Roger Federer lost badly to an Australian dude in the fourth round of the US Open


Celebrity gossip has just been a blur for me in the past week as the US Open is in full swing. There were some early disappointments, like #1 Simona Halep losing in the first round, playing on the first day. Serena Williams has been amazing, and Rafael Nadal’s knees seem to be NOT at 100%. But I think most people expected Roger Federer to make it to the quarterfinals. He did not. He lost in his fourth round match late last night/early this morning to a Australian guy named John Millman. It was no secret that Federer had a bad draw – if he had won last night, he would have faced Novak Djokovic in the QFs on Wednesday – but I think Federer’s form was especially bad last night, at least according to the panicked tweets I saw.

Full disclosure: I watched the first set and half of the second set before I turned it off to get some sleep. I honestly thought Federer looked like he was having a bad night, but that he would prevail because he usually does. It seems I missed all the late-night drama. For what it’s worth, Federer says he’s not injured, but the heat and humidity in New York was really getting to him. He’s also been saying all year that he wants to play until he’s 40. He turned 37 this summer. I don’t think the “he should retire” conversation needs to be on the table, I just think his biggest fans need to come to terms with the fact that Federer will likely have more “bad days” then good days from now on, and that’s okay too. The problem isn’t that Federer is human and slowing down a bit as he ages, it’s that his fans still demand and expect perfection.

Also, I’ll just say it: Uniqlo Federer just seems so different than Nike Federer. It’s weird, right?

One more thing: before Federer and Millman played, Maria Sharapova played Carla Suarez Navarro and Sharapova lost. It was great. That was the feelgood story of the day. Sharapova’s “comeback” from her doping suspension has been pretty awful.



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  1. Sara says:

    His opponent played well. Djokovic also looked super overheated during his match. That humidity is no joke.

  2. Lozface says:

    It was also great to see Millman win. He’s a lovely, down to earth, hardworking Aussie bloke.

    Watching him win brought a tear to my eye. Love Fed too, but it’s nice to see someone else win, and an underdog to boot!! Fed will still have more great days ahead.

    This was a dream come true for Millman and he made this Aussie super happy!

    • AnnaKist says:

      Well said, Lozface! Did you see John’s mum and dad interviewed? Such a nice, unassuming, salt-of-the-earth couple. It’s always great to watch Federer play, but even better to see the underdog win. 🇦🇺

      • Lozface says:

        They were so lovely!! You can see where he gets his humility from. So refreshing to see a hard working, humble Aussie tennis player representing us! There’s a few doing really well – it’s great to see. Go Millman!! Hope his fantasy league draft went well too 😉

  3. Maya says:

    Did he jinx himself when he left his last company and signed on to this new one for more than £100 millions?

  4. kyle randall says:

    While Federer’s game is beautiful to watch, his excellence has continued far past age 35 and he is most likely the greatest male tennis player of all time, I’m so over him. I love watching him being upset by an underdog at a Slam event. so congratulations, to John Millman for the highlight match of the tournament.

  5. Sarah says:

    Djokovic played earlier and also did not look well. Humidity, more than heat I think, is no joke in NYC.

  6. hindulovegod says:

    I can attest that the weather in Queens these last few weeks has been brutal. The humidity drains the life from you. You can tell which players train in these conditions and are extraordinarily fit, and which aren’t much without their PEDs. Fed is obviously fit, but didn’t get his head into this match. Credit to Millman for taking advantage. (And let’s all remember that Fed won a Slam this year. He’s slowing down, but still world #2.)

  7. Lightpurple says:

    Watched the whole thing. Federer looked like he was running through quick sand. He just wasn’t there. Congratulations to Millman for a well played match.

  8. bap says:

    Congratulations John Millman.

  9. Sunrise says:

    Some days are better than others. Congrats to Millman on a game well played, federer as always was gracious in defeat. Millman will find it much harder against djokovic.

  10. TiHaNA says:

    I’m just really happy Marin Čilić is in the quarterfinals again. He didn’t perform that well in Wimbledon, it’s good to see him doing well again.
    And I’m also very happy with Đoković’s return to form.

