Keira Knightley claims she’s only seen ‘Love Actually’ one time, when it first came out

43rd Toronto International Film Festival - 'Colette' - Press Conference

Here are some more photos of Keira Knightley in Toronto earlier this week, promoting her latest film Colette. Colette is the true story of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, the famous French writer of Gigi, among other works. It’s the story of her first marriage, to a celebrity author played by Dominic West. Keira was all over TIFF promoting the film, and then she went straight to New York to hustle some more. That’s why she appeared on Good Morning America’s new “GMA Day” talk show with Michael Strahan. As it turns out, Michael Strahan is some kind of Keira Knightley super-fan. He told her that he used to get pumped up for football games by watching Love Actually. I don’t think she believed him, but he was truly devastated a little bit when she said that she’s only seen Love Actually ONCE.

She tells them that she only saw Love Actually when it first came out, which is something a lot of actors usually say – that they don’t like watching themselves and they hate to sit through their own movies. But really, Keira isn’t even in it that much! I can’t believe she hasn’t EVER watched at least part of it in the fifteen Christmases since it was released!! LOVE ACTUALLY IS A NEW CLASSIC.

And here’s the trailer for Colette. This looks like an interesting film, although if I’m going to pinpoint the weakest part just from the trailer, I’d say that Dominic West seems rather uneven. Keira looks great though.

43rd Toronto International Film Festival - Colette - Premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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60 Responses to “Keira Knightley claims she’s only seen ‘Love Actually’ one time, when it first came out”

  1. Who ARE these people? says:

    I only saw it once, out of curiosity, and that was enough.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    We need more Keira. I can’t wait to see Collette.

  3. Millenial says:

    It’s a cute movie. I’ve seen a few of the think pieces on it in recent years, but I’ve ignored them. I just want to enjoy my silly Christmas romance movie.

  4. Sara says:

    Dreading this movie. I am a specialist of Colette and most of the trailer is wrong and annoying.
    1. Colette was not a peasant. Her parents were on the contrary landed gentry who lost their money.
    2. However she had a super rural accent which of course Keira doesn’t have. This would explain Paris finding her exotic.
    3. She knew perfectly well who Willy was before they married.
    4. She did not fight him to have her name back she kept his name to sell more books.
    5. She was a badass who hated feminists and had a disturbing long term relationship with her stepson during her second marriage.
    6. She is a complex brilliant writer who doesn’t deserve this rewriting of history. transforming her into some magical rah rah girl power icon is just anachronic and wrong.

    end rant.

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve never seen it. (Runs and hides.)

  6. Abby says:

    I love her in period stuff, she can really wear a costume.

    Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie. There, I said it! Even though there’s so many messed-up relationships so it’s not actually a happy movie. I don’t care what people think. I just love it.

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    “Love Actually”…for me…is one of those movies where the more I see it…

    the less I like it…the ONLY movie that made me look at Colin Firth and go…”Meh”….

  8. Maum says:

    Love Actually is such a twee self-congratulatory vision of England. Drives me nuts.

    Aside from Emma Thompson and the washed out singer’s arcs, the other storylines are nauseatingly awful.

    I watch it every year. :D

  9. Eric says:

    Good movie.
    I watch it every Christmas.

  10. Pansy says:

    I don’t love it (ducking)!
    I’m no prude, but my gosh what a gross movie. Everyone is unlikable, the bad language served no purpose, it was a mess. (Bad language doesn’t bother me in the least, it’s just like this was stuck in there to be edgy or something. But it was not an edgy story.)

  11. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I only saw ‘Love Actually’ once, about a year or two after it came out. The absolute pain & rage I felt when Emma Thompson thought she was getting jewelry from her shite husband (Alan Rickman) but opened a Joni Mitchell cd instead…Yeah, I refused right then to watch it ever again. I’ve loved Keira Knightley since ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ tho. :-)

  12. Veronica S. says:

    I’ve never actually seen the whole movie, lol. I think I’ve seen about thirty minutes of it here and there, but I’ve never owned it, and I don’t watch television.

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s so surprising. Unless it’s a fond favorite, I generally only watch movies once.

  13. horseandhound says:

    you people manage to see negativity and politics even in a warm rom-com…

  14. MarcelMarcel says:

    I’ve never seen it… like I meant to a few years ago and I think of the film when it’s christmas time because there are ads for it on tv or people bring it up? But I’ve never seen the film.
    Is it a new classic? Maybe I should actually watch Love Actually.

  15. Nicegirl says:

    I love the scene where the little girl and the school band play All I Want For Christmas, it’s so cute and fun. My sons and I look up that scene every holiday season on YouTube and croon along. 🤷‍♀️

  16. Case says:

    My friends love this movie and I haven’t had the heart to tell them that I think it’s an awful Christmas movie. I just don’t get the hype.

  17. burdzeyeview says:

    Yea once is enough, dreadful movie.

  18. Roo says:

    I’m just here to say that I love her.

  19. Valerie says:

    She’s the reason why I don’t like watching it. One of them, anyway. I was a big Rickman fan when it came out, and I loved him with Emma. But it’s pretty overrated.

  20. Ali says:

    I love Emma Thompson and her scenes at Christmas and the end of the school play make me cry every time.

  21. Laura says:

    I loved Keira in “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. She is just so beautiful 😍

    • ravynrobyn says:

      Wasn’t she though? Just watched it again last night, man I SO love this movie!!
      I’m insanely in love with Steve Carell, and imho, this is his very best performance. He reminds me of my husband (who is NOT flattered, btw!); the way his character speaks to and comforts Keira’s character at the end makes me swoon, cry and stop breathing all at once.
      Ok, I’ll stop my fangirling 😜

  22. I also just hated when Emma got the cd instead of the necklace and cried with her (must be because she is a splendid actor). I’ve never been cheated on, to my knowledge, but just really felt the chock and pain with her.
    So very NOT a favourite movie of mine.

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