Lindsay Lohan harassed a refugee family & tried to kidnap the children

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Some of us expected to log onto Twitter on Saturday morning to some kind of fresh hell from the Brett Kavanaugh situation. What we got instead was “Lindsay Lohan” trending worldwide because she was Instagram-Live streaming her attempt to kidnap two refugee children. Reportedly, Lindsay was in Moscow – which is a weird enough story on its own – and she saw a family living on the street. The family involved a mother, two kids and someone who is probably the father. The family might have been Syrian, and it seems like they didn’t speak much (or any) English.

So, what happened? Lindsay tried to offer them money to stay in a hotel for a night but I don’t think they understood what she was saying. The fact that she live-streamed her trying to talk to a homeless family is weird enough, but then things took a turn for the truly frightening and appalling. She tried to take one of the children away, saying that she just wanted the kid to stay in a hotel for “one night, one night, one night.” Which is gross and of course the adults are appalled.

This poor family gets up to move because Lindsay won’t stop harassing them and trying to take one of their children away, and SHE FOLLOWS THEM. She accuses THEM of “trafficking children” and accuses them of “ruining Arabic culture by doing this.” At various points, she adopts fake accents, including one accent that sounds vaguely Indian (like “Apu” level fake-accent) and says, “Is he your son? From Pakistan? Don’t f–k with Pakistan.” She said that as she CHASED THEM. While still live-streaming. And then the mother punched her in the face as Lindsay grabbed for one of the children again. Here’s the full video of her live stream:

Here’s just the last part:

Can you even imagine how delusional you have to be? The layers of delusion, the layers of cracked-out audacity, the white saviorism/privilege of this bitch to stalk, harass, follow and try to kidnap a child, all while she was live streaming. Jesus Christ.

PS… A few days ago, Lindsay was in Paris and there were some reports that this happened in Paris, not Moscow. I mean, it doesn’t really make a difference to me – Lindsay was the one trying to kidnap children, and the city doesn’t matter.

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Dakota are seen at the La Reserve Hotel

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  1. Jan90067 says:

    The Cracken’s baaaaaaaack!

    She sounds, high, loaded or both…WTF was she doing?????

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      First thing I noticed, she sounds very drunk. And then to assume they would understand and speak English right off the bat. Something seriously amiss, wow. The years have been kind to her: she hasn’t changed a bit.

    • TheHeat says:


      This whole event was extremely disturbing. She’s lucky all that mother did was punch her in the face. If someone tried to take my child, I’d kick her ass.
      She’s obviously in a full-blown relapse (but is it really a relapse, if you never actually got sober in the first place?).

  2. Mariposa says:

    Hasn’t she ever heard of Google translate? I mean, she is obviously delusional, but why wouldn’t she put down her live streaming and just translate what she wants to say? The poor family – as if they don’t have enough to deal with, now they have an Insta-famous white saviour/kidnapper as well. 🙁

    • Mia4s says:

      “but why wouldn’t she put down her live streaming“

      Easy. Because then she wouldn’t have a video to show the world of her being saintly and giving back or whatever the hell her cracked out mind thought this was. She wasn’t looking to help, she was looking for publicity and credit. She’s not a good person, that was established long ago.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Why? Easy. She’s a moron.

    • Olive says:

      you’re assuming Lindsay wants to actually help the family and not just be seen appearing to help them on Instagram

    • Noodles says:

      That poor family! They’re in a country where they don’t speak the language, on the streets and someone is talking at them, trying to take their kids. They’ve already been through so much. Lindsey is so messed up and the worst part of this is that she probably doesn’t even think she’s in the wrong and will go and do it again.

  3. Who ARE these people? says:

    Couldn’t she face charges for this? (But the family probably wants/needs to stay out of the system). I’m not watching, the family especially the kids deserve privacy,

  4. aneflex says:

    Not everything is a scathing example of white savoritism/privilege. She’s a cracked-out delusional narcissist. Don’t need to see the video.

