Duchess Meghan wore a blue Jason Wu to the ’100 Days to Peace’ concert

100 Days to Peace - Gala concert

Well, it’s been four months. Maybe pregnancy rumors were always going to be inevitable. Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in London last night. They attended a gala music event called 100 Days to Peace, and the event benefited three military/veteran and mental health charities: Help for Heroes, Combat Stress and Heads Together. Basically, Harry and Meghan got to watch a lovely concert and it was work! But good for them.

As for the dress and the pregnancy rumors… the dress is by Jason Wu, the shoes are Aquazzura and the clutch is by Dior. Something positive: the color is gorgeous on her. Certain shades of blue can end up looking really cheap in photos, but this shade on Meghan looks gorgeous. As for the pregnancy rumors… clearly, the dress makes her look pregnant. She looks like she’s gone up several cup sizes overnight. The ruching or ruffles… I can’t really tell if it’s all an optical illusion or if Meghan really is suddenly top-heavy. Your guess is as good as mine! I’m 50% on a “weird ruffles, not pregnant” and I’m 50% on “totally pregnant and wearing a weird dress to try to cover up her sudden pregnancy curves.”

You can read more about the music gala here at People – it sounds like a lovely evening. Harry and Meghan also did a sort of meet-and-greet judging by the photos.

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100 Days to Peace - Gala concert

100 Days to Peace - Gala concert

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Noodles says:

    I think that if she isn’t pregnant, that dress is a horrible choice because it makes her look like she’s several months along already.

      • OldBeeyutch says:

        She’s so obviously NOT pregnant, but a svelt lean woman. I like the flowing look on her, plus the color, all a WOW

    • Jan90067 says:

      Definitely the weird pleating above and the ruffles below the waist. Every time she moves, it “bellows” out, like an accordion. From the front, she looks like her “normal” self. This is not one of her best looks, for sure. Gorgeous color though, and I do love her hair.

      For the record, I have NO idea how she can walk in those heels! lol. It’s literally like walking on tip-toe!

      ETA: there’s a pic out there of Karlie Klaus in this dress (in white), with a halter-type top, and a high slit up the front. On her longer torso, it looks *better*, but still not great. As much as I love Meg, this isn’t for her short-waisted figure. Here’s the pic: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5806069/Karlie-Kloss-stuns-white-Jason-Wu-gown-towers-designer-CFDA-Fashion-Awards.html

      • Eliza says:

        I think Karlies looked better because no wind as well. I think that the flattened ruffles were the look desired. Even if not much better.

      • veronica t says:

        Karlie is very tall and the dress has a belt. I actually like it on Karlie.

      • Masamf says:

        @Jan90067 IMO, other than the ruffles and designer, the two dresses have no other similarities TBH. Also, a backless dress is not going to photo the same as a full V-backed dress, especially in the bust area. Where as Karlie’s dress has nothing in the back and thus the front flows freely and can do its own thing as it pleases, Meghan’s dress ruffles are sort of constrained by the backside part which kind of put a “limitation on those ruffles and causes it to “bellow forward” as you put it. Karlie’s dress is designed with a belt, Meghan’s not so much. Also, Karlie’s is on the red carpet, which means little to no mobility when pics are taken, Meghan’s is a different story. I think Meghan just needs to ditch Jess Mulroney as her stylist, Jess was good to style her for stationary red carpet pics, but she has no idea what to do when it comes to styling a person who’ll be photographed moving or in motion. I’m sure Jess would understand if Meghan chose to depart from the Hollywood-y kind of styling and get someone with more knowledge with non red carpet elegance and style. Or maybe if Jessica is a real good friend, it will come right from Jessica to tell Meghan that she needs to find someone in London who has more experience with this kind of stuff. That way, Meghan doesn’t feel like she abandoned her friend when she married a prince. Right now, Jessica is just weighing Meghan down.

      • Jan90067 says:

        @Masamf, I realize the differences. It was put out that Meghan’s dress was a *bespoke* version of the Kloss dress (which I like a LOT better). However, I do think Meg’s could’ve looked a LOT better if she’d kept the belted area on the dress, which flatten and keep the ruffles in place. Without that, they were free to blow in the wind last night, which gave her that big, bloated look.

