Pete Davidson on Ariana Grande ‘The coolest, hottest, nicest person I’ve ever met’

Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood features three different covers: Amandla Stenberg, Shawn Mendes and Pete Davidson. So far Pete’s interview is getting the most coverage because people are interested in his whirlwind high-profile relationship with Ariana Grande. He knows this, and he talks about it in this piece. Pete is good at being quotable and he opens up a lot in this interview. He’s discusses his struggles with mental health, which is something he’s been open about for years, and shares details of a suicide attempt at a young age and how he treats his bipolar disorder now. He even talks about the BDE meme and how flattered he is by it. Of course he is. Pete repeats the story that he’s already told, that he proposed to Ariana Grande when they were in bed. He expects her to kick him to the curb at any time, which is something he’s said before too.

On proposing to Ariana and expecting her to come to her senses
“I didn’t want to do something corny. We were in bed hanging, after watching a movie. I was like, ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really dope. I’m still convinced she’s blind or hit her head really hard,” he says, laughing. “Something is going to happen, and she’s going to be like, ‘What the f— is this thing doing around?’ For right now, it’s rocking.”

On his mental health
“The last few years have been real rough with me. I took all these mental health classes and really spent a lot of time getting me good.”

On attempting suicide when he was young
“I’ve been in and out of mental health facilities since I was 9. I tried to drown myself in the pool when I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I was trying to get my head stuck in the ladder in the deep end, so I would not be able to get up. But I’m too much of a p-sy, and my head is too small.”

On Trump hosting SNL in late 2015; Davidson’s sketches were cut
“It wasn’t the most fun week eve. He doesn’t get jokes. He doesn’t get tone. He doesn’t get punch lines. He’ll say words differently. He’s just a dweeb.

vDude, any president that is taking pictures of himself on a private plane eating Kentucky Fried Chicken is a f—ing psycho. What are you? A f—ing Kardashian?”

On his dad’s death influencing him to becoming a comic
“If my dad didn’t die, I wouldn’t be a comic. I’d be a construction worker in Staten Island or a basketball coach.

“I learned what death was. And you’re not really supposed to learn about that until high school, when one of your friends falls asleep in the garage, or whatever. To learn how anything can just be taken away from you early gave me this sense of ‘F— it. Whatever, dude.’ I’m able to do stand-up and f— around because hopefully the worst thing that has ever happened to me happened.”

He compares going online to getting a skin infection
“It’s like popping a pimple. You’re like, ‘This is going to be sick.’ Then you do it, and you have to go to the dermatologist and get a cortisone shot, and there’s going to be a big hole in my face for a week.”

On the BDE meme
“I don’t hate it. I’m just really, really happy, and if that means I have [BDE], then sick. My favorite thing was my mom was like, ‘Peter, they’re saying you had a big p-nis just like your father.’”

On being in love with Ariana
“I never thought I’d meet anyone like her. I can’t even put into words how great of a person she is. I could cry. She’s the f—ing coolest, hottest, nicest person I’ve ever met.”

“I’m f—ing living the goddamn dream. I feel like I’m living in a fantasyland.”

[From Variety]

The piece noted that Pete is smoking pot again after going to rehab twice for it. I think pot should be available medicinally nationwide and considering that Pete has Crohn’s disease I’m inclined to give him a pass. (Here’s more on the research about cannibis as a treatment for Crohn’s. Pete does tell the Variety journalist that he began smoking for relief.) As for his thoughts on Ariana, this is what we’ve heard from him since they got together and got engaged almost immediately. They’re both crazy about each other, which is cute to watch but what happens when the infatuation phase wears off and they’re faced with reality? I would bet it lasts for Pete longer than it does for his girlfriends typically. Maybe that’s why he keeps expecting Ariana to kick him out.

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  1. Trillion says:

    I hope these kids make it. It will be against all odds, but hey, it could happen.

  2. Millenial says:

    I’m a bit annoyed at Ariana for making me have to learn who Pete Davidson is.

