Thomas Markle claims he lied to Prince Harry & hung up on him too

Brad Pitt at the Okja afterparty at The Boom Boom room at The Standard

You’ll never believe who granted yet another exclusive interview to a British tabloid. That’s right, it’s none other than deranged narcissist Thomas Markle. I felt very strongly last week that we were probably going to get another “interview” from Thomas, and here we go. The Duchess of Sussex has not spoken to her father in three months, and all the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men cannot put their father-daughter relationship back together again. If you want, you can read the exclusive here at the Daily Mail. The basic gist is that Thomas spoke to Prince Harry on the phone and Harry “admonished” him for setting up those paparazzi photos and Thomas hung up on him. Because TACKY. This whole thing is just icky.

Thomas Markle last night revealed how he dramatically hung up on Prince Harry during a heated telephone call – after the MoS exposed him for staging paparazzi photos. The Duchess of Sussex’s father said he was ‘upset’ by Harry’s tirade, which came as he recovered in hospital from a heart attack. And though he accepts Harry was ‘absolutely right’ to admonish him, he described the timing of the phone call from the Prince as ‘rude’.

Though they have never met, Harry and Mr Markle had enjoyed a series of ‘warm and chatty’ phone conversations after Meghan told him of her romance with the Royal. Among other things, they discussed what to do when news of the relationship became public – and Harry advised Mr Markle to avoid the paparazzi at all costs. Mr Markle recalled: ‘Harry told me that I should never go to the press. That it would end in tears. He said, “They will eat you alive.” He was right.’

Instead of taking Harry’s advice, Mr Markle made a secret arrangement to pose for a series of pictures – a decision he now bitterly regrets. The photos made £100,000 for the photographer and a smaller amount for Mr Markle. On Friday, May 11, the MoS informed Kensington Palace of the revelations we were to publish two days later after we discovered CCTV footage of Mr Markle collaborating with the photographer. Harry called Mr Markle to ask if he had co-operated for shots which showed him, among other things, supposedly being fitted for a wedding suit. At this point, Mr Markle admits, he lied to the Prince.

After our story appeared, Harry and Meghan called Mr Markle again, though by then he was in hospital recovering from a heart attack. Mr Markle said the Prince told him: ‘If you had listened to me this would never have happened’. Mr Markle said he told Harry: ‘Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad. Then I hung up.’

In hindsight, he admits Harry was ‘absolutely right’ to criticise him. Yet it was Meghan who dealt perhaps the most painful blow when she told her father he would not be allowed to make a speech at the wedding. ‘That hurt,’ he said. Mr Markle added: ‘I’m not mad at Harry. I’m not mad at Meghan. I love them. I wish them well. But as for the rest of it, f*** it. I’m done.’

[From The Daily Mail]

So he set up the photo shoot despite Harry’s warnings, lied to Harry, hung up on Harry and he’s still f–king bitter as f–k to the point where he’s trashed Harry and Meghan in a dozen interviews in the past three months? This slob is basically calling up the British tabloids and saying flat-out, “Yes, I’m an abusive jackass who treated my daughter and son-in-law like ten kinds of hell,” and the British papers would still run articles like “Mean Meghan Should Speak To Her Poor Jackhole Father!”

Speaking of, The Sun has a story about how Meghan wants “time apart” from daddy dearest and that palace officials are still trying to figure out how to handle him. Meghan wants a “time out” from his drama and the palace officials are following her lead, and they’re not forcing her to contact him. Which is wise. Keep giving him the silent treatment.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attend the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception at Marlborough House in London

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  1. Maddy says:

    I… I don’t understand. Did he intend revealing this to make us sympathetic towards him? It just confirms what we already knew – that he’s an A**hole

    • Rhys says:

      It doesn’t matter if it makes him look good or bed. It makes money. He just wanted to make some on any private conversation he had with Harry. Since he doesn’t have anything else to sell as they ignore him, he squeezes whatever he has.

      • KB says:

        I doubt any of the details about his conversations with Harry are true. He just says what his interviewer wants to hear. Harry yelled at him, Harry says to give Trump a chance, Harry thinks Brexit is an experiment they have to try…perfect details for the audiences of Piers Morgan and the DM, wouldn’t you say?

        He hasn’t talked to Meghan or Harry in months and yet we keep getting newer juicier sound bites every time he opens his mouth. He is a pathological liar and everything he says at this point is almost certainly a complete fabrication.

    • Kim says:

      Right? He is angry because Harry and Meghan confronted him for LYING and working with the press against them? Is he for real? He calls them “rude” because they dared to hold him accountable? This man is ridiculous. Then he had the nerve to act like Samantha attacking Meghan daily is no big deal and Meghan’s request to ask him to get her to stop was over the top. The worst father ever.

      • Kelly says:

        I had a close friend who once used something that I had told only her to purposely hurt me. I was devastated and asked her for some space for a few weeks to sort out my feelings. She initially agreed but less than a day later was blowing up my phone, flooding my email, and simultaneously trying to bad mouth me to mutual friends. That all hurt as much as the initial issue and it made me not trust her. Our friendship was completely broken and I haven’t talked to her since

        TM is doing the same to Meghan and Harry. If he’s just lay low for a year or two then he could begin to earn their trust and rebuild the relationship. Sadly I think he likes the attention and money better b

      • FLORC says:

        He’s angry because a narcissist is never in the wrong. Never at fault. No matter how despicable their actions.

        Cut ties 100% There’s no redemption for him. Especially with this guilt shaming he plays. That’s not love. That’s abuse. And you dont owe your abuser a moment further.

      • minx says:

        Right. As people have said here over and over, don’t reward his bad behavior. He had his chance and over and over he has sold his daughter out.

    • BCity says:

      Pour one out for his imaginary heart attack! What kind of sicko DOES THAT when his daughter is getting married?! I hope she has all the support she needs to ignore this tool and enjoy what should be a very happy and exciting time in her life.

  2. Anna nuttall says:

    FFS here we go again. I’m sure PH saw the lie a mile away and just think he is trash. Thomas still going with the whole heart attack BS – despite it been proven he lied and he was photographs going to McDonald.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Oh he admitted McDs…but “for fish sandwiches”, because of course DEEP FRIED FISH is so healthy for heart patients, dontchaknow!

      Another paper, the Mirror I think, (yes, I fell down the rabbit hole) has him claiming how his life has been ruined “for the last TWO years” (only been a few mos, since the hey got married, what else went on??), and how he now wants to “move someplace where no one can find me and disappear….to go back to an anonymous life”. Well, first smart thing out of his mouth yet!

      The ONLY “good thing” out of this is that in the comments’ sections, people have recognised him for what he is, and are becoming sympathetic to Meghan.

      Good riddance TM, don’t let the door smack ya where the Good Lord cracked ya on the way out….oh, and leave the key….we wouldn’t want you sneaking back in.

      • minx says:

        For laughs I looked up a filet of fish…20 grams of fat and 582 mg sodium.

      • hershey says:

        Yeah hopefully, this will help some. Meghan Markle hasn’t put lots of herself out there, but that probably means she’s a fairly decent person.

        Her father is so loud, he has tied the two of them together in the press. Which she doesnt deserve.

        My son is way up in Scotland right now, he raced in Abernathy games yesterday. Up north this is not a story. I’m in America, hopefully we are the ones paying more attention.

    • guest says:

      Harry leaked the relationship in Oct/Nov 2016 with Camilla Tominey as a mouthpiece. You really think the press didn’t immediately dig up absolutely Everythingggg on Meghan and her family? Of course, they did. The press went wild with Meghan’s past stories then Harry sent out the statement and they stopped. They were probably harassing her parents back then as well. That’s the only thing he says that actually makes sense… he just wants to go back to his old, quiet life lol.

