Donald Trump is too stupid to focus on Hurricane Florence or 9/11 remembrance

President Trump delivers his State of the Union Address

Hurricane Florence is barrelling down on the Carolinas, and CB and I are here in Virginia, where we could be facing a massive flooding event, not to mention wind damage, power outages and everything else. If you’re in the path of the hurricane, please listen to your local officials and experts. If they say get out, get out. If they say ride it out, go to a shelter and ride it out. I’m making special note of the local and state officials, because as the East Coast is bracing for a historic natural disaster, the not-my-president has spent much of the past 30 hours hate-tweeting about Bob Woodward, Barack Obama and the Mueller investigation. He issued a few tweets about the hurricane, and quite honestly those tweets were blatantly done by staffers.

Imagine being the president and only being “informed” about the biggest natural disaster of the year on a Monday evening, days after NOAA began sounding the alarm. According to the NYT’s Maggie Haberman, the White House staff had spent “part” of the day trying to get a deranged toddler with no attention span to focus on the hurricane.

And now that it’s September 11th, you would think that Donald Trump would be tweeting about the anniversary and #NeverForget, right? Wrong. Before he posted a tweet about Patriots Day, he tweeted this:

And then this:

Welcome to Trump’s America. We’re on our own. He’s too busy rage-tweeting sh-t from Lou Dobbs and whining about how the Justice Department should be MORE partial to him. It would be interesting to hear what the 9/11 families think of Trump’s sh-tposting this morning too.

President Roundtable Discussion on Tax Cuts for Florida Small Businesses

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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95 Responses to “Donald Trump is too stupid to focus on Hurricane Florence or 9/11 remembrance”

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Let me correct that headline: Donald Trump is too stupid.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m picturing the Simpsons “old man yells at cloud” news headline with grandpa Simpson yelling and shaking his fist at the sky. But it’s really unfair to Abe Simpson, because that man was a patriot.

      • Juls says:

        Nailed it!

      • jwoolman says:

        Yeah, all Trump’s real tweets recently just scream “doddering old coot”.

        Not sure I want to hear his thoughts on 9/11. Closer to the event, he actually said that now his building was the tallest. Yep, he hears the two towers went down and he thinks “hey, now my building is the tallest one”. And he even lies about how tall it is – he did some creative floor numbering that added at least ten phantom stories to it.

        I just want this guy to be gone. Let him go into exile in Dubai so he can toddle around the golf course there as much as he wants and get the heck out of our news cycle.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        @jwoolman, he did the same with trump tower in Vegas. I know a few people who had to sue to get their deposits back because they were on, say, the 25th floor, and it turned out the 25th floor was really floor 5. (But the contract price reflected a 25th floor price)

      • frankly says:

        My prediction: “9/11 very sad. So many great businesses lost money. #MAGA”

      • Raina says:

        I don’t know exactly what it is but Trump reminds me of my grandmother; she was constantly fearing and convinced that someone was stealing her slippers and Tupperware, she would randomly pick fights with strangers at grocery stores if they stood in front of fruit and vegetable aisle too long and she would go ballistic if people didn’t believe that she was once a teacher (she wasn’t).
        Later I found out she and Chump have the same birthday, how funny.
        Everything was always all about her. I remember her babysitting me once (thanks, mom) and she was Furious because I was in the bathroom too long. I was 6ish, ate something unagreeable. Since our TV was broken we had to go across the street to her apartment to watch her Wheel of Fortune and my being in the bathroom was getting in the way of her Pat Sajak. She probably thought she stood a chance if she could only meet him.
        Sufficit to say, she just left me there on the toilet and later complains that I did it on purpose so she would not see her show.
        Yes, she was ultimately diagnosed with dementia. But she was an a****** way before that.
        Some folks are just what they are.
        I think a lot of narcissists run my family. Least self aware people on the planet and least informed. Incapable of thought comprehension and reasoning. Fortunately my grandmother never ran for president. And she never guessed one single puzzle correctly on Wheel Of Fortune.
        But she’d nod knowingly afterward and say, “I knew it!”
        Umm. No.
        R.i.p. Granny Trump

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “but every day we get more documentation showing collusion between the FBI & DOJ, the Hillary campaign, foreign spies & Russians, incredible.”