    • minx says:

      The color is flattering with her hair and skin, but the dress looks like it was designed to fuel pregnancy rumors. So, pass. And a big pass on her hair.

    • veronica t says:

      I don’t think she is pregnant, I just think the dress is horrid. Ugh. Who is helping her with her clothes??
      Love the shoes, though. And I like her hair here.

  2. OriginalRose says:

    Ruffles not preggo

    • SWP says:

      Agreed. On that first pregnancy unless you’re gaining a ton of non-baby weight early (aka thirty pounds in first trimester) you are not going to show that quickly in the belly and esp the boobs. Look at her face, legs, arms: no extra weight. Look at her what two days ago in that black dress? Not an extra pound.

      This is just unfortunate ruffle placement

      • AMAyson1977 says:

        I went up a cup size with my first before I had my first doctor’s appointment at 8 weeks, lol. I have pretty big boobs to begin with, but they were out of control (and never really got back under control almost 11 years later! 😂). I don’t think Meghan is pregnant, but it’s possible to have a significant change in cup size really early.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I doubt she’d get pregnant with their first big tour coming up next month. They wouldn’t chance her being ill and having to cancel. Then again, there *is* that story about her agreeing to wear “kitten heels” during the day to walk around, and only use high heels at night. Might we be playing Clue? lol. Mrs. S, in the drawing room, with a kitten heel!

      • Becks1 says:

        Wait what? Kitten heels during the day and high heels at night? Is that some new royal protocol the Mail made up? Because if so someone better tell Kate lol.

      • SWP says:

        Yes this is news to me, please share. ( I don’t do the daily fail but I selfishly and secretly love the recaps on the crazy from you guys. I feel like I’m not giving them the clicks but still…judging them lol)

    • RoyalSparkle says:

      Thank you HRH’es Prince Henry Sussex, appearing at three events in a week. Well done!
      Keep up the great Royal duties/work (not just a Lambridge signature -under an hour meet greet).

      I’ll forgive the design – for the longer, beautiful colour dress. Only request are consistency – sleeves and hopefully, a gown someday.

      • veronica t says:

        Three events??? Heavens!!! They will need another month long vacation!!
        Charles does three events in a morning. So does Ann. Can we stop praising these lazy do-nothings for 3 hours of work in a week.
        And yes, they have to dress, prepare, blah, blah, blah. We all have to do these things.

      • KAJ says:

        William has stepped up lately with his engagements. He’s already doing multiple and it’s only the beginning of Sep. I loved the DIY SOS for Grenfell.

      • MrsBump says:


        I went to work five days this week, yup FIVE !
        Can i get a round of applause too ? ;)

        I like H&M, but c’mon, we’re thanking state sponsored adults for turning up at events now? They haven’t even worked a full working day between them.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    Love the colour but the front ruffles are a no and yes its the ruffles at the front that are making her look with child – it was breezy in London last night. Love the shoes but not a fan of the sausage curl hair.

    Am sure these baby rumour stories will trigger Evil Papa Smurf, so expect to see his mug in the Fail over the weekend.

    • dlc says:

      She looks better from the front than the side, but this is not her best look. And I agree with you about her sausage curls.

    • aquarius64 says:

      I doubt Evil Papa Smurf, or Thing 1 or Thing 2 are going to talk. The grandchild card has already been played, plus the Fail will deep dive on their own parenting histories, starting with Sam’s abuse case. Jr would have to explained his separation from his own sons and Sr would have to explain lack of contact with his five non royal grandchildren. That’s why Sam is sticking to Twitter she knows the media has abandoned her and her co -conspirators . (there’s a picture of “heart attack” Daddy smoking on Twitter)

      • Jan90067 says:

        I have a feeling the palace sent attorney/strong attorney letters about legal action being taken. While I know usual MO is never complain, never explain, they have gotten *awfully* quiet for an unusually long time now. Either something’s been done, or something is going to explode soon.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        @Jan90067 I think so as well. Scammy is not mentioning names but is being as snarky as possible without doing so, and the other two, Jr. and Sr., haven’t said a word (aside from Jr’s asinine letter to the queen begging her to give his father a title). I saw those Twitter pictures of Sr. smoking beside a Tweet from Scammy saying her father didn’t smoke. So hilarious. Either this or the tabloids have been ordered to stop interacting with them, or all of them have had a “talking to.” I think they’ve been told that their behaviour qualifies as defamation of character, libel/slander and that they’ve been threatened with lawsuits. Hallelujah, now dry up and blow away for the good of humanity.

