Daryl Hannah and Neil Young had a ‘small, intimate’ wedding on a yacht

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Considering I didn’t even know that actress Daryl Hannah and rock ’n’ roll curmudgeon Neil Young were together, I was surprised that they got married in not one but two ceremonies.

Daryl and Neil have been dating for four years. They met while working on a Greenpeace documentary together and Neil ended up leaving his wife of 36 years to be with the actress, who is no stranger to dating rock stars. Remember when she was with Jackson Browne and had Clarence Clemons (RIP) over for a jam session?

Even though 57-year-old Daryl and 72-year-old Neil haven’t made an official statement about the state of their union, the evidence that they are now Mr. and Mrs. is pretty solid. A local boat captain in the San Juan islands in Washington State told People magazine that he saw a “small, intimate gathering” taking place on Neil’s 1913 vintage boat, the W.N. Ragland, on July 27. Ron Fugere told the magazine that “[I] thought, ‘Gosh, that looks like a wedding!’ We got out the binoculars and looked and sure enough, it looked like a wedding going on.” From a distance, the captain said he could see a couple and an officiant, noting, “They threw some flower petals and wrapped it up.”

The couple threw another top-secret wedding ceremony near San Luis Obispo, California last Friday. Page Six reports that 100 guests, including Joni Mitchell and Stephen Stills, were there to celebrate their union. There aren’t any photos from the ceremony, since guests were asked to leave their cameras and phones at their hotel. The wedding favor was a locket with photos of the bride and groom inside of them. I would have preferred Jordan almonds.

On Saturday, Daryl posted a photo of an owl, with the vaguely enigmatic caption, “someone’s watching over us…. love & only love.”

someone’s watching over us…. love & only love

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Daryl’s friend, actress Rosanna Arquette, may have congratulated the couple by commenting, “You are the whisperer to all the animals…birds and bees follow you and protect you. What a beautiful time of love and magic.” Guitarist Mark Miller wasn’t quite so subtle, writing on his Facebook page, “Congratulations to Daryl Hannah and Neil Young on their wedding today. May they have a long and happy relationship.”

A guy cheated on his wife of 36 years and got remarried. Sounds like a match made in heaven. But, that’s rock ’n’ roll. Congratulations, I guess.

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young have a romantic outing in Malibu


Daryl Hannah and Neil Young depart from LAX

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  1. Floydee Mercer says:

    I hope he treats her kind and he don’t mess with her mind when he shows her just how nasty he can be.

  2. Aang says:

    This is kind of sad and disappointing, I hope he left his former wife with a generous pile of cash. I was a massive Neil Young fan in the late 80’s early 90’s. Don’t know why, his music just spoke to me. And I wore a flannel shirt everywhere. So when grunge hit I was ready.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, I was a fan of his at about the same time. Along with Eric Clapton, the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley. My college roommates and I felt sort of smug about “discovering” them, a distinct departure from the New Wave that we’d all been into prior to that.

      This seems kinda sad to me, too. I’ve always thought Daryl was sort of fragile and hope she will be ok.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Inaccurate assumptions are being made in this article.

      As with all divorces, the public needs to remember they don’t know everything. Sometimes things are in motion much earlier than the public is aware, because you delay potential public exposure until the last moment possible.

      • Lady D says:

        Isn’t ‘inaccurate assumptions’ the definition of gossip?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think gossip aims to be accurate. There’s a reason why alien baby stories don’t get much play in the mainstream celeb gossip circles. Isn’t part of the fun trying to find out the truth?

        It just seems that people confuse “the end of a marriage” with the date they learn about it and/or the date court papers are filed. Many times an argument ending in “I want a divorce” happens, and they live separate lives after, no matter what legal paper work has been filed or if the public is aware. I’m consistently on the side of hesitating when it comes to accusations of “cheating”, because obviously we know we don’t know the timeline.

      • Fhmom says:

        His wife was blindsided and devastated. She wrote songs about it. Google Pegi Young.

  3. Chaine says:

    I feel bad for the original wife. Hopefully she got a divorce settlement that reflected her 36 years of support for this man.

    Also, the favor was a locket with their picture in it? Can’t say I’ve ever been to a wedding where I left wanting to wear a mini photo of the bride and groom forever close to my heart.

