“Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday party looked fun and also sort of sad” links

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Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday involved wigs, costume changes, liquor, family, Botox, lip injections, photographers and sadness. [Buzzfeed]
I love this viral photo of Kumail Nanjiani at the Crazy Rich Asians premiere. [LaineyGossip]
Justin Bieber’s street tears were about his upcoming marriage. [Dlisted]
Nick Jonas has a cologne now, apparently. [Go Fug Yourself]
Space Force is happening, prepare yourselves. [Pajiba]
Jessica Alba wore that shade of blush that has been everywhere this year. [Wonderwall]
There’s a rumor that James Gunn might get rehired. [Looper]
Jeffree Star reveals his scars, both literal and metaphoric. [Starcasm]
Rob Kardashian is coming back to KUWTK. [Reality Tea]
Russell Simmons files a lawsuit against one of his accusers. UGH. [Jezebel]

It’s our 21st birthday

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  1. Anna says:

    What a truly weird bunch of people

    • Stubbylove says:

      No doubt. Just odd. They’re all so greasy and plastic-y. If there were a flame within an inch of that couch the entire image would disintegrate in a second.

    • TassieGirl says:

      They look like the biggest freaks. In 1000 years time people will look at ancient technology of these weirdos and be like ‘Soooo these people were writers? Artists? Philosophers? Actors? No? What were they then?’

      • missskitttin says:

        Why does it look like a Quinceaneraand why did her boyfriend did not even try to dress up a little and wore an old tshirt?

  2. minx says:

    I would be very sad if my daughter looked like that at 21.
    And the picture of all of the K’s flipping off the camera just oozes class.

    • smcollins says:

      Just showing how they really feel about anyone who’s not as “fabulous” as they are. They really are awful.

      • Kitten says:

        3 out of 5 of those woman are in their f*cking thirties. I cannot imagine any of my friends doing something like that. It is literally what dumb teenagers do before they know better.

      • minx says:

        Kitten—yes, and 62 year old Kris Jenner was flipping off as well.

      • RusssianTo? says:

        Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a reality show about single moms hitting it hard to guide, educate and raise a better next generation. Intead we have literal plastic filled barbies flipping off delusional fans. Something went so very wrong…

      • FLORC says:

        It would not. Because no one cares to watch things going as they should. They want train wrecks. Drama.

    • Medusa says:

      Honestly, it’s the only photo of Kylie where there is some semblance of life to be detected on her face. No life detected on Kendall’s face and she is the model of the family.

    • Nancy says:

      My husband and friends took me out to drink. Now I’m not much of a drinker, so I had bj’s, Baileys and Kahlua. Very good and sweet. We bar hopped until we were in a questionable area and I had Baileys & Milk. LOL. I spent the rest of the evening at home hugging the bowl. Not a fun time!! These girls have been drinking forever and I don’t envy them one second.

      minx, the flipping off is so classless. It shows what kind of women they are. There is too many f bombs dropped around here too. When I’m angry, look out, but every single sentence. Exhausting! Happy 40th Kylie, I mean 21 seriously!??

    • Millie says:

      If you think that picture is classy, I take it you missed the “Barbie vomiting into a toilet” cake topper.

  3. stacey says:

    Khloe is the absolute worst. I hope what she did to Sofia Richie at the party (trolling her with snapchat’s about Scott/Kourtney)— someone does to Khloe about Tristain and his first (and more to come im sure) baby mama.

    Her behavior is especially bad considering she is so uptight when anyone says anything about her trifling cheating baby daddy on social media but she has no problem bullying other women on social media. Hypocrite

    • Lala11_7 says:

      I thought that was SO DISRESPECTFUL of HER and KIM!!!!

    • stacey says:

      Basically, Khloe took a video of Scott and Kourtney sitting next to each other and wrote something like “A girl can dream..” implying she wishes they would get back together.

      Kim posted a video and referred to Scott and Kourtney as “an old married couple.”

      It’s fine feel those emotions privately, but to post them on social media was so obviously a dig at Sofia Richie. Khloe is what like 35 years old and she is trolling her sister’s ex-boyfriend (not even an ex husband) new girlfriend online? Supreme loser behavior on Khloes part.