    • Gigi La Moore says:

      I have only been pregnant once and at 3 months, I was bone thin with huge boobs. They were so huge that it tipped off all my family and friends. Not saying she is pregnant, but everybody’s body does something different.

      • RedWeatherTiger says:

        Me too. The boobs ballooned up immediately. I also felt and looked bloaty almost from the moment of conception with all three of my babies.

      • Veronica says:

        Yeah my boobs got huge at first but it really wasn’t until mid way through my first pregnancy that I started to properly show in my belly.

        I thought maybe she was pregnant the other day when she wore that ill-fitting tuxedo dress but who knows and she has the right to keep it private until she wants to announce.

    • Betsy says:

      I don’t mind sausage curls for a nighttime event like this – so long as she wasn’t fiddling with it like Kate always does.

      • LW says:

        Same!! Huge boobs for me that were so sore I could hardly stand a bra! Both times, starting at about 8 weeks.

    • Mac says:

      She better watch out, this shade of blue is Kate’s signature color. LOL

  4. Sunrise says:

    Megs looks fantastic in blue, but I don’t like the ruffles at the front of the dress makes her looks pregnant.

  5. Talie says:

    This dress makes her look about 5 months pregnant.

    The bust is more telling, but I would say it’s just the unflattering dress, which seems to be her signature style.

  6. sushi says:

    So costly for a weird dress.

  7. merrit says:

    Unless she’s pregnant, she needs to burn this dress immediately, lol. Also the way she stands is like a Barbie – so stiff and blank.

  8. Belluga says:

    Not a fan of the dress, but it’s definitely the ruffles and not preggo belly. Some photos show more distinction and make it clearer.

    The colour really is gorgeous though. She needs a ball gown in this colour for her first tiara event…

    • Millenial says:

      Agreed. I have a shorter torso like Meghan and I have to be careful about tops – pretty easy to look pregnant with a short torso.

  9. Beth says:

    Such a pretty color, but the strange ruffle style just makes the dress look like another ill fitting outfit

  10. OSTONE says:

    Love the color on her, but is totally the dress and the weird fit. She need a good taylor ASAP.

    • formerly known as amy says:

      Not tailor but a stylist who understands that she is going to be photographed in motion and not just standing on a red carpet without wind. JM just can’t phone in being her stylist like a third job. She needs a person there full time who understands what events are about, how the clothes look in different angles and champion local young designers.
      I am a supporter of MM but she’s getting this wrong.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        I agree, Amy. Love LOVE Meghan, and think she’s beautiful, but she needs a stylist who understands Meghan’s activities AND her figure.

  11. Karen says:

    The color is great. Enough with the black!

    I don’t think she’s pregnant, at least not so far along it’s showing. I mean, she looked super skinny in that pantsuit just a few days before.

  12. Melania says:

    That colour is amazing on her

  13. Becks1 says:

    Its definitely the ruffles. In video of the event, when you see her walking, it looks a thousand times better. This is a prime example of picking something that probably looks great in person, but does not photograph well.

    But, the color is gorgeous and I love the shoes.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m just coming in to amend my comment lol. I’ve seen the dress in other pictures now and from other angles and its gorgeous. The first batch of pictures were just not good.

  14. Peg says:

    There is a video on YouTube of PH rubbing the Duchess back on Tuesday night, I swear he is not aware he is doing it, so the people that are always complaining about the Duchess, holding his hands or patting his back, find something else to complain about.
    The Duchess, should save this dress, if she becomes pregnant.

