar with the term blathering and I have used it. But then I use a lot of words in my speech a lot of people don’t because I’m a bookworm and I’ve amassed a large vocabulary. I’ll never forget when I used the word “hijinks” my sister had never heard of that word and I was left feeling like I was making words up.

  7. Millenial says:

    I really hope he goes away because this media storyline is depressing and tiresome. The Fail and others must surely begin to realize folks don’t want to click on stories with his ugly mug and nastiness to boot?

    Personally, I’d much prefer her headlines to focus on fashion, babies, and the Prince Hot Ginger in polo gear.

  8. Montréalaise says:

    Meanwhile, Samantha is still talking to the press. She recently gave an interview in which she talked about Meghan’s first husband, saying he’s still ”devastated” by the divorce (five years later????) and is planning to dish all the dirt on Meghan. Samantha didn’t even attend Meghan’s first wedding, so does she really want us to believe she and the ex are buddies?

    • Lizabeth says:

      And isn’t the ex engaged? That’s usually a sign of moving on esp when it’s been long enough not to look like a poor-judgment rebound. I can’t imagine he’d talk about Meghan at this late date.

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      The IRS should come knocking on her door any time soon now. Oh, I so hope they do. I can’t imagine a nastier way to use someone to make money as this horrible woman has done with Meghan, and then have the nerve to say, “There’s nothing wrong with it.” How incredibly deluded. She deserves to pay all kinds of taxes on this dirty money she’s making. And where were all these ass-clowns before she began dating Prince Harry? Oh that’s right, they were trashy nobodies. When I see pictures of her dad or her half-siblings all I want to do is shower. And I think this Daily Fail piece is a complete fabrication.

    • Missy says:

      It’s obvious that Samantha is saying whatever she can to keep her name in the press. All the tabloids write articles based off her lies. Samantha knows nothing about Meghan’s relationships. It would make Trevor look pathetic and disrespectful to his fiancee if he were trying to cash in on Meghan.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        Of course, and then to actually be so stupid/deluded/completely out to lunch to blame the tabloids for their “strained relationship.” There IS no relationship between Scammy and Meghan. The only class in this act are Meghan’s nieces, Meghan herself and Doria. I believe the only family member that speaks to Scammy is her father.

      • Jan90067 says:

        He DID sell that pilot to FOX, about a divorced couple whose ex marries into the RF, and they’re sharing custody of the kid(s). All of a sudden,that disappeared. Wonder if the BRF paid him off for the rights…? 🤔

  9. Jane says:

    Thomas Markle is probably planning on doing something big and stupid. I wonder what a PI in Mexico costs.

    It’s not like he has other children and grandchildren he could be seeing. Oh wait.

    • Right!? You’d think Meghan was an only child to hear him tell it.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m waiting for the press to call him out on this behaviour. That his other children and grandchildren do not see him. That he makes more time complaining like he only has Meghan. And why his other family members have exiled him.
        Have him explain that.

  10. Purrrr says:

    Yet she wanted him to walk her down the aisle?

  11. Sarah says:

    Thomas Markle has been quiet. Unfortunately, Vonnie has not. She gave an interview about Meghan’s first husband. Pardon my French but that woman truly is a famewh*re. She makes the Karadashians look retsrained and dignified.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      IMO there are 2 things that are driving the evil stepsister:

      1 – Her unbridled hatred of Meghan. She has hated Meghan since she was born that is obvious to anyone
      2 – She’s a failed model and actress who see’s the media attention as her 5 mins of fame, 5 mins that’s she’s desperate to stretch. Scammy is LOVING the media attention

      As for evil papa smurf, he’s laying low as he ain’t getting the attention and sympathy he thinks he deserves. He’s probably planning another ‘fake’ heart attack and is waiting for Meghan to be in LA to pull it off to try and force her to go to Mexico to visit the poor dying old man.

      • Renee2 says:

        This is the first thing that I’ve laughed at in this sordid mess, “evil Papa Smurf”. Thanks for that.

    • Sarah says:

      I did not know Sam had tried her hand at acting and modeling. That is a VERY interesting detail that explains a lot.
      I agree with your two points, although I would also add racism. Let’s not forget she used to call Daria the maid. S emust be seething that her biracial half-sister, the daughter of a black woman, was successful when she, the white woman, was not.
      Maybe Papa Markle has been quiet because he is as fascinated/horrified by the Brangelina Drama than we are^^?