    • guest says:

      Tbh, the Royals have no room to call outsiders trash considering the number of mess-ups that free loading family has been through.

  3. Snowflake says:

    Jerk. Just keep ignoring him. People like that hate being ignored. Any attention, good or bad, is better than being ignored for them.

  4. MCV says:

    What’s he’s point? If I was Meghan I couldn’t forget him. He’s not thinking this right.

    • Magdalin says:

      It’s the only new thing he has left to say. After this, there’s nothing else to run to the tabloids about.

    • N. says:

      His point is the rags paying him for every lie he spews. He’s raking in the $$$ so why stop?

      • Ravine says:

        Even if he goes away for a while, you know he’ll be at it again as soon as they announce her first pregnancy, when the kid is born, when the kid is christened, etc. It’ll be even worse then because he’ll be whining about being a neglected father AND grandfather. Can’t wait! 🙄

  5. Magdalin says:

    I think the most interesting tidbit from this article is that he has admitted that he was upset about his wedding speech being cut after the photo scandal. And I think his not coming to the wedding was a tantrum based upon that. Add to it, the whole beginning of dramatic thinking “It would be better for you both if I died” thing. It began with the fake heart attack so that they wouldn’t stay mad at him. But it all went downhill from there.

    • Mariposa says:

      Yes, I thought that too…they cut his speech (which, let’s face it, would have been about 3 sentences anyway), and he had a tanty and decided to one-up them and not come. Typical, typical, typical naricissist.

      • magnoliarose says:

        If we even believe there was a speech. I believe he made extravagant demands that he now refers to as his “speech”.

      • hershey says:

        He wanted the camera on his fat face with millions of people forced to watch. His conciliation prize was his GMB interview which thankfully didn’t air live where i live.

    • Christin says:

      I think he revealed quite a bit of relevant back story to those days just before the wedding. It’s all about him and his feelings, apparently.

      I don’t blame them for being upset at the silly staged photos and not wanting him to give a speech. He tried a childish “well I’ll hold my breath” stunt in protest, I think. His so-called health crisis has grown from being stressed (initial story) to (now) a heart attack.

      • Natalie S says:

        Yes, this is a change to the story. Before it was that he was too embarrassed to go to the wedding and suffered a heart attack from the stress. Now it doesn’t sound like he was embarrassed. It sounds like he was angry at their reactions to his pap strolls and lying. He threw a tantrum to reroute attention back to him and mess with the wedding.

    • Harla says:

      If I read the article correctly, he wanted to give a speech during the ceremony which fathers don’t generally do, they give a speech/toast at the reception. If that’s true I can see why Meghan would say that there’s no room for it but it’s just bizarre that he would expect it and pout about it afterwards.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yes he did – another example of wanting to make it all about him, he wanted his 5 mins on the world stage.

      • DizzyLizzy says:

        I think Harla is onto something, I suspect he looked at the programme for the ceremony and noticed that Lady Jane Fellowes (Di’s sister) was doing a reading and so he also wanted to do a speech which was totally inappropriate.

        TBH I think given the interviews we have seen of him, Meg was aware of how dithery and embarrassing he could be and literally was accommodating him at the Wedding for optics only. It is not hard to see now why she is so embarrassed of him. I think a lot of people can relate to that embarrassing parent but we all love them dearly bc they don’t harm us daily the way TM does.

        I don’t think him being embarrassing was the issue when it comes down to it, every one loves a funny parent. I think the real issue is that he is ver un-boundaried.

        i so relate to Meghan in all of this that I am being triggered daily watching this story unfold.

        He has pretty much destroyed any chances of reconciliation. I think she just needs to live her life and be happy.

      • minx says:

        The wedding was televised, the reception wasn’t. He could have made a lovely father’s speech at the reception, when people are getting a little drunk and things are looser. But the world wouldn’t have seen it. So that says a lot about what he wanted.

      • Masamf says:

        @Minx, but Sr. didn’t know, at the time, that the reception wouldn’t be televised did he? So he might have thought his speech was axed because Meghan didn’t want the world to see it etc. And maybe when they axed it, they didn’t bother correcting him that regardless of whether he gave the speech or not, the world wouldn’t have been witness to it anyway. I remember, in the weeks leading to the wedding, Vonnie harping on it non stop about how their father was going to attend the wedding, was going to walk Meghan down the isle and was gonna give a speech blah blah blah. I think they had no knowledge that the reception, and thus daddy dearest speech, wouldn’t be televised.

      • minx says:

        Masamf—IIRC it was pretty common knowledge that the reception wouldn’t be televised. I knew it. A wedding is one thing, but a reception where people are going to drink and loosen up and make toasts…that’s private.

      • Natalie S says:

        Some recluse, huh?

    • guest says:

      I assumed the wedding speech was meant for one of the 2 receptions, not the ceremony. Family don’t usually make speeches at Royal wedding ceremonies.

      • hershey says:

        In the interview he said wedding. But doesn’t really matter, it’s up to the bride and groom to decide who will make speeches at their wedding and reception.

        If he were my father, I would have real concerns about what he would say. He has said some bonkers things about the Queen since the wedding. From hindsight, saying no seems like a smart call on her part.

    • Montrealaise says:

      My take on what he says is not that he was supposed to give a speech at the wedding and it was cut out but rather, he expected (demanded?) to give a speech but Meghan said no – which provoked his tantrum. We know he was expected to walk her down the aisle, but a speech at the wedding? It just seems unlikely.

  6. whywhywhy says:

    Ugh, just go away.

    Hearing about him exhausts me.

    We’ll see if he follows up on his promise that this will be his final interview. Probably not..

  7. minx says:

    “I’m done.” Promise?

  8. Chaine says:

    Two years from now he will still be at it proclaiming that he doesn’t know why Meghan is upset, as he has only given 97 press interviews…

    • Always Lurking says:

      You know you are right about this one😂

      I get the impression he is also jealous of Prince Harry and is out to destroy his reputation. Thomas M cannot stand the fact that there is another man in Meghan’s life.

      The Sun will publish more in the coming weeks, Thomas talked to them for 2 or 3 days.🙄

      Dickie Arbiter, a royal reporter, called Thomas M out and basically told him to shut up.

      • guest says:

        Dickie Arbiter is a racist, xenophobic old man but keep buying his crap if you want.

      • Natalie S says:

        @guest. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. If a xenophobic racist can get it right about Thomas Markle, maybe even the commenters at the DM can settle down.

      • Nic919 says:

        Maybe it’s a good sign that some of the old guys like Arbiter are also getting fed up with this guy. He’s said nothing new and it’s time for the UK press to just ignore him. At this point he’s just saying hurtful things. There is no news to report.

  9. Pokello says:

    His a peace of trash,my father is now deceased but he had pride and respect this stupid man doesn’t have, he should stop talking to the press if want s a relationship with his daughter,oh lord his so tiresome

    • Masamf says:

      Thomas Markle Sr. doesn’t want any relationship with Meghan, he’s already taken sides and he’s staying right by Vonnie’s side regardless. He said so in this latest interview. His only interest in Meghan is for her to call him so he can have more to milk giving interviews to the tabloids with. But as time goes on and both Meghan and Harry continue to ignore him and just be happy, even TM Sr. realizes that at some point there will be nothing left to say except of course “Meghan hasn’t spoken to me in so long blah blah blah…” at some point that statement will cease to make any more headlines.