  15. Reese says:

    Something positive, love the colour! Looks brilliant on her.
    Not a fan of the ruffles and her bronzer situation…

    • SWP says:

      I noticed the bronzer too. It almost looks like a bruise. It’s unfortunate, she’s got such a pretty skin tone she really doesn’t need it

  16. Addie says:

    Lovely colour on her, but the dress is just another ill-fitting number. Meghan needs to get rid of Jessica Mulroney as her stylist; she’s hopeless.

    Still waiting for the Sussexes to step up to some real work. It’s been mostly fluff since last November/December.

    • Renee2 says:

      I agree!! She could look so good and has so much wealth at her disposal. She probably doesn’t want to be disloyal to her friend, which says something about her character. She really just needs a good tailor, that would help a lot… I don’t think that it should be do hard to conform to palace rules and be fashionable.

      • Addie says:

        You can’t beat a good tailor, especially if you’re in the public eye so often. She needs a good London tailor. Also a local stylist who understands the royal role which i don’t think Jessica Mulroney does at all. There’s been a lot of throwing of money around. Not a great way to start.

  17. Sunrise says:

    Busty thanks to ill-fitting dress.

  18. Sam says:

    For heaven’s sake,that dresss was not illfiting at all.There are multiple pictures that show it’s actually a perfect fit for her.
    Love the colour of the dress and accessories.don’t like the dress ruffles at all because it just doesnt photograph well and with the wind…but she looks stunning to me.Loved the look

    • Lilly says:

      Yes, and I loved the stitching in a slightly different accent color. The ruffles are fine to me and the type of style that looks great at certain angles and weird in others. I’m so glad I don’t have to see a picture of my outfit taken at a million per second. I’d be all: “great dress, horrible dress, great dress, horrible dress” and never leave the house.

  19. TheOriginalMia says:

    I saw side photos of her and it’s clearly the ruffles adding size to her bust and waist. Pity. Because the color is amazing on her.

  20. Barrett says:

    Weird, people magazine had flattering angles of the dress? That color is the bomb.

  21. Monique Barrow says:

    Call me crazy I liked the dress and I was especially happy it was blue instead of her usual black.

  22. Nev says:


  23. Abby says:

    Blue looks amazing on her and I LOVE the shoes. Love. This is not my favorite silhouette on her though.

  24. Mego says:

    Love the color, I suspect it doesn’t photograph well so hard to say about style. I know others say the RF can’t take discounts and special deals but I am starting to wonder if she is getting freebies/loans from designers because it raises their profile. She has so many new outfits.

    • KAJ says:

      Does Kate receive discounts on her outfits? If she does, I can see Meghan receiving the same. They could buy/commission x amount of pieces from one designer and not pay the full retail price. Even though they don’t say it… I suspect this is how it’s done for K&M. IMO, when it comes to their outfit expenses, the taxpayer moans are nonsense.

  25. jessamine says:

    If she’s pregnant her curves must have had a heckuva pop since that slim-fitting tuxedo dress…

  26. jennyboyd says:

    Awful, unflattering dress (pretty colour). Gorgeous shoes.

  27. Snarka says:

    Further proof that she is not worthy of the title Best Dressed…

    • Patty says:

      Yeah. She has more misses than hits. The color of this dress was beautiful! The cut was fantastic but again it’s not right for her body type and it’s not the right dress for her because it’s not flattering. It makes her look too heavy and even worse gives her that weird smooshed uni-Boone’s look. She needs to outreach to the person who styled her for Suits and get more professional input; she also needs a fantastic tailor.

    • Harla says:

      I have to respectfully disagree, this dress and her last several outfits just show that she’s willing to take fashion risks while still staying true to her own sense of style.

    • KAJ says:

      Yes, she needs a good tailor, asap! My outfits always look far more polished when they’re tailored properly. Her Suits looks flattered her figure, they were spot on. Jessica Mulroney isn’t cut out to be a Royal stylist. Sorry, not sorry. JM style is too trendy, too celebrity.

  28. SM says:

    I heard she was drinking champagne on the flight to Toronto

  29. Peg says:

    Thomas Markle returned from his cave/vacation, will he be appearing in the Sun or Dailymail this weekend with more tales about not reaching the Duchess.
    How dare the tabloids stop paying Vonnie for her falsehoods, the Marlkes without tabloid money, makes for an angry bunch.

