Brad Pitt was seen getting ‘flirty’ with a holistic nurse at a charity event

Brad Pitt arrives for the "Okja" premiere in New York City

Some days, I wonder why Professor Neri Oxman seemed to suddenly distance herself from Brad Pitt after he worked so hard to sell her as his perfect unicorn, the woman who was smarter and sexier than Angelina Jolie, the woman who could understand architecture and keep up with his own design genius. I feel rather strongly that at one point, Neri Oxman was with Brad’s program and she was down with his PR campaign. And then suddenly she wasn’t, and she was back with her billionaire boyfriend, and they were throwing shade at Brad. That was June. Brad’s been “single” ever since, in that he hasn’t been associated in the press to anyone other than Jennifer Aniston (which I still say is horses–t). So, a couple of sites have photos of Brad interacting with a woman (go here to see), so of course they’re trying to make it into something.

Brad Pitt has sparked fresh dating rumours after being spotted on a night out with a female pal in LA. The actor, 54, was joined by jewellery designer and holistic therapist Sat Hari Khalsa at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music annual charity bash this week. The pair were seen smiling and laughing as they chatted closely at the event.

A clean-shaven Brad kept a low-profile in his dark flat cap and blazer, while Sat was wearing a white dress underneath a white cardigan. Some US reports said he arrived with her, but a source said they are just friends. The event was hosted by Brad’s good friend, Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who also founded the charity. Sat previously joined the Chilli Peppers on tour as their holistic nurse.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Other outlets – like The Sun and The Daily Mail – are playing up the idea that Brad and Sat Hari’s body language was very flirty and “close.” Judging solely from the photos, it does seem like they were quite chatty with each other and enjoying their conversation, but I’m not getting any particular vibe other than “friendly conversation, not a lot of flirting.” But who knows? If he went for someone like this – holistic, granola, earth mother-type – it probably wouldn’t be the worst move for him.

Brad Pitt attends Press conference to NETFLIX Film "War Machine" in Tokyo

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  1. Comfort says:

    How long do you give him before he starts copying her lifestyle? It only took him months to get tattoos in 2005.

  2. whatWHAT? says:

    “jewellery designer and holistic therapist”

    interesting combination.

  3. Maya says:

    Good luck to her as she will need all the spiritual healings in the world after getting together with an abusive alcoholic.

    Brad’s team has been trying to show the world he has moved on and dated for months. Trying to show he is hip and ready but in reality, the loudest is the weakest in a room.

    While on the other side, there are massive rumours that Angelina has been dating Keanu Reeves for almost a year. Apparently they were pictured together with her children in Greece last year and the story was huge over there at that time.

    I pray to the gossip Gods that this is true..

    just imagine how many heads will explode, especially Brad supporters will run screaming around. Keanu is 100 times better looking, caring, decent and a truly wonderful man.

    • K-Peace says:

      I hope the Angelina/Keanu rumors are true too. I love Keanu; he does seem to be a good person. Have never heard a bad word about him from anyone. It’s funny, i said a few months ago somewhere on this site that i could see Angelina & Keanu together and thought they’d make a good couple.

      • Maya says:

        Praying really hard to the gossip Gods haha

        Keanu is a wonderful man and universally loved. He would be perfect for Angelina.

    • Alexis says:

      “While on the other side, there are massive rumours that Angelina has been dating Keanu Reeves for almost a year. Apparently they were pictured together with her children in Greece last year and the story was huge over there at that time.” …This made me bust out laughing, I thought it was Halle Berry that he was dating? Sorry Maya, this would never happen. Keanu leads a pretty peaceful life, I don’t see him wanting any part of this mess.

      • Ophelia says:

        IA. The Keanolie is just some next-level fanfic by Greek tabloids or fans. I believe more if it’s Keanu/Winona, or even Keanu/Halle although I don’t see the latter either tbh. Halle is all kinds of messy too in her personal life.

      • Maya says:

        Hey it’s Friday, let me have my gossip dreams 😂

    • Adorable says:

      Unfortunately Gossip cop has said there’s no truth to the Keanu/Angie thing.I do Believe if/when she dates she’ll be the more discreet of the two though,Brad seems hell bent on proving “he’s moved on”,which makes him look otherwise and desperate imho.

