Taylor Swift wore silver Balmain at the AMAs, used her speech to GOTV

Taylor Swift attends The 2018 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

As soon as Taylor Swift announced that she was coming to the American Music Awards, you knew that she was probably going to win all of the awards she was up for. She also opened the show with her first televised, awards-show performance of “I Did Something Bad,” which – just FYI – I actually think is one of the strongest songs on Reputation. She really brought the snake drama, perhaps to compensate for… the lack of dancing drama, you know? Bless her heart, she TRIES to do choreography, she really does. But thank the lord for the giant cobra. That snake saved the performance. Here’s a clip (this will likely get taken down!).

For the performance, Tay just wore a costume from her tour. For the red carpet and for the rest of the awards show, Taylor wore this sparkly silver Balmain with matching boots. I actually like the dress a lot – it’s a different look for Taylor, and it looked great on camera. With the boots, it was a little bit… Barbarella? I don’t know, it made the look feel very ‘60s and go-go retro.

Taylor picked up a bunch of awards, and when she took home the Artist of the Year Award, Taylor noted that the AMAs “are voted on by the people. And you know what else is voted on by the people? It’s the midterm elections on November 6th. Get out and vote. I love you guys.” It’s worth noting that in the 24 hours after Taylor posted her political Instagram, there was a significant spike in voter registration. How significant? More than 65,000 new voter registrations in a 24 hour period. Which is ENORMOUS. I promised not to say anything about her bangs if every member of the Snake Army VOTES. Please, peeps.

2018 American Music Awards

2018 American Music Awards

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. Kiki says:

    Super pretty.

    • Milla says:

      She never looked better, minus those boots. I get the whole retro thing but it’s a bit over the top.
      As for the important part, i cannot believe her influence. I always knew she wasn’t trumpster, but her statement is perfect, cos the girl got receipts.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Love the look, minus the boots. Hair, makeup… looks very pretty.

        Keep urging young people to vote! THIS is what will tip the scales. She needs to get her BFF Selena to do the same!

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Wow indeed. Really really beautiful.

    • TandemBikeEscapee says:

      Maybe w Metallic grey leather thigh hi boots, w/black piping for vertical upward draw. The boots make it look robotic, but I must say, her eye make up is the best for her.

  2. Sara says:

    This look makes the bangs work! Glad her fans are registering.

    • josephine says:

      I like the hair and make-up a lot. The dress would even work if paired with the right shoes. It could have been a bold, retro look, but with the boots, it just looks dated and cheap.

  3. Maya says:

    Well done to Taylor since she managed to get that many people to register and hopefully vote.

    Selena Gomez, who has the highest followers, should do the same.

    Unfortunately we live a world where the young generation will only do things if told by their idols.

    Democrats now need to maintain and get the angry women, minorities, lazy youngsters to actually vote on the day.

    • Tanesha86 says:

      It’s hard for minorities to vote in many places when conservatives have enacted numerous policies to suppress the votes, let’s not forget that fact Maya.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Word. They have made it difficult for many working poor to vote as well. If you work two jobs it’s not easy to vote on a Tuesday especially if you don’t have a car. I’m pleased Swifty is finally using her enormous platform to help the cause, but I really wish she would have stumped for Hillary. We needed her then even more. That costume is awesome but not on her. Rhianna would rock the shit out of that!

      • ms says:

        I find it absolutely bananas that we don’t have early voting in every state. I am SO grateful my state has a two week early voting period. It makes the entire process so easy. You can go anywhere and do it, not just your designated polling site. Once I was traveling to my parents’ home in another city for two weeks and was able to vote in my own district election from a whole different region of the state! I didn’t have to plan excessively to be in town around election day. Not allowing for early voting is super antiquated and it absolutely supresses the vote of working class people. I have a salaried white collar job and even my bosses have told me I can’t leave the office to go vote before “because it would take too long.” (It took 20 minutes to complete the entire process, including driving to the poll, so I took my chances and did it anyway.)

