Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper got glam for the ‘Star is Born’ Venice photocall

75th Venice Film Festival - Celebrity Sightings - Day 3

Here are some pics from today’s photocall for A Star is Born at the Venice Film Festival. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper arrived a few days ago with their entourages. Bradley brought Irina Shayk and their daughter too, so I suspect that Irina will probably walk the red carpet with B-Coop at the premiere tonight. We’ll have those premiere photos on Sunday or Monday, I don’t know which – we’re taking it easy throughout the three-day holiday weekend here in America, but we’ll have some posts up.

Mostly, I did want to talk about these photocall pics though… look at them! First off, I think the biggest mistake Bradley Cooper has made was shaving off his thick beard. The beard suited him SO MUCH. I genuinely found him attractive with the beard, and I genuinely think he looks asexual without the beard. As for Gaga… what’s going on there? Is that a really weird wig or is that her natural hair and hairline? And I swear to God, every time I see her, her face looks different. This time it’s her lips, mouth and jawline.

While in Venice, Gaga told the creepy makeup story again:

“I remember very, very well, I walked down the stairs of my house before we filmed the screen test for A Star Is Born, and [Cooper] had a makeup wipe in his hand,” she said. “He put his hand on my face, and he went like this… and he said, ‘I want no makeup on your face.’ This vulnerability was something he brought out in me.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I now believe that Bradley came into her house – where the screen test was happening – with the wipe already in hand, and that was always going to be his opening “power move.” He was always going to wipe her makeup off. And it’s gross that he thought about it beforehand.

75th Venice International Film Festival - 'A Star Is Born' - Photocall

75th Venice International Film Festival - 'A Star Is Born' - Photocall

75th Venice International Film Festival - 'A Star Is Born' - Photocall

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Nicegirl says:

    They couldn’t just tell her to be barefaced beforehand?? RIDIC

  2. Fluster says:

    Very Monroe-chic.

  3. Lemon says:

    Both of them irritate me so much

  4. Aerohead21 says:

    I love Gaga. I really dislike Cooper. I think he’s an ass. However, this looks really good. I’m interested. I just wish she’d use fewer wigs. Her wigs always look so cheap for such a megastar.

  5. Corinne says:

    Who said the promo will be insufferable ? “I fell in love with her face and eyes”. Good Lord !

  6. Other Renee says:

    Probably exaggerated for PR. Makes for a good story.

  7. T.Fanty says:

    The hand-holding photo really goes with that story, in a gross way. If they do this whole Pygmalion thing from here to the Oscars, I’m going to barf.

  8. Astrid says:

    i wonder what Lady Gaga really looks like? She’s never the same in any picture. If I saw her walking down the street I’d never know

  9. Lucy says:

    I think that’s her real hair. She looks good.

  10. Iris Martell says:

    She looks pretty! I don’t get the love so many have for Cooper though. He seems like he’d be rough to work with. I agree that if he didn’t want her to wear makeup for the audition he should have just told her not to wear any. This is weird, like he gets off on the idea of molding her into the kind of woman/ actress he wants her to be.

  11. .... says:

    She looks so much better with the brown hair.

  12. Rose says:

    She looks pretty but did she’s her lips done? they look so fake .

    • Eliza says:

      The fillers (?) in her cheeks throw me the most because they give her such an artificial look. To me at least.

  13. Layla says:

    The makeup wipe story creeps me the F out. Reminds me of Father O’Malley wiping off Patricia’s makeup in the Bells of St Mary’s

  14. Happy21 says:

    Her face IS always changing but I love her and I think she looks exceptionally beautiful here.
    Never been a huge B-Coop fan but I like him well enough. He seems as harmless as a puppy. I am totally loving their obvious chemistry but don’t feel like there would be romantic feelings from either party. Like their chemistry is 100% business but they have a genuine love and respect for one another. That shines through in every photo, in every interview.

  15. Pepper says:

    An adult man should not hold his employee’s hand, unless she is climbing a rock at a team event. That is creepy AF.

