Director Michael Bay made Megan Fox wash his Ferrari as an “audition”

Last week, Transformers director Michael basically told his leading lady Megan Fox to sit down and shut the hell up. It doesn’t look like Megan Fox is too upset by that, thank goodness. Although it would be hilarious to hear Megan’s defense. In Bay’s defense, Megan started it. Michael just finished it. I guess someone just got to Megan after Bay’s interview came out, and Megan was told “For the love of God, don’t respond!”

Now there’s a little more insight into Bay and Fox’s tortured history. According to The Guardian (story via Page Six), Bay made Megan audition for the first Transformers by having her come over to his home. A little casting couch action, perchance? It’s just as bad, actually. Megan’s “audition” was washing Bay’s Ferrari while Bay filmed her. That is just… gross.

THERE’S a video of Megan Fox we want to see.

When the sizzling star of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” went to director Michael Bay’s house to audition for the part, “He made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her,” reports Jason Solomons in Britain’s Guardian.

“She said she didn’t know what had happened to that footage. When I put it to Bay himself, he looked suitably abashed — ‘Er, I don’t know where it is either.’ ”

Come on. Cough it up!

[From Page Six]

What’s worse – that Bay made Megan audition that way (and she accepted) or that now the tape has mysteriously disappeared? Or should I say “disappeared”. Because “disappeared” means “Bay viewed the footage so many times the cassette (and Bay’s wang) is worn down to the nub.” I guess the whole incident just proves the point we’ve been making about Megan Fox – it’s not about her dumb dialogue, or her dumb interviews, all the guys really care about is Megan Fox, scantily clad and bent over. Gross.

In other Megan Fox news, the trailer for Jennifer’s Body was just released yesterday. It actually looks… interesting. Not horrible. Of course, Megan looks like she’s barely dressed and damp throughout the entire film. The fanboys’ nubs are probably numb from viewing this.

Megan Fox is shown at the Giorgio Armani Prive Fashion Show in Paris on 7/7/09 with Cate Blanchett and Elsa Pataky. Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sometimes I think she actually looks a little bit classy (when her mouth isn’t running), and then I see the tattoos.

  2. Liz says:

    I’m not sure if I want to laugh, or cringe, at the term nub.

  3. Enonymous says:

    If this is true, then it just proves that Michael Bay is indeed an egotistic, sexist pervert who likes to degrade his actresses in every way.

  4. TaylorB says:

    He made her wash his car? What a total effin pig.

  5. fizXgirl314 says:

    see this is what’s wrong with the world… men controlling everything and women succumbing to all their whims… eff michael bay… i hope megan fox keeps running her mouth about what an idiot he is…

  6. Bob Lawblaw says:

    If he’s a pig for offering, then what does that make Megan?

  7. drica says:

    in the first picture she looks like a inflated doll with her mouth open

  8. Kaiser says:

    Look how horrible she looks in real designer clothes! Put her in Armani and she looks uncomfortable. Put her in a stripper’s dress, and she looks good.

    Poor Cate Blanchett. I hope Cate leaned over and whispered to Megan, “Close your mouth, f-cktard.”

  9. fizXgirl314 says:

    she IS a blow up doll… no doubt… but i’m tired of young women being taken advantage of by old perverted men…

  10. TaylorB says:

    “If he’s a pig for offering, then what does that make Megan?”

    Well Bob, while some may say she was a struggling ‘actress’ debasing herself to get a part, all evidence tends to point to the fact that she is a nitwit who doesn’t think things through before she does or says them. I strongly suspect that both apply to some extent.

  11. rbsesq says:

    I agree, Kaiser. Cate was probably sitting there thinking “I’m Cate Blanchett. Who the bloody hell is this … person, and what is she doing sitting next to me!”

  12. Bob Lawblaw says:

    haha, I see what you mean TaylorB, but I tend to think that maybe she didn’t view it as debasing herself. In fact I’m willing to bet it made her feel powerful, like she was working him over.