      • Jan90067 says:

        According to Trashy half-Brother, Vonnie was also EXTREMELY jealous of the fact that Evil Papa Smurf DOTED on Meghan when she was born and didn’t pay much attention to her (Vonnie) growing up.

      • Masamf says:

        I’m not really sure what trashy TM Jr. is talking about “jealous of the fact that Evil Papa Smurf DOTED on Meghan when she was born and didn’t pay much attention to her (Vonnie) growing up’. Vonnie is 17 years older than Meg, so there was no growing up together between these 2. By the time Tom Sr. was “doting on and raising Meghan” Vonnie was already outta the house, married with kids. Vonnie’s eldest child is 32 years old, so she’s just 4 years younger than Meg. His claims don’t add up and I think Tom, Jr. just embellished his story to get more money from the hungry tabs.

  12. minx says:

    Obviously I don’t believe there is any “friend” being quoted. But at least the DM writer who concocted this made some good points about the trashy Markles.

  13. Bunny says:

    I’m not sure if the “friend” is real or not, but I believe that the Daily Mail sees the writting on the wall: that people are sick of the abusive, vitriolic, nasty, racist Markles and the DM is getting blow-back.

    I’m also not convinced that the DM won’t run more half-cocked Markle Family “exclusives”, but they’ll at least try to pretend to be neutral or even sympathetic to the Duchess before they do.

    Around Christmas, Prince Harry said of Meghan, “I think we’ve got one of the biggest families that I know of and every family is complex. She’s done an absolutely amazing job. She’s getting in there. It’s the family, I suppose, she’s never had.”

    Aside from Meghan’s mother Doria, who seems to be a lovely, kind, smart, strong person; everything Harry said was true.

    Which means that Harry and the BRF knew about those horrid people going into the wedding. I’m guessing that Meghan isn’t being pressured to do anything as a result – they probably haven’t been surprised, and are willing to let the garbage people run their course in the public eye.

    • Fluffy Princess says:

      I would imagine that to some extent that the BRF expected *something* would happen. Some one or people would come out of the woodwork due to her alliance with them. It seems logical that they would let her know the kinds of crazy things that people do to try to get close to them, get something from the BRF by association, etc. And I’m sure the BRF learned a thing or two from the whole Diana/Charles scandal…

      I think their plan will remain chin up, shoulders back, duty first and ignore the naysayers. I mean unless something really egregious happens, but otherwise it’s ever-forward!

  14. hershey says:

    Also, Thomas Markle and Samantha both seem to have very colorful histories. Why doesn’t the press report more details about these two?

    They both have significant ruptures in their relationships with multiple family members. The press never seems to care that Mr Markle is not on speaking terms with his son. But he is not giving interviews about his heart breaking over his son cutting him off.

    The press never asks about why he isn’t sad about that? Or where is Samanthas sadness about no contact with her own children. Her youngest is only 19 and a student.

    She should still be meeting parental responsibilities for her youngest child. Abandoning a child still in school is not acceptable. Much more of a failing than a grown daughter putting boundaries around her relationship with a parent

  15. Henny says:

    It legitimately shocks me that the Markles were largely able to hold it together during the courtship. It was the reason I gave TM the benefit of the doubt initially. I assumed if MM felt confident enough to ask him to walk her down the aisle that there was a secure enough relationship to drawn on to at least provide the bare minimum of loyalty but nope. He couldn’t even do that!

    Obviously the relative silence during the courtship was the exception, not the rule. He blew his opportunity to be the father of royal bride. What a spectacular flame out. I agree with the others that none of this is news to the Meghan or the BRF. I’m sure they were well aware the Markles and while it’s disappointing it won’t be a surprise. They’ll continue to ignore him. Unless he’s got juicy gossip (very unlikely) he’ll continue to give sack interviews to the tabloids, particularly if they have a baby, but that’ll be it. She actually dodged a bullet not having him in the wedding party and subsequent photos.

  16. Digital Unicorn says:

    The UK press are turning on Evil Papa Smurf, the Fail has just dropped a story that says he denied colluding with the paps to Harry 2 days before the Mail on Sunday dropped their story proving he did. And the source is Arthur Edwards who said that it was obvs from the get go that the shots were staged.

    All his lies are being kicked out of the closet – am waiting on them dropping definitive proof that he faked the heart attack – you know they have the receipts.