      One of the super right-wing guys I went to high school with made a post the other day about how it was the dems colluding with Russia. I can’t believe people buy this crap! Does anyone know if they are referring to something specific? From what I can tell, it just seems to be a “I know you are but what am I” tactic.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        There doesn’t even need to be a factual basis for it. His mindless followers are so hungry for anything to support their ignorant ideals, they’ll take anything he says or tweets as gospel without even wondering for a second if it’s actually true, let alone actually do a little research of their own.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Too stupid to be President. Too stupid to even be an adequate human being. I don’t believe in hating anyone, but I can’t think of any word but HATE to sum up my feelings for this garish, self-obsessed, greedy, lawless, cheating, cruel, terminally dishonest, arrogant, ignorant clown of a *man.*

  2. minx says:

    “My people.” Fcuk off.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    Considering he was joking on the air on the day the towers fell about how his building was now the tallest in Manhattan, I expect nothing less.
    He is vile hate filled scum. A being utterly lacking in empathy, compassion or any sense of basic human decency. Racist, misogynistic, stupid, ignorant and a fool.

    • Juls says:

      Did he…really say that? What am I saying, of course he did! I’m not shocked, just appalled. He is so vile and disgusting.

      • Veronica S. says:

        He was discussing the shock of what happened, so I wouldn’t quite call it overt bragging, but it definitely has a touch of his typical narcissism that he could only frame a terrorist event around how it affected him.

      • B n A fan says:

        Yes, he said that! And he said lots of his friends died at WTC, he lied. And he saw lots of people jumping out the buildings, another lie, and Muslims were dancing on on roof tops in New Jersey rejoicing for the buildings coming down, another lie.

      • Lindy79 says:

        The fact it even entered his thought process when there was images everywhere of those planes hitting the towers and people jumping from them, is beyond disturbing. That he now had the tallest building in downtown Manhattan, it had been the second but now it was the tallest. He also said he could see people jumping from his apartment 4 miles away.

        And didn’t he also claim he saw Muslims celebrating it in New Jersey. He doubled down on these hate filled claims during his campaign.

      • DM2 says:

        Mmm-hm. And here’s Trump arriving in Shanksville:

        Scroll to see more accounts of his classy 9/11 remarks.

      • Christin says:

        That arrival photo…just when you think we’ve seen it all.

        I feel sorry for the family members who are in attendance. He’ll probably muse about how it’s too bad they couldn’t succeed at taking and landing the plane.

      • Lindy79 says:

        That photo….Christ. A true tribute to those who lost their lives on that day and prevented more tragedy by fighting the hijackers. This asshat doing a constipated face and air punches.

      • Abby says:

        DM2 that is an awful snap of exactly who Trump is. He just… wut… what is you doing.

      • Anastasia says:

        That photo. My God.

      • Swack says:

        What is with the raising of the fists as if a victory was just had? What a god awful picture.

    • Esmom says:

      Omg. That is Donald Trump in a nutshell, if that’s the first (and probably only) thing he took from 9/11. He is a soulless, empty shell.

  4. Astrid says:

    Celebitchy’s stay safe! and do what you need to do. The rest of us on high ground can do without celebrity gossip

  5. Jerusha says:

    If my hatred could determine his fate, we’d all be better off.

  6. Jenns says:

    Thinking of everyone in the path of this storm. Hopefully it won’t stall.

    I’m in the Philly area and this summer has been so wet and humid. Not to mention the ocean temp was still at 82 degrees last week. All of this can contribute to stronger storms and greater damage. And it’s only going to get worse as climate change continues to accelerate.

  7. Indiana Joanna says:

    drump is beyond excruciatingly hideous. My God, when will this end? He’s so horrible.

    Also chubby middle aged white guy Pompeo releases his State’s Department seal renaming it the Department of Swagger and has a picture of Pompeo in what looks like his hand on a black woman’s throat. These “people” are just beyond the pale.

    This on a day that should be one of muted dignity. But the administration has again shown they are so out of their depth, not to mention just despicable swamp creatures.