    • HadleyB says:

      This. It is just an example of her mental illness combined with drug use and her obvious abuse at the hands of her parents / men/ her escorting and who knows what she was made to do as a child.

      • Huckle says:

        So because she had a drug problem and bad parents excuses her for being a child kidnapper? She’s too old to blame her behavior or “mental illness” on her parents anymore. She’s a criminal. She should be arrested and charged.

      • LadyT says:

        Nope. Can’t agree with the bad parent excuse. No sympathy here. That excuse has an expiration date which has long since passed. She’s been an adult of priveledge with many opportunities to straighten up, grow up and choose a better path. It’s all her now. I don’t believe she’s mentally ill either. Just drug crazed.

      • Ms says:

        I’m not defending Lohan because there is no excuse for this, but you need to check yourselves. Using “mental illness” in finger quotes and saying her drug addiction is not mental illness? She can have serious mental health issues (to include addiction) and not get a pass for her behavior, so I can’t understand your logic in dismissing the obvious mental health problems she has.

      • Jeanette Rushing says:

        I dont even think its mental illness or addiction. I think she just thinks she is better than everyone. Her family told her that a young age, Hollywood told her that, the media told her that years and years ago.. Being a wash out has never affected her thinking or lifestyle. In her mind she is still, and always be the super talented freckle faced kid of Herbie and the Parent trap. She never graduated past that phase of her life mentally. In her mind she is a successful, proud, strong woman who is better than everyone and this night she was going to use that success to improve this kids life and recording it and posting it was just a way for everyone to thank her.

      • ttu says:

        There’s absolutely no chance she doesn’t have a personality disorder.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Extensive drug use can actually induce psychotic behavior and permanently alter brain chemistry over time. She’s an asshole, no getting around that, but there’s definitely some mental health problems there. It’s not an excuse for her behavior, mind. It’s just depressing to watch somebody throw their life away like that.

    • Alix says:

      Hear, hear.

    • Sure says:

      @Aneflex You don’t need to see the video but you’re confident that what you didn’t see isn’t white saviorism?

      White saviorism isn’t about someone’s intentions or the state of their mental health. You can still contribute to a negative historical narrative in spite of good intentions or poor mental health. White saviorism is a historical narrative that many Western European countries propogated during their imperialism of other countries in the 1800s. That narrative casted poc as those in need of “saving” from themselves and white people as those “burdened” with the task of saving them. It allowed European countries to impose their power over other countries and their people using the excuse that they knew what was best, and described their detrimental policies as actually being good for the people that they colonized. This type of attitude still persists today in how some people think and interact with poc.

      As @Theodora succinctly said in a comment below, Lindsay doesn’t take the time to understand these people’s circumstances or their issues, but she clearly felt she was in a position to know what was best for them, and attempted to coerce them into complying with her solution for them.

      You seem to be trying to cast Lindsay as an individual, one bad egg, by separating her from the historical narrative she is unintentionally contributing to.

      • Jenn says:

        The racism towards whites is so blinding here and it doesn’t even apply. What I noticed is ALL aid you including whover runs this dumb site is more on a political ramapage than seeing that no matter who she is she really was willing to probably spend the money and put them in a five star hotel. I don’t care for her but you’re less concerned about their safety and why they didn’t get to safety than calling her white privileged. You are all ignorant

      • Jenn says:

        The racism towards whites is so blinding here and it doesn’t even apply. What I noticed is ALL of u you including whover runs this dumb site is more on a political ramapage than seeing that no matter who she is she really was willing to probably spend the money and put them in a five star hotel. I don’t care for her but you’re less concerned about their safety and why they didn’t get to safety than calling her white privileged. You are all ignorant

      • Sure says:

        @Jenn Wow, you don’t even know what racism is. You’re also clearly not interested in engaging in a conversation to learn more about it.