    …and that pretty much sums up why there never was, isn’t one now, and never will be a sisterhood, because while many of us would see that as completely degrading and 100% shameful; there is still a group that simply view as a transfer of power– or that it is simply, the man’s fault.

  13. vale says:

    Well I guess this tidbit proved her point.. she obviously wasn’t hired for her acting skills.

  14. fizXgirl314 says:

    omg i can’t believe they sat her next to cate blachett… even her saying “fucktard” would sound classy hehe

  15. Sauronsarmy says:

    Didn’t he also have her in bad boys 2 (I can’t remember what movie) wearing a bikini when she was like 15?

  16. Jess says:

    She’s a horrible actress either way.

  17. Victoria says:

    Thank you Vale! Washing a car is the extent of her talent.

  18. Codzilla says:

    She and Bay are perfectly suited, in my opinion.

  19. nnn says:

    Didn’t she said that actors are prostitutes, that women shouldn’t feel ashamed of being used/cast as beautiful s*x objects with no real acting talent and that she feels empowered by it…or something along the line.

    Well that’s it. She is a prostitute who has “a big mouth that she knows how to use it” (her own quotes) and feel empowered to be a bimbo.

    Her stupidity goes as far as telling this story publicly. Her reputation as an easy prey is now out there to all directors. Next time another one will ask her to wash his “clutch” for a part and she will probably cave in and feel empowered by it.

    Stupidity at its best.

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Man, I would LOVE to hear Ms. Blanchett say “f-cktard”.

  21. Ned says:

    If this is true, he should have been fired.

    No professional in any other industry would be excused for doing such a thing.

    He is a sexist pervert, as someone else here said.
    In any other industry he would have been out. Period.

  22. Annie says:

    Well put Bob. I think that’s exactly it.

    I mean, how many times have we heard her go off in interviews about her looks and her sexual prowess that is intimidating to men?

    It’s like the strippers who write articles about how this is actually an empowering profession and then we wonder why a woman still makes 75 cents on the dollar to a man the higher you travel up the pay scale.

    Frankly. The whole thing stinks and whatever little respect I had left for either one of them went down the drain with the carwash soap.

    P.S. GREAT Header picture. Couldn’t stop laughing.

  23. nnn says:

    If this is true, he should have been fired.
    Not in Hollywood !

    More than in any other industry (yes it happens everywhere), couch promotion is prevalent in Hollywood and there are probably more perverted directors who would ask special favours to young aspiring actresses than none.

  24. jaudicemachine says:

    I like how she expounds on the duplicity of fame and fortune to us peons (because none of us can apparently rub two brain cells together to make a thought) . . . but when her “big break” came, she was all too happy to throw on a bikini and head over to “audition”. At a private residence. Alone.

    You know, I’m just now starting to think that maybe Megan Fox’s riveting “observations” may *gasp* actually be insider knowledge!

    . . . but I won’t know for sure unless she issues another thought provoking statement.

    (Well put, Bob!)

  25. fizXgirl314 says:

    i guess ultimately it does have to start with women taking a stance… as long as bimbos like megan fox make excuses for being men’s play things, then things will never get any better… why would they?

  26. j. ferber says:

    How about if assholes like Bay get some heat (and not the sexual kind) for outrageous and disgusting behavior? Why should HE change if most people are content with bashing HER for agreeing to do it?

  27. Ned says:

    Why are you talking about her?
    She was the victim.
    She was the one who was exploited. Would you like your own daughter to be in her position to come for an audition and to be so humiliated?

    He is the one who has a lot of explaining to do, having exploited his position of power in such a disgusting manner.

    and the producers and the studio that hired him should answer some serious question.

    Michael Bay should compensate Megan Fox for sexually harassing her, and should donate to some centers that deal with victims of perverts like him.

    No wonder Megan holds such a grudge.

  28. nnn says:

    Because he proposed and she agrees with the deal for a few bucks.