      • Maya says:

        GossipCop is fake and I don’t believe them.

        That doesnt mean that Angelina is dating Keanu but just that I don’t believe in GC denial.

      • Dulce says:

        Gossip Cop keep denying that Brad and Angelina were going to break up!! And look what happened… Angelina dumped Brad!! So Gossip Cop is NOT a reliable source!! So maybe “Keangelina” is happening!! 😳

      • OldBeeyutch says:

        My x used the “she hasn’t moved on” allegation for YEARS. Just because someone’s single doesn’t indicated feeling stuck. Often it’s a freedom and love of being alone, in my case a focus on family & work.

    • Go Figure! says:

      I, for one, am glad he’s moved on. He was never worthy of The Jolie to start with. What I don’t understand is why he never takes any one or all of his children to things like this. Would they not have enjoyed this event? Wait! Oh I know. He’s such a private person he does not want to subject his children to all the paps at the event. Now let’s see. . . all he has to do now since he’s started enjoying his singleness again, building furniture, going to concerts, doing his film work, yada, yada, yada, is fix the messes with his children and make it right for the Make It Right Foundation. Geez, he’s so busy, how in the world will he ever find time to do that? Must be exhausting to be him.

      • Maya says:

        I cancelled him and don’t give an eff to what happens to him. As long as he leaves Angelina and the children alone then I don’t care…

      • Lilly says:

        Ha ha @Go Figure! Truly exhausting. I think of the hours spent trying to figure out who to be pictured out with to try and regain his fan base as many. Pretty, but not too pretty, some type of healing work, but not “saint” level, someone where people think “what a great guy he must be,” the “professor” didn’t quite work, so…

    • Keaton says:

      Keanu is one of the only celebrities I’ve never read a bad story about. He definitely seems like a good guy. I would LOVE if the rumors were true. Angelina and the kids deserve a decent guy in their lives.

  4. Missy says:

    Watch out lady!

  5. pyritedigger says:

    She is a perfectly attractive lady, but I don’t believe they’re dating because he will only go out with someone who is more Hollywood-level pretty and they’re def going to be younger than him by at least a decade.

    • crogirl says:

      I guess we all see things differently. While I wouldn’t wish Brad on anyone at this point this woman is no way less attractive than Aniston or Paltrow.

    • Ann says:

      Came here to say the exact same thing, @pyritedigger

  6. anp says:

    He is so overrated with his PR games. He has to show the world he s still in demand because he got dumped by Angelina.

  7. Jessica says:

    I don’t see how neri was ever down with the program. All she did was not comment and she still hasn’t commented on it.
    I think they pronsnly met up a few times but I think the unicorn relationship was dreamt up by brads busy publicists.

  8. Reef says:

    Just go to therapy, bro. Like just do the work to reconcile with your kids. I know his PR thinks all this is necessary but he’s in his 50’s and is a bonafide movie star. People will still watch his movies without the extra-ness.

  9. Hmmm says:

    She was Anthony keidis’s nurse for a chronic disease. A bunch of hollyweirdo men who have the same disease tried to use her and her ozone therapy and it did not cure them. This is found on Google. Brad is either dating her or he thinks she can cure something. He is half assed about his rehabbing, half assed about parenting, half assed about charity work – wouldn’t be surprising if he’s also half assed about his health, too. Judging by the clear shot of him at the event the ozone therapy is doing a bang up job because he looks horrible- oh well.

    In another Google search she is described by Keidis as looking identical to flea. 😂

    Anyway, it’s a shame that while he’s blaming AJ for his kids not wanting to be around him all he cares about is dating or putting that image out there. He’s a bum.

  10. Hmmm says:

    Also I don’t believe for a second that dr no was entertaining him that way. She was with the billionaire the whole time his Pr team was wishing and praying he could get someone like that.

    The hollyweirdo Nurse ozone is definitely more his level.

  11. anp says:

    He is so fake and a very weak man.

  12. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why every time people of the opposite sex talk to each other it’s claimed that they are flirting or dating. They are at an event with a lot of people. Of course they lean in to hear each other. Obviously they could be dating but none of the photos show affection. Body language would look the same if Brad was talking to a man.

  13. D says:

    Love the details of the label change #Shade and lame they got the marriage date wrong but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️