    • Esmom says:

      No kidding, what an obnoxious favor. Presumably people can pull their photos out and replace them with photos they actually care about, lol.

    • ST says:

      Probably was a very nice locket and obv you remove them and put in who or what you what.

      • TandemBikeEscapee says:

        Come on. IMO If it was meant to be removed, it wouldn’t have had a photo in the 1st place. IMO. What an odd pushy “gift”. Yeesh.

    • Carrie says:

      Well…. read up on him. Before his *previous* wife, he was with Carrie Snodgress. They had a son who had cerebral palsy. Neil abandoned them. She had to fight for support and it was a long time in coming. Meanwhile, he hooked up with and married a waitress at his local diner. That’s the wife he divorced pre Darryl Hannah.

      How you get him is how you lose him and all that. The only people I feel compassion for are his very very first wife and Carrie Snodgress and her son. Carrie died young. Anyway, I’ve never liked this tool or his music. My 13 year old self knew better and here we are 40years later. This guy is full of it on his best day.

      I do hope Darryl is ok but then, I don’t know that she’s as innocent as we’ve been led to believe.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        his son with Pegi also has CP, I assume that son remains in her care. Who’s caring for the son with Snodgrass?

  4. kellybean says:

    I think they are both weird/odd but this is a really strange union to me.

    • Nancy says:

      Idk his love life/history. But she was with Jackson Browne (he beat her) and John Kennedy, Jr. took her in after that (but Jackie O didn’t want him with celebrities like her or Madonna) and that’s the extent of my memory of the things I’ve read. I would have stopped at John John, who could be better?

      • Carrie says:

        Oh read up on JohnJohn too… lol. He wasn’t a catch.

        I’m like the harbinger of bad news today. Ugh.

    • Nancy says:

      Can’t say anything negative about JFK, Jr. to me, except that he wasn’t always particularly bright. He should never have gotten on the plane the night they died. But, he was a Kennedy, and they’re not known for their good luck.

  5. manda says:

    Perhaps the wife of 36 years was happy to see him go! Who knows what was going on behind the scenes? I try not to judge too harshly when people cheat. Yeah, it’s a shitty thing to do because just speak up if you are unhappy, but I am sure there are times when the feelings are true and strong and unexpected. I am sure there are times when the spouse had mentally checked out anyway. Without knowing both sides of the story, it’s not fair to take sides. I just look at it is something that happens and I hope it never happens to me

    • Ama says:

      Exactly my thought, manda. Or maybe his wife left him first? At least he he didn’t marry a 20 something and calls it “LOVE” 😉

      • Nancy says:

        Good Answer!! With all these old farts and not so old farts (hello Leo) dating women who haven’t even been to their first high school reunion…..it’s nice to see someone who may have chose a woman for something other than arm candy.

      • Erinn says:

        To be fair to Leo – his age gap with the young gals is about the same as these two.

    • Ali says:

      Pegi Young was not happy about the divorce. Apparently they were sort of #relationshipgoals in the rock and roll world after 37 years together.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Sure makes me look at “Harvest Moon” in a much different light now.😕

    • holly hobby says:

      I think Neil Young lived in Marin when he was with the first wife so they were quite famous in No. CA. I believe they were heavily involved in a concert benefiting a school that teaches disabled children. Once the divorce was announced, Neil dropped out of chairing that and the concerts were since cancelled. Yeah totally dick move.

      Good luck with that Daryl.

    • Girl says:

      No, Pegi was not happy about the split. She and Neil always had a lot of ups and downs, but she thought that they were going to make it through that rough patch. Instead, he left. It’s sad.

  6. Janey says:

    I have the oddest recollection seeing this story… Back in the 80’s I went to a club one night on the upper west side of Manhattan. Left at 4:30 AM and before going home I decided to stop at this popular bagel place on Broadway and 82nd St to pick up some breakfast. Well, who was standing right in front of me online at the bagel place??? Daryl Hannah and John Kennedy Jr.!! I didn’t say anything to them because they looked like they had been partying as much as I had been that night/morning, but it was an incredibly exciting moment for me, particularly seeing a Kennedy just a few feet away from me. They were BOTH incredibly pretty and were all lovey dovey.

    It’s really strange, almost bizarre, to have gone from the vision in my head of that couple to the vision of this couple. Getting old, in many ways, ain’t easy. I hope they find happiness together.