        Racism is institutionalized prejudice effecting the educational, judicial, political, and etc. levels of society, where your racial identity gives you an unequal playing field at school, at being hired, at finding housing accommodations for the same cost etc. It is a pattern of behavior coupled with systemic reinforcement.

        Prejudice that is not institutionalized is not racism. Critique of a pattern of behavior is not prejudice. People can be prejudiced or racist regardless of their good intentions.

  5. Bex says:

    Seriously though her accents?? It’s like she thinks that if she puts on a weird Arabic or Pakistani accent the family will be able to understand her English.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Someone should tell her the British TV show Allo, Allo wasn’t a documentary.

    • LaBlah says:

      Or if she kept repeating Mashallah (utterly out of context) and follows it with some vague Arabic sounding noises that that will pass for Arabic.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I laugh aloud at her “Arabic” gibberish. Then she immediately speaks English with an Isreali accent. She is absolutely out of her mind and out of touch with any semblance of reality.

      Jesus. How much longer can she live abusing herself like that? Did she get a black market liver transplant in Russia?

  6. ZigZags says:

    Who financially supports her? She’s obviously very troubled and I’m not excusing her behaviors over the past 15 years at all. But it’s obvious she is being exploited and has been for a very long time.

    • RBC says:

      Rumour has it that Lindsay has been allegedly working as a escort for wealthy men overseas and that is how she makes her money. Latest rumour I read online is that she is now in management ,cough “Madame “ cough and is recruiting “ employees” for her business.
      The woman is a mess and now she wants to drag others down with her

      • Desolee says:

        OH ok in other words human trafficking, nice!

      • Gaby says:

        I honestly think she might be “aging out” of the preferred age these men go for, and she isn’t aging well, I do believe she would become a “madam” to have profit from others since she herself might not get much “work” in a few years.

      • minx says:

        Gaby, agree. I just don’t see her pulling in big bucks anymore for sleeping with sugar daddies. She’s a worn out 32 year old.

      • NicoleinSavannah says:

        All this. As I wrote downthread, it’s pretty blatant her job is transferring to call girl to Madame. Ew.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        well this actually makes the story above more disturbing — was she trying to get the child for ‘one night’ because it would help her business!?

    • Veggieburger says:

      There was some interview of hers and the interviewers said there was an old guy, a “friend” of L’s, sitting at the next table with a bunch of presents. Also I came across an online thread where someone purporting to know L’s sister said she was paid about 20K per “job” and the family is a huge mess and only the sister is sane. L apparently uses or used escort sites to find jobs. The guy also said L’s done so much drugs it’s permanently altered her brain and she smells really bad in real life. No surprises there.
      I agree with the other posters she deserves some sympathy for her toxic origins but at the same time she’s had more opportunities than others to pull herself up. She’s batshit off it.

  7. Emma says:

    Who’da thought the biggest threat for homeless people sleeping rough would be Lindsay Lohan?

    • Fiji says:

      @emma – that comment just made me spit out my coffee and LOL

    • Carol says:

      LOL! I was really rooting for Lilo and it seemed like she was getting her life on track. But this video just shows that she is back to her old ways – completely messed up

      • minx says:

        She’s still young enough that she could turn her life around and find something aside from acting to do. But she would lead a middle class life and she doesn’t want that. She still wants access to drugs and easy money so she lives on the fringes of “celebrity.” Her life is going to get more and more sordid as the years go on; she’ll probably overdose or get murdered by some lowlife.

    • HK9 says:

      Bwaha!! She’s a threat to them and us.

  8. Miffy says:

    That was excrutiating…

    There’s just… SO MUCH… Wow.

    Can we all just agree that Lindsay Lohan hunting your family down a dark street husking ‘Hey kids’ is nightmare fuel? That’s Pennywise stuff. Linnywise?

  9. Yellowrocket says:

    Never been so happy that someone got punched in the face.

    Can you imagine this cracked out bitch trying to take your child? My god.