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      His chances of ever having a relationship with his daughter have long been destroyed and this thick POS doesn’t even get it. All this trashy, dishonest “family” sees is cash, that’s all. And now the whole world sees them for the lying idiots they are. Don’t they see that people are now finding it just funny? You have to laugh at them just scraping the bottom of the barrel with shite like this. Scammy said in an interview a few days ago that “Trevor is still devastated” over his divorce from Meghan. She doesn’t know a frigging thing about him or any of her relationships. And her half-brother saying that he and Meghan “were thick,” as in close. Um, what, what?! If she’s cut anyone out of her life, and she has, it’s because they went to the press for money, you dumb-assed miscreants!! I won’t click on ANY Daily Fail or Sun pieces ever again; they’re just as bad running this garbage. It sickens me how some people make money and then totally lack the self-awareness and intelligence to know their problems are completely self-inflicted. Yes, insulting your daughter’s husband will surely get Meghan to call you, you pathetic pissant.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Trevor is engaged, with a baby on the way (or already here). I don’t think he’s pining over Meghan. Also, for someone to want so out of a relationship that she takes NOTHING but HER blender, and even returned HER rings, well, to me, that says a LOT about that relationship.

        Also, that pilot that he was trying to sell to Fox, (don’t remember if it was sold or just making the rounds) about a divorced couple where the ex is marrying into the BRF and will now have to share custody of the kids, just seem to die on the vine. Wonder if the BRF had anything to do with the disappearance? Either way, it shows him for the scum he is as well, trying to make $$$$ off her, too.

  10. Jane says:

    Hopefully this will be the end of Thomas’s interviews.

    Nothing new to add besides confirming he is crazy.

  11. Mariposa says:

    “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead…”? Is this guy working his way through a checklist of every symptom of narcissistic personality disorder?!

    This latest outburst makes me so sorry for Meghan, who has to have this all play out on the world stage. Also, respect to PH for trying to deal assertively with the situation. The problem is, that kind of straight-forward approach doesn’t work on people with narcissism, it’s like they take a perverted pleasure in working out a way to screw you over. (Even when the person they are ultimately screwing over is themselves…)

    • adastraperaspera says:

      You are spot on about the narcissism. She needs to cut him off 100%, and make him find his emotional oxygen somewhere else. He is a sick man.

    • Ruyana says:

      He is so bad I no longer believe a single word he says or is reported to have said. I think he just makes things up.

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    He’s just confirming what Arthur Edwards said the other day – he truly is a nasty piece of work.

    It seems that the theories about him making all sorts of demands about the wedding are true – he wanted to make a speech and was told no. Me thinks that the staged pap shots were a: a way to get out of going to the wedding as they were so obvious and he knew he’d be called out for them and b) a way to get back at Meghan for not allowing him to control her wedding and give him what he wanted. He tried to ruin her wedding day as he wasn’t going to be the centre of attention.

    He keeps repeating that they will be happy when he dies – yes Thomas that must sting mustn’t it. To know that your own children would be relived when you die and they are finally free from your toxic nasty BS – just shows what an awful father you were. Children are not born nasty or evil, Scammy wasn’t born filled with hate and bitterness – she learned that from you. The fact that they kept themselves and their children away from you says it all – you are a lousy human being.

    He may very well go away for a while – he’s not gotten what he wanted. Meghan and the RF are ignoring him and the public loathe him so he’s bored of this game. Typical narc behaviour, they eventually lose interest if they don’t get what they want.

    As for the ‘heart attack’ receipts or it still didn’t happen. Also, what about the drugs you admitted to taking in the last interview – what drugs did you abuse to help you get those precious Emmy awards? Hmm…………..

    Lastly, I don’t think he will ever have a relationship with her again – not just because it seems they had been estranged for years before she met Harry but the fact that am not sure Harry would encourage it considering he (Evil Papa Smurf) and the unhinged evil stepsister kept dragging his dead mother into it and using her to emotionally abuse them. The British tabs know how sensitive the Princes are to their mothers’ memory being used and abused this way.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He does everything to confirm he is as sick minded and as abusive as we imagined. He created this entire drama and now he is acting like the press victimized him! Like he didn’t stage photos or grant paid interviews. HE created this entire farce. If he had behaved like normal people do there would be NO air to clear. Harry and Meghan haven’t said anything to the press so what is this whole HIS side of the story? There has never been ANOTHER story. He is going into hiding from who? Vonnie? Tom Jr? None of what he says makes any sense.

    • Sparkly says:

      It’s not that it hurts him that they’d be better off if he was dead. He’s trying to push THEM to say it or at least agree in exasperation, because then he has a real story to sell and can continue painting himself as a victim.

  13. Ariel says:

    I don’t believe anything he says. And I hate that the DM takes his word and does not question. I don’t think they told him he could not make a speech, I don’t think Harry admonished him, and I don’t think he hung up on them.
    The more he talks, the more money and attention he gets. And if he has no communication with them and therefore no real facts of information, he will just continue to make shit up.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The Fail hate the RF and they can get a bit hysterical over their coverage – esp going overboard if they have a stick to beat them with, in this case Evil Papa Smurf. They may drop him now that most of the trolls in the comments section of the stories are basically calling out Daddy Dearest. They went too far and instead of embarrassing Meghan and the RF have actually made their readers fell sympathy for them.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I saw that too. Even the racist DM trolls are not buying a word. They even called out the DM for downvoting and posting trolls in the section. What they failed to realize was that a lot of people have toxic parents they have cut off, want to cut off or endure in miserable silence. TM is cutting close to a lot of people’s hurt and wounds from having deeply dysfunctional parents, co-workers, friends or family. When I look at him I see the side of the family I no longer talk to. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they would parade around like TM making up lies and exaggerating our relationship for cash grabs. Even people who don’t like Meghan can’t bring themselves to defend this fool.

      • Peg says:

        I’m sticking to my story, that the wedding invitation was withdrawn from ‘daddy dearest.’
        I believed him about the speech, Meghan knew it would be some self pity speech about he how he made her a Duchess and then all about him.
        Yes I can see Prince Harry going Balistic on Tom for lying to him about the press.

      • Peg says:

        @Digital Unicorn
        I know i should not laugh, but one poster said buy Thomas a McDonald Francise.
        They’ve so many suggestions for him, and the names they called him, ouch.
        The dailylies did not realized they would turn so many people sympathic to Meghan.
        The posters can’t understand what her father wants.
        Maybe like trump he wanted a ride in the Golden Carriage.
        Prince Harry is beyond dissapointed that the woman he loves, is being hurt by her own father and there is nothing he can do about other than cut him off.

      • Squirrelgirl says:

        I sure hope you guys are right because after this article came out the comments I saw were very sympathetic towards him. So maddening.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That is hilarious. I saw one that said something like so that bucket of chicken and those Mcdonald’s hamburgers weren’t real. That never happened?

  14. hershey says:

    More dropping this morning. He didn’t get an invite to frame. He did not get a copy of the queens announcement like Doria. He didn’t receive those because he would have sold them. Or reproduced them so anyone could have their very own signed by Thomas copy.

    • magnoliarose says:

      On the DM again? This man has never seen a bar low enough he won’t slide under. Good grief.

      • hershey says:

        No idea who broke it first. By now it’s all over the place. Some of the headlines make out as if he wasn’t invited at all. I think he was, grudgingly. He probably didn’t get the invite because he would have sold autographed copies out of his ass immediately

      • DizzyLizzy says:

        I think he was invited, but as you stated he didn’t get a physical invite like Doria bc of all the information contained within it as Meg was aware he was telling Scammy EVERYTHING.

        I even remember an interview at the time when Scammy said her father hadn’t received a physical invite.

        Scammy thinks she’s smart. In those last 2/3 weeks when he got busted for the pics and was being dis-invited she also did NUMEROUS interviews claiming he had never been invited.

        Her purpose all along was to get her father un-invited thereby painting Meg in a poor light as if Snr had never been invited and intact abandoned.