    • minx says:


    • hershey says:

      Saw that too. Thomas Markle and his other daughter Samantha have had very little scrutiny from the tabloid journalists reporting on them. Reuters and Times ran stories in the week before the wedding that covered the Markles narrative without any journalistic skepticism.

      Glad some of the details are being shared by sources so that the British public has the opportunity to form a fact based opinion about the newest member of their royal family.

    • FLORC says:

      This is great. And what did Markle expect, exactly? To not eventually be bitten by the press. They’re loyal to themselves. And someone that attacks like he does has skeletons.

      This will be brutal.

      • hershey says:

        Am glad he is receiving more scrutiny from outlets such as Daily Mail. Meghan Markle is a new and young member of their royal family. Her relative importance to the British public is lower now than it will be when her brother in law is head of state. His children will likely not be working royals yet. The older royals handling the bulk of the work of this family will no longer be around, or not working as hard.

        Harry and his wife will be shouldering a huge amount of the workload unless there is a change of heart about their York cousins. When William becomes head of state this couple will be carrying out much of the work that is currently undertaken by the Kents, Gloucesters, and Princess Royal.

        It’s irresponsible journalism for the Markle father and sisters words to be taken at face value by the press. Much of what these two family members say about their royal family member cannot be confirmed.

        Much of what is being reported as news about Thomas and Samantha is opinion. Opinions are not facts. At a minimum the press should make a clear distinction between opinion and fact in their reporting.

        This site caught my attention because the writer here is willing to think for herself about the events and not simply recycle the silliness put out by British nrwspapers

    • StoryMummy says:

      Yea now that these low-life Markles have proven that they have no juicy dirt on Meghan to give nor can they give exclusive access to Meghan, they are turning on them
      And showing receipts. And Papa Smurf did go around giving interviews to different tabloids including the the Daily Mail’s competitors, which would’ve pissed them off surely.

      I wonder though whether this pushback isn’t being directed by KP- Meghan & Harry have decided enough is enough and are fighting back?

      • hershey says:

        Have seen video of Arthur Edwards and Prince Harry being very friendly together. He’s likely a credible source. And he stated he and everyone else was aware Thomas’s photo were set

        Edwards provided the info about Thomas in a recorded video so that there is no questioning he said what he said.

        And he values his access to Kensington palace. And it’s obvious he has personal fondness for Harry in video footage of the two.

        I think he was requested to speak by the palace.

  17. hershey says:

    One last thought. Many in press and public have made assumptions about Meghan Markles past social media posts and her decision to invite her father to her wedding.

    Some individuals with difficult parents choose to share only the more positive aspects of their family relationship with the outside world. Perhaps because the more difficult bits are private. Or because they prefer to only dwell on the positive instead of the negatives in the past.

    We all have friends who have rosy facebook pages! Even when all is not rosy. Not every aspect of family need to be or should be out there for the entire world to see on Instagram. There are many people who invite difficult parents to their weddings! That invite is not evidence they had a close relationship before the wedding disaster. Just that he was given the opportunity to attend.

    People like Piers Morgan demanding she reconcile with her father are foolish. He has no idea what happened to any of these family members when they were children growing up in Thomas Markles household. Given the current dynamics, why are journalists like Piers Morgan assuming Thomas Markle is a safe, fit parent who deserves access to his daughter? Her older siblings are a generation older and not present for much of her childhood. Meghan is the only person entitled to decide on contact with her Dad.

  18. Peg says:

    I honestly think Thomas Markle’s wedding invite was withdrawn, after he lied to Prince Harry about colluding with the Paps.
    Think about it why all of a sudden Thomas turned on Prince Harry, telling him to get over it, he is his father-in-law now. I’m sure Prince Harry got over it and erased Thomas from the phone system at KP. Now Thomas can’t get over that he can’t get through to anyone at KP.
    Thomas is an adult, I don’t believe Vonnie is steering that ship, yes she whispers in his ear, and he repeats most of it, he has his own agenda.
    Did he think he was going to be rolling in money from the Royal Family.
    I think he hates trump, because it’s like looking in the mirror.

