Bill Cosby will likely be sentenced today (update: he was sentenced to 3-10 years)

Bill Cosby arrives to his first day of sentencing at the Norristown Court House

Here are some photos of Bill Cosby arriving at the Montgomery County courthouse yesterday. On Monday, Cosby’s sentencing hearing began. Just think – many of us wondered if Cosby would ever face criminal charges for drugging, raping and assaulting so many women throughout his lifetime. Many of us wondered if Cosby would ever stand trial, and if so, whether he would ever be found guilty of any charges. Now that all of that has happened, the sentencing issue seems almost like a cherry on top. Monday was the first day of sentencing, and some say the hearing will wrap up today?

Pennsylvania prosecutors made one final push Monday to get Bill Cosby labeled as a sexually violent predator – a designation that would force him into a lifetime of check-ins with the police and monthly counseling. The 81-year-old disgraced funnyman was back in Montgomery County court to learn his fate stemming from his sexual assault conviction for drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004.

“The defendant seeks to escape punishment,” prosecutor Tracy Piatkowski told Judge Steven O’Neill. “The purpose of these laws is not to shame offenders. The legislature’s purpose has been to protect the community and their children… Nothing in this law would prevent him from spending time with his grandchildren. He can still move around, he can still apply for jobs, if he chooses.”

Pennsylvania’s Sexual Offenders Assessment Board previously deemed Cosby a sexually violent predator – which it describes as someone who “has a mental abnormality or personality disorder” that makes them prone to “sexually violent offenses.” The designation – which is ultimately up to O’Neill to decide – would mean Cosby will be subjected to a lifetime of monthly counseling and treatment and will have to register for life with the state police. His name, address, details of his conviction and picture would also go out in community notifications.

[From Page Six]

The maximum jail sentence could be 10 years, but few people believe he’ll actually get that. I’ve seen some legal experts suggest that he’ll likely get five years in prison, something along those lines. We’ll update if and when the sentencing comes out.

Update: He’s been sentenced to three to ten years in prison!

Bill Cosby arrives at the Montgomery County Court for sentencing in Rockville

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and WENN.

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  1. CityGirl says:

    Of course he won’t

  2. Incredulous says:

    I have no idea about the sentencing rules pertinent to his case but he should get real jail time, he has lied, denied and lied again, shows no remorse or contrition and I am quite certain he’ll issue a mewling statement after the days events. Gimme double figures judge.

  3. Desolee says:

    That would be nice if he did. I’d be surprised tho 🙁

  4. Hrefna says:

    I think he will get prison time, because he’s black. Mind you, I don’t think he is innocent, I think he is a sexual predator, I just think the judicial system is not going to give him the benefit of the doubt they extend to the young thugs of Georgetown Prep and DKE. I believe both that he is guilty and that the system is racist. I think he will get jail time ( and in your 80s any jail time is significant jail time, even the healthiest octogenarian is pretty frail) and there will be lots of articles about Me Too claiming a scalp and Has It All Gone Too Far and there will be renewed pressure to let white men like Kavanaugh off.

  5. Desolee says:

    This makes me wonder, do judges fiancnces/ assets/ possessions get audited regularly /randomly to prevent bribes? I’m guessing no but they should

  6. Nicegirl says:

    Nope. House arrest. He’s got the cash. I’d love to be wrong.

    Hope he gets prison time tho.

    • Astrid says:

      I could see this as well. And I hope not but it’s probably in the cards

    • Queenb says:

      Really infuriating how its so often the people for whom a house arrest is like staying at a five star ressort.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        I hope he gets prison time too. But if he does get house arrest, it likely isn’t as easy as we all believe. I had a wealthy family member get house arrest for a non-violent crime. He had a huge sprawling house, but he was not around to roam around the whole place. He had to pick a spot for the monitor (which could not be moved) and then he could only go x amount of feet from it. I don’t remember how far it was, but it wasn’t very far at all. He was essentially confined to 2-3 rooms.

  7. Sayrah says:

    Yes probably 5 years

  8. John Smith says:

    If there is any justice in this world, yes. But that’s an awfully big caveat.

  9. Queenb says:

    In any case it will be only symbolic but that also means I hope it will be at least a little time in jail even if its just a very short time. He got away with it all for decades and is about to die so at least have him in a cell and give him that feeling.

  10. Lola says:

    He should go to jail. Drugging women, especially those who had consumed alcohol prior to being drugged, could have killed them. He is a nasty man who drugged and raped women who trusted him due to the “nice guy” persona he presented to the public. I think any prison sentence he receives will likely be a life sentence because of his age and failing health.

