RHOC’s Emily Simpson: ‘It’s never ok to call a woman fat’

As a single divorcee who isn’t rich, I rarely find myself able to identify with the Real Housewives, but one of the OC newbies is experiencing a quite relatable plight.

Emily Simpson, who has joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County for its 13th (!) season has taken to social media to promote body positivity and confidence. I can only assume that the trolls have attacked, but she’s taking the high road. On Saturday, she posted a series of self portraits to Twitter and wrote, “It’s never ok to call a woman fat, fatass, plus-size, etc.” She went on to add, “I will take the criticism and be the voice for all the women out there that feel inadequate because they don’t fit someone’s ridiculous standard of beauty. Be strong. Be proud. Be confident. I got you.” As someone for whom “the change” has not been kind, I really admire Emily for taking a stand against fat shaming, because it really sucks.

The more I learn about Emily, the more I like her. She recently lamented that she can’t drink wine. I would have thought that a revelation like this would keep her from being on the show, but she did state that she enjoys her bubbly. She told Bravo why she wasn’t a wine aficionado, recalling, ”In like 2015, I went to a friend’s party, and she did like a wine tasting.” Apparently the fruit of the vine didn’t agree with her, and, as a result, “I literally laid on the sidewalk and called Uber to come get me… and then the Uber had to pull over so I could throw up on the side of the road, and I have never drank wine since then. I can’t do wine. No. It was awful.”

Emily also is unapologetic about eating on screen. She said she was told to avoid eating on camera, but asserted that,

”There will be lots of scenes of me [in which] everyone else will be talking and I’ll just be eating. I remember going to dinner at Shannon’s house and everybody puts little tiny amounts of food on their plate and then I sat down with the whole plate filled and I was like I don’t get it, are we not supposed to eat? Like, I didn’t get the memo on eating. I actually lost weight at the beginning of the season because there would be dinners but nobody was eating! So I don’t know. I just starved.” 

[From Bravo/The Feast] 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually like a real housewife. Okay, I like Lisa Vanderpump because she was incredibly nice when a friend and I met her at her restaurant years ago. But I can kind of relate with Emily on many levels. I’m not much of a wine drinker and I love to eat. I’m curious to see how she will do with the rest of the RHOC cast.

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  1. Jess says:

    I’m not into Real Housewives, but on literally no planet is this woman even remotely fat. More power to her advocating for all sizes, but she can’t be more than a 6-8 tops.

  2. Sassbr says:

    Idk who is even calling her fat, especially on that cast. RHOC is not exactly the cast with the best bodies.

  3. Pandy says:

    She’s not obese but she’s not tiny … but I think her photos have been photoshopped a bit thinner so not sure about that head held high thing … and her husband is a piece of work.

  4. Andrea says:

    Depending on her HEIGHT, she probably is a size 10 like I am. People are awful on SM. When can women just celebrate other women?

  5. enike says:

    She is not fat at all

    However, I think if shaming smokers (for example) is okey then fat shaming is okey as well… if its not a medical condition, there is no excuse to being fat
    it can lead to serious health issues

    I am not sure why obese people can not see it and do something about it, rather than getting offended by people who call them out on it

    Edit: its perfectly okey to call somebody fat, maybe its a wake-up call for that person to get healthy
    (of course, if its not caused by a medical condition as I said)
    OR if you want to be fat, its okey as well, embrace it, but dont tell people what they can or can not say

    overeating is a bad addiction as well