    • FLORC says:

      I’ve seen 1 theory stick out the most in outlets.
      Markle wanted more. He wanted expenses covered. Better accommodations. To meet Charles. And to be allowed guests.
      He was told it wasn’t possible. Security violations left and right. He pulled himself out with the attention grab to redirect the spotlight.
      When in full detail the theory makes great sense.
      Thomas had a chance. To show up and be with his daughter on her wedding day. Just as Doria. Only that wasn’t what he wanted. It wasn’t about Meghan for him.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Wasn’t his expenses going to be met anyway? Meghan had already ordered clothes for him in London and he would have been staying at a 5 star hotel. I think the demands were more on wanting his other children and grandchildren invited with their expenses all covered as well. He wanted to use the wedding as an opportunity to show off to his friends and rest of his family – with the RF picking up the bill. His massive sense of entitlement has been on full display and I think that’s why he was quiet for the most part and only selling her out when he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

      • FLORC says:

        Digital unicorn
        Yes and no (as the theories go) were his expenses met.
        It went he allegedly wanted to bring a small entourage. Not to the wedding ceremony, but to the event and have their expenses met for accommodations. More of that he wanted better than Doria with a fee like a paid appearance.
        These theories seem plausible because of how he’s acting. Before doubt. Now, none.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @FLORC – I hadn’t seen those theories but yes they now seem very plausible. I’m shocked and disgusted that he supposedly wanted a fee to attend his own daughters wedding – I know I shouldn’t be given the money he’s made by throwing her to the wolves. This man really does lick the bottom of the sh!t barrel.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yes with the more info coming out about his shenanigans the more I’m buying into he was disinvited. Am with FLORC that he was prob making outrageous demands typical of a HW ‘celebrity’ and it backfired. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also demanding some sort of title, not that it would mean much as he is not a British citizen.

      I also think he was demanding that his other vile children were invited – can you imagine what Scammy would have done if she had been there? She would have pulled a stunt live on international television.

      With Evil Papa Smurf, nothing was ever about Meghan and ALL about him.

      • Lady D says:

        Digital U, check out the DM. Top story is Harry confronting TM on the phone 2 days before wedding about going to paps. He hung up on Harry.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Now comes the fresh wave of TM’s nonsense. Even the DM comment section has turned on him. Hahaha. He even used the word schlubby like we have here. Oh my! And he posed for photos.

  19. hershey says:

    He was photographed in mexico with a woman named Lori Davis and her 11yr old daughter a few days after the wedding. He made an angry statement about the lack of security or protection for him and for the child in his car with him.

    He apparently had a close, but not romantic, friendship with them and called Lori his daughter.

    He wasnt on speaking terms with most of his family or his grandsons in May.

    Lying about a photo deal that would pay 100k is a huge breach of trust in any family. Even in a family that is not well known, a lie like that is not a good way to welcome a new in law into the family. His photo deal and his lie show he is the party that does not care about family.

    Harry and his family have had such a tortured history with the press. For Thomas to try to pull off a scam for money and than lie about it is pretty awful. Awful enough to shut a father in law out.

  20. hershey says:

    Arthur Edwards has known royal family for decades. Have seen video of him and Harry horsing around and Harry putting a hand print of paint on Arthurs head. He is probably a credible source.

    Hope the facts continue to see daylight. The continual interviews from Thomas are different from the other types of negative press for the Royal family.

    They need to fix this so that Thomas does not ruin every mile stone for this couple. No marriage, royal or not, deserves to have every happy moment marred by ugliness like Thomas Markle.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The fact that it came from Edwards gives it a LOT of credibility – as you say he’s been a royal photographer for decades and has a good relationship with the RF which means he gets access that few photog’s have ever had. I think he was a favourite of Diana’s.

      The truth about what happened with Evil Papa Smurf in the lead up is being spoon fed out, and its only the beginning. A man like him has many skeletons in his closet, skeletons that am sure will continue to make him look like the pathetic loser he is.

      He’s her father and of course she cares about him but its better for her to keep him at a distance with very very tight boundaries and controls in place.

      • hershey says:

        Hope you are right and full story comes out. The approach of staying quiet and letting unpleasant stories dry up and die is usually the right choice.

        But this guy and his older daughter seem different. They are immediate family so the stupid press puts there words out there, even when the statements seem implausible in context with known facts.

        And they seem like genuinely bad people. Or people damaged enough that they are not capable of any empathy toward another human being.

        Most of the people who land on newspaper covers for poor reasons often show some remorse or regret. Or at least are not gleeful.

        Have seen murderers in the news with more decency than these two relatives of hers. The royal family needs to be open and fight back this time. This guy seems like he is intent on devaluing his daughter and her new family to make up for the embarrassment he caused himself. He is an empty bucket that can’t be filled.