    • Louisa says:

      “Also chubby middle aged white guy Pompeo releases his State’s Department seal renaming it the Department of Swagger and has a picture of Pompeo in what looks like his hand on a black woman’s throat.”


    • Snowflake says:

      Guys, guys, he’s fist bumping the white woman and the black woman is in the background. His hand is not on her throat.

      • Kitten says:

        I think everyone knows that, but it’s a f*cking AWFUL photo to choose, given the racist agenda of this administration. I mean, it’s a really bad, awkward photo that should be deleted, not made into an official seal.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Snowflake, you are absolutely correct to put my statement in context. Sorry for the outrage. But that’s what many countries will see in this seal, given that “swagger” will not be easily translated into other languages.

        But I can not believe not one person pointed this out to Pompeo.

      • Christin says:

        Someone failed at basic photography skills.

      • jwoolman says:

        It’s not an official seal. It’s something he made up for his personal social media, as far as I can tell. Not that this comforts me when it’s the ex-CIA Director and current Secretary of State…. But claiming he brings swagger to the job is kind of his thing (can’t really complain too much, I have my own quirks) so it’s clearly based on an inside/family joke. I suspect the hand of progeny or grand-progeny in this. Someone who knows how to use photoshop.

        He probably should have just omitted the photo, which looks too try-hard to paint an image of diversity and inclusion. Besides, the angle was weird enough to be misunderstood.

        Just focus on your job of keeping Trump from blowing up the planet, Mr. Pompeo.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    Orange Voldy finally acknowledged the day by tweeting a Scavino tweet about what he did last year to acknowledge the day, nothing about the lives lost or the heroism, just about what HE did last year. He has just tweeted that he is going to Skanksville for the ceremony for the new memorial with a picture of himself & Malaria on the White House lawn with staff, including STAFFER Princess Nagini.

    My hearts go out to those at that service today who will have to contend with his rudeness and inappropriate behavior on this solemn day.

    • Kitten says:

      Also, he named the 9/11 remembrance anniversary “Patriot Day”??
      … “Patriots’ Day” that we celebrate here in Massachusetts?????

      WTF does 9/11 have to do with patriotism? How about honoring the first responders that lost their lives that day trying to save others? God he is so remarkably dumb.

      • Amelie says:

        Actually Kitten 9/11 has been known officially as Patriot Day (among other things) since the first anniversary of the attacks so Trump had nothing to do with that: If you buy any kind of calendar, usually 9/11 is designated as Patriot Day on it. I knew this without looking it up but I am from the NY tristate area and grew up about 45 minutes from Manhattan so anything involving 9/11 I am pretty knowledgable on. Trump is stupid but he isn’t wrong about that. I know Massachusetts has Patriots’ Day (my mom works in Boston and I know you are from there) which I think coincides with the marathon ever year but that’s a separate state holiday. Patriot Day on 9/11 is a national day of mourning. I could understand the confusion though.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh jeez I could have just googled it instead of embarrassing myself like that. I truly never heard the 9/11 anniversary referred to as “Patriot Day” before. Then again, I still refer to Mass’s “Patriots’ Day” as “Marathon Monday” so maybe I’m just not hip to the patriotism ;)

        Thank you for clarifying though, Amelie.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Nobody here in Boston refers to September 11 as Patriot’s Day ever. Not even at the memorial services for the people on the planes.

      • Anastasia says:

        Amelie: It hasn’t caught on, that’s for sure. I’ve never heard anyone refer to it that way. Ever.

      • Amelie says:

        I haven’t heard anyone call it Patriot Day either and I’m from NY. My point was Trump didn’t just make it up and just because most people haven’t heard of it or noticed it doesn’t mean it’s not a thing. As much as I hate Trump… *sigh*.

        Also I’m just a collector of random obscure facts. It’s my thing.

      • jwoolman says:

        I’ve never heard it referred to as anything but the anniversary of 9/11 either. Patriot’s Day definitely did not catch on. The government might have been trying to link it with that godawful Patriot Act making serious inroads on civil liberties which was swiftly passed in reaction to 9/11.