    I am a beautiful woman who always had to prove that i do have a brain because my physique doesn’t go in par of the perception most people have of a top executive. I had top jobs refused to me because the interviewer told me that i was to beautiful for the vacancy and that it could distract the male employes representing 98 % of the IT departement.

    We, women know that we have to struggle centuries of abuse and oppression to be given equal respect in a machistic driven world.

    Megan is worst than Bay who is a pig but knows to who he can ask those favours : equally female pigs like Megan.

    Megan is worst because she not only perpetuate the myth of women whose worth is only measured through their physique, she also willingly participate in it by publicly advertising for women to maintain that ‘sex object’ caricature and embracing that perception at any cost.

    She is the one who goes about being proud of it, comparing herself to a prostitute while putting out there the perception that there is nothing wrong about it. She is the one who put out there that story like she is proud of her own willing participation in it.

    She is the only starlet who publicly advocate that women should accept being viewed as sex object in movies and feel empowered by it. Her rethoric is only heard by female peers working in a parrallel industry : the P*RN one !

  29. ass says:

    Now thats funny….

  30. Bob Lawblaw says:

    “She was the one who was exploited. Would you like your own daughter to be in her position to come for an audition and to be so humiliated?”

    I’m not sure how you can say she was exploited when she is: a) a fully consenting adult, and b) has the god-given ability to make her own choices.

    Secondly, I’d honestly like to think that if I had a daughter, I’d instill enough self respect in her to say, WASH YOUR OWN FUCKING CAR, I WANT TO ACT, NOT WORK AT CHEVRON.

    Maybe if more women like Megan held their ground, instead of just rolling over and saying “okay”, Misogyny WOULD finally die.

    I agree j.ferber, he should take heat for being a pervy bastard, but it’s called opportunity, and when a guy sees it, he takes it. It’s unfortunate, but until women take control of their own actions and get some respect for themselves, things won’t be changing anytime soon.

  31. Butch says:

    I didn’t get a fantastic apartment in Venice after the property owner’s husband smiled at me to often. I could tell by the bitches attitude I wasn’t even going to be considered for the place. So….whatever. It happens everywhere for the pretty ones. I’m not saying I’m a superstar beauty, but ya know…I’m a confident bitch!

  32. lunachick says:

    Megan definitely was exploited – Bay was in a position of power and abused it.

    Sad that this was the price of admission to be an actress in one of Bay’s films. I’d love to see some sort of real backlash against him, but being a model and/or actress in L.A. is so competitive, it seems there will always be more “girls” who will do whatever males in power want for a shot at a career.

  33. Annie says:


    Omg. I almost snorted. Too funny.

  34. TinaWithPom says:

    If I squint real hard, Megan Fox looks classy and SORT of like Ava Gardner.

    Then I see her in photos such as this header pic.

    I think Michael Bay is misogynistic and that he definitely exploited Megan. But I also have a pretty dismal view of Hollywood and the behind-closed-doors stuff that goes on between directors and their actors/actresses.

  35. yeng says:

    The blame falls on both, and “nnn” and “Bob” made very valid points. Michael Bay, using his status in the industry, abused his power. Megan Fox, who by her own insistent proclamations is “mature”, was old enough to know what she was getting herself into. She contributed to her own exploitation. Her age and initial struggles as an actress are no excuse for caving into Bay’s misogynistic whims. They both share fault in this.

  36. jennifer says:

    Megan honey, you’re wearing so much face powder that your neck up totally clashes with everything below. If you’re two different colours, YOU’RE WEARING TOO MUCH FACE POWDER!!!