      • Lilly says:

        I’m so angry at how they’re working to oust the Native vote in North Dakota, where these votes often swing elections. They’ve made it a requirement to have a physical address and on the reservation, where it’s very rural, physical addresses don’t exist – only PO boxes. Urgh.

      • TiaMaria says:

        Genuinely interested as I’m in the UK – how are the polling stations set up, are they local / open long periods of time?

      • CK says:


        It varies from state to state and from county to county within. As such, you can have situations where a predominately black polling station has less machines and workers than a rural station in the same county that serves less people overall, but more republican leaning voters. Souls to the Polls is/was a big movement to organize voting among African American church goers after church and in my state, the Republican legislature has specifically tried to eliminate Sunday early voting.

      • dj says:

        @Lilly I had no idea how they exclude Native American voters due to PO Box addresses. That is infuriating to me!

      • North of Boston says:

        ms – in many states, it is illegal for employers to not give employees time off to vote:


        Of course, that doesn’t stop some from trying to penalizing employees who try to exercise their rights. But just know what they are doing is illegal.

        I used to work a company where the CEO would send emails before every major election dictating how he expected employees to vote. Ridiculous! I was like, Umm Dick (his name was actually Dick) you may sign my paycheck, but you don’t get to boss me around at the voting booth. (I said this in my head of course, not out loud to him…I needed the paycheck)

    • BANANIE says:

      I vote and so do my youngster sisters. My friends who don’t vote – which I strongly disapprove of – don’t do it out of laziness, for the most part. They do it because they are conflicted, which I know is no excuse. Hopefully they listen to Taylor and vote even when someone doesn’t align 100% with their values! I may not support my friends’ decisions in this respect, but I support my friends. Please don’t call them lazy!

      • lucy2 says:

        In the past, I could (kind of) understand the conflicted angle. But not anymore. It’s very clear cut now, IMO. I hope those non-voters can see that and take action.

      • CairinaCat says:

        It’s very clear cut. If you don’t vote its a yes for the fascists.
        And this time, and the next couple of times if you vote other than Dem its a yes for the fascists.

    • Mac says:

      Good for Taylor by finally taking a political stance. But she has been on tour since May and could have been rallying her fans for months. If she had done something sooner than two days before voter registration closed, a lot more than 65,000 voters would have registered. Just saying.

    • Enough Already says:

      Your pist is problematic af and wrong on so many levels. Everyone should vote but let’s be clear here – we wouldn’t be in this mess if white women hadn’t helped screw us over. Black women saved the day in Alabama but why call us up as pinch hitters and ignore our socioeconomic agenda after we get your candidate in office? And stop generalizing young people. Many of them are some of the most aware, diverse peopke I know and do not tolerate any of the racism, sexism, religious into,erance or homophobia that was endorsed by my own generation.

  4. Becks1 says:

    I don’t love the look (dress okay, boots overkill) but I feel I cant say anything bad about Taylor this week lol.

  5. GenericUserName123 says:

    I thought that her performance was very good! Her vocals were as good as could be expected for moving around so much and she had great energy. She knows how to put on a show!

  6. Vexa says:

    I hate to be sly when she’s done a legitimately good thing butttttt… has she done something with her face? Or is it just make up? Somethings up and I can’t figure out what…

    • Caffenatedwench says:

      Lips, maybe? She looks like she got the J-Law Special.

    • Eleonor says:

      I have the same impression, is it possible she has gained weight?

      • Erinn says:

        She’s definitely gained weight in the last year or so – I think she looks great. But look back to her debut album covers – she’s never had tiny lips. She’s worn so much red lipstick over the years that I find she looks incredibly different when she’s wearing a more nude matte shade. It also looks like she’s ‘contoured’ them a bit – darker shade on the outer parts and light in the middle – so I think that might be the key. But who knows, I guess she could have gotten a bit of filler, but I think it’s mainly the makeup.

