Kim Kardashian wore a coat & a pair of boots covered in dollar bills, because why not

Kim Kardashian is dripping in Money as she arrives at Delilah in West Hollywood

Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian on Thursday night, where she made some kind of appearance at Delilah’s nightclub for a… party? It’s called the Anastasia Beverly Hills party. I guess the theme was “cash” because it looked like dollar bills were glued to the entrance, and then Kim rolled up in a vintage Jeremy Scott trench and boots, all with the same “cash” look. This is total Nouveau Marie Antoinette, right? This could have been her Halloween costume, and if anyone asked, she could say “I’m the Culture of Toxic Narcissism.” And if the cash-themed ensemble wasn’t enough, she’s also wearing a huge diamond – you can see it better in these photos. That’s notable because after she was robbed in Paris, Kim swore off her diamonds and wearing big pieces of jewelry. Page Six thinks she’s wearing her original 15-carat engagement ring from Kanye.

Fashion Jackpot! Kim Kardashian's Dollar Bill-Print Trench and Boots Are Right on the Money

Speaking of Kanye, there’s a new KUWTK clip where Kim and Larsa Pippen (one of her close friends) talk about how they’ve always wanted all of their babies to have the same father. Kim tells Larsa that she (Kim) didn’t know if she and Kanye would work out while she was pregnant with North, but she was already planning to ask him to have a second kid with her so that she would have the same baby-daddy. This comes up as Kim and Larsa were talking about how Scott Disick and Kourtney should have a fourth kid together even though they’re broken up and with other people.

Oh, and here are some photos of Kim and North out and about in New York this weekend. North is PURE KANYE.

Kim Kardashian and North West light it up in neon!

Kim Kardashian steps out with her kids before Kanye West's performance on SNL

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. aneflex says:

    Biological continuity regardless of whether you actually love and get along with the other. Interesting.

    • Desolee says:

      Some people think it’s dirty or something to have more than one baby daddy. (Only for women probably!)
      I never considered that kind of mindset but now I’m a single mom. People sometimes ask me if they’re all from the same dad. Really the last thing you should ask a single mom even though they are all from same dad for me it feels like people are asking “so exactly HOW much did u screw up your life” it kind of upsets me. Maybe I’m just over sensitive

      • Lady D says:

        Step up to them, look them right in the eye and loudly say what kind of woman do I look like to you? Then stand there staring them right in the eyes and wait for their response. Nine times outta ten, they will fumble, mumble and stumble their way backwards. Nor will they ask you again. You are not the least bit oversensitive, Desolee, you just unfortunately have to deal with ignorant people.

      • Lacia Can says:

        Or a rueful shake of your head while gently saying, “Why would you ask such a question?” I’ve also seen, “What did you hope to gain by asking me that?” You don’t owe them an explanation, and they’re the ones being rude. You don’t need to defend yourself either.

      • aneflex says:

        That is indeed a stupid and irrelevant question.

      • Desolee says:

        Thanks ladies 🙂

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Whose face is on that “money?”

  3. RBC says:

    The one thing I have noticed about the Kardashian/Jenner’s is you never hear any gossip from ex employees who worked for the family. For such a popular(gross) and wealthy family they do tend to keep a lot of real damaging or embrassing information on lockdown.
    The nda’s that employees do sign must be iron clad.
    As for the coat and purse, I am not surprised a Kardashian is wearing it

  4. minx says:

    Tacky, as usual.

  5. ChillyWilly says:

    Kanye was on SNL last night rapping about how money doesn’t matter and only love matters in life. This after the first song about a feeaky woman he buys trucks and nip tucks for. Also about faking orgasms and FiJi Water vs Perrier water while dressed in a Perrier bottle costume. What happened Kanye? You used to be great, man.

  6. me says:

    Remember when she said she wasn’t “materialistic” anymore?

  7. Tanesha86 says:

    The party was to celebrate Anastasia Beverly Hills selling minority share of their company for $2 billion, hence the money theme.

    • minx says:

      It’s still tacky.

      • Save Mueller says:

        Yeah, still tacky. Anastasia is that eyebrow expert who I think has a line of eyebrow pencils and tools.

      • cee says:

        Anastasia Beverly Hills is a major beauty brand far exceeding eyebrow pencils and tools…

      • Veronica S. says:

        Brow products are what launched them in the industry, though. They were the first brand to really expand out the various brow options available and put a spotlight focus on it. The line has significantly expanded in the last couple of years, though. I’d say their equally well known for their eyeshadow palettes these days.

  8. Smee says:

    The $ bag purse is a nice touch to the tacky ensemble.

  9. tw says:

    Sure, bring 2 or 3 more children into a loveless marriage with a person with serious mental illness. Why not?

  10. Jane says:

    After looking at this get-up all I have is the theme from “The Apprentice” song running through my mind and I cannot get it out. It’s “For the Love of the Money” by the O’Jays.

  11. Sash says:

    She treats that little girl like an accessory.

    • AnnaKist says:

      It sure looks that way, and why the little girl was referred to as “AccessNori” for a time.

      As usual, theme or not, Kimmie looks ridiculous. The silly boots don’t fit properly, either, but I guess the ensemble goes well with the waxen face. Wasn’t that the ring that got nicked in Paris, or did she have it replaced after all, even though she said she wasn’t going to? And here we go with the new hairstyle she’ll be sporting for a couple of months…the high split-in-the-middle-ponytail-for-mother-and-daughter.

      These people…Groan….

    • abbi says:

      Well yeah, she’s a narcissist. All of her kids are accessories, just seen as extensions of herself to put out on display.

    • Veronica S. says:

      That, and she’s rich. Children have always been accessories for the wealthy. They pay other people to do the other work of child raising.

  12. D says:

    Kim’s hairline is bugging me out

  13. Sandy says:

    Something is definitely wrong with kanye, and not because he’s for trumpty dumpty, his behavior is as if his opinion should matter more than any one else’s, I’m sure his family is trying to deflect from his crazy, sad shenanigans, which is really funny because they always wanted the attention on them, oh well. Kanye needs help, and not people keep boosting his ego and calling him genius, they are all delusional . STOP GIVING HIM A PLATFORM.

  14. Jessica says:

    She thinks she’s the epitome of high fashion but no, baby. It ain’t even like that.

  15. Bottom says:

    That pink outfit looks like Vicky Pollard from little Britain

  16. Madpoe says:

    Hey can you spare some change lady?