    I have a question though. Why does the crowd dislike Marin? I haven’t seen the last match, but aginst Di Minaur the crowd was against him again, even when he’s a US Open winner. I get that Di Minaur played great and with heart, but still. And the way the crowd treated him the year he won the US Open was just appaling. I mean, I my be biased because he’s from my country, but he seems like a great guy. I even feellike they don’t like Đoković as much as Federer or Nadal. Why?

    • Sarah says:

      The crowd often supports the underdog and Di Minaur was definitely in that position again Marin. As for why the USO crowd does not seem to like Marin Cilic. Well, I don’t think they dislike him per see but he’s not that well-known, even if he won the Slam in 2014. Maybe they’re still mad at him for eliminating Federer back then ^^?

      • TiHaNA says:

        But that’s the thing. He was the underdog when he won and they were brutal. Not just against Fed, which was expected, but against Nishikori too.

    • xpresson says:

      The US open crowds absolutely Love Federer and Nadal, there is nothing anyone can do regarding that. Both of them are the most popular players in the circuit. Now .regarding Cilic…no idea why he is not liked? maybe he is not as charismatic as say Gael Monfis… or very humble and sweet as Del Potro?
      I don’t think he has a bad reputation like Tomic or anything like that so it might be that he is just not well known.

      I’m happy for your countryman and for you that he has reached again, this far in the competition… good luck to him!

      • tasitash says:

        Re Cilic: I think it’s that he’s unknown and a little shy so people who don’t follow tennis all year don’t know him as well. He’s super sweet and humble. Love the guy!

      • xpresson says:

        Apparently he has a very nice reputation among players..he is very well liked so here’s hoping that shines more and people start liking him and cheering him on.

      • Jessica says:

        I don’t know why the crowds don’t get behind him more. I thought his reputation was of being one of the nicest guys on tour. I, on the other hand am glad he won and am rooting for him to win the tournament. Not happy that Roger lost, but since he has 20 grand slams and just about everything else, it’s hard to feel too sorry for him. But God, do I hope Nadal loses tonight. Can’t stand him. And I’ve avoided watching tennis today so I have no idea if Trump supporting douche Isner won.

  11. ClaireB says:

    So happy Sharapova lost! I couldn’t believe Martina and the other commentators were sitting around talking about her fierce competitive spirit and no one mentioned her suspension and the lengths that “competitive spirit” took her to. I wonder if anyone was thinking it. I guess their job is to hype the matches without being negative, but…. I couldn’t do it. I’d be talking smack about everyone!

    If Federer is out, who’s going to hand Novak his ass for me? I love that he’s such a tremendous player, but I hate his attitude.

    • Cay says:

      Did you watch the commentators after the Sharapova match? I thought they were throwing serious shade about Sharapova and her inability to play the way she used to when she was doping. It was brilliant. So glad to see Sharapova lose again.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      I, too, reveled in her loss. Sorry not sorry! I then watched the start of the Federer match, but didn’t think the new guy had a chance (he looked very nervous before the match), so turned it off.

  12. Elisa says:

    my favorite match so far was Thiem-Anderson. Thiem killed it (despite his awful red shorts, his whole outfit is a mess). Anyways, I hope he beats Nadal tomorrow! 😉

  13. Stubbylove says:

    Can I just say that I love the fact that you cover tennis? Such a lost sport in USA – thanks for keeping it going on Celebitchy. And BTW – Vamos Rafa!

  14. Bella says:

    Vamos Rafa and Serena!

  15. Ally says:

    I loved Cilic for years until I visited Croatia and people there told me he was massively disliked for being rude and full of himself. Made me sad. Federer invited Millman to train with him this summer and it must have paid off! I didn’t like how Federer blamed the humidity, everyone there is dealing with it too. I def think DelPo can beat Joker – fingers crossed!

    • JAC says:

      Really? I know a ton of people who have met him and say he’s the nicest guy ever. He’s a Croat from Bosnia and Herzegovina, that’s maybe the reason they dislike him.

    • Rainbow says:

      I was in the US Open just last Tuesday when it was 35 degrees and let me tell you, it was brutal. Djokovic played that day, and he won. But even he complained about the heat affecting his play. Djokovic has quit several matches in his career due to the heat.

      Many tennis players complain about the heat in Melbourne during the Aussie Open in January, too. The US Open even introduced a new rule this year for men playing under the heat. It is a valid reason for some players not playing well.