    • Kaiser says:

      I thought that too, especially when she was speaking and accepting awards. Something is vaguely different. I couldn’t put my finger on what though.

    • Rescue Cat says:

      She’s in love.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yeah, that was the first thing I thought when I saw her last night—her face looks different, and not in a way that I thought could be attributed to just make-up, but maybe I’m wrong. Her mouth definitely looks different to me, but really, so do her eyes and nose. Just subtly. I’m probably just hallucinating again.

      Loved the silver outfit, the whole thing. She looked great.

      And a huge salute to Taylor for encouraging her fans to register and vote Dem. If anything can turn us around from the disastrous path we’re on, it would be an influx of Millennials voting in November.

      • Catarina says:

        I think people are just so used to celebrities having plastic surgery that, even if barely consciously, we are always seeing cosmetic changes on them, even when it actually isn’t there. Taylor does not look, to me, as if she has altered features, this time—though she certainly did have breast implants some time back. (Also, I really like her face with bangs. I think maybe half the people in the world, especially those w thin faces and long foreheads, look much better with bangs, so I don’t at all know what “bangs trauma” is supposed to mean?) Finally, though I don’t care about Taylor one way or another, and don’t like her canned sounding music, I am so pleased that her words about politics has made so many more people sign up to vote! Frankly, there was probably no one who could have gotten me remotely excited about voting two years ago, as both presidential electives are so arrogant, dishonest, entitled, and untrustworthy. In fact, though I did vote for Clinton (obviously, I was l aware Trump would be worse) I could do so only by deeply, painfully gritting my teeth. This year, though, after that horrible sexual assaulter Kavanaugh landed on the Supreme Court, with all these other rich white males and conservatives applauding both him and their sick plan to confiscate and control the bodies and the lives of female citizens, I am now eager to vote. I don’t need a celebrity’s political viewpoint to encourage me to: all the things I feared might happen w Trump as president are happening, just as I hoped they might not. Now that I KNOW for sure and in clear details some of what he and his evil white supremacist, misogynistic cohorts have planned for this country, I will very happily vote for ANY democrats–even those I don’t ‘like— in order to give the old, white, gargoyle faced male conservatives, the ones current cheering for Kavanaugh, and all other conservatives, the blows needed to lessen their power. I am surprised and very pleased that Taylor Smith spoke out!

    • Milla says:

      We all should love her 25 percent more now. It’s only fair.

    • Case says:

      I thought that last night about her lips. She has always had nice lips though, so I’m wondering if it’s just a trick with makeup to make them look a bit plumped up.

    • Other Renee says:

      I was wondering the same thing, Vexa. She’s had work done. Don’t know what but definitely something.

    • jammypants says:

      Contour. Before that was a big trend her face looked less sculpted. Her less makeup pictures show she looks normal. I don’t see surgery and I’m the opposite of her stan. I think if she had work done it’s veneers and breast augmentation. The rest of her looks the same to me.

    • virginfangirl says:

      Wow, I thought she looked different too, actually prettier. Yep, she got something done.

  7. Annie. says:

    I liked the dress, the hair and especially the make-up, but I’m not sure about the boots. To be fair, I don’t know with what I would have replaced them. Maybe stilletos?

    Her performance was decent. Not wow, but definitely not her worst.

    And good for her for speaking about the election. She seemed uncharacteristically nervous, which made me realize just how difficult this is for her, so well done Taylor

    • Elisa says:

      ITA, this look would have been perfect with black stilettos.
      It’s all kinds of awesome that she is using her platform to make people vote – and it’s working. Well done.

    • Milla says:

      Bardot wore similar dress with over the knee black suede boots with small heel. Now that’s a winner.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    Lol at the Daily Fail for framing it as though Taylor encouraged everyone to vote Democrat. When she said absolutely nothing about political party. I love how they were spinning it as she was “doubling down about her anti-Trump stance.” She literally did the least controversial thing a person could do when it comes to political statements.