      Scott did not look amused in the videos either.

    • Nancy says:

      I was just talking about potty mouths. She is the absolute worst! Every other word…and then she goes into her mommy voice. What a hypocrite!

  4. tealily says:

    WTF is the deal with that Barbie cake?

    • minx says:

      It’s Kylie puking into a toilet.
      Classy, amirite?

      • tealily says:

        I mean, the whole party oozes class.

      • Veronica says:

        Honestly, the cake was the least obnoxious part to me. That was at least an attempt at humor. It’s the rest that’s just…man, they’re just so vacuous. I am just baffled by the preoccupation with them.

  5. escondista says:

    This is the most disgusting party i have seen in a long time.

    • Lacia Can says:

      I particularly liked the added touch of making the peasantry cross the street if they needed to walk past the building. 🤬

    • FLORC says:

      Those trump maralago parties are as obnoxious and actually damaging on a global level. Just saying. The clothes and attendees are arguably worse.

  6. Tashiro says:

    I’ve never seen such fake looking people in my life. Who poses at their birthday party? Doesn’t look like anyone is having fun. In total it probably took 10hrs. just to get dressed and put on a lot of makeup. Fake, Fake, Fake.

    • Medusa says:

      Of course not, they call that “work”. What I found most shocking is how basically everyone in that family has mutilated themselves and look worse for it.

  7. Lisa says:

    She looks like a Sim.

    • FLORC says:

      Nailed it

    • Pansy says:

      I’m 41, and she looks like my Barbie, when I got her this “designer collection” dress, the ones that came in those flat pink packages with shoes and all from our local Sky City (pre-WalMart).
      I’d have loved my Barbie in that.

  8. minx says:

    I was thinking of my own 21st birthday years ago. I know it was a different time, but I just remember going to different bars with FRIENDS and just being goofy and getting drunk. I didn’t get dressed to the nines and sit around with my siblings AND MY MOTHER. There’s nothing youthful about this party. Their lives are so strange and contrived and fake. Just doesn’t seem like much fun either.

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? My 21st kind of sucked, but it was way better than this one looks like.
      I can’t imagine living every moment for the camera, image, money, etc. What a waste of a life.

    • Kitten says:

      Hahaha..totally, Minx!
      21st birthday is for bar-hopping with friends, although I will say that my big brother was with me that night. I would have HATED for my mom to be there. As much as I love her, she has no business bar-hopping with a bunch of twenty-somethings.

    • FLORC says:

      Mine was thrown by friends. Bar gathering. Tell people it’s your bday and they buy you a shot. Then to the apartment for more of that. Games, silly. Friends. But I turned 21 in college. I was not worth hundreds of millions. Does that make a difference?

    • stacey says:

      yeah part of the excitement of being 21 was being able to actually go to a bar and get drunk. I guess she has been doing this since high school.

  9. Leigh-Klein says:

    All I see is more facial surgery for Kylie. Her chin is slowly disappearing. The whole klan needs to grow up, and that includes the mother.

  10. Rhys says:

    It’s fine, it’s just a party of people who are have tons of money and work as reality show actors. Appropriate and something to talk about.

  11. Sam the Pink says:

    Jeez, times have changed. I was planning my wedding on my 21st birthday (also studying for law school finals). My mom had a 15 month old child (hi, me!) on her 21st and stayed home. My dad had a 2 month old on his (again, hi, me!) and was preparing to be sent to the Everglades to do manual labor. My grandfather spent his 21st birthday on the front in WWII. It’s so weird to me now to see how 21 is still basically considered a child!

    • Veronica says:

      These ladies are permanently stuck in adolescence, but that is actually a legitimate psychological phenomenon that occurs in wealthier, well-resourced societies. Adolescence becomes increasingly delayed as our lives move further away from survival needs, allowing us the privilege of more time to be young and mature at a slower pace. You can even study the impact on a class level between the wealthy and impoverished in a society. As it is, our brains aren’t fully matured psychologically until around twenty-five. I thought it was pretty nifty, though it totally makes sense when you think about it. There’s been some really interesting studies about the implications of it.