        They were so ready to go with everything – that gruesome legislation, a war where more civilians were killed by US bombs in the first 2 months than all the hijackers had killed on 9/11. A conservative think tank had said much earlier in a report that in order to get the Bush agenda through, there would most likely need to be a serious terrorist attack on US soil to pave the way for it in public support. I strongly suspect Dick Cheney just ignored intelligence (which was available) in hopes that the day might come sooner rather than later. He may or may not have realized the scale of the eventual damage, though, and I don’t know how much of anything he might have had to do with the curiously slow response and other puzzling details like how lucky that a nearly empty new wing of the Pentagon was the only thing hit there. Cheney was the real President, GW Bush was a figurehead. Bush was conveniently safely out of town on the day it happened.

        So Patriot’s Day seems to be rather a misnomer from the federal government end of it. Plenty of local heroes, though. Maybe it should have been called Heroes Day, in honor of the people on the ground and in the air who tried to help. Sticking in the word patriot cheapens what they did. They didn’t do it for a flag or some nebulous idea of country. They did it for other people. That’s what makes them heroes.

    • H says:

      At airport getting on flight and we were waiting on the TSA line when at 8:45 the entire airport went silent. It was a moving tribute to 9-11, something 45 knows nothing about.

  9. tw says:

    I’ve always said, that if Hillary had to lose, the only consolation is knowing that this POS will be exposed and go down in history as a traitor. As a corrupt, money-laundering, mob-dealing, broke and owned, disgraceful traitor. The brand he’s so proud of and stamps on tacky, poorly-constructed buildings across the world, will be worth shit in the end.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    Be careful, guys. I hope you stay safe. We’re also bracing ourselves in Pennsylvania because if the storm manages to last long enough to sweep upwards into the Northeast, it usually results in mass flooding here, too (i.e. Ivan). Weather is all the more worrisome in the age of the Anthropocene.

    • Swack says:

      Anyone in the path, even after it lands, needs to be watchful. We just had the remnants of Gordon here in the Midwest. Gordon was not as powerful as Florence and there was still flooding from it. Stay safe, please.

  11. Mego says:

    It has nothing to do with HIM and since he doesn’t genuinely care about anyone or anything else, how the hell is he supposed to muster enough compassion to tweet about weather or 9/11? He can’t fake that he cares either because he literally doesn’t care enough to bother.

  12. Beth says:

    Kaiser and anyone else in the area this storm is going to hit, please, please stay safe and take the warnings seriously! A year ago, I foolishly ignored warnings about Irma, and was in my house when the storm ripped it apart. No matter what I saw, I never thought it could possibly happen to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Trump doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself, and throws paper towels at, and tells storm victims to “have a good time. “I remember after the towers fell on 9/11 he bragged about how his building was now the tallest in the area. This disgusting pig doesn’t care about victims of any kind of disaster

    • jwoolman says:

      The first thing I thought about was to hope people took their pets with them. Katrina was such a disaster that way for dogs and cats etc. although I think lessons were learned that made it better in other disasters. We really have to make sure we include our friends of other species in our emergency escape plans.

  13. Nancy says:

    Like c sucker cares about Florence. The victims of Maria still need help, but won’t get it from him. After all Puerto Rico isn’t “really” American. I can’t look at him. When his face is on the tv, I turn it off or mute it. I’m afraid people will forget 9/11. Every year the memorials are more distant. I was laying in bed having had oral surgery the day before and Howard Stern talked us through it, as we all watched in disbelief. Guess for some people in Washington, it was just another day.

  14. Eric says:

    Dear Emperor Zero:
    Enjoy the book dropping today. I’ve read they’ve printed upwards of one million copies.
    How about that?

    • Swack says:

      They are in their 7th or 8th printing of it. I preordered mine so that I would have a copy to read on the way to and from Disney World (and at night). Can’t wait to read it.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Amazon just emailed that mine is on the way! I ordered the hard cover because my iPad is broken and I want people to see what I’m reading on the train

      • Eric says:



      • Swack says:

        @lightpurple, then I’ll go check my status. Checked last night just in case they got to send it out early. Mine is hardcover also – don’t have any type of reader. Waiting to see what people in the airport and on the plane say.