    *ahem* sorry, had to get that out…

    I said it last week, I’ll say it again – Michael Bay is a total hack. And not that I didn’t know it already, but he’s also a misogynist. And Megan did indeed have a role in this because, as someone pointed out, she’s a consenting adult. But at the same time it’s obvious she’s not very bright, and I’ve no doubt she’s incredibly impressionable, especially when it comes to a big time Hollywood player who could essentially help make or break her career (because we know she can’t get by on talent alone.) I really, really try to like her because I believe a lot – not all of course, but a fair amount – of the shit she gets thrown at her is because people are jealous of her (and I HATE saying that bcs it’s such an internet cliche hehe.) But man, she really makes it hard!!! LOL

  37. BlueSkies says:

    Poor plain Cate having to sit next to gorgeous Megan. Cate’s trying to come off as smug but she must be dying inside knowing every man and woman has their eyes on Megan. People who try to spin this as Cate thinking something else, like Kaiser said, just makes it look like the ones who side with the wall flower. Yes, Megan is trashy but Cate is not beautiful and certainly less attractive than just the average woman. She looks like a frog to me. I would never wish to look like her or be her. Megan has the facial structure of the old Hollywood actresses like Gardner, Tierney and Taylor.

  38. I beg to differ! says:

    Oh, Blue Skies, stop being so shallow. Cate is talented! I know she’s not your standard beauty, but she’s no “frog!” Plus, Cate has a certain mystique that comes from being interesting, smart and not a fameho. Megan Fox looks like a plastic surgery victim and SO trashy. Sorry, she is nothing but a Jolie wanna-be. A hack who uses tawdry sex appeal to cover up her lack of talent.

  39. Try try again says:

    Poor Cate. I hope she doesn’t catch anything from Megan. And, Megan’s ghastly white head looks like it can be detached from her tan body. Is this an Armani show? So sad. Megan can make even the nicest, most expensive fashion creation look like five-dollar hooker wear. And, the stupid pose with the open lips just spells “I want to suck d*ck now.” Gross!

  40. nnn says:

    Cate Blanchett is 40, an acclaimed actress and a mother who already has a great CV and would leave a legacy worth it.

    There is a time for everything, an age for every type of experiences and i fail to realise how she could possibly be jealous of Megan, 23, new IT starlet with a massive mass of air between the two ears.

    I am sure like any mature successful woman, she has been there done that a long time ago and that now her priorities have changed : whatever her physique would have been, the last thing she has in mind would be posing half nakked in magazines, screaming and running in a big production and being crowned the number one phantasy of little boys and men who probably use her picture as a sexual derivative.

    I am also sure that she is glad to have an intellect miles away of that pea brain Fox.

  41. fizXgirl314 says:

    blueskies you’re making me sick to my stomach :/

  42. mxml says:

    Bay is scum if this is true. I hope this ruins his career and other male directors and producers realize the pitfalls of treating women this way.

    No wonder megan feels some contempt and lack of respect for Bay…

  43. fizXgirl314 says:

    cate blanchett is a beautiful, sophisticated, talented classy woman… end of story on that one.

    as much as i hate bimbettes like megan fox who always sex themselves up trying to cater to the sexual apetites of 18 year old boys, i still think michael bay was in the wrong here. he’s the one in the power… men generally are… and so we should be directing our outrage at him because he’s in the better position to incite change… if megan fox turned down the request to wash his car, some other wannabe actress would come around and do it… women still suffer from sexual exploitation and it’s not just in the entertainment industry… and we as women should be showing proper outrage at this scenerio…

    that’s my $.02 worth.

  44. Izzy says:


  45. Fan of none... says:

    As far as Blanchette is concerned — I’m sure she passed a million Foxes on her way to crtical acclaim/success. And a million more are still waiting in the wings.

    She has no reason to be threatened by someone whose “career” will fade with her age/looks, if her mouth/lack of measurable talent doesn’t do it in first.

  46. Ned says:

    This goes to all that blame the victims of sexual harassment-

    “I’m not sure how you can say she was exploited when she is: a) a fully consenting adult, and b) has the god-given ability to make her own choices.”

    When one is in a position of power, like a potential employer, a big gap in status, influence, age etc. and he is sexually exploiting thaht situation, then and humiliates the other person- that’s exactly the point of a sexual harassment.

    A consenting adult can decide when there is a level playing field.
    He exploited that situation to something completely external to the situation.

    She came to a job related meeting and he humiliated her.

