Amy Schumer never wanted marriage but ‘I met this man and wanted paperwork’


Amy Schumer appears in the latest issue of O Magazine. The interview was partly covered back in April, during Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations show but it’s now appearing in print. The conversation focuses on body positivity because Amy was still promoting I Feel Pretty. The quotes the magazine sent us aren’t about the movie, which I prefer because I still have real problems with its message. Instead, the quotes they pulled are about Amy as a role model for women and how she’s enjoying married life. As we know, had a whirlwind romance that resulted in a surprise wedding only a few months after she started dating chef Chris Fischer. According to Amy, it’s not how quickly she married that surprised her, but that she wanted to get married at all.

On being a voice for women:“I never set out to change anyone’s life; I just wanted to make people laugh. But at some point I realized people were paying attention, and I had an opportunity to be a voice for women.”

On when she realized that her message was being received:“The reaction to the first season of my show told me there was a demand for this perspective. We hadn’t known that what we were doing felt revolutionary to people.’”

On the importance of the #MeToo movement:“We’re saying to women that not only are we not angry you’re telling your story, we’re grateful you were brave enough to do it.’”

On her recent marriage and the feeling she gets when she says “husband”:“It’s like a calm, a peace. I’d never wanted to be married. I thought the concept was weird. Why would you involve the government in love? But then I met this man and wanted to sign all available paperwork to commit to him.”

On the lesson that took her the longest to learn:“That I’m proud of how I’m living. I’m proud of mostly everything I do. The people I love, love me, and they’re close to me. I’m going to create my own destiny.”

[Received by email from Hearst publicists]

I’m sort of neutral on Amy. She absolutely drives me batty much of the time, but she’s also impressed me on occasion, so I still pay attention to her. I like that when she saw that women were listening to her, she decided to use that voice to speak against things like gun violence. Amy told her story of sexual abuse so I imagine that #MeToo is an important cause to her. I like how she phrased it, ”we’re grateful you were brave enough to do it.” But I’m really feeling her quote about how she is proud of how she’s living. My opinions of Amy aside, to be able to say you are proud of how you’re living your life is one of the best compliments you can give yourself. And honestly, none of us compliment ourselves as much as we should.

As for her views on her marriage, I think that’s really sweet. I kind of know where she is coming from. I wasn’t against marriage or the institution but I just really liked being single. I liked being single more than any relationship I’d ever had and sometimes couldn’t wait to get out of the relationship so I could be single again. Then The Mister happened along and all of a sudden, the thought of him not being there made me very sad. I would have been his girlfriend forever, too – it was just the forever part I wanted. I’ll admit, when Amy and Chris first got married, I didn’t think it stood a chance. But now I kind of get it. And I’m happy for her. Finding that kind of bond with someone is groovy and in addition to compliments, we could all use a little more groovy in our lives.




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  1. elisabeth says:

    that’s a pretty slapable face

  2. minx says:

    I don’t know if this guy is it but wish her the best.

  3. Jillian says:

    It’s one of those, “you just know when you know”

  4. RunnerMomLawyer says:

    I have a ton of friends who met someone in their 30s and seemed to get engaged/married very fast (like looking for rings within a few months). I was worried for them at the time, but the vast majority have worked out. I think maybe people know what they are looking for once they exit their 20s.

    • Jenn says:

      Yep! I used to be the person who side-eyed people who brashly “jumped” into marriage — but then, suddenly, *I* became that person! I was 31 when my husband proposed after three months of dating. I thought he’d lost his damned mind, but I also figured he was just getting a head-start trying to lock down this happily-single, never-getting-married gal.

      From my perspective, I wasn’t “brash” about getting married at all; on the contrary, I had waited this long to feel sure about anything, and I’d turned down opportunities before. No judgment on people who got married (or divorced) young, but I’m reeeeally glad I didn’t marry those other guys.

  5. Astrid says:

    I kinda get where she’s coming from. I never thought I would get married a second time (married at 22, divorced after 29 years) and BAM, you meet somebody and it’s wonderful and there’s a second marriage.

  6. Cupcake says:

    When people say they “never wanted marriage” and then get married very quickly I tend to think they never truly meant it.

    • Haapa says:

      I was with this guy through high school and then he moved with me to a new town and province when I left to go to university. He lived with me in the big city for one year and then moved back. We tried to do long distance for one year and then he gave me the ultimatum to move back and marry him or we wouldn’t make it. I was NEVER interested in marriage and he played along with that for three years. I broke up with him and then 3 years later he was married and having kids. So much for him not caring about marriage.

      With my current partner, we both have no interest in marriage or kids. This time I’m pretty sure he actually means it because we’ve been together for 13 years and he hasn’t pressured me about marriage at all.