  21. hershey says:

    The money the royal family have probably helps to buffer this couple in some ways. But no amount of money is an antidote against the pain of family abuse.

    Harry and Meghan both have had shadows in their upbringing. What the mainstream British media has been doing to this couple for the last two months is right up there with the press actions that contributed to Harrys mothers accident.

    The couple is laying the foundation for their marriage right now. Press outlets such as Daily Mail have been enabling family abuse since this couple married by publishing the words of the father and sister without any real effort to uncover other facts and report them.

    The comments on daily mail stories seem to reflect a view that Harry has money so he deserves this. Or that he made a mistake by marrying an American. Or that this is a fair way to advocate for an end to monarchy.

    The public has is entitled to opinions on Americans or monarchy as a form of government, fair enough. But using an abusive family situation to write about Harrys constitutional relevance is crazy! Its off point and not fair to the two human beings who just got married.

    Harry did not choose his parents prior to his birth. And probably hasnt been given much choice about his lot in life since. He doesn’t seem the type to abandon his brother and leave him alone at the top.

    If the Markles are allowed to keep up the abuse on the front pages, that marriage has huge obstacles ahead of it.

  22. hershey says:

    What’s being said about this story around the water coolers in UK? Last trip over was last fall. Watching this story from east coast in the US

  23. Vinot says:

    I had a theory when Vanity Fair/Richard Palmer had a ‘source’ claiming that she was reconsidering the freeze out and might attempt contact again that it was an old Diana trick: put something outrageous out there to a few specific people to figure out where the leak is. Nothing in the current palace strategy says to me that MM will be reaching out until at least 2019.

    • hershey says:

      Who knows? If info was put out to test trustworthiness, leaker could have been Thomas. Thomas seemed to have provided information he was saving two dates this month for the visit in those stories.

      Have heard he was tested with honeymoon location. And Canada was leaked exclusively to TMZ

      • Vinot says:

        I don’t think Thomas could bear to not have his face and voice in the press if he had any inside information. Clearly he’d rather lie on camera than drop hints anonymously.

        The false lede + the specific outlet it was sent to (Vanity Fair as opposed to TMZ) is what makes it seem like a palace source. Could be a Middleton source, too, since we all know Carole has a direct line to Katie Nichols. Maybe William got a bit too liberal with the info he was fed by Harry’s camp in an attempt to distract from William’s own issues in the press, and Harry caught on? Although I’m really reaching here and I know it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      This sounds likely. Harry has proven to have some amount of PR prowess so it is not impossible.

  24. hershey says:

    I can’t imagine any real friend or staff member leaking anything without permission right now. They are all aware that any info could be boobytrapped in the manner vinot mentioned. Office at Kensington palace probably fairly stressful environment right now.

    So any leaks are probably with permission. Or like vinot says, a leak planted to test for trustworthiness.

    • Vinot says:

      Your claim assumes that The Firm is a monolith. What one member of the BRF may have given permission for a staffer to do might not line up with what others would permit. This is why Charles wanted to condense the younger royals’ press offices, so that they can stop the infighting. But I don’t think that’s working.

      • hershey says:

        All very true. Usually. But whats going on is out of the norm. Even for the royal family. This story isn’t about an affair. Or back biting between two royals or their offices.

        This is a parent directly and very openly, on camera, attacking and attempting to tear down a newly married in family member. He is her father. And even abused children love their parents on some level. So this is probably causing her and anyone who cares about her or her husband a fair amount of pain.

        I’m guessing that the normal intrigue and leaking by the rest of the family and offices has been put on hold.

        And vinot, I think you are right that there should be questions about those and all other press offices

      • hershey says:

        Think you might be right after all vinot. Responded below. Forgot to link in right place

  25. hershey says:

    Actually vinot you might be right about the leak to vanity fair. The story went out to the sun and vanity fair last Saturday at about the same time. But the sun didnt put it out as exclusive. And the vanity fair article no longer comes up by Google. So you are probably right about a planted leak. And since its vanity fair, probably not a Markle

  26. Peg says:

    I think we’re giving Thomas, Vonnie and Jr. too much power, if we think the Royal family is spending time strategizing about these grifters
    Meghan knows her family, that’s why PH said his family is the family she never had.
    Sure Thomas actions hurt Meghan, but at this point she is willing to let the chips will where they will, and if it means cutting off her father so be it. I don’t see her half-siblings anywhere in her future.
    Two things that Meghan did, that proves she is not one to play around, no ‘Coat Of Arms’ for her father, I’m sure if they dug deep enough, they could’ve found some ancestor for Thomas, but she meant that Vonnie, Jr. or the pot growing nephews Were not going to use it.
    2. She sold the clothes she bought for her father, she could’ve held on to them and when all the drama was played out give them to him, but told the tailor to sell the clothes, I’m not saying she told them to announce it in the newspaper, part of doing business with the Royal family is not talking about what they purchase, if you want to continue doing business with them.