    Not a knock on Taylor by the way. She has a right to say whatever the heck she wants. And she doesn’t have to get political. She doesn’t owe that to anyone. I just think it’s hilarious how she’s been framed as some sort of radical progressive. All she said was vote.

  9. Beth says:

    Maybe if her boots were a different color, it wouldn’t be bad. The sparkling head to toe silver material kind of makes her look like a robot or like she’s wrapped in tinfoil
    Her hair and makeup are cute

  10. Crumbs says:

    I really like her hair and make up here. The dress is ok, the boots look really dumb and are overkill. It’s so stupid how much you can predict these awards. Also, this performance was not that good. I agree that she’s pretty limited since she cannot dance at all, so now we have her trying to be a bad girl, like all she has to do is try on some hot topic clothes and add a lip snarl.

    That said, keep telling your fans to vote! It’s crazy, but if this is what gets younger people out, I’m for it.

  11. Missy says:

    Like the dress and boots but not together.

  12. Jessica says:

    It’s way more than 65 000 people now according to reports.

    She’s bringing attention to it. I find it sad and pathetic that republicans are mad at her for asking people to REGISTER to vote. Do they want democracy or?????

    • Rapunzel says:

      Apparently they don’t want a democracy; they just want a fascist dictatorship. That and they’re smart enough to realize that young people are probably going to vote them out because their policies are antiquated. I think the GOP realizes it’s dying because it’s living in the past and refusing to move forward. It’s using its last gasp of power to to get whatever it can.

    • B n A fn says:

      Don the Con wants to go after so bad but he scared of 110,000,000 twitter followers. I hope she encourages her young college age fans they must vote not just register.

    • Isabelle says:

      They have tried to actively stop minorities and poor people from voting. Also there are polls where a chuck of Republicans believe women’s right to vote should be took away. They are actively trying to stop Democracy, they are authoritarians wanting a fascist state lead by the Holy Bible and their own warped version of the constitution.

    • sa says:

      Republicans have enacted way too many laws designed to suppress the vote to believe that they want democracy. Many (but not all) of those laws have been struck by courts, but I think we can expect even less protection for voting and voting rights under the new Supreme Court.

      Republicans want democracy so long as they can choose who gets to participate in that democracy.

    • K2 says:

      They were just as enraged when Michelle Obama did the same thing. Of course they don’t want democracy; if everyone voted, they’d be out in perpetuity.

  13. Rescue Cat says:

    A populist left wave is coming.


    • Isabelle says:

      Wow…never heard of this candidate, wish I could vote for him. I’m from that region and he really is “one of us”.

  14. Loopy says:

    Excuse my ignorance I always get confused by US politics..what exactly will these mid term elections do? I mean The Orange one is till going to be in office right?

    • IE says:

      Not an American here, but I understood that they need a majority to pass laws

    • CanadianGirl says:

      It can flip the house and the senate and take them away from the Republicans. Trump with a Democrat majority is a lot less scary than Trump with a Republican-sanctioned free-reign.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Members of the House of Representatives are up every two years do that’s all of them. If the Democrats have at least half the seats they will be able to pick committee heads and issue subpoenas to witnesses to compel testimony and evidence,

      Senators have 6 years so some of them are up. Senate is all about judges as we’re seeing, plus the same on committees.

      And governors are vital to get elections fairly district ed and run. And there are important other state and local races.

      The small ones are how future leaders get their start.

      So every election matters.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Every four years you elect the President. In between that, every two years you have a variety of Senators, House of Reps, & Governors up for re-election/election. Not every seat is up at the same time, that would be chaotic.

    • lucy2 says:

      My ballot will include voting for my House Rep (sooooo hoping he gets the boot and we elect the Democrat!) and one of the Senators, as well as some local town and county races, and a ballot question which I think is about adding some school funding, I haven’t looked into it yet.

      I’m glad we have the chance to do a blue wave now, but I kind of hate the 2 year term for reps, it’s just non-stop campaigning.