  3. Snappyfish says:

    Really think the blonde looks atrocious on him. She earned my respect after the bombing in Manchester. I really hope she is happy, she seems like a lovely person

    • JAC says:

      Really? She did an amazing thing with Manchester, but she used to be such a horrible brat, did all of that suddenly change?

      • Nova says:

        She seems to be a lot more grounded now. Moments like Manchester Attack can make you reevaluate your life.

        BTW people seem to be so fucking cynical about this couple. What’s up with that? Let them live. Even if they don’t go the long way, so what? They having fun RIGHT NOW. They are young, they are passionate about each other. Young love is fun. Not every relationship needs to last 20 years to be fulfilling and ‘succesful’.

    • Case says:

      Completely agree. It would seem that incident fundamentally changed her. I admire how she has handled herself since the attack. She has tried not to make it all about her but about the victims, even though she was deeply impacted by the event as much as anyone else who was there.

      • CairinaCat says:

        She is very young, the donuts licking thing was crappy but it was a teenage thing to do. and since she was a child star she is younger than her age.
        Then the Manchester thing happened and it looks like she grew up, it took her out of her egocentric mind frame and she experienced reality, empathy.
        So I think she was young enough when this life changing event happened to her that she actually did have a life changing moment and grew up.
        And I thought she sucked before, so I’ve done a turn around on how I think of her.

  4. BANANIE says:

    I feel like I need to watch some of his stand up work. I have absolutely no concept of him outside of Ariana Grande, so it’s hard for me to say if I think they’ll go the distance/are a good fit etc. However I appreciate that they both are open about their mental health. Ts extremely important.

    • JAC says:

      His standup is quite good. He’s naturally funny which is why he’s good at being himself on SNL, like when he’s a guest on Weekend Update. For sketches he’s probably the weakest SNL performer, along with Leslie. They’re much better stand ups than they’re actors.
      So I’m a bit conflicted because he’s getting so much press when other SNL people, like Aidy or Cecily barely get any.

    • applepie says:

      @Bananie. I watched some of his stand up cos I’d never heard of him before now. Hes not bad. I like him!

  5. Lazy af rn says:

    This narrative needs to change stat. He’s run thru all of his talking points w each big mag he’s has an interview w. No new info just the same recycled “I love ariana” shtick

  6. Queenb says:

    He never talks about her as a human and seems to only see her as an object. Its disappointing that after all the times she called out other men for that she’s cool with him talking like that in public. All of her young female fans are listening…

    • Juls says:

      Really? I haven’t picked up on that. Maybe I missed something? All I’ve gathered is that he worships her and thinks she’s too good for him and he can’t believe she loves him as much as he loves her. Yes, this relationship may tank any day now, but I haven’t picked up any douchy, objectification vibes when he talks about her. Obviously, I could be wrong.

      • Queenb says:

        When does he talk about her as a person and what he loves about her?

        He talkd about her being tight, he also says stuff like ” It’s f*cking lit. I’m a very, very lucky boy, and I’m very, very loved and I’m very lucky.” while ending with “And my dick’s forever hard.”

      • Apalapa says:

        Good point QueenB. Putting people on pedestals but not really seeing them for who they are or what their needs are can be part of borderline personality disorder – like you are black or white on people, who are either the best or the absolute worst. And people with BPD don’t feel secure in a relationship either, which can some times mean they put the other person down or need constant reassurement.

        Whatever is their deal, I hope he is getting regular therapy, like I hope all people with physical or mental conditions need, including myself.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      It’s fine to admit to finding your partner hot, enjoying the sex, and finding them to be the ‘coolest, nicest person’ you know. It may not be a very articulate, mature, poetic, or romantic declaration of love, but her being ok with him talking about it isn’t objectification. If the genders were reversed or if it were a male partner talking about Adam Lambert like that, it wouldn’t even be seen as a problem. Plus she’s discussed his dick in public, so it’s not like either one of them are shy about the fact that sex is a big part of this.

