“Sen. Amy Klobuchar talks about that moment with Kavanaugh” links

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  1. Christin says:

    The exchange with Klobuchar showed his true colors. Mean, bullying…

    If he wanted to clear his “good name”, he could get his delicate-aging-writer-frat boy buddy to emerge from his beach house hiding place and TESTIFY. Anyone can have a lawyer draft a letter. If they both are fully innocent, what’s the big deal?

    • Esmom says:

      It truly was beyond the pale and I think he would have gone much farther with his sneering taunts if they hadn’t been forced to take a break. Klobuchar was far more gracious to him after his forced apology than he deserved.

      And yes it speaks volumes that he is trying to thwart an FBI investigation at every turn. He sounded like a desperate, panicked kid at a few points, just pleading that he was innocent, that an investigation wouldn’t offer any conclusions, etc etc. Someone of his stature knows better. He is hiding something and it doesn’t take a distinguished jurist to know he’s evading, bigly.

      He’s an utter disgrace.

      • jay says:

        With this nomination, the GOP is signalling to all privileged white dudes that it’s open season to rape and pillage until there’s nothing left.

      • G. Mitchell says:

        Well said!

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Agree, EsMom. Kavanaugh tore into Sen. Feinstein first. Very vicious and you could see he harbored so much hate for her. Kavanaugh’s exchange with Sen. Klobuchar was meant to overpower her, bully and demean her. We saw who he is and that he is indeed capable of violence verbally or physically. And the women who praise Kavanaugh? All from his social class, all from his so-called elite prep schools, all white, all professionally invested in being a SCOTUS adjacent friendship.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        I watched it all too and he’s more frightening and indignant than anything, that something out of his past could rear its ugly head now. I think he’s only pissed he got caught. And what his wife is going through right now? That’s his fault.

    • K2 says:

      That frat boy buddy had a girlfriend in college who wanted to give evidence on what he’d told her: that in high school, he and a group of male friends ‘took it in turns to have sex with an incredibly drunk girl’. Apparently he felt shame and guilt. And she came forward with this information before the final accuser spoke out – so she corroborated in advance of hearing it. It was part of the New Yorker article. Just shocking that they are pretending nothing of the sort is in evidence.

      No wonder they hid Mark Judge, and fought so hard against an FBI inquiry. Even in the face of the American Bar Association withdrawing their previous unanimous support of Kavanugh, and saying there must be an investigation – that is what due process actually means.

      There are Crowdpacs now not only to fund Senator Collins’ opponent should she vote to confirm, but to fund Grassley’s come what may. They’re raising a lot of money. It looks the best way to hit these people back – with money.

    • Dana marie says:

      True to form

  2. homeslice says:

    I’m going out on a limb here…now that the FBI is going investigate…Kavanaugh will withdrawl. He looked scared shitless yesterday.

    • Alyse says:

      Doesn’t Trump have to agree to the FBI investigation though? Or can the chair of the committee give the authorisation to investigate?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Thank the Lord those two women in the elevator with Flake managed to reach that *one* small part of his soul that is still alive and feeling. THERE WILL BE AN FBI INVESTIGATION!

        Now, whether or not it will produce the expected (and TRUE) results, stands to be seen. Also, stands to be seen if the House will actually take the FBI report into account and deal with it factually (you KNOW what it will reveal!).

        KavaNOPE needs to be in jail, let alone near a bench again!

    • Sam says:

      I think you might be right. He cannot afford the scrutiny of a FBI investigation. If he’s smart he will withdraw, but going by the unhinged display yesterday, he might be crazy and privileged enough to think he is above reproach.

    • ladida says:

      Agree. Lying to the FBI is a crime and he knows it.

    • angry bird says:

      The FBI has one week to investigate. That isn’t enough time lol.
      I seriously doubt this guy will withdraw his nomination.

  3. tuille says:

    I’m very disappointed that Flake will “flake” & support this guy. Besides his despicable taunts to Sen. Klobuchar & Ford’s testimony, his finances should be thoroughly investigated.

    His wife keeps saying she “knows him” & he’d never have done any of the alleged assaults. I beg to differ – she was 27 when she met him & he was 36. By then his hormones had calmed down & he’d sobered up & undoubtedly figured out that his desired career progress necessitated much better behavior than that shown earlier.