  10. L says:

    If it is in Moscow the family may be Russians from one of the many, many minority Republics/ethnic groups rather than Syrian refugees. People forget that Russia does have a lot of ethnic/religious diversity.

  11. skipper says:

    If she doesn’t get help today, right now, she will be dead within the next 6 months to a year. I firmly believe that.

    • Abby says:

      I feel like I’ve thought this exact thing for many years with her. I thought she was close to death with the way she was living, but then we lost Winehouse, and Ledger, and she kept going. She’s like a cockroach.

  12. skipper says:

    If she tried to take my daughter from me, a punch in the face will be the least of her worries. I’m shocked that she has survived this long.

  13. Lea says:

    I think it was in Paris. She was supposedly there for the fashion week if I am not mistaken.
    I am not watching the video because it would probably make me feel extremely upset. I have worked with homeless families, they are always extremely scared of their children being taken away from them and being put in foster care, especially people who are undocumented.
    What Lindsay does is fairly stupid, and I am pretty sure she was either high or drunk and decided that she was the savior of the world, narcissistic as she is.
    She did the same thing in Greece with street children.
    She should stay wherever she is and stick to escorting and living off rich men.

  14. eastern side says:

    I saw the video on youtube. She never offered them money for a hotel, she wanted them to tell their story and then she offered a hotel room for the mother and the children (she explicitly said that the man was not to come) and then she just wanted to take the children to hotel.

    It’s not a big thing, but it’s not like she gave them money and they refused, she was impossible from the beginning, maybe high aswell.

  15. AmyLakeBlively says:

    That’s even worse than I thought 😬 WOW. If she legitimately wanted to help them she wouldn’t have filmed it and just given them money. What an entitled crackhead.

  16. minx says:

    Strange to think this girl used to be an actor with a fairly promising future. Now she’s just a mess.

    • bears says:

      It makes me sad that someone can fall this far. And she’s had so many opportunities to turn things around. I was rooting for her but this is just..nope. I’m out.

  17. eto says:

    Oh WOW…what language was she trying to speak? I’m curious if she was just making “ethnic” sounding noises but I think I already know…

    Sincerely hope the family is safe and has found shelter. Also that the kids do not develop a fear of clowns.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I read an article that said it was (bad) Arabic, but I have absolutely no background with that language, so somebody else is going to have to verify that.

      • LaBlah says:

        No it’s not Arabic. She says Mashallah and As-salamu alaykum and there’s one or two words that were possibly attempts at Arabic words but it was mostly nonsense, mumbling vaguely Arabic noises and an accent from Allah only knows where.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Oh, fantastic. That makes it even more bizarre and creepier. She’s a mess.

    • ttu says:

      Arabic, I think I heard Mashallah several times. I know like 2 words in Arabic though so don’t quote me on that. She also said niet a few times, means no in Russian

  18. Theodora says:

    As bad as it is, this video could be seen as a parable of American interventionism/ messianism/ “humanitarianism” abroad: a confused messy person who has no idea about the people she’s dealing with, their background and their culture, but who wants to “save” them in spite of themselves, while not being able to save herself. And when those people try to defend themselves and their children from her insanity and savior delusions, she cries victim and blame the “savages” for attacking her. They hate her for her freedom, right?

    • Billie Bee says:

      This comment is spot on

    • SK says:

      Yup! Also, I’ve lived and worked in several Arab countries and her whole “this is not Arabic culture!” line was so cringeworthy. Her only experience of Arabic culture is hanging out (and probably boffing) very rich and privileged Arab men. She has no understanding of Arabic culture at all. What a ho.

    • StormsMama says:


      Your comment is brilliant and spot on
      Thank you for succinctly putting into words what is so confusing to so many.
      I usually just resort to Bill Hicks “we’re a virus with shoes” but I screen capped your summary and love it for its efficiency, prescience and truth.