  11. Maria says:

    God, I hope so.

  12. Mrs. Peel says:

    I don’t care if he’s 81 and legally blind – lock him up.

    • Swack says:

      And this is why he will probably spend no time in jail – health issues. Not that that should have any bearing on the sentencing.

  13. JoJo says:

    4 years

  14. Originaltessa says:

    I bet whatever short sentence he gets, he’ll be out in 3 months. Prisons are overcrowded and a drain on taxpayers. They don’t keep old blind men in for long, if at all. Justice won’t be served other than the permanent loss of his good reputation.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He is a serial rapist and belongs in jail. End of story.

  16. eliseridge says:

    He will get some jail time because it’s so high profile and so many victims (even though this case involved one, the judge knows all about the others).

  17. Nancypants says:

    IF he does jail time, it will be a couple of months (“overcrowding”) and I don’t think that will happen.

    I believe he’ll be placed on house arrest in his fully staffed mansion .
    How nice does that sound?

    I heard a newsman on the scene mention that there are prisons for (rich) wayward seniors and he might get that but I doubt it and after a little while, his staff will smuggle his wrinkled ass out of the house through the garage with a blanket over him, so, he can go to the beach and meet a private plane for a little trip or something.
    He won’t be wearing a monitor the rest of his life and there are ways around those too.

    On a side note, Camille threw him a lavish b.d. party recently that started at 0700 – the neighbors complained – and she filed a lawsuit against the Judge who will sentence him claiming how unfair and prejudicial and all he his.
    Now, I just wonder….if I was a horribly wronged and embarrassed wife of a man worth 80 million +, would I piss off the Judge in his case to get my ass of a husband thrown in prison?
    Damn right I would.

  18. Meg says:

    the sheer number of times his legal teams have attempted to get a new judge, ask for the charges to be thrown out, etc. shows he really thinks he’s above the law and that he’s lied to himself for so long he’s actually convinced that he did nothing wrong. I just cant’ believe how sick that is. prosecutors mentioned that yesterday, that he shows no remorse what so ever. what a sicko

  19. BrutalEthyl says:


    His personalized prison shirt.

    I’ll let myself out.

  20. Jess says:

    I saw he was labeled a sexually violent predator. I don’t know if the actual sentence has been handed down yet but I thought that was great news!

  21. me46 says:

    He got 3-10 years.

  22. JoJo says:

    3-10 years is not a life sentence.Bill Cosby could live to 95, look at Betty White.

  23. Skippy says:

    A judge today classified Bill Cosby a Sexually Violent Predator and sentenced him to prison. Our government has a SVP in the WH and will confirm another SVP to the SCOTUS. Coincidence that one is black and two are white?

  24. mannori says:

    which mean 3 years, which means he’ll spend less than a year in jail actually.

  25. Incredulous says:

    Oh what a shock, Bill’s publicist blamed women for not wanting to be raped. (No, he didn’t put it like that.)

    Also linked this to Kavanaugh in that they are both victims of this sex war. Cretin.

  26. lucy2 says:

    Bill Cosby just got hauled off in handcuffs to jail, anti-Kavanaugh people made Ted Cruz run away from a restaurant, and apparently the UN laughed at Dump.
    I’ll take the little rays of sunshine when we get them!

    • Lilly says:

      Me too – those all gave me a smile. There was also a picture of Cruz on a plane looking at a photo of Beto on his phone. That made me laugh. Some posters were clutching pearls that he should have privacy, but he’s in public and a public servant (a limited section of “public” I know).

  27. Valerie says:

    PRISON. HELL YES. The bright spot in my otherwise dreary day.

  28. Rebecca L says:

    Is anyone else pissed off about the long stretch between 3 to 10 years? WTF is that? It seems unusual. It should be 7 to 10 years. This man deserves more time than 3 years.

  29. Grey says:

    As long as he dies in there, even one year would be enough for this arrogant asshole. But I’m hoping for 10 – and may he die a week before his release.

  30. Nicegirl says:

    Omg Kaiser I am so glad you were right and I was wrong. He deserves every minute he spends behind bars.

  31. Mego says:

    So much ugliness in the news. Cosby’s crimes were heinous. I read Andrea Constands victim impact statement today and I cannot imagine the emotional hell she went through. A good, brave human being drugged and assaulted by someone she called a friend and mentor then betrayed by a morally corrupt judicial system.