    His wife is kinda sketchy too – her “job” pays 66K a year & her responsibility is organizing the annual family day fair for the 226 homes in the gated community where they live. Quite a few of us would take that job for less than that salary.

    • Veronica S. says:

      More like his victims had more agency and he had more to lose at 36 than fifteen. Frankly, the fact that he pursued and married a woman nearly a decade his junior at that age speaks volumes, anyhow. The women his own age knew better.

      • AMiller says:

        I agree about the wife’s age. Taking ALL of his character into account, that seals the deal for me that he was looking for a naive doormat to bear his children for his wife.

  4. CharlieBouquet says:

    For all survivors. Check out Disturbed singing Sounds of Silence on Conan. Just watched it on youtube. Pictured all of us who knows the claustrophobic weight and shame with fists in the air.

  5. BlueSky says:

    Someone has got Lindsey Graham by the b@lls. He is truly scared of something…..

  6. Greta G says:

    Thank you CHARLIEBOUQUET. It is wonderful. I don’t believe that I have ever heard anything by or about the artist, Disturbed. It was marvelous & the arrangement is stunning. I had only known Paul Simon, who wrote and recorded it originally. Thank you ❤️

  7. Sheri Kay Risaliti says:

    I want him to produce the remaining 36 years of calendars.

  8. megs283 says:

    According to the WaPo, the Senate Judiciary Committee has agreed to an FBI investigation!!

    • jwoolman says:

      Apparently they asked Rosenstein if it was possible in a week, and he thought they could do something useful in that timeframe.

  9. CharlieBouquet says:

    Welcome, and I will check it out thanks. I had never heard that version. PMSIN my ass off and I cried. Picturing hiding in a closet and coming out to find everyone else was outside with the same secrets. Probably my new spiritual fight song;)

  10. Bliss 51 says:

    His response to Sen. Klobuchar reeks of middle school. Answer the question. And he wants to be on the US Supreme Court?

  11. ladida says:

    No one got to Kavanaugh the way Durbin did. The exchange with Klobuchar was just odd and unbecoming.

    • savu says:

      I’m a reporter and grew up in Illinois. I used to interview Dick Durbin, even as a college student. He was always gracious and patient with me, even when he was important and I was learning. He was by far the most important person I’d interviewed until that point in my career. I’ll never forget how he treated me and took me seriously, among a group of (mostly men) seasoned journalists.

      • Ladida says:

        that’s so awesome! He sure seems like a class act. He was very clever in his poignant line of questioning.

  12. savu says:

    Who else is just crazy triggered the last 24 hours? I feel like I finally understand that term on an emotional level.

    Something happened in college that I’d only thought about as a “weird” sexual encounter until now. It was someone I was hooking up with, we had had sex before. One night we were both just hammered at his house where he lived with a few frat brothers. I had fallen asleep in my drunkenness, and woke up to him touching me trying to wake me up for sex (or just do it, I don’t know). I remember letting him do it for way too long before telling him I was awake and faking consent. I remember staring at the wall wanting it to be over. I was drunk, my memory is somewhat hazy. But you know those times where you’re drinking and having a good time, and something happens, and SNAP, you’re sober? That’s what I felt in that moment.

    It’s not until just now I truly realized how NOT okay that was. I don’t feel too traumatized by it, luckily. It just feels like a memory that was fuzzy suddenly put into focus.

  13. Philomena says:

    I engaged today. With one of these older white men who is angry that a ‘good, decent man’s reputation has been smeared.’ I should have known better. But they just consistently make shit up ALL the time. It’s like not only has Trump given them permission to normalize their racism and sexism but also just to blatantly make things up on the spot. I finally told him I wasn’t continuing to speak with him as he just kept making things up. He said that Kavanaugh’s friends had ‘testified that he wasn’t there.’ Where do you even start with that one? And he was so angry that Feinstein and/or Democrats had waited to spring this on the nomination so late. And sure – I’ll even give him that one. But I don’t care at all. It’s not illegal. It doesn’t mean Ford is lying – it just means that they are trying to postpone this farce long enough to get to the mid-terms. And I give ZERO fucks about that. I applaud it.

  14. jwoolman says:

    The Twitter smear campaign against Ford is on in earnest. Bizarre stuff.