        Snr of course facilitated that POV as it made him look like a victim. His whole purpose was to make him the centre of attention so the world could say wow he is responsible for where she is today.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yes I saw that and it makes me think Meghan saw this coming and made sure he had nothing physical to use to sell or at the very least give to Scammy to sell.

      Wonder what else he was demanding that pissed everyone off? Someone on here said that they think he was disinvited – am beginning to buy into that.

      • hershey says:

        I could see that…a disinvite was fully deserved. And a loving gift to all who watched the ceremony. Had his fat face been on my screen I would have put my scone mix away and gone back to bed

      • DizzyLizzy says:

        Scammy demanded in one interview that PH get in a private jet and go and pick him up. I believe it may have been an earlier GMB interview with Piers Morgan.

      • Anna nuttall says:

        I think he was demanding that Scammy would sit in on the wedding. I did read she was going to live tweet (?? when it was broadcast anyway) or do a secret camera of the wedding. But they prob caught wind and uninvited him.

    • guest says:

      I don’t believe Meghan had any intention of having her father there. He didn’t even attend her first wedding! I also don’t believe the RF/Palace had a last say in the guest list. M&H were free to invite/disinvite anyone they wanted. His name on the programme didn’t mean much. Remember the stories of her mother walking her down the aisle months before?

  15. Pam says:

    And yet not a peep from her mom. Keep being classy Doria!

    • Lady D says:

      Do you think he tried to call Doria to get her on his side? I do, I also think she shut him down cold, which is why he blasted her in his last story. (so many stories)

  16. RBC says:

    I still don’t understand what result the Markle side of Meghan’s family have with these continued attacks on her. I can almost understand the siblings being pissed for not being invited to the wedding. But they were never close with Meghan and frankly were nasty to her and Doria before she was engaged so did they really expect an invite ?
    As for Thomas, for someone who claims he loves his daughter, he is certainly not acting like a loving father.

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      Her pathetic family has always been pissed that she achieved her goals, ignoring the fact that she worked damned hard to do so and simply went after what she wanted. They just couldn’t make any money off her before she began dating Prince Harry. They can now and they’ve also laid their collective character at the world’s feet. They’re garbage. I thought Thomas Sr. might have actually laid off the “interview circuit” for a bit, no such luck. Personally I love seeing Karma in action so I’m looking forward to some of it ;)

  17. Lizabeth says:

    I think he needs to stop talking but I don’t think he will. The media today is full of stories about Doria moving to the UK so I expect we’ll hear more from him for that reason. I don’t necessarily believe everything (or anything) he says at this point but the bit about not being allowed to make a speech at the reception makes no sense to me. IF (big if) the intention really was for him to walk Meghan down the aisle, why wouldn’t he have been expected to give a toast/short speech at the reception? Don’t most dads who walk their daughters down the aisle do that? Of course, receptions are usually hosted by the bride’s family not the groom’s, but it still doesn’t make sense he’d be invited to do one traditional duty and told he could not do the other. It doesn’t even make sense that his speech was given the ax because he offended Harry or because of the posed photos. At that point, H&M still expected him to do chapel duty, at least that was their public stance. I get that they knew he was a loose cannon but they knew that when he was asked to walk her down the aisle too. I don’t get it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      My take is that MM, HM, and The Firm had meetings about the best way to include him without allowing him to cause drama. Meghan knows him and I am sure The Firm has a dossier about him. What the haters and trolls fail to realize is how deeply he would have been vetted by the secret service before the engagement. They all knew he was a potential problem. So it leads me to believe they were going to handle him and keep him on a very short tight leash. TM, being the raging Narcissist that he is was never going to let that happen. Vonnie was probably trying to worm her way in somehow too. His demand list was probably ridiculous in the extreme.
      I do believe at a point he was disinvited and I think it wasn’t Meghan who told him so. It was probably an official. I don’t even believe Harry called him. I also think Meghan will probably never speak to him again.

      • hershey says:

        So right. Narcissists don’t do leashes of any kind. So he’s out there huge sh!tstorm mess. They need to dump that dossier and let the chips fall where they may. Its risky, especially if Meghan was high spirited when she was younger. But the only way to stomp this guy out.

        And I think if her family had any teenage shame to air, the sister would have put it out by now.

      • Lizabeth says:

        You may be right @Magnoliarose. But I can imagine that sort of plan—fly him over at the last minute, have him do chapel duty, put him in a few posed photos but tell him he’s not allowed to speak at either private reception, when things go south have an official dis-invite him…. If he was a relatively normal person without issues that plan likely would have caused blowback. But when dealing with a person WITH issues it seems it was doomed to fail from the start. I don’t know if he has a personality disorder but I know a lot of people commenting think he does qualify for NPD. How likely is it that plan could have worked with someone with that disorder?

      • magnoliarose says:

        @ Lizabeth and hershey

        You know after reading your responses I am also beginning to wonder if he had some big money making schemes that are now foiled and that is part of his ongoing abuse of his daughter. Sort of like he had ideas that after Meghan married Harry his life would be smooth sailing on easy street and now he knows that will never happen.

      • Henny says:

        This is what I think too. It’s interesting, and a little sad, that MM felt inclined to involve him in any way. She obviously has a soft spot for him, but it has become evident they were well aware he was a loose cannon. He really shouldn’t have been involved in any way at all, but I guess she still had enough of a relationship to hope he could hold it together for a limited role. My guess is he was disinvited and they let him use a health crisis excuse has an out. The fact that he waffled so publicly must have exasperating to them but at that point they were just looking to get through that wedding without him causing anymore issues. She dodged a bullet not having him there or in any photos. Maybe she’ll connect with him via telephone before he dies but this relationship is done.

      • windyriver says:

        I don’t believe he was disinvited, because if that were so, he’d have already said it. He’s said everything else. That would at least actually be true, and he could/would have used it in some way, probably to embarrass Meghan and Harry.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if, as suggested, he made demands, but the BRF were determined to keep him on a tight leash, in a way he didn’t like – so he decided to go the (fake) heart attack route, for any number of objectives. Self-importance, pity from others, hoping they’d postpone the wedding and Meghan would fly to his side, who knows.

        My read is that at this point he’s simply beside himself because no matter what he does or says, or who he says it to, he’s got absolutely zero control of the situation. Can’t reach Meghan, and she won’t call him. He’s got a daughter who married a prince! and what he gets out of it is – pretty much zip, whether it’s something freely given by Meghan and Harry, or fulfillment of some big sell-out scheme of his own. By comparison, he saw how Doria was and probably is being treated, possibly sees he made a mistake by not going to the wedding, and it’s making him nuts. He’s realized at this point he’s not getting a do over.

        I’ve been wondering how Doria is with all this attention and stories coming from the Markles – if she’s being besieged by tabloid reporters, or just how disrupted her life has been in general. I hope it’s true that she’s planning to move to England at this point, might be the safest and most comfortable option for her, at least in the short term.

    • CairinaCat says:

      There is a huge big difference in properly walking a daughter down the asile

      And M and H letting a known narcissist make a self agrandizing speech. And probably some kind of big maudlin scene.

      Then once he started making trouble the walking down the asile got too risky.

      • Christin says:

        I continue to think that if allowed to be in that chapel, he would have caused a scene to draw attention to himself. I’m envisioning (fake) fainting, probably since one of the grandest narcissists in my own family does this at every funeral service she attends.

      • Lady D says:

        Can you imagine him warning Harry not to lay a hand on his daughter during the reception speech? Or picture Charles reaction to that comment?

  18. hershey says:

    He’s not going away. He’s a skilled narcissist doing what they do best. Wrecking those he feels have hurt him with their “cruel” boundaries.

    This will keep on keep on until palace PR take their thumbs out of their a.s.s s and deal with this new and different problem aggressively. Ignoring it not gonna work this time.