  30. Flying fish says:

    The color of the dress is gorgeous, the ruffles were poorly placed and the sheath cut of dress could have worked but for the ruffles, the added ruffles changed her shape. Made her look pregnant with large boobs.
    She needs a professional stylist, not JM.
    Her hair was gorgeous, I question her usage of blush, her cheeks look bruised!!!

  31. Jfromfla says:

    I’m not sure if she knows what her bra size is, she seems small one day and then something else the next!

    • Harla says:

      I’m fairly small chested but some clothes just look and drape better with a bit more “up there” so I pull out the padded bra, Meghan’s pretty small chested so maybe that’s what she does too.

  32. Other Renee says:

    I absolutely love this dress and her entire look.

  33. Bettyrose says:

    Absolutely love the color and shoes but what designer was like “let’s make a dress that gives a slender woman a pooch”?

  34. Maria says:

    Pregnant with triplets?

  35. Jaxvax says:

    I 100% believe she’s expecting. She’s a tiny woman, and any bit of weight gain would be immediately noticeable. Her breasts look fuller for sure. It could be the dress, but I think she’s masking a tiny bump. I bet she’s near the end of her first trimester. I think that we’ll be looking at a March or April due date!

    • FhMom says:

      I agree she’s pregnant. Most people here think it’s the dress, but she was considerably thinner on her wedding day; and unless she’s gained back the weight and then some, she is pg.

  36. Derriere says:

    As a lover of sack dresses, I am in love with this dress and would purchase straight away if I had that kind of disposable income. Such a beautiful color as well.

    There are shots where the dress looks great on her, fits her curves while adding some drama, and there are other unflattering shots, but I guess it comes with the territory. She looks comfortable, and that’s what matters.

  37. mtam says:

    Pictures from her right side (opposite side of the ruffles) show she’s still slim as ever. The dress is actually very form fitting. I don’t think she’s pregnant either.

  38. JustSayin' says:

    There are two types of people; those who look good in black and those who don’t.
    Meghan falls into the latter category.
    If she wants to go dark she should wear navy blues, forrest greens and even dark browns.

  39. kristen says:

    She’s 100%, without a doubt, absolutely pregnant.

  40. HK9 says:

    This dress looks best from the side (weird thing to do with a dress tho) and I LOVE the fabric shoes. Fabric shoes are my weakness :-)

  41. SWP says:

    You know guys, we should take solace in these photos. You know how you see pics of you and you’re like OMG I’m a fat old troll, I really didn’t look like this in the mirror when I got ready?? These pics are proof that pictures often do not do us justice and the wrong angles, moves, photos, faces we make, etc can make even Meghan Freaking Markle look heavy, pregnant, bad. Etc. and dear god she is skinny pretty and wearing designer duds worth more than our monthly mortgages.

    We have have bad angles. Happy Friday!

    • Snowflake says:

      Yes yes yes. I take horrible pictures. I’m self conscious about how i look in pictures so i dont take them often to know what are my best angles/poses

  42. lobbit says:

    OK, the only think that’s made these overnight pregnancy rumors (sort of) plausible is Harry: He’s been extra handsy with Meghan in their last three appearances. And that’s saying a lot because he is pretty handsy to begin with. It just seems like he’s hovering over in a way that he didn’t before – rubbing her back, pulling her close to him, gripping her hand even when it’s physically awkward to do so. Maybe I’m imagining it. Or maybe he’s feeling extra protective for some other reason. IDK.

    • Avisitor says:

      Definitely your imagination. The day before she wore a well tailored, slim cut tuxedo pantsuit; no sign of anything, anywhere.

    • PrincessK says:

      @lobbit….I also think that Harry was being especially protective, rubbing her back. It could be that he knows she is not feeling particularly great but putting on a brave face to get through the engagement. He wasn’t just rubbing her back he was gently massaging it, as if to say, “Hey baby, I know how you feel but you are doing just fine”.

      • lobbit says:

        Ok – I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed lol. Maybe it’s got nothing to do with pregnancy IDK but it’s…gotta be something.