    • hershey says:

      Totally agree this guy is being given too much power. Meghan knows his history. She doesn’t seem like the type that would willingly let anyone trash her. If palace is holding back and waiting to discredit Thomas, they are making a mistake.

      He’s a monster. But also an immediate family member, not a distant cousin. Which gives him a big platform. Whatever they have on him, they should pull it out.

      Daily Mail just put out Thomas’s side as if it were fact. Until that stops happening, hes doing damage.

  27. hershey says:

    New Thomas interview. Daily Mail. Can’t believe palace hasn’t done more to take away this jerks credibility.

  28. hershey says:

    Sun story just “updated” to say couriers would give Meghan control over decision to contact her father. Guess they realized how bad the first draft made the palace look

  29. hershey says:

    Am remembering now why im not a huge fan of royal family. Loved princess Diana when I was a teenager. Felt bad for her sons. Only paid attention to Meghan Markle because the clothes she wore before the wedding were so cool. Love slouchy beanies.

    Than the crazy dad reared his ugly head a week before the wedding and it’s been car crashs and sh!t storms every single week.

    Which would normally have bored me by now. But this guy Thomas truly seems like a unique and extreme example of pure selfishness. Have seen killers in the news with more decency than this guy and his older daughter. He’s a special, but evil, snowflake.

  30. Peg says:

    Honestly if Meghan wanted to talk to her father, there is nothing the Courtiers could do to stop her, she did not join a Convent, where they take away your phone, tell you when to go to bed, when to get up, eat and prayer.
    Thomas is proving why he deserves to be cut off, repeating more private conversations, this is suppose to be his last interview (right).
    There is nothing the Royal family can do to shut up this Fool, they asked Thomas not to talk to the press, but he is a narcissist, it’s all about him and his image.
    He lacks control, is always going off the rails.
    I think this may be it for Meghan, Prince Harry probably reached his limit after the lies from Thomas.
    Now he is changing his tune, he loves Meghan and Prince Harry, but forget the other Royals, LOL I guess he don’t want to meet the Queen anymore, next week it will be a different story.
    You just can’t with this man.

  31. StoryMummy says:

    Yea the new horrible interview of that evil Papa Smurf where he said that he hung up the phone on Harry when Harry and Meghan called him after it came out that TM colluded with paparazzi before the wedding. He thinks it was rude that they called him while he was in the hospital recovering from his “heart attack” and now he says that “he’s over it”. Oh please POS, you and that hideous daughter of yours started all this, so how can you be over it since you still need to earn more money off of your daughter! God, I know nasty narcissistic people and this story makes me furious!

    • hershey says:

      In the latest load of lies he says he was in the hospital on May 13 when he got a rude call from Harry. He says he was recovering from his heart attack 6 days earlier.

      But he was photographed on May 10th delivering flowers in Los Angeles.

      So he has a heart attack may 7th. Took a break from rest in the hospital to drive around delivering flowers and make trips to 711. Hops back in the hospital bed for the rude phone call.

      But for some inexplicable reason he did not elect to get that stent placed during his six days of “recovery” !!! And was allowed to rest and recover, leave to whiz around with flowers and get fast food, and than bring his ass back for some more rest time in the hospital?

      Hubby an M.D.. Thomas’s version of events is not how things happen. Refusing the stent procedure is stupid but people do that. But a revolving door for the hospital rest bed? No this guy is lying through his teeth, and his nose and right out his as..s

  32. Pokello says:

    If I was Meghan,I would cut him off for good cause he has not got her interests at heart only bullying and emotionally blackmailing her together with her evil step sister

  33. hershey says:

    And there were photographers snapping pictures of him in May during the dates he uses in his interview to make himself look like the victim.

    But the Daily Mail reports his version of events, without question. Even though what he is saying cant possibly be true!

    I don’t live in the UK but i thought the DM was a trashy publication but friendly towards the royal family?