    You do not judge the victim of such situation, as it is the easiest thig to do- to judge when you are not the one shocked and stuck in a lose lose situation.

    You are giving the real jerk an easy pass, when you start judging the victim who should not have been put in such a difficult situation in the first place.

    You do not know how your own daughter would have reacted, since, you will be surprised, but different people act in complete unexpected ways when they are faced with criminal situations or even stressful situations.

    That is exactly why we never judge the victim.
    Since Megan should have never been put in such a situation, you don’t even go to how she should have reacted.

    How would you have reacted had you been robbed? blackmailed? witnessed a terrible event?
    Would you save people’s lives?
    Would you have just said NO?
    Would you run away?
    or would you just cooperated?

    Apparently, we all react in very different ways, and it has nothing to do with our self esteem, self respect or values.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, that because you don’t like Megan or paid to bash her, you take this important matter and use it as another way to bash her.

    Michal Bay should be out of work and should pay a lot of money for what he did.

    I hope he would never do anything like that to any woman on any level.

    I sincerely hope that the studio and the producers of this film will face some serious questions.

  47. Someone says:

    I love how we are all bashing Bay when Megan had just as much blame in this as he did. “She was the victim.” BS! SHE AGREED TO BE FILM (if this is true)! No one put a gun to her head and said wash this car while he films you.
    Anyone with common sense could have figured out that this is not a real “audition” She was auditioning for the film lead, not some car wash girl. Didn’t she realize that washing a car wasn’t part of the movie? It takes TWO TO TANGO, people.

  48. anonymous says:

    Yikes….. But who cares, Megan Fox sucks…and obviously SHE doesn’t have standards if she did it!

  49. Ursula says:

    Atleast Cate does not have to wash directors cars to get her film roles. *roll eyes.

  50. Rosanna says:

    See the girl obviously had her reasons to be so nasty about him. Stop playing her down. She’s not dumb, she just won’t play nice, and I like it about her.

  51. BlueSkies says:

    Well, nnn/butch, hard to believe potential employers would actually tell you that you are TOO beautiful and set themselves up for a lawsuit. Maybe you convinced yourself of this to justify why you weren’t hired. As a “top executive”, if you speak like you write, well that may be the real reason. Being beautiful gets you in with the guys, adds morale and they produce better to impress you. Not with the potential landlord, who was a woman. Been there, done that.

  52. yeng says:

    please. as someone has already pointed out, the girl has no standards. she’s worse than dumb. she “accepted” Bay’s idiotic offer to wash his car. she’s also at fault for her so-called exploitation. both are adults, and both knew what their motivations.

  53. vale says:

    Well if we’re gonna swipe at Megan Fox for sitting so close to Cate Blanchett, then we might as well swipe Elsa Pataky as well. Who is she exactly?? I didn’t know that being John Mayer’s and Adrien Brody’s ex garnered a front seat at the Armani Prive show. We might just have to chalk it up to a tacky guest list.

  54. nnn says:

    Actually before going out with Mayer and Brody, she was the long time girlfriend of a notorious french comedian. That’s for the personal resume.

    She is also first and foremost a 33 year old spanish actress who has acted in various spanish, italian, french and canadian movies mainly.

    She also has more intellect and culture than Fox and manages to speak fluently 5 languages : spanish, italian, romanian (she is half romanian by her mother), french and english, hence her work in Spain, France where she has lived quite some time and is known in the parisian culture and media scenes including fashion shows, Italy and Canada long before she appears in the US.

    So, she is naturally where she belongs, sitting front seat at an Armani Prive Show in Paris, something she has been done for years long before Americans knew her or were aware of her works in various european countries.

  55. nnn says:

    Well, nnn/butch, hard to believe potential employers would actually tell you that you are TOO beautiful and set themselves up for a lawsuit.
    That’s what a fellow American colleague told me that if i was in the US, i would have gotten rich by now with all the lawsuit. But i don’t live in the US and it is difficult to build a case. I also had a case of harrassement and i had to quit the enterprise. 6 months later they enact a code of conduct against harrassment.