        Shoot – not sent yet! :(

      • Eric says:

        Check out the comments made by EZ in the book on page


    • Maria says:

      Already downloaded it on Kobo. $15.

  15. Darla says:

    Kaiser I hope you stay safe and get the least of this possible.

  16. Christin says:

    While watching 9/11 documentaries last night, I wondered if Tweetolini would even acknowledge the 17th anniversary or not.

    As for Florence, even his favorite channel has routinely been featuring updates. I don’t see how anyone in the south or mid-Atlantic could not have known about this before Monday! I guess he takes a snack or potty break when the coverage isn’t about him or a conspiracy.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He tweeted it was 17 years with an exclamation point, as if he’s thrilled to show he can do basic subtraction.

  17. Liz version 700 says:

    Stay safe in Hurricane folks. This storm is heading straight for my family in NC and I am worried. They live inland now, but my hometown is right in the landfall path.

  18. SusieQ says:

    I live in the foothills of southwestern Virginia, and it’s basically been raining for 4 months straight. The ground is already a mess, and I can’t even fathom the damage we’ll have from this hurricane. But the president is an unethical monster who will let us all drown (and most of my Confederate-loving neighbors voted for him).

  19. Laura says:

    This f*ckwit is almost as revolting as the pieces of sh*t that carried out the 9/11 attacks 😐

    The world never really recovered from these horrific attacks, which set off a chain of reactions that resulted in numerous terrorist attacks, the rise of vicious groups such as ISIS, increased anti-Muslim sentiments, millions of displaced people, and countless deaths 😔

    My heart goes out to all who were impacted on 9/11, the heroes who did their very best to rescue others, and the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives 💛

    PS. To those in the path of the hurricane, stay safe and know that we are all here for you should you need us. We love you 💛

  20. Beth says:

    This clown, double fist pumping as he arrived at the 9/11 memorial service today, is another example of how stupid and tone-deaf he really is

  21. Cate says:

    Not to wish ill on anyone other than Trump, but I do wish this storm were aiming straight at Mar-a-Lago instead of the Carolinas.

    • Beth says:

      He owns a golf resort he spends millions of taxpayers dollars at in Virginia, which is a state this storm is also aiming at. I hope there’s no damage done anywhere but that resort

    • Christin says:

      He’ll probably award federal dollars to properties anywhere near the path. Didn’t he supposedly get money from 9/11?

  22. Rapunzel says:

    Let’s also not forget that his own economy people have admitted he lied about it.

  23. Indiana Joanna says:

    His Ireland trip has been cancelled. Yes!

  24. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    What an assclown.

    I’m from Va Beach originally and went through Irma last year. Y’all are in my thoughts. Be safe.

  25. Liz version 700 says:

    There is a picture of Emperor Babyfists giving thumbs ups and fist pumping while going to the Flight 93 memorial. I can’t even. Everyone around him looks horrified. Even the press pool

  26. jules says:

    He’s stupid, corrupt, ineffective and most of all WEAK.

  27. Digital Unicorn says:

    Twitter is ripping him over those tweets – it seems no one from the administration was at the NY memorial as Pence was at the Pentagon. I know NY hates him with the fire of a 100 thousand suns and they would not have wanted him there. I didn’t know he got 150,000 dollars from a 9/11 fund or that he claimed to have donated money to a fire fighter fund when it was later proved he didn’t. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am, he truly will use any and every opportunity to promote himself or scam money from people.

  28. Kricket says:

    The picture of him arriving with the silly face grin and the two fists up in the air?
    Hubby explained it perfectly. He believes his own press and thinks he’s Rocky.
    Only problem is Bullwinkle gets off the plane straight after him.
    Lmao Hun XXX

  29. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Emperor Baby Fists said earlier tonight that the Maria recovery effort was a “success.” Almost 3,000 people died. I’m well and truly panicking for my friends and family back home. We were incredibly lucky to have not lost anything in Irma even though landfall was right here where we live. I’m hoping for the best for y’all, too.