    If they don’t have the goods on him already, than it’s time to put boots on the ground in Mexico and California to get the dirt!

    If the dirt is nasty enough, they might be able to just use as a threat, which would be the tidiest option. Or if not then they should dump it along with evidence.

    Right now he’s throwing a mix of facts and lies that is a narcissistic wrecking ball that will keep banging up his target until the target fights back with irrefutable dirt on him.

    Irrefutable black and white facts and bright sunshine are the only means to get a narcissist to crawl back under the bridge.

    • magnoliarose says:

      They have all the nasty dirt. There is no way Harry was ever going to be allowed to marry someone with a family they knew nothing about. They aren’t dropping dirt, intelligently in my opinion, because they are depriving TM’s drama the oxygen it needs to grow and live. Notice how much crazier he is sounding now. He will implode and have an ultimate victim moment involving his health. A stress” heart attack” and a full hospitalization are probably next. With photos I might add. We will see him on a stretcher or something else dramatic. Now that he has been called out about his fake heart attack he now has to try to prove the doubters wrong and expose them for the cruel bullies (in his mind) that they are.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Oh they have all the dirt on all the Markles but dropping it will only fuel the narcissism and victimhood that comes with it.

      I think he’s been triggered by the story that dropped today/yesterday that has Doria moving to the UK – Doria is getting the access he feels entitled to and it stings. Seems Doria getting what he wants is one of his big triggers.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Good call. I am just hearing the Doria part.

      • Lady D says:

        I hope hearing Doria is moving to London, (if it’s even true,) drives him up the wall, round the bend, and out of his mind with, with… what does a narcissist feel when thwarted? Rage, humiliation, revenge?
        You know, I don’t think I know any narcissists. Listening to the descriptions here, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any in my family or circle of friends, and I have say after reading on this site about narcs and the damage they have done to the people that love them, I’m very grateful I haven’t dealt with any. Relieved and lucky, too. I’m really sorry to those of you who spent years bewildered and hurt trying to do the right thing for someone you were never going to please.

      • hershey says:

        Lady D, full blown narcissists account for less than 1% of population. Thankfully. Lots of people have some slight narcisstic tendencies, which is normal and part of being human.

        This guy seems like the real deal. He hasn’t said anything that makes me think there is a real human being inside him.

        They are usually men and often are successful in their careers. He loves to to tout his Emmys. But they often see careers die early because they lack the interpersonal skills to stay. Each failure makes the narcissism bigger which is why he’s such a piece of work now at 74.

    • Elizabeth R says:

      Watching this shitshow unfold has been both triggering and helpful to me, oddly. My heart just aches for Meghan since I have this parent – my mom. Watching Meghan go through this on a world stage, I hope she’s got the support she needs to continue drawing a hard line of no contact. It’s the only way to deal with people this disordered.
      Seeing people comment on how appalling, toxic and abusive Thomas’ behavior is has validated my experience. Having people comment on how NOT OKAY this is really helps in my own struggle with deeply disturbed parents and my decision to cut them off.

      • hershey says:

        Having the strength and self esteem to walk away is how to survive a narcissist. Which still hurts but it’s usually the only way forward.

        The reason we are all seeing this play out in public is that he has her trapped. Changing her number should be enough but for her it’s not. Her reputation is fair game for him every Sunday when he does a new interview

      • Lady D says:

        Elizabeth, you said parents. Do narcissists usually gravitate towards others like them? That fact would surprise me. I’d think their ego’s would prevent them giving anyone else the attention only they expect and deserve.

      • Elizabeth R says:

        @Lady D, sorry, I wasn’t specific enough. One parent is extremely borderline / narcissist (mother) and the other is schizoid personality disorder (father). They abused in different ways but their mental illnesses were complimentary. I agree with you, I doubt you’d see two NPD individuals together, they usually gravitate to someone with a personality that fits their manipulative pattern.

        So in this case, my mom was a mirror of Thomas; unfortunately I didn’t have a “good” parent like Doria. I am encouraged that Meghan has Doria to rely on here.

      • Jan says:

        Sorry you’ve been through this. Mine is a sister who has basically tortured me, my entire life. I’ve just stood up to her and the repercussions have been horrendous. Hope Meg can stay strong!

      • hershey says:

        Elizabeth, you sound like a strong survivor. Getting beyond family members with those problems and having a healthy sense of what “normal” should be is totally awesome.

  19. Brittany says:

    “He said, “They will eat you alive.” He was right.’”


    • Becks1 says:

      Right????? Harry told you they would eat you alive if you didn’t completely avoid them (and even then they would try) and you didn’t listen and now you’re surprised he was right. BUT YOU STILL ARENT LISTENING TO HIM!!!

  20. Peg says:

    I think Prince Harry and the Duchess are going on with their lives, the public is seeing Thomas for the narissistic A**hole he is.
    Why should the Palace get in a tic for tac with this idiot, he is up to the wedding in his rantings. They last spoke to him two days after the wedding, then cut communications, then he turned to pictures of Meghan saying her smile looked sad, who are people going to believe their eyes or lying Thomas?
    Many people on here said from their experiences with narcissist,setting boundaries (don’t talk to the press) then cutting them off is the best way to deal with them.

  21. Pamm says:

    I’m still very surprised that months later, KP has not come up with a foolproof PR strategy to handle this situation. The only lame efforts they have made is to plant all those ‘Meghan’s friends sources’ stories in the media about how Meghan doesn’t trust her father etc. And also the one about TM faking his heart attack. That’s the most I’ve seen from KP. We keep reading stories about how they are considering how to handle the situation but no action.

    There are questions that I’ve ruminated on: 1) If the tables were turned and it was William and Kate, the future king and queen who are being embarrassed by Kate’s father, would the RF machinery not immediately nip it in the bud? Or is it because Harry is the spare that’s why it’s not being taken seriously?
    2) If the Markles we’re black , would the British media keep giving them coverage and paying them?

    • magnoliarose says:

      If the Markles were black this would be worse on the DM/Sun/TMZ. The other media outlets would ignore them more I think. But maybe not. I just know the angle would be different and people wouldn’t have tried to normalize TM to such a degree.

      If it were Kate and William the media would regulate themselves because there is more behind their attacks on Meghan spurring them on and William has always been protected. KP might threaten them because he is the heir but then we have the American angle to consider. The story would probably not be as global if Meghan were a Brit.

    • minx says:

      I think they are using the perfect strategy—ignoring him. Again, how can they control a man who lives on another continent? He’s perfectly free to say what he wants. NDAs won’t work. And as far as the “KP is mulling over a strategy” stories, we don’t know those are true. I think the “Meghan’s close friend” stories are completely fabricated (any writer could extrapolate that she’s worried TM will sell info, duh). KP should keep up the silence and let the old windbag peter out.

  22. Alexandria says:

    Pathetic man. Yes it’s better when you’re dead. Go ahead burning those bridges.

  23. Talie says:

    I don’t buy into the stories that the palace is all upset about this…I really don’t. They have dealt with worse and there’s just no way this is seen as little more than an irritant.

    Meghan will just keep it moving and I think she has accepted her father will pop up to comment until he kicks it. Him talking only makes her more sympathetic, so why should the palace care?

    • Harla says:

      I agree Talie, I think the Palace is only upset to the extent that Meghan is upset. I do however, believe that Harry is very upset by all this mess. I was watching the wedding again yesterday (yeah, I know) and afterwards they had various fashion interviews and such but one gentleman mentioned that he knows Harry and Harry does read/know about what’s written about him no matter how obscure the news is and gets very upset about it. Plus, Meghan is his new wife, his love, his best friend and he is probably way more upset about this than she is, my husband gets much more upset than I do when someone treats me badly.