    The two interviewers told me excatly that they couldn’t hire me even if i was the best candidate because and i quote them, “i was too beautiful and single” and they couldn’t take the risk of me getting pregnant as they knew that most colleagues would go after me. They already plan BEFORE ME that i would get pregnant before the end of the year and they couldn’t afford it.

    I am a SAP business consultant. I work on projects from 6 months to 3 years. It involves lots of money and as SAP is a the biggest multi modular package software whose implementation alone costs millions of euros and needs daily maintenance and customization according the needs of your clients. Usually we are experts in like 2% of that big beast as i call it. It’s one of the few high tech where women are more represented, still overall in the tech people we are like 1 out of 10 being women. Since i have been working 10 years ago into SAP, even for my first assignment, when interviewed by my future manager who was a female, i was told by her that she didn’t want women because they get pregnant but i had qualifications she was looking for and she warned me to not get pregnant. She used to do it to all female employees and repeatedly to those who she considered being beautiful and single and potentially future mothers.

    I have worked throughout Europe mainly and i have seen this mentality many times in my core business. Being beautiful, young and single is a dead giveway for certain top executive job and the more you are successful, the more you have to prove that indeed you deserve it because of your brains. Every time a woman got pregnant and is on the leave the project is frozen because her part can’t be performed by anyone eles as she’s leaving with the know how, the history, the expertise. You get your expertise by doing projects and interfering with other specialists. If you can’t perform nobody can do your part because of the scarity of the speciality and they loose money. Even looking for another specialist throughout Europe will make you loose money even more. So it is a fact that most manager even plan who and when you can get pregnant. I have experience and seen things done to other women that are totally despicable.

    My two sisters have the same problems. Looking like models, all of us having a minimum of three college degrees including MBA. One of my sis was a consultant in Andersen, then Deloitte, the other is a scientist resercher with 6 college degrees.

    The first one when appearing in a marketing enterprise for the executive vacancy is always mistaken as applying for a model job. The other one is beleived to be an administartive assistant before they know that she is the doctor. And the worst part is that after a few weeks, people actually come to you acknowldging that : “it’s weird, at first i assume that you were dumb and empty because you are soo beautiful to be intelligent….”

    This sentence summarize what i have talked about. As a woman the perception of the size of your brains is often linked to the perception of your beauty display. You have to prove twice that you have a brain and make more effort to dissociate yourself from your feminity because people won’t take you seriousely at first. If you look like a model and you apply in a top executive job, you better use your brains twice as much, even belitteling your overall physique to prove that indeed you are worth the vacancy and mainly that you didn’t use your charms to get where you are, as it is more than likely what most people will think of you, based on your physique, at first.

  56. Bob Lawblaw says:

    I’m not even going to get into it with you Ned. All she had to say was no. Men like Michael Bay, are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. It has to start with your own self respect.

    All I’m going to say about Megan Fox, is that maybe all that money she spent on plastic surgery would have served a greater purpose, had it been spent on acting lessons, or possibly therapy.

    It’s called reaping what you’ve sown.

    edit– my gravatar isn’t working

  57. TaylorB says:

    This morning I walked into the garage and realized that I would love to have Meagan come to my house and wash my car, not that I would either watch or film her do so, my car is just wicked filthy right now, the ‘wash me’ written in the dirt on the tailgate was what convinced me. Matter of fact Michael Bay is welcome to wash it as well.

  58. TaylorB says:

    “my gravatar isn’t working”

    I wish mine wasn’t, I don’t even know how I got it to begin with. I am not terribly ‘puter savvy.

  59. j. ferber says:

    Ned, You’re my new hero. And Bob Lawblaw, I wonder if you’d tell Black and Hispanic people to look in the mirror to explain racism, as you do to women to explain misogyny. And Ned, you’re absolutely right in saying there’s no way to tell how a person would react in a criminal/stressful situation. Before I was mugged, I’d have sworn that I’d never put up a fight and just hand over my purse. My mother drummed that into me since I was a kid. But I fought (kept the purse, but was injured). And I’d have sworn I’d stand up to a sexual harasser, but when that happened to me, I was scared and didn’t speak up. Self-respect has nothing to do with it. How about treating women respectfully? Then our self-respect would surely be bolstered.