  19. Lizzie says:

    I wonder if she was assigned to find some kids…by her Pimp

  20. Talie says:

    A lot of people speculated last week that just because she turned up at Saint Laurel in Paris, she was somehow making a comeback. No. Someone clearly paid for her seat there.

    She is severely damaged and lucky she wasn’t arrested.

  21. unmade_bed says:

    Mission accomplished? This story is on the BBC.

  22. Ophelia says:

    So she assumed that the two adults had kidnapped the children, and would “walk forever if it takes” to protect the children?

    How on earth did she made that leap of logic? “Don’t worry boys, I’m with you! I’m with you!” What the…

    And then she turned around and said she couldn’t believe she was just punched in the face, and then she didn’t think she would ever change… from what? From being a nuisance?

    The scary thing is that she really believes she’s doing a good thing, a right thing. Self delusion of grandeur doesn’t even cover it. My goodness. She’s unhinged.

  23. Sayrah says:

    Wtf was that? She’s a cracked out mess. The people’s comments from her stream were the best.

  24. Heather says:

    Maybe she sould have opened a translator app instead of insta….?

  25. Janet says:

    Telling the father that he can’t come to the hotel room particularly added weight to my concern that she, actually, is helping with trafficking. She would be perfect to groom children for high profile scumbags who like children. They give her beautiful clothes, travel, hotels to stay at, potentially pay off her mother’s debt, and provide aaaaaaaaalll the drugs she could ever want. She legitimately does not look aware of her surroundings. I feel like someone sent her out to do this. I do not feel sorry for her, because she is a nototious ass, but I AM concerned for her welfare. More importantly, he is a danger to the public and needs to go to jail immediately. She recorded herself trying to steal someone’s kid ffs.

    • Miss M says:

      I replied to you in the wrong place. I agree that was suspicious when she said everyone could go with her but the father.

    • Anastasia says:

      This. She’s involved in human trafficking, I’m positive of that.

    • Uglyartwork says:

      My thought as well, let’s say she got those kids away from the parents, then what? She’ll hand them off to who knows, while she keeps partying or passes out. Anybody could do whatever they wanted with those kids. That’s trafficking.

  26. Lynn says:

    Batshit crazy as usual.

  27. cee says:

    Yeah, she should be expelled from the EU given her actions. If this had happened in Argentina, a lawyer would have already contacted the family, convinced them into action, and she would be tried for attempted kidnapping and child trafficking.

    Someone needs to tell this woman to STOP meddling for her own gain.

  28. Montrealaise says:

    That was so painful to watch. I don’t understand Arabic but from the expressions on the parents’ faces, I can imagine them telling one another “Who is this crazy person and why won’t she leave us alone?”

    And on the subject of crazy – guess who’s in London, demanding to see the Duchess of Sussex, insisting that Meghan MUST talk to her? Yep, Samantha. Her publicist (she needs a publicist?) told the press that Samantha flew to London from Italy and won’t leave until and unless Meghan agrees to talk to her. BTW, I thought Sammy was broke – how can she afford trips to Europe and the services of a publicist?

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      She won’t get anywhere near the RF; suspect this is just to garner more interviews and attention, which are drying up as we speak. And she’ll have to pay that “publicist.”

    • Lady D says:

      Rumour has it she will be in Sussex to ambush Harry and Meghan. It would be nice if she was pulled over on the way there, and made to sit on the roadside for an hour or two, while the officers check her out for security breaches. Twice.

    • minx says:

      Fine, I hope she’s prepared to spend a lot of money on lodging. I don’t think she has the resources to wait around in England forever.

    • Izzy says:

      I cannot believe they let that scheming toad into the country. They could have kept her out on the simple basis that she has been harassing the Duchess of Sussex and is trying to do so in person. If she was not a relative, she would be considered a stalker for doing this.

  29. NicoleinSavannah says:

    Did anyone see those pictures on the Fail the other day where there is a way older man just leering at the camera while his hands were on her? She’s steady typing on the phone. It told her whole story in those few pictures.