      • hershey says:

        Think you are absolutely correct. They live in a palace but they are people with the same feelings and vulnerabilities as the rest of us.

      • Masamf says:

        I agree @Harla. And Harry is more upset in the sense that he knows if Meghan wasn’t involved with him, the world couldn’t have cared less what TM Sr. (or anyone for that matter, Vonnie, Ninaki etc) said about Meghan. I believe Harry is beside himself right now, poor guy, blaming himself for everything and thinking what exactly does this media want, to see me end up a lonely man with no one wanting to be anywhere near me as my wife? Its like any time Harry is involved with any woman, that women is shredded to tiny pieces, by the British media, to a point the women are like “you know what? This is just not worth it”!!!

    • minx says:

      Agree. I think TM is an annoying fly to them.

  24. Citresse says:

    All very sad this family dysfunction being played out on the world stage.
    Doria moving to UK is wonderful for MM and of course, for polo baby probably sometime next year. Thank goodness for Doria.

    • Peg says:

      Doria just can’t pick up and move to England, there is an immigration process to go through.
      Meghan is not a citizen, so she can’t sponsor her mother, the Royal family is not cutting corners to speed up Meghan’s citizenship.
      Who knows, Doria maybe happy with her life in California, and visit Meghan like she use to when she was in Toronto.
      Or they could purchase a house in a private area, so Meghan and Prince Harry could visit.

      • Natalie S says:

        As long as Doria leaves the UK every 6 months and comes back in, she can pretty much live there indefinitely, right? She can’t work there but she won’t have to.

  25. Rapunzel says:

    Here’s how I think it went down:

    Thomas kept quiet for so long because he wanted to get in good with the BRF (to cash in, probably). He sought Harry’s advice and played nice. But on the sly, he made the staged photo arrangement. He lied to Harry and Meg about it. Post that reveal, they called him to say they were disappointed but that they still wanted him at the wedding (probably at this point they didn’t, but were willing to keep up appearances cause it was close to the wedding). That final phone call probably involved TM playing woe is me and acting like the victim of the press. He probably did what all narcs do-blamed others for his problems. Harry was likely not rude but responded to this playing martyr with “I’m sorry you’re so embarrassed and that the press hurt you, but I warned you not to talk to them and if you’d listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened.” Then TM was probably all “woe is me, I’m such an embarrassment and you’re better off without me” in order to manipulate them into practically begging him to come. Then, they probably said “come, and if you’re too embarrassed, you don’t have to make a speech” which offended him, and caused him to say the stuff about wishing that he was dead. He then hung up, used TMZ to guilt them more, hoping they’d call back and basically offer him the moon to come at the last minute so he could be the heroic dad braving illness for his daughter, thereby being the star of the wedding, which he could parlay into cash. But the BRF called his bluff and replaced him with Charles. Now he’s scorched earth.

  26. DenG says:

    He wants what Melania’s parents have–total royal treatment and perks, and Secret Service escorts if you please.

  27. Harla says:

    I know it’s Sunday because there’s another Thomas Markle interview!

  28. hershey says:

    This guy is a full on narcissist. They are like nasty energy bunnies on steroids. They don’t get tired. They don’t feel guilt or remorse so no regrets to weigh them down. In his mind every interview is a win. Rest of us would be having heart failure if we were in his shoes. Fast food only thing that might put him on a stretcher again.

    He’s not like the rest of us. Not a regular jerk that burns up and goes home.

    A narcissist that can’t be ignored will almost always win. That’s why ignoring them is usually the best solution. People that don’t or can’t walk away from a narcissist become victims almost 100 percent of the time.

    Meghans situation is unique. She can’t get out of range and fully ignore him. Neither can the palace. They can shut out the Daily Mail. But he will still be out there swinging his wrecking ball at reputations.

    A narcissist you cannot escape from is a narcissist you need to fight. One place the rest of us encounter this situation is in the workplace. Taking the high road often works with a normal jerk. Not with a narcissist. It’s fight for your job or get a new one elsewhere.

    Since Meghan is a public figure changing her phone number isn’t enough. The people in the palace office need to fight back this time. And now before this gets worse.

    • Christin says:

      If one good thing comes out of this, perhaps it is broader awareness that people like this exist in the world. And they are someone’s boss, spouse, parent, etc.

      Trying to assign “normal” behavior traits to someone this extreme is a useless, thankless endeavor. You have made some great points about how age does not mellow the person. They thrive on chaos and people are just objects to fuel their need for drama.

      Nasty energizer bunny on steroids is a fitting description I’ll file away in my own head to remind me why I steer clear of the two in my extended family (both in their 80s and still living for drama, no matter who gets hurt).

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    Continue to ignore him, Harry, Meghan & the RF. He’s a loser and eventually even the tabloids will stop taking his calls.

  30. ocjulia says:

    “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead!”
    “F*** it. I’m done.”

    Thomas Markle: The Flouncing Flouncer who Flounces.

  31. Digital Unicorn says:

    Thomas Markle won’t be remembered for his Emmy’s and successful HW career but as the pathetic excuse of a man who was hell bent on ruining his youngest daughters life.

    • guest says:

      I didn’t realise he was so successful…. He isn’t a dummy/trailer trash after all.

      • minx says:

        That’s why I never bought be befuddled old man act. He wasn’t solely Samantha’s mouthpiece, he knew what he was doing. And what is he, 72? These days that’s not ancient.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        Yes, he is. A successful career means nothing when you’re a hateful, vengeful narcissist who’s too stunned to realize this is of his own and his evil offspring’s making. Entirely self-inflicted. The rantings are becoming ever more desperate.

      • hershey says:

        He has Emmys and Emmy nominations. And the job he held paid well. But he ended his career fairly early. Seems to have experienced serious rupture in his personal relationships. The life he appears to lead in Mexico is not what most people would call comfortable retirement.

        I judge others on their own words and actions. He has put his words and actions out there on full display. Voluntarily. He wasn’t pushed into sharing so much of himself.

        Despite his professional achievements, I have no respect for him.

        As for what to call him? Dysfunctional. Harmful to those around him? Narcissistic?

        Trash is what I take out to the curb once a week for collection.

    • Masamf says:

      I found the info about him.

  32. Anna nuttall says:

    Just read on the DM (i know) that Doria could very well be moving to the UK. Thanks god! I reckon she moving to help support her daughter. xx

    • guest says:

      Hope Harry is paying with his inheritance/trust funds. The taxpayers don’t need to foot the bill for a Royal adjacent mother in law. Maybe taxpayers money for security because the same happened with the Middletons, which is understandable, but her home should be paid for by Meghan and Harry.

      • hershey says:

        Taxpayer money funds his public engagements and official travel. He has to rely on trust fund and money from dad for anything else

      • Natalie S says:

        It will probably be similar to the Middletons, I think? The home is privately paid for but there is security paid for by the taxpayers. I don’t know if it’s there when the Cambridges are at other residences but there were (I think taxpayer funded) preparations made to accommodate the RPOs at the Middleton home.

      • minx says:

        Doria doesn’t seem like someone who would want a big spread. She’s single and she strikes me as someone who has reached a point in her life where she wants to live comfortably but simply. I get that!

      • Peg says:

        letters to Parliamentarians maybe more helpful.

      • FLORC says:

        Natalie s
        The Midds current home was indeed funded by tax funds. Renovations made to accommodate the RPOs sleep, living, food, etc. So fences and new buildings with expansions to main home were constructed. Along with new gate, cameras, windows and doors. The RPOs needed these because kate and george took 6 month residence there after his birth. The midds made out like bandits getting superficial renovations as well like bedrooms and kitchens for kate.
        Doria likely won’t have the same unless Meghan also moves in with her. I can’t imagine her not living with harry and harry not being near his new born child.