  60. Annie says:

    TaylorB, I totally had the same problem if you want to change it, go to that gravatar site and log in, with the email you always use here 🙂 and upload a new one. But, I should note, your gravatar is totally part of like your “TaylorB-ness” And it is so sad when your car’s got the wash me scribbled into its dirt. LOL Cracks me up though.

    And, nnn, I feel you, 100%. People don’t take you as seriously if you’re pretty especially in the corporate world. And it’s a million times harder for a woman than it is for a man. Even worse is the science world. If you’re even remotely running in the 6+ range, they honestly tune you out. Heck, if you’re a woman they tune you out and then add to that beauty? Pfft.

    And ned, please quit with the “if your daughter” crap. Especially given the dozen interviews Megan’s given about owning her sexual prowess and “sorry that I ooze sex” and all the other things that diarrhea out of her mouth.

    EDIT: No one’s saying that that kind of behavior is acceptable. HOWEVER, we’re not making sweeping generalizations about women deserving it, we’re saying that Megan made the conscious decision (somewhere in between talking about her amazing beautyness and getting tattoos) to get down like that. She could’ve said no.

  61. Bob Lawblaw says:

    Thank you Annie.

    I’m not saying he’s right, or that his actions were justified, in fact; I believe I said he was a pervy bastard.

    And, honestly, what does racism have to do with Megan Fox being lazy and not wanting to actually work for an ACTING career?

    As long as women accept men acting like pervy bastards, i.e. filming them wash a car in a bikini, or being married and hitting on another chick, nothing will ever change– that’s all I’m saying. People need to accept their own decisions and their own actions as just that, their decisions, and their actions.

    I distinctly remember getting the talk from my parents about the following:

    not blaming others for my actions

    accepting the consequences of my thoughts and actions

    and last but certainly not least–

    the only thing you can ever control is yourself, so don’t give others the power to make you react, it only makes them stronger.

    I’m sorry j.ferber– but you can’t look to others for your own self respect– that has to come from loving and respecting yourself as a human being, and a worthy individual. That’s why I threw in the need for therapy on top of the acting lessons.

    maybe I am a judgmental bitch, but at some point if you don’t judge– you just fall prey to the same shit.

  62. vale says:

    Hey nnn just a rebuttal on the Elsa Pataky / Megan Fox thing, and not on your other entry about hot women in the corporate world, but I have to say, I’m an Italian living in Italy and barely heard of her if not from these gossip websites. And she’s been in like three Italian movies. She’s popular in Spain because of her work, as is Megan Fox in the US. The latter does have a number one film out at the moment, and designers know that having the actress of the moment garners attention and that’s why she was invited. Had it been just Elsa Pataky there, or even Cate Blanchett -with no disrespect-, it hardly would have made news. That’s the way the dice rolls, maybe Elsa will amplify her US profile with movies rather than who she’s dating.

  63. nnn says:

    vale – point taken

    Annie & Bob – I concur 100 %.

    Women should say NO, especially when they are in a position where they don’t even have a contractual link between the pervert and them. Megan is way older to play the innocent card. She went there, he wasn’t his boss already, she didn’t signed a contract with him where he could blackmail her or uses a psychological right, she was free to accept it or not. She accept it without opposing it to the least, just because as she said being viewed as a sex object doesn’t bother her and that women should feel empowered by that.

    I was ten years old the first time a man put his dirty hands on my butt, i ran and cried.
    I was twelve, on my way to my catholic school when a man approached me and asked me abruptly if i wanted to make love with him, 14 the first time one asked me on the same path, if i wanted to give him my panties for a few bucks, 17 when one asked me to pose nude and tried to convinced me to get into high prostitution…. all the while dressed conservatly in my blue catholic costume on my way to school.