  30. Miss M says:

    That’s what I thought it was the worst part.
    When she said the woman and the kids could go with her, but her husband could not, I raised an eyebrow like: Hummm… suspicious AF.

    • indian says:

      Or, it could be the other way, too? Many street children are sadly and unfortunately trafficed, specially in third world countries or amongst refugees. I cannot say what was wrong with Lindsay Lohan and why she reacted the way she did. Or maybe consisdering how she’s been abused by people, she reacted differnetly than most of us would? Everyone looks at the world from the prism of their own experiences.

      • It’s not her place to intercede if she thinks there’s something going on, life isn’t a movie. She should have contacted the authorities if she thought something was suspicious. Honestly though she should just mind her own business. What the hell does a failed actress have to offer refugees? She was just harassing them.

  31. Olive says:

    I look at her like I look at Pete Doherty these days – somehow, both managed to make it past 27 and yet are STILL up to their same old crazy tricks, just without the relevancy they once enjoyed. They’re relics from another time when everyone else either died or moved on to a healthier lifestyle.

    • Ariadne says:

      I actually don’t think that’s completely a fair comparison; Pete is still writing and performing with his band and I actually think the quality of some of his newer music is really good and shows development from his earlier stuff. He looks like a complete mess, but he’s not a leech, trading off work he did as a teenager, he’s a working musician with an interesting body of work.

  32. TheOriginalMia says:

    She’s lucky that mother didn’t beat her ass.

  33. Londongal says:

    Can’t believe she’s made it this far living this way. No one to excuse now for not getting her act together but herself. Sad. Tragic and I fear this story only ends one inevitable way.

  34. jennifer says:

    shes is truly truly on another planet.

  35. Betty Whoo says:

    She is a moron who got very lucky. This could’ve ended very bad for her.

    Refugees got enough problems, and then this COMES along trying to take your child??

  36. Eveil says:

    Lindsey is a digusting, racist pos as were the majority of those viewers typing comments and egging her on to harass that family.

  37. nuks says:

    Sounds like mania.

  38. ex-Mel says:

    Her heart is in the right place. Her head, however, is totally misplaced.

    P.S. She wasn’t adopting any weird dialects – she was actually speaking Arabic.
    Surprising but true.

    • Dalila says:

      I’m a native Arabic speaker and no she was not speaking Arabic at all. The only proper word she used was “wallah” everything else was not Arabic.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      No, if her heart was in the right place she wouldn’t be TERRORIZING these people by chasing after them and trying to snatch their children. She filmed it because she wanted to USE them to promote herself. Charity isn’t charitable if you are chasing families through the streets and trying to forcibly remove children from their parents!

  39. Alice says:

    I am appalled. What an entitled POS. Who is she to judge their situation and force her will like this??? These poor people have obviously been through hell and living in god knows what kind of conditions. I can’t imagine.
    The blatant narcissism disguised as goodwill philanthropy is disgusting beyond words. Inexcusable, idiotic, infantile behavior.
    Shame on her.

  40. Anastasia says:

    I’m shocked there are a few people here trying to defend this. What she did was absolutely awful and potentially criminal. SHE was the one attempting to kidnap people! I’m convinced she’s involved in human trafficking. She needs to be in jail. She’s not in her right mind, and she’s wandering the streets, scaring people, chasing them, trying to take their children. This is beyond the pale.

  41. Tiffany :) says:

    She proves over and over again that she is such a TERRIBLE person.

    She’s trying to take someone’s child from them! She’s chasing them through the streets, trying to grab their freaking children. And using insulting accents that are based in bigotry. “Don’t F*** with Pakistan”, what is she talking about ?!?!

    I really feel for that family. They had a little space marked out for them and looked to have nestled in for the night when she started the harassment. They probably had no idea why the crazy lady was chasing them and grabbing for their kids.