    • SWP says:

      She’s had a rough run the past few months. Uprooting her life, new job, constant criticism, being a continent away from your mother/friends, more psycho family drama, surrounded by ‘the grey men’ who you aren’t too sure of…yeah she probably needs the extra support. I sure would.

  43. Jayna says:

    I love the dress on her. She looks beautiful from head to toe. I think a couple of photos are just bad angles.

  44. OkieOpie says:

    First sign of being pregnant for me was gigantic boobs. Like easily double their size the very first week. EVERYONE noticed. So considering how big they look in the dress, I can believe that she is possibly pregnant. Or she is wearing a good bra LOL

    • KAJ says:

      Nah, she has fairly small boobs. We saw her just a few days ago in the trouser suit and she didn’t look pregnant. It really is the ruffles!

      • Nic919 says:

        This. Her boobs didn’t grow in two days. That’s crazy. It’s the dress and the wind with ruffles at the worst possible spot. Only a pencil thin person could wear it and even then.

  45. KAJ says:

    Meghan looks straight up Middle Eastern. No wonder my grandfather likes her so much, haha. I looked at the pics of Meghan last night and all I can see is myself, my cousins, my friends. It’s the similar skin tone, same dark hair, her eyes, features, etc. I know she’s biracial, but she could easily pass as MENA. It’s also nice to see WoC in this type of position. I know there’s Rania and a few others, but this is the most famous, worldwide known Royal family in the world. Oh, and I hope the friendship between Meghan and Amal is true. I can see them doing good things together in the future.

    I Loved the look! She looked gorgeous in all blue, and I’m glad she stopped with the heavy bronzer (that wasn’t a good look, it was too heavy-handed) because she’s letting her natural skin colour shine through. So pretty. I think Meghan has the type of skin that tans very easily in the warmer months but looks paler in the autumn/winter months.
    After seeing Meghan wear the portrait of a lady pumps, I bought 6 pairs of Aquazurra’s last night lol. They’re feminine and oh so gorgeous! Meghan is a good rep for the label.

    • Harla says:

      In regards to the bronzer, I’ve noticed that in photos of the same event sometimes Meghan’s bronzer looks super heavy and then in others it’s barely noticeable. Personally I don’t see Meghan caking on bronzer, I think it’s more how it photographs in different light settings.

  46. Jumpingthesnark says:

    She looks great! I’d say pregnant, not time yet for official announcement, but she isn’t especially interested in hiding it, and the royal family PR knows that bump-watch is good PR. Hence this dress, which has its good points and bad, but is clearly a niche market piece for women in early pregnancy.

  47. YankLynn says:

    Rebecca English had a shot of them from behind and I love Meghan’s look from there ! The dress looks fitted, has a plunging V back and you can see the sparkly straps on her sexy heels better too.

  48. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    The color is gorgeous so it’s really unfortunate that this dress is just…awful. The cut and fit is terrible.

  49. Peg says:

    Apparently Doria was spending time with the Duchess and PH in the Cotswolds, over the Summer.

  50. Katy says:

    Regardless of this particular dress, I have to say I’m happy to finally see SOME sartorial sass in the royal family.

    I’m so over the boring suede pumps, frumpy dresses, bland Kiki McDonough earrings and schoolgirl hairstyles we’ve been used to from the DoC. Meghan actually has shoe game, and there’s no sign of twee anywhere. Pantsuits, sexy sling backs, minimalist jewelry, I’m all for it even though she might not get it right every single time.

  51. FedUp says:

    The Duchess has been filling out not noticeable because she was rail thin after the wedding at Garden Party for Charles’ official bday, but in the last couple of weeks her arms don’t have the same taut definition and the coat dress showed her back upper and lower parts a bit more flesh hence the tightness of that dress. I am guessing she is between 8 and 12wks. They can’t announce until after 12 wks anyway. Let’s see how she looks next time

  52. Jailnurse says:

    I love her style! She always looks good. Lucky girl.

  53. Ladida says:

    omg she looks so pretty and I love this color! Like Kate, she looks good in plum and gem tones.

  54. Blair Warner says:

    The shoes are divine! Her hair is a disappointment.