Carrie Underwood posts shadowy bump pic, this is going to be like her scar reveal right?

On Wednesday last week, Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy. She did it in a way that seemed clumsily arranged by a publicist with little understanding of social media. Carrie made the announcement three quarters of the way through a video promoting her album and announcing her tour, which begins next May. It took her a minute and a half to get to the point, which she could have done with a single photo or message that required no time investment. It came across as self involved.

Carrie has shared a “bump photo” following that announcement, but much like the gradual way she revealed the scar she suffered after her fall, it’s not really visible. That photo is below and I’m struck by the fact that this could have been how she announced her pregnancy instead of that long video.

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It took Carrie five months from her injury to reveal herself to the public again. I understood why she was so affected by her scars. She’s a person who relies on her image for her job and getting stitches and reconstructive facial work must have been scary. In interviews she explained repeatedly that she didn’t know how she would end up looking. It was clearly emotional for her to come back into the spotlight.

Now that she’s using the same media strategy for her pregnancy, though, I get why people were skeptical of her. This is her MO, to not get to the point and to assume that everyone has infinite interest and patience. I guess it works since we’re talking about her. I assume she won’t allow post or allow full photos for at least a month, when we’ll see her pregnant to promote her album.



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  1. Loopy says:

    Someone tell her she is not as interesting to people as she thinks she is,her methods are exhausting.

  2. Honey bear says:

    Why does she suddenly look like a completely different person? Can’t put my finger on it. The mouth? Teeth? Her lips ballooned after her “incident”.

    • Dietcokehead says:

      She has a fairly large, visible scar across her philtrum into her upper lip. She wears a lot of makeup, but the scar can be seen in some photos. I don’t know if filler is being used in her reconstruction, but it’s also possible her lip was just put back together this way.

      Kinda crummy that people keep on insisting it’s an “accident” or “incident” rather than accident.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Hi dietcokehead ,I’m addicted to Diet Pepsi.Agree with you that fillers are probably being used to sort of *inflate* the upper lip.I used to be a plastic surgery nurse,and have thought that the inflated looking upper lip is either necessary to help hide the scar,or they are using the look of fillers to draw the eyes away from the scars and cause us to see fuller lips instead.

    • Linda says:

      In these pictures she looks different . I am now believing the plastic surgery theory. And she is such an attention seeker its beyond tiresome

  3. Kbeth says:

    She is so tiresome.

  4. Bish says:

    I honestly don’t understand this. All this seems so harmless. Why so salty? Can’t she post about her pregnancy and announce it the way she wants? Meh.

  5. Jag says:

    Carrie, I don’t live and breathe to see what you’ve posted or said. I do hope your pregnancy goes well and that you and the baby are healthy.

    This will be the last post that I click on regarding this narcissist.

    The end

  6. Source says:

    She and J-Lo should get together for lunch and talk about what it’s like to have the whole world revolved around them.

    They can compare notes on what annoying, attention-seeking technique they can use next.

  7. Singtress says:

    I know this is a terrible tragedy to her. And if is this is the worst thing,she ever has to go through, she will have an amazing and blesssed life.
    No sarcasm… no envy…. I sincerely hope this is her worst experience.