  7. Stubbylove says:

    I know I sound like a old bag, but just wanting for the other shoe to drop after Ariana is over his ‘cuteness’ and shtick. Glad they’re both happy now and enjoying those thrilling early in-love days that are amazing. But they are both so young – we all know it’s going to happen sooner or later. She’s WAY out of his league & though I think he’s a nice enough guy, I don’t think Pete is equipped to deal with that type of rejection. Ugh.

  8. Parigo says:

    I love what he says about Trump, that he has no sense of humor and is psychotic. Yup, pretty much.

  9. TamiTaylor says:

    Don’t think it’ll last but they’re cute together and who knows, right? Slight correction: Pete and the article say he has Borderline Personality Disorder; not Bipolar Disorder. It’s actually a really big deal that he’s being open about it, because Borderline Personality Disorder is not well understood by the general public (who often confuse it with Bipolar Disorder, although the treatments are very different) and carries a stigma in the medical community. But with therapy people can get much better, and I admire him for increasing awareness.

  10. Sara Martin says:

    “They’re saying you have a big penis, just like your father.” Mom. Gross?

  11. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I’m pretty sure Davidson has spoken openly about having Borderline Personality Disorder, not Bipolar Disorder.

    Completely different animals.

  12. Dani says:

    Sure ‘smoking pot’. Everyone knows he’s doing harder drugs and it’s just a matter of time before he spirals.

  13. otaku fairy... says:

    Sometimes they’re a little annoying with their relationship, but other times they seem cute and self-aware. I still give them about 2 years though, with a possible stretch to 3.

  14. Cora says:

    @Dani, everyone knows? I didn’t know. This kid is smart, self-deprecating, honest, funny, and really brave. Bpd is so unfairly portrayed and it is awesome that someone is so open about it. Í read the whole piece, he talks about it and the nonsense that people with bpd are unlovable. Another good point, he makes his own money. Í hope evrything works out for him, he’s been through hell and back.

    • Dani says:

      Literally everyone knows. There’s tons of revealed blind items about it and the circles he runs in have clearly stated it. A crack pipe fell out of his pocket in the city last week. It’s why his girlfriend Carly initially dumped him. I’m glad he has a good career – I never wish ill on anyone – but to play like the only thing he’s on is weed is a lie. I haven’t and won’t say a word about what he’s going through mentally, as a person who suffers from anxiety and someone who lost their father at a young age too, it’s not my issue to touch and I wish him the best.

      • KB says:

        The crack pipe blind item was from Crazy Days and Nights. The blinds on that site are fictional for entertainment purposes, they have a disclaimer on the site that explains this. It’s why they post so many blind items daily. It’s also why Blind Gossip doesn’t post them on their site. They’re not real.

  15. Pandy says:

    Not sure that he is cover worthy to represent Young Hollywood …. he’s one of the weakest on SNL. He does have a high profile relationship so guess that’s what got him on. And that hair is horrendous.

  16. Case says:

    I totally support this couple. I think they must have a special connection because of tragedies that have happened in their lives, and probably find a lot of comfort in discovering someone who shares their pain.

    Will they go the distance? Not sure. They’re young. But I do really think that type of emotional bond keeps people together.

  17. Justwastingtime says:

    I know nothing about him..

    All I know about her is what I saw from her one love Manchester concert… from that I have huge admiration for this young woman who overcame a horrible event and then went out there and did good… just mad respect for her strength and grace during that terrible time. So, I hope he treats her well.

  18. GlitterBaby says:

    Not everyone is an articulate wordsmith. He’s young and constantly uses euphemisms like “sick” to describe good things happening in his life. Just because he isn’t particularly eloquent in an interview describing his fiancé doesn’t mean he lacks feelings or understanding of her worth beyond her looks. He has a lot going on and I’m sure he is overwhelmed by the attention he is getting based on his relationship with Ariana. Who knows what will happen? Part of me hopes things work out for these two crazy kids.