    What is up with the Titts. She did this yesterday and is doing it again. A good bra would work wonders. No one needs these 2 sagging misshaped fried eggs. My eyes are damaged.

    A woman with access to resources and her age should get them self some serious chest support under garments.

    • Anna says:

      Apart from my general dislike of Gaga especially when she made a song with the pedophile child molester who will go unnamed, the *one* thing I liked about her was that she always allowed her natural breasts to be featured. yes, they are saggy but that’s what’s real about them and as a fellow saggy breasted woman (I’d gather the grand majority of *natural* women), I found that really empowering, like she is the only one in entertainment who was willing to be real, if only about that.

      • Barcelona says:

        I don’t see why she can’t wear a well fitting bra that would give her a proper support.

        There is nothing unnatural about wearing a supportive bra.

        Nobody is asking her to have surgery, not that she would be above that, since her face is ever changing.

        I don’t care for Cooper or Gaga and will definitely not see this movie.

        Please try something original, why all these remakes?

      • Lemon says:

        LMAO you said everything I was thinking.

    • Rascalito says:

      Everytime I see Lady Gaga’s cleavage, I’m suddenly in the mood for pancakes. Lucky for her, everyone loves pancakes! :P

  16. Dee Kay says:

    I’m a huge fan of both and will definitely see this movie. However, I’m prepared for it to be not that great. I think the story of Star Is Born is sort of boring. I just hope we’ll got lots of good sequences of Gaga singing in a different style than her usual. I think I can count on that.

  17. Willa says:

    I think her features are out of balance now. She looks off to me. Nice dress and hair.

  18. Esmom says:

    She bugs the ever living crap out of me and this movie looks cheesy af. She does look so much better in the film, though, than she does all glammed up, imo.

    • Brian Brown says:

      It’s the FIFTH version of this movie. THERE ARE FOUR PREVIOUS VERSIONS. why…why did this need to be made?

      • Happy21 says:

        I wondered that at first as well but then I got to thinking, there has been a version for every generation of movie goers. Given that popular music changes, etc, I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Same story but different music. It took the music lover in me to appreciate that. :)

      • Snappyfish says:

        Thank you!! This movie has been done to death. Besides you don’t remake Garland.

  19. Fluffy Princess says:

    I don’t like him–and I don’t know the reason why. There is something about him that rubs me the wrong way I guess. Not in a Jeremy Renner-I -want-to-punch-you-in-your-smug-face way (UGH–THAT guy), but I am not interested in B.Cooper’s movies at all. *shrugs*

  20. Case says:

    I’m excited for this movie. I think Gaga has potential to be a really successful actress a la Streisand. She just so talented.

  21. Applapoom says:

    Man does she have the same plastic surgeon as Olivia Munn?

  22. j says:

    Can’t stand either of them. It’s such a reductive, immature story line. Should’ve starred two teenagers…would’ve made more sense. Way too try hard, not the Oscar worthy gem they think it is. It’s gonna be a “no” from me dog.

  23. Yes Doubtful says:

    I’m so glad Cooper cleaned up….he’s so handsome! I hope this film is a success for him, but I think it will flop hard.

    Gaga doesn’t look so great…the hair color is bad…the white dress clashes… I’d love to see her go with a more natural hair color.

  24. OkieOpie says:

    She has had a TON of filler put into her face. Wow.

    • hunter says:

      She’s recently lost a lot of weight which would explain this choice. Too much weight off the face can be really aging.

  25. LoveBug says:

    Gaga’s hairline is really odd and so is that awful hair color.
    She could have at least wear a supportive bra, why let her breast be so saggy?????
    I can’t believe how fake Gaga looks vast majority of time.
    Give me Garner’s look any day, she is very natural, even though I’m pretty sure, she does things to her face, but at least she doesn’t look like an alien version of herself.

  26. Call_me_al says:

    They both look really nice.

  27. Dixiebells says:

    The asexual comment is kind of a bizarre dig no? You don’t find him attractive without the beard. That’s about you not him. Why mock a sexual identity a growing number of people have? Also you don’t “look” asexual.