  15. monette says:

    It’sonly deserving that she won for a mediocre album. In a time when Trump is president and Kavanaugh a supreme court judge it is only fitting.
    The dress is beautiful but the boots are not.

  16. monette says:

    To be even clearer: she didn’t deserve any awards for this album. It sucks!
    The AMAs are a freaking joke.

    • Hoot says:

      Aren’t all awards shows these days?

      I am feeling energized that TS spoke to GOTV. My sons, 23 and 27, have voted since they were able to register. They immediately took advantage of the opportunity to obtain an absentee ballot, because nothing beats voting from the comfort of your own home: you have more time to do it, and there is no excuse for missing. After the last presidential election they were incensed and depressed, respectively, and they are anxious for this election. Their friends feel the same – not a republican among them. They are much more politically literate than I was in my 20’s, of course benefitting from the Information Age. Although their interests are 180 degrees apart (scholar/artist), they could not be more united in their support of anyone other than the mess we currently have in office.

  17. Esmom says:

    I like everything about her look except her hair doesn’t really match the vibe of everything else, imo. She always has mom hair to me. But her makeup is amazing, I love those earrings and most of all I’m glad she’s trying to rock the vote.

    • Nancy says:

      Mom hair! 👵 lol. First thing I thought before I even read what Kaiser said, was Barbarella.light. Try as she may, I don’t think Taylor is ever going to be a sex symbol, she doesn’t even show her navel! She’s maturing in her clothing choices, but you’re right, the hair. I know women who use hair as a security blanket and I have a feeling those bangs are what she hides behind. Nevertheless, she is evolving. She always gets people talking whether it is for good or bad. A trait mother Kardashian would be proud of!!

  18. MathildaJean says:

    Insiders are saying that Taylor’s new found political interest is a direct result/reaction to her ex bff Karlie soon to be marrying into Kushner fam (their proximity to WH, political implications, etc.) and that it’s all a show. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Kiki says:

      Lol exactly what insiders are these? I’m curious😏

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      It’s a show that’s drawing some open hostility which she does not like so it’s likely she actually believes what she is saying. And if it boosts registration and those voters follow through. …great!

    • Jessica says:

      Haha “insiders”. Karlie and Joshua voted for Hillary. And Karlie even liked Taylor’s post.

      • MathildaJean says:

        Nuances are lost on you. I’m sorry.

      • Jessica says:

        Meh. I just don’t subscribe to right wing conspiracy theories in order to take away a woman’s voice.

      • MathildaJean says:

        You’re perusing a gossip site and somehow interpreting said gossip as an attempt to take away a women’s voice. Wut.
        Why didn’t Taylor make a noise when it counted (ie the presidential election)? I wish she would have used her tremendous influence then. I think her message is on point but her motives are… well…. her own.

      • Jessica says:

        If you haven’t noticed this particular gossip site is heavily political ( resistance) and feminist these days. There’s a reason I am here and not on the daily mail or TMZ.
        And anyway over 100 k people registered after Taylor posted about it and 70% were people under 24, so whatever you think is the reason for her newfound activism i don’t care as long as it’s working 👍🏽

    • Crystal says:

      How would this even make sense? She’s encouraging people to GOTV to get back at her former BFF??? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

      • MathildaJean says:

        Taylor is an inherently competitive person. She didn’t give a rat’s ass about politics before. She skirted the issue even at the most crucial of times and refused to come out for a candidate: the presidential election. Listen- I’m not complaining. Her influence could very well oust Blackburn in TN. This is a gossip site, friend, I’m sharing some well-sourced gossip. Settle down and use some critical thinking 🙄

      • Jessica says:

        SO INHERERNTLY Competetive people don’t have an political opnion? What kind of argument is that? Also why does her nit having an opnion before disqualify her from forming one now. She’s 28 not 48. People change a lot in their 20s. Not everyone is born woke.

    • Case says:

      Nah. Karlie is openly liberal and has been for a long time. Taylor is actually finally joining Karlie in being more open