    I said no, EACH time even before i reached legal age. Megan has no excuse and does a disservice to all women.

    She doesn’t even see this as being humiliating since she advocates women to embrace that type of role. She is just bothers that the vid is somewhere where anyone could reach it.

    I don’t respect such a woman who not only can’t say no, she also brag about being viewed as such and advertises that type of perception as being acceptable while telling women to embrace it.

    If she likes it fine. But don’t use your celebrity status to advertise this as being fine and moral.

  64. GirlEater says:

    Michael Bay is so cool! It is such a claver move! Get the sexiest girl to was his own car, for a movie! All you guys are just pissed off, because you arent looking as good as her, or make cool movies like Michael Bay. He is a genious!

  65. lola25 says:

    Megan Fox is gorgeous. She never claimed to be a great actress or even very smart. So who cares if she washed Michael Bay’s car? Like Cate Blanchett has never sucked a d*ck for a movie role… Also, nnn shut the f*ck up! If you’re so gorgeous and intelligent and important in the corporate world, then why in the hell are you on this website telling your life story? Jesus, get a life you pathetic whore.

  66. LucasinBeautifulBrazil says:

    Blue Skies you’re so stupid. megan had tons of plastic surgery. cate blanchett was born more beautiful than her. you can see the idiot before all her surgery here:

    michael bay or anyone can do what ever he wants. it was up to her to say yes or no. she’s not a child. bit**es stop whining like this is a crime. she sure isn’t, when she got what she wanted: fame! she acts like a total bit**, a slut, and a Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie wannabee. she already looks so haggard and old from all that surgery. what’s most annoying is she tries to hard. who the fu*k opens their mouth as someone takes their pic? give me kim kardashian or any other sexy female star any day. trying to be sexy is NOT sexy!
    she can’t even measure up to brazilian women. they make her look ugly and pale. she’ll be washed up in about 5 years and doing porno or vegas shows.

  67. Embee says:

    Very well said, Ned. Thank you.

  68. Alex says:

    Megan looks like a clown…

  69. yeng says:

    girleater, learn to spell if you’re going to insult.


    “Like Cate Blanchett has never sucked a d*ck for a movie role… ”

    lola25, and you know this how??? i know you’re ticked off that your beloved megan has a peanut for a brain, but you’re smearing cate and making assumptions about her because in others’ point of view, the latter has more class than your idol.

    oh well, a peanut-for-brain idol and a peanut-for-brain fan, you suit megan just right. she deserves your support and your “impressive” defense.

  70. Haily says:

    Personally, Megan Fox is much better on mute, but as a woman myself, I think she’s actually quite pretty. Unfortunately, society today bases beauty too much on sex appeal. Not true? If she WASN’T a pretty, aspiring actress, would you have read the article? Megan Fox is gorgeous, and I’m speaking for myself now, but I’d love to be able to find something wrong with her. Why? Because if I had the kudos to go over to a hollywood director’s house wearing a bikini, and I was making a **** load of money because of it. I would. If you got it, flaunt it. Don’t be jealous cause she got the audition and you didn’t. Classy? Who needs class, I know I’d rather be a risqe billionare rather than a SHEEP who’s made by CORPORATIONS whose money means nothing because they’ve forgotten who they really are. KEEP IT UP MEGAN! And at least her tattoos aren’t like your granddaughers pretty little stars in a place that mommy and daddy won’t ever see them. At least they’re artistic.

  71. yeng says:

    ^^^ well, that’s certainly worth a chuckle.

  72. grinningchicken says:

    I was horrified to think who could do this to a pure innocent soul

  73. grinningchicken says:

    How dare he do such a discusting twisted perverted thing to her!
    And not put it on the DVD two disk addition!

  74. Bobbius Corwen says:

    Ooo. Cate Blanchett looks very pretty in that cocktail dress. D “;

  75. Brydy says:

    i can’t believe they sat her next to cate blachett… even her saying “fucktard” would sound classy hehe