Demi Lovato’s family wishes her a happy 26th birthday

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Demi Lovato is spending her 26th birthday in a rehab facility, undergoing treatment after an apparent overdose on July 24. Fortunately, the singer is surrounded by loving family members, which will hopefully make the recovery process at least a little bit easier.

Demi’s little sister, 16-year-old Madison De La Garza, shared a sweet birthday wish for her. Posting an adorable throwback childhood photo, she thanked the doctors, Demi’s team and the singer’s supportive fans, because, “without all of these people i wouldn’t have my big sister anymore.” She said of her famous sibling that she’s “not a singer, not a celebrity, and definitely not what she’s been described as in the media — she’s a daughter, a friend, and my big sister…and i am so, so thankful that i can tell her happy birthday.”

today could have been one of the worst days of my life, but instead i get to spend it thanking God, the incredible doctors, demi's team, and everyone across the world who offered their support – without all of these people i wouldn't have my big sister anymore. i've been thinking about how i wish that everyone could see the silly little things that she does, like how her nostrils move when she says certain words and when she brushes my hair behind my ear when i'm trying to sleep, because those are the things i'm thankful for today. they seem so small, but those little things make up my sister – not a singer, not a celebrity, and definitely not what she's been described as in the media – she's a daughter, a friend, and my big sister… and i am so, so thankful that i can tell her happy birthday. #happybirthdaydemi ❤️

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The sisterly declaration of love was also shared by Demi’s mother, Dianna, who added, “Thank you for all your love and prayers…I am truly blessed.”

Demi is probably going to remain in rehab for a while, to, as she put it, “heal and focus on my sobriety and road to recovery,” but it seems like her family has her back, and that’s great. A source told E! News that Demi “hopes to make a full recovery and be able to do the one thing she loves: Music.” I’m hoping she can overcome her addiction and have a much happier 27th birthday – and many more after that.

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  1. Mariposa says:

    I just finished reading the book Harris Wittel’s sister wrote about his addiction (he was a Parks and Rec writer and was going to be on Master of None, but died of a heroin OD), and I cried all the way through it. She did an incredible job conveying the anxiety that families of addicts go through, hoping against hope that this time rehab will stick, but always fearing that phone call. So, I imagine Demi’s family is just so thankful she is in rehab where she is safe, but I don’t think that anxiety ever goes away.

    • Sara says:

      Demi was her family breadwinner for most of her life contrary to Harris though. An extra element.

    • Harla says:

      You are correct, the anxiety never goes away. My children’s father battled addiction for many years and watching someone you love die this slow and painful death is life altering. Unfortunately he was not one of the lucky ones to get clean and sober and survive his addiction but I sincerely hope that Demi will be able to.

    • Esmom says:

      Sounds heartwrenching. I heard an interview on NPR not too long ago with a dad (who I believe wrote a book about his experience) whose son was an addict and living on the streets. The dad has pretty much given up hope abut his son getting clean so instead he decided to live on the street with him for a while, to just be there with him and to show him he loves him. I was sobbing, not sure how I could cope if it were my kid.

      Wishing Demi strength and her family peace.

  2. Sarah says:

    Her sister looks like the kid who played Eva Longoria’s daughter in Desperate Housewives!
    Anyway, happy b’day to Demi and all the best for the future. The next weeks/months are going to be really hard but she’s building for herself a happier, healthier and safer future.