        Doria might keep it simple and not benefit from taxes

  33. Leigh says:

    “Mr Markle said he told Harry: ‘Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad. Then I hung up.’”

    He sounds like a petulant child, I wonder if he’s still all there mentally? He sounds like more than a narcissist, he sounds unwell.

    • Christin says:

      Emotional blackmail is my guess. He wants them to keep playing his game, and illness/reminding them of his age & alleged health issues may accomplish that.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        They have never played his game in the first place and will never play his game. A poster on another site said this is like someone poking a lion all day with a stick and then being shocked when it mauls you. Exactly. BP is doing the best by simply ignoring the idiots. Let them bury themselves, hopefully in tax debts. This trash is making money off lies and insults and petulant BS. It’s stomach-turning. Her dad thinks it’s a “few words of criticism” that has made the RF cut him off and his idiot-stick daughter blames the tabloids for her “strained” (read: non-existent) relationship with Meghan. Mind-boggling how willfully blind they are, isn’t it?

    • hershey says:

      He seemed a little foggy in that GMB interview clip I saw. Narcissistic, but foggy. If it is some dementia, that doesnt alter the personality radically. It can make someone more irritable or difficult. Dementia isn’t fun. But dementia doesn’t cause narcissism. Being a narcissist definitely does make a person unwell.

      • jessamine says:

        My grandmother suffered from dementia in the last decade of her life resulting in complex paranoid delusions and a very vindictive, misogynistic outlook. We always had a very loving relationship but caring for her during that time forced me to realize how much of that “crazy” had always been there — the dementia just peeled back the layers of social control she used to keep it tamped down./hidden. I could see how TM probably always had these tendencies but some new twist or degradation of his mental state has given his narcissism permission to fully come out and play.

    • Mego says:

      I highly doubt this conversation happened except in Tom Markles imagination.

  34. OkieOpie says:

    This guy needs to STOP talking to the media.

  35. Ms says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the fake heart attack was the monarchy’s idea? After those press photos he was persona non grata at the wedding and this let both sides save face – they didn’t look like assholes for uninviting him, and he didn’t have to be the schmuck who was barred from his daughter’s wedding.

    • minx says:

      I don’t think so, because he would have blabbed about it….”They made me say that! I’m a victim! I wanted to come! “. He’s said everything else. In the overall scheme of things, I don’t think the BRF cared that much if he came or not, as they proved nicely with his absence.

      • hershey says:

        I think minx is right. Had palace barred him, the wailing would have started way sooner and been super loud

  36. aquarius64 says:

    Another Daily Mail story with a US source saying Meghan wants a time out from Dad. She loves Dad and wants a relationship but ants to focus on settle into royal life and the issues between them is not a quick fix. Good for Meghan for taking care of herself and Harry and putting Dad on notice that she’s not going to drop everything and call him or fly to him after this latest interview. She knows it’s a stunt.

  37. Lily says:

    I’m so confused…Was he even actually *in hospital*. It’s interesting that they didn’t say recovering from heart *surgery*, but “heart attack.” I’ve lost track of where we are on debunking the heart attack/surgery/hospitalization story. The last thing I read was that the hospital he named as being the place that the surgery was performed said that they never had a patient by that name. Do we know at this point whether he was actually in-patient in any hospital?? I’m guessing AT MOST, he went to the ER complaining of fake chest pains (or real but non-heart attack chest pain related to the anxiety caused by dumbheaded lies/BS), they ran bloodwork, saw he didn’t have a heart attack, and sent him home.

    • hershey says:

      Without him selling his hospital bill to daily mail, who knows what really happened.

      But his dates and timeline conflict in places with photos of him out and about, so at least some of his story is crap.

      He confirmed that an “army pal” of Harrys was on the ground in Mexico, who would help get him to England. Certainly that guy was more than Harry’s pal. Thomas was about to have full access to the entire royal family. Someone was keeping tabs on him 24/7 In May.

      There is no way royal protection did not know exactly what he was doing every minute. He was offered protection that would be with him and he has said turned it down. He refused to come to London early.

      His refusal to be supervised by the palace or police would have been a huge flag.

      Someone associated with royal protection office collected everything he did while his hospital drama was happening.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        His heart attack story keeps changing every time he talks about it – first he was watching the wedding from his hospital bed, then it was a hotel and now it was a dingy private rental. It never happened and the press have the receipts but are sitting on them just like they did with the pap story – they are waiting for the optimal moment to embarrass Meghan, Harry and the RF to drop them. The Fail in particular is not yet finished milking the ‘poor dying dad’ story, even thou they are creating sympathy for Meghan.

        Narcs have trouble keeping track of their lies as they tell so many.

  38. hershey says:

    Thomas thinks if his lies are challenged it will be a he said they said game. It won’t be. At some point before the wedding, police protection started keeping tabs on him. Every minute of the day. Most new/inlaw family happily cooperate with the offer of help.

    His refusal means every effort to monitor him was and probably still is, in place. He is worried he’s a kidnap risk. That would damage the monarchy. He has no privacy, he’s just too dumb to know it.

  39. Mego says:

    If I were a betting woman I would bet that these are a bunch of lies. My experience with narcs is that they lie lie lie, with great ease. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth including his heart problem.

    • Peg says:

      Apparently he said he had a heart attack seven years ago.
      Then claimed Jr. caused him to have another heart attack this year, who knows which story is true.
      The next health problem will be blamed on the Royal Family for not inviting him to visit and stay at Buckingham Palace.
      If the check is big enough, he will say anything.
      The Duchess handle the Markle family the right way, no mementoes to hawk, Thomas was a bit miffed that people in England could sell mugs with Meghan’s picture and he could not cash in.
      Meghan maybe taking a looooooong break from her father, chances are Prince Harry is taking a permanent break.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Even the Middleton’s got raked over the coals for trying to cash in on Kate’s engagement. They wanted to sell cheap party tat with the Testino engagement photo’s plastered all over them but both the palace and Testino slapped them down.

  40. Lanne says:

    Now the doofus is saying he expects Meghan to take care of him at the end of his life, claiming she “promised” him she would. Textbook toxic parent move. He should be put in a textbook as a warning. It’s annoying that people are blaming the palace for his antics when it’s clear that he has thwarted every attempt to bring him into the fold. Every choice he has made is self serving, every word he speaks is a lie. Every problem he claims to have faced is his own doing. He has created the narrative he wanted. There’s no love in anything that he does. I wonder what he and his viper daughter do all day. Do they really just sit and stew in their hatred and jealousy? He even plays one daughter against the other by claiming Meghan asked him to choose between her and bitterscammy. This is grotesque.

    • Ravine says:


    • hershey says:

      Thomas jr said in a on camera video mo ths ago, he likes to sleep until afternoon, watch movies and tv, play slots and just sort of amble around.

    • indian says:

      Well, no.. In this case, it might have meant that she promised that if he paid for her to go to Northwestern, she would take care of him in his old age. Parents are not obligated to spend hundreds of thousands on their children’s education, at the cost of their retirement.

  41. MaryContrary says:

    He’s horrible. Poor Meghan. Her first year of marriage in a crazy, different world-and she’s got this going on in the background. Her family should be a source of comfort and support-not causing embarrassment and heartache played out for everyone to witness.

  42. Hunter says:

    “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad. Then I hung up.”

    I’d be mortified to admit any of this to anyone. How juvenile!

  43. julie says:

    I’m starting to see this differently. Thomas wasn’t treated like other royal family members who have done illegal or embarrassing things (Fergie, Uncle Gary probably others I’m not aware of). Instead, the knee jerk reaction was to shut him out probably because he’s seen as dispensable-he’s not part of the franchise nor is he footing any bills. They could have created a PR spin that he was uninformed about protocol, given him a get out of jail card, and played it cool. Instead, their hardline approach has caused them public grief. Next time they should stick to the same script for all relatives, even the lowest ranking ones.