    • holly hobby says:

      I hope JFK Jr was as good looking in person as in the photos. I miss the days of seeing his photos in the press.

    • RoyalBree says:

      And this brings to mind a party I was at in about 1984 in West Vancouver. It was a media party and Jackson Browne was in town for a concert, and he was there with his GF Daryl Hannah. I remember, though she was about 23 at the time (I was 24), how young and shy she was. He led her around by the hand and introduced her to people, and she followed him shyly. I didn’t get an introduction, but was in awe of both of them! I was a big JB fan at the time.

    • Fhmom says:

      Cool story.

  7. Darla says:

    I’m closing my eyes and sticking my fingers in my ears. No one is taking Rockin’ in the free world away from me!

  8. SandyC says:

    He and his former wife have two children with Cerebral Palsy. So, yeah, congratulations for being the douche of all time. Other gossip sites have been saying that Hannah has been trying to get the assets for a while. Meanwhile, I saw her once on the street in NYC 20+ years ago. You never saw anyone soooo in love with herself — that’s the only way to describe her. And in NYC, that’s saying a lot.

    • Girl says:

      Daryl comes from money herself. And Neil and Pegi’s kids are in their 30s.

      • EllieMichelle says:

        Meh just because the kids are in their 30s doesn’t mean they still wouldn’t need money and care for their disabilities. I don’t think Daryl is trying to get money though.

      • Girl says:

        Why are you assuming that he’s not giving money or care after he and Pegi split?

    • Carrie says:

      No. They have 1 son with cerebral palsy and a daughter who is healthy. His other son with cerebral palsy is largely self sufficient because HIS mother, Carrie Snodgress, whom this guy also abandoned, worked her ass off for her son to help him learn despite his CP. Neil did nothing for him in terms of time, attention or even paying support for him for some time. Carrie died so their son together is now on his own from what I understand.

  9. Michael says:

    Neil Young = Living legend

  10. perplexed says:

    Duplicate post.

  11. perplexed says:

    “Remember when she was with Jackson Browne….”

    Remember when she was with JFK JR?

    She was with one of the men who was considered one of the most handsome men in the world. So it’s a little surreal almost to see her in this photo with…Neil Young. She’s older now (though from a distance what seems to be the face she had when she was younger) and I know he’s a legend blah blah blah, but it still looks a little weird compared to what you see in old photos.

    For some reason, I thought she’d never marry.

    • HadleyB says:

      This! I always remember her with JFK Jr.

      God, he was handsome and had a lovely voice.

    • shocked and appalled says:

      She has totally messed with her face. I wish she’d allowed herself to age (mostly) naturally. I find her uncomfortable to look at now. It’s a shame our society breeds such insecurity in women that they go this far to try to stay looking young, especially the celebrities. It really does often go wrong.

      A ton of photos of her altered face on this page: http://www.celebplasticsurgeryonline.com/daryl-hannah-plastic-surgery/ The top one is one of the best in my opinion, but if you scroll down, oh darn it, a bunch of them prove my point. I feel so sad looking at this kind of stuff.

  12. Veronica S. says:

    Now, there’s an example of an age gap that I don’t mind. A shame it started with an affair, though.

  13. Mrs.Silver says:

    Curious how Neil had his yacht running….slams the Oilsands in Alberta, Canada..but has no issues with partying on his boat. Hypocrite!!

    • Dara says:

      Not caring too much about either Hannah or Young, I went in search of the yacht – and was not disappointed. It’s a restored turn of the century working schooner, complete with sails. Still, I’m sure the engines aren’t running on leftover french fry oil. It also has elephants tusks, authentic whaling equipment and California redwood as interior decoration (all part of what I think is a historical restoration) and Young installed an entire forest of mahogany when he first bought it.

      I should add that there are many, many articles saying Young sold this particular yacht almost a decade ago, and the vessel has been off and on the market ever since. Is People sure of their sources? https://www.yachtingmagazine.com/wn-ragland

    • Linda says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Why is he even on a yacht. I thought he would walk or bicycle everywhere. Oh wait. No bicycle. Some of its parts are made with oil. Hypocrite just like Jane Fonda who slams Albertas oil but flies everywhere

    • Tessy says:

      There’s a lot to slam about Alberta tar sands mining. It’s a desecration, much like a lot of other stuff people do to the planet and her other beings for money. Where’s it going to stop?

