Kaley Cuoco: ‘I don’t need Karl for anything. If Karl left me tomorrow, I’d be fine’


Kaley Cuoco covers the latest issue of Women’s Health, probably to promote the last season of Big Bang Theory, which is currently airing. BBT has made Kaley a rich woman, and she’ll stay rich for years to come because of lucrative syndication deals that will outlive the show for years. Kaley also married Karl Cook recently, an Cook comes from a wealthy family. Believe it or not, I don’t even think Kaley was thinking too much about HIS money (or his family’s money) when they got married. I really get the impression that Kaley just falls in love very quickly and it has little to do with finances or security or any of that. She’s rich enough where she doesn’t have to worry about marrying for money. That’s part of what she talks about in this piece:

On her ever-evolving fitness routine: “It’s all or nothing. I’m hot or cold. I’m not a gray area. So if I’m doing yoga, we’re doing it every day this week…Then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I have to switch.’ Then I’m going crazy on SoulCycle…”

On how she grew a passion for riding, after encouragement from her mom: “Cut to nine horses later, showing all over the country, having my own barn…it’s totally changed my life, for so many reasons. If you need something good in your life, go take a riding lesson. Riding is all about my mental health at this point. It’s my separation from human contact. It’s the one place in the world where I cannot be on my phone. You can’t be in that mode on your horse; they feel it. You’ve got to be present. [After] a terrible day, I’ve been like, ‘Okay, I’ve got to separate.’ When you’re in tune with your horse, they know exactly what’s going on. If you can just be in the moment, you won’t believe what you can get out of it.”

On meeting her now husband, Karl Cook: “We bonded a lot of having the same kind of outlooks on life, insecurities, dating. He comes from a very well-to-do family, so there’s all these [preconceived ideas] of being spoiled, and blah, blah, blah. And he’s just the opposite.”

On how he had no idea who she was when they met: “It was great because he never kissed my ass at all, and he never cared about any of that. He loved that I loved horses. It became a big talking point for us.”

On being financially independent: “I like knowing that I’m [financially] set, because I’ve taken it upon myself to do that. I like to tell my friends, ‘Always make sure you have your life going, and that you’re number one, so that anyone who comes into it – husband, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, however you roll – that’s just an added bonus to whatever you’re creating.’ I don’t need Karl for anything. If Karl left me tomorrow, I’d be fine. And he knows that, and he would be fine too.”

[From Women’s Health]

How she’s grown in the past five years – this was the same person who completely rejected feminism back in 2014. One crappy starter marriage later, and suddenly Kaley is like “I don’t need a money, I’m sleeping on a bed made of cash!” No, she’s not really saying that, but I like what she is saying about a man being a “bonus” to whatever you’re doing. That’s how it should be. As for their Horse Life… that horse stuff is crazy-expensive, so I hope she’s not blowing all her money on horses, barns and horse transport.


Photos courtesy of Jason Kim for Women’s Health, sent from promotional Women’s Health email.

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  1. Kate says:

    WTF are these clothes??

    • margie says:

      HA! Literally the thought going through my mind. I spent far too many seconds trying to figure that black shirt out. What.the.hell?

    • Esmom says:

      Lol. They are ab showcasers. The didn’t faze me that much because a) I just saw an editorial of Justin Bieber’s wife wearing a swim suit while grocery shopping and b) I follow a couple fitness gurus on IG and when they’re not working out they tend to wear stuff like this to show off their toned parts.

      She looks great and she actually captivated me with her description of riding, even though I’ve never had an iota of interest in horses. Actually she could be describing how I feel when I’m hiking.

      • Darla says:

        Exactly. For me, biking. And in my younger years, running. Running was everything to me for a long time. And I felt the way she describes here about horse riding.

      • laur says:

        I love what she says about riding, I love riding and completely agree with her sentiment about it, it’s my happy place and even a bad ride feels good somehow!

  2. Rhys says:

    I like the point but I hope she had stopped telling her friends what they should do with their financial situation. She is an actress and most actresses do not become rich. She got rich because of a stroke of luck. The show would have been fine without her but she got in, and she got money and good for her. But, please! I can only cringe thinking of a rich mediocre actress lecturing her actor friends on how they need to make sure they are secure in life.

    • someone says:

      It’s not bad advice. If her actor friends cannot sustain themselves financially in their careers, it’s time to find another job or a supplemental job. Financially secure means different thigns to different people-it doesnt’ need to mean millions, but just enough to take care of yourself, so you can walk away from a bad situation with dignity. Too many women stay in bad relationships, because they don’t earn to pay for rent and food.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes. I have a friend who has been humiliated through and through by her husband but yet she stays for financial reasons. It’s a little bewildering — I think I’d rather be destitute than stay with such a jerk — and very sad.

      • Rhys says:

        Most of them already do have supplemental jobs. It is more complicated than just leaving acting because it’s not working out. Especially, if you had invested years of your life into it to just drop it and go to nursing school can feel like life crisis. As in all creative professions, there is always that “maybe my luck will turn next month.” Most actors get into the field not because they want money, but because they either live and breathe acting or simply can’t do anything else. And as we have seen many times, most of them can’t do that one job so well either – just think of Jennifer Aniston who will forever be Rachel. As a matter of fact, all of them “Friends” kind of petered out professionally once the show was over. If it hadn’t been for the huge success of it, I doubt we would ever know their names. And as much as I think Kaley means well, she became rich because the show made her rich.

    • Darla says:

      I tell my niece the same though.

      And the show IMO would have been just fine without anyone other than Parsons. I like all of them, they’re all fine, but they all could be played by a different actor and the show would have been fine. Actually I find Kaley to be really good on the show though, and I am glad she got the role.

    • lucy2 says:

      She definitely has a good point about being financially independent, but I get your point too. She’s been a TV series regular ($$$$) on multiple shows since she was a teenager, and has never really experienced life as an adult having to make ends meet, so I guess it’s all easy for her to say. But it is still good advice.

  3. Loopy says:

    Yeah horses maintenance cost a small fortune.

  4. skipper says:

    I never understood the strong dislike for her. She seems like a good woman to me. I’m happy for her success and her marriage.

  5. Snappyfish says:

    Horses are life!! I put all of my friends kids on horses as soon as they will let me. It brings so many positives confidence, self esteem, independence to name a few. I grew up on a working racing farm and can’t image a life without them.

  6. SJhere says:

    What a funny headline/statement.
    She’s a multimillionaire, young, healthy.
    Naturally she’d be “fine” if her husband left her. She has resources.