    • Mego says:

      How did Fergie, Uncle Gary and others get treated differently other than the typical freeze out?

    • Peg says:

      Stop blaming the Palace, Meghan knows her father and just maybe, she did not want him involved too closely in her life, after dealing with his narcissism most of it.
      Thomas Markle is a loose cannon, how can you control him.
      Richard Kay works for the Dailymail, enough said.
      Richard Palmer needs to take a seat, when he is not bitching about being allowed to evesdrop on the Duchess, he is liking Racist comments on his Twitter page.
      Piers Morgan is slime, telling an abused person to contact their abuser.
      Fergie and Uncle Gary were not attacking the Royal Family posing for pap pictures and lying about it and trying to blackmail them.
      Thomas made the mistake of thinking he was smart, but he only showed the World he is a narcissist, and they are laughing at his pitiful antics.
      Glad that Meghan or the Royal family are not caving in to this bully, no wedding mementoes for the markles to sell, back to hawking baby and high school pictures.

      • hershey says:

        Peg has it right. She knows her Dad. All of her actions reflect that. And he was invited after all. She seems to have tried to not exclude him fully

    • hershey says:

      Thomas himself is a huge part of why he has been treated differently. In interviews, some of which were on camera, he has boasted several times he refused all offers of assistance. Because “I’m my own man.”

      He thinks he refused security, but he didn’t. Doris received a police protection officer in November. Probably the same day the palace took over payment for Meghans.

      He was encouraged to come to London well before the wedding. He is in an area that where wealthy targets are kidnapped regularly. Royal family has a big wallet. If Thomas were kidnapped it would be an international embarrassment for all three countries associated with him.

      It would have been cheaper and easier to keep him safe if he had accepted a protection officer. His refusal increases costs, which are already astronomical because he lived in crime ridden area of Mexico. More resourced are needed since he refused to let security come in and do their thing.

      Dorias protection costs will likely go down if she lives on the grounds at Kensington.

      These in-laws receive protection because their royal son in-laws put them at real risk. Dorias probably finds it intrusive, but she’s at risk and accepts it.

      Thomas thinks he refused. Maybe because he’s crazy dumb. Or is spending his days doing sh!t he doesn’t want others to be aware of.

      His biggest mistake is that he is still being observed 24/7. It’s just costing the British taxpayers at whole lot more than it should to keep him safe.

      He was offered all kinds of PR assistance etc. Also refused. Not getting the royal treatment is kinda on him.

  44. Pamm says:

    Richard Kay says he spoke to senior serving and former palace aides who tell him that Thomas Markle was an after thought, that the Palace handled him very poorly right from the day the engagement was announced. He said he spoke to one of the aides who planned William and Kate’s wedding and the aide told him how the palace handled uncle Gary with so much precision. The aide complained that those in KP are incompetent and didn’t handle TM as well as they should.
    From what he said, it’s obvious that KP has no plans or strategy despite our assumption that they do.

    • Lizabeth says:

      It’s also possible as the Richard Kay article implies, Harry was in charge of some of the decision-making about strategy. KP has been clumsy in the past and sometimes it seems its efforts are negatively affected by Will and/or Harry. That’s not to excuse TM for his behavior– at all–he owns it. But I always thought it was very odd Harry never met TM since he and Meghan were traveling quite a bit under the radar. And as I said in an earlier comment, the apparent “plan” to fly TM to the UK at the last minute for the wedding was doomed from the start. I also think that Harry too often thinks (as royals are apt to do) all he has to do is make a request and it automatically will be followed. (My wish is your command.) Harry’s dislike of the media may have clouded his judgment too. The initial set of posed pictures of TM was stupid but ultimately pretty harmless. I get that the photos were embarrassing given KP’s public position on media issues and on TM, in particular. And I can understand Harry getting angry since he had warned TM to avoid the media. I would have been angry too. But all that would have blown over. Harry telling off his future FIL on the phone (if that really happened) was not likely to blow over even if the FIL was a “normal” person.

      I also don’t understand the apparent unwillingness to give TM a physical invitation and a copy of TQ’s approval. Maybe he would have sold them but so what? The swag bags given to people standing on the grounds were on eBay before the ceremony was over. And I wouldn’t doubt an actual invitation or two has ended up there or will end up there as well. Pictures of both the invitation and TQ’s permission document have appeared online so their appearance is hardly a secret.

      Still, at this point there’s nothing KP or BP can do. Silence is the only possible strategy.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He’s American. They don’t have the same power or reach across the pond. I don’t blame KP. I blame TM. 100 percent.

      • hershey says:

        Abolututly, magnoliarose. Even if the aides were inexperienced, a decent parent would not have been this difficult to handle. It’s Thomas’s fault he is a monster storm disaster. I doubt the most senior staff working for the Queen would have fully contained him.

    • hershey says:

      I think when the story about the Queen maybe needing to intervene, the quote was misinterpreted. Her intervention would likely be with that young, inexperienced PR team at Kensington. Not with Thomas himself. That would never happen. Remember she had her choice, Thomas or Trump…and she picked Trump ha! ha!

      • Peg says:

        She did not pick trump over Thomas, let”s deal with facts.
        Thomas made the choice not to come and meet the Royal family, what was she Queen suppose to do? off with his head.
        The Queen is the figure head of England and if the Prime Minister wants her to meet the President/Prime Minister of another Country, it’s her duty and she is big on duty.

      • Sass says:

        It’s called a joke, damn Peg. Learn to read the room.

  45. hershey says:

    I was totally making a joke. I know the two situations were completely different and unrelated.

  46. hershey says:

    I tried to post about Richard Kay, but must must have name off.

    Feel bad for Meghan he threw her under the bus. She and Harry and there staff may have made some ineffective choices.

    But at the end of the day, if Thomas was a normal, functional, loving father, he would not be a huge media storm wrecking his daughters new life.

    He would be talking with her on the phone if he had concerns. We would never have heard a peep out him.

    He’s the real problem. Not the inexperienced or incompetent staff at Kensington. He has just turned out to be too big a disaster for them.

  47. hershey says:

    Thomas has said Meghan was communicating with him right up to the wedding. He had been invited and help was offered to him, but he declined.

    The infamous heart attack week changed things. Even a stranger reading about it could see that he relished have the ability to call TMZ on his own and have his words land in every media outlet the world over. He later said on camera he didn’t go through the palace because he wanted to put his own words out.

    The writing was clearly on the wall that Thomas saw himself as the celebrity. And would accept payment for being Thomas Markle. , father of the bride.

    It was obvious by midweek before the Saturday wedding he was not going to be trustworthy. I think she tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. It didn’t work out.

    If he was a trustworthy dad, none of this would have happened.

    And, if he had been like most dads, he would have had that stent placed right after the heart attack and made it to the wedding.

  48. hershey says:

    Hopefully a journalist will write something to rebut Richard Kay. Would Carole Middleton have turned into a Thomas without skillful kid glove handling by the palace? No.

    Even Uncle Gary would not be an “existential crisis,” to quote Mr. Kay if handling mistakes had been made.

    This is not about the palace. He could have been handled by the best handlers in the world and a mess would still have happened.

    He might have been contained with money and a title and a special audience at Buckingham palace. But that treatment would have been inappropriate. Scores of other Markles would than have wanted the same.

    And than the palace would have been forced to give regular prizes for good behavior. Which the British public would have balked at funding.

  49. eewraewrew says:

    Mr Markle said he told Harry: ‘Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad. Then I hung up.’

    I cannot believe he ADMITS to shit like this IN PRINT.