Owen Wilson took the paternity test & he is going to be a father for the third time?

'Wonder' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles

Over the summer, we heard a somewhat random story: Owen Wilson possibly fathered a third child with a third baby-mama, and he was going to take a paternity test. I honestly have to double-check every time I write about Owen, because the gossip about him is so sparse, I always forget that he really does have two kids with two baby-mamas. Owen lives a pretty quiet life out in Hawaii, and that seems to be his literal breeding ground. He will fertilize all of the Hawaii ladies soon! Anyway, this is just an update: sources tell Page Six that Owen took the paternity test and *ding ding ding* he is the father.

Owen Wilson might be a father again. The Butterscotch Stallion — who has two children with two different women — is expecting with beautiful brunette Varunie Vongsvirates, says a source. In June, there were reports that “Marley & Me” star Wilson, 49, had offered to take a paternity test after an unnamed woman came forward claiming she was pregnant with his unborn child.

We are told that Vongsvirates, whose LinkedIn lists her job as a business development rep for American Addiction Centers in LA, is the mystery woman. Sources tell us that Wilson has taken a paternity test and that he is the father.

Vongsvirates turned off the privacy setting on her Instagram on Wednesday night, revealing several posts about the pregnancy. In a recent post showing her and Wilson at the premiere of his movie “Father Figures,” in 2017, she captioned an image “#fatherfigure.” When a follower directly asked if Wilson was the papa, Vongsvirates responded, “Yes.”

At the end of July, she posted a pic of herself working out with friends, captioned, “#31weekspregnant” — which would make her due any day now.

Vongsvirates also posted an image of her ultrasound revealing she’s expecting a girl. “Say hello to Lyla,” she wrote.

[From Page Six]

You can see her Instagram here. Clearly, they had some kind of relationship, but it doesn’t sound like they’re still romantically involved now? I don’t know. In the last post, I said that Owen seemed to be becoming the blonde, American version of Hugh Grant and now I totally believe that. Oh, well. It’s not my life, it’s his, and he wants to run around getting everybody pregnant, so be it. We’ve never heard anything about him being a bad father or failing to support his kids. Whatever.

'Father Figures' Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Lexilla says:

    Exactly. Whatever. On a day when it feels like things we hold sacred are being burned to the ground, Owen Wilson can do whatever.

    • sunshine hair says:

      At least Owen can support all his baby mamas financially adequately. There are baby mamas who don’t get support or no adequate financial support because baby daddy can’t or has forgotten to tell his new love about his three other kids with two other baby mamas.

  2. Millenial says:

    I’m not down for it personally. I’d feel differently if it were a Kate Hudson type situation where she actually raises her own children and had lasting relationships with their fathers (not to mention the kids are a lot more spread out), but it’s not like Owen is raising all these babies himself. He’s letting the moms do the heavy lifting, visiting when convenient and just sending a check along. I don’t think he’s even still been with any of the moms by the time they gave birth.

  3. Emma says:

    Why a man who has already gotten two ladies pregnant without meaning to (I’m guessing, considering they were only fleeting relationships) still don’t know how a condom works, is beyond me.

    But I guess if you’re filthy rich and child support is just a drop in the ocean, another child makes no difference.. It’s lot like he’s raising these kids, and men don’t really get a reputation either.

  4. Lola says:

    Fairly sure you can’t paternity test an embryo or fetus. At least I’ve never heard of such a thing and I do family law for a living. You have to test once the child is born

    • Pearl says:

      You can definitely test for paternity for unborn children now. They can do it from the mother’s blood and it costs around $1200 if you go to a private lab.

    • Flay owerr says:

      I’m slightly shocked you work in family law and don’t know about paternity tests pre-birth.

    • Bella Bella says:

      Yes, you can. I have friends who had to do this 20 years ago because it was unclear who the father was.