      You can read about it, here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/extended-adolescence-when-25-is-the-new-181/

      • Holly says:

        What a fascinating article! I have a daughter turning 25 next month and have been perplexed at her immaturity. I think this is exactly what’s happened to her. Thank you for sharing; this really helps me understand her mentality better. I was married with 2 kids at that age so I’ve been pretty hard on her in terms of her growing up. I simply don’t understand her immaturity or relate at all. I do support her financially and take care of her; I love her very much but I’m beating my head against a wall trying to get her motivated to work and move out. I’m going to share this article and make peace with her slower development towards independence – but still insist that at 25 it’s time to begin adulthood.

        As for the Kardashians, they’re just a symptom of a bigger problem in our society right now. There’s a wave of anti-intellectualism, immediate gratification, and disdain for hard work sweeping our country (exhibit A: Trump). These people are just a by-product of this culture.

      • FLORC says:

        You mature as you need to. Many celebs or young and wealthy never had to. So they stay stuck. It’s old and understood by many that the age you become wealthy and famous is the age of your arrested development.

    • isabelle says:

      Marrying and having kids early doesn’t equal maturity. People often do it out of insecurity and having no other plan in life. Also back in the day people did it because it was what everybody else was doing, following the herd and when women had less options in the job market. It was a sign of the lack of resources for women. Moving out and taking care of yourself without depending on someone IMO is a better sign of it. Women now can’t depend on marriage as their main plan for life, it was basically a business deal back in the day and now, we can take care of ourselves. Marriage is great and desirable but marrying for a life-plan generationally because it was what everyone did, that isn’t maturity IMO. There is embedded sexism in the marriage comments.

  12. holly hobby says:

    They do not look human. Seriously they look like blow up dolls sitting on a sofa. How sad is this?

  13. Beth says:

    Kinda childish party. If me and my friends were flipping of the camera, my mom wouldn’t be grinning and joining in, she’d smack my 40 year old hand. The cake….WTF is the cake?

  14. Lara says:

    It takes a lot of money to look this cheap…

  15. Elva says:

    Forget the Kardashians, what blush shade are you talking about? It’s hard to tell from the picture.

    • bucketbot says:

      its in the photoset on that site. It looks like millennial pink to me or is some variation of it.

      • Elva says:

        I had to look up “millennial pink” (and I’m a millennial!). It looks like just a regular pink blush? Idk, the other day I bought a blush in what looks like “millennial pink,” so I guess I’m on trend 😂

  16. Jayna says:

    I thought it was Kim. She’s now morphing into Kim’s face. She must be using Kim’s plastic surgeon.

  17. Nancy says:

    I got carded for buying cigarettes for my dad at 21. She could easily pass for 30. If this is the good life, I will pass. (My dad doesn’t smoke anymore!!)

  18. Eleonor says:

    Now I have got the “Barbie girl” tune stuck in my head…astonishing.

  19. Yes Doubtful says:

    I’m around the same age as Kim and I couldn’t imagine going to a 21st birthday party like this. Does Kylie have friends her age?

    • me says:

      It was probably filmed for their show, which means the party was not only free but they got paid to be there !

  20. Charfromdarock says:

    They all look as if they are coated in crisco.

  21. Trashaddict says:

    Damn, I missed the announcement. When did shoulder pads come back in?!

  22. paddingtonjr says:

    Woo, they’re so edgy and controversial: flipping off the camera! LOL. Seriously, from the parents to the birthday girl, all the women look the same and that’s not a compliment. They all have that “dead-eyed, rode hard and put away wet” look.

  23. moo says:

    Looks like just another typical American family gathering.

  24. Naddie says:

    Android gathering.

  25. Laura-j says:

    So that’s what a billionaire’s party looks like. Hmm thought it might be a little less tacky and well have some guests.


  26. minnie mouse says:

    I only have two words for this disaster, and they are TRAINWRECK.