  14. Kathryn says:

    She disgusting. Ive always had impression she chased men. Sad his long marriage ended.
    LMAO at “I’d rather have Jordan almonds”

  15. Rescue Cat says:

    Maybe this marriage will take.

  16. paranormalgirl says:

    Ugh. Two terrible people.

  17. Nikki says:

    Y’know, his first wife had him when he was hot and happening. Daryl married an old man she may have to be a nursemaid to. I’ve been married 38 years, and if somebody ever steals my hubby, God forbid, that’s how I’d choose to look at it!

  18. BrutalEthyl says:

    Isn’t she the one who accused Jackson Brown of beating on her when they were together? Anyway, I don’t have any respect now for Neil Young as a person, as back when this happened it was allegedly out of the blue and his wife was completely blindsided. I remain a huge fan of his music, but he can suck it.

    And no, I don’t know what was happening in their marriage. I’m on a gossip site like everybody else here, but I just have a feeling she was royally screwed over emotionally.

    • Girl says:

      Jackson Browne has a terrible behind the scenes rep for abusing the women in his life. Daryl’s uncle even said something at the hospital when JB beat the crap out of her. He is not a good guy.

  19. Girl says:

    I find it interesting how many commenters are so quick to vilify Darryl. Because clearly she trapped Neil with her magic vagina.

  20. Pandy says:

    Yes, Neil and Pegi have kids with CP. I HIGHLY DOUBT Neil has left Pegi and the kids subsisting on welfare stamps. HIGHLY DOUBT IT. From what I read, it was a long term partnership that ended fairly amicably … the fact that they lasted all this time and happily, is a success to me. I was sad hearing they ended, but who knows what goes on. All I know is I’ve loved him since the 70s and they are both huge supporters of nature/protests and that’s pretty much enough in my book.

  21. Pandy says:

    PS: When you try to sing along with Neil … can you ever do it in your own voice or do you default to some strange facsimile of his??

  22. Katebush says:

    He’s one of my favourite musicians.
    It’s sad his marriage ended but we really don’t know the ins and outs. Maybe they both fell out of love, maybe it was amicable? We really don’t know…

    I remember seeing him at a Greenpeace concert 30 + years ago. Jackson Brown was also on the lineup. I was in the front row and I could see Darryl Hannah watching JB from the wings. I remember being in awe of her …my 14 year old self had never seen anyone so beautiful lol. So she has known Neil for a loooong time…

    My only other observation is she’s wrecked her face with cosmetic surgery which is so sad because sure she would have looked more beautiful without.

  23. music lover says:

    Perhaps Pegi Young’s music would tell more. She had an nterview with Rollingstone Magazine back in 2016.

    “I look at it as a soundtrack to the seven stages of grief,” singer-songwriter says of upcoming autobiographical album ‘Raw’


  24. Jerusha says:

    Has everyone forgotten about Carrie Snodgress? She and Neil had a five year relationship(1970-75)following his divorce from his first wife. They had a son, Zeke, who has CP. Neil and Cartie split shortly after he met Peg. Neil and Peg’s son, Ben, has CP. He has a daughter, Amber, who has epilepsy. IDK what happened, but show business seems to offer a lot of temptations.

    • My best fiends first boyfriend had a dad who knew Neil well. He was NY’s dealer. All I ever heard about NY was he was a really nice person. He loves the town I love in. I’ve seen him a couple times, he looks like he’s homeless.

  25. skipper says:

    I admire environmentalists and political activists, so I am delighted for them.
    I hope they will be very happy.

  26. Buck says:

    Carrie was attacked by a former boyfriend, a musician. Neil Young said LP “Harvest” was written for Carrie. Don’t keep up with his music, so if “Harvest Moon” is a track on “Harvest,” it must have been an odd feeling for Daryl knowing the music was inspired by and composed for another woman from another time in his life. Barbara Streisand’s hilarious “Second Hand Rose” may have been equally appropriate.

    • Cakes says:

      Harvest was released in 1972. Harvest Moon is a completely different album, released 20 years later in 1992. Both incredible.

  27. Ann says:

    Wow, I had not paid any attention to her in a long time. I had no idea she directed a movie with him and was in a Netflix sci-fi series!

  28. stinky says:

    its scary how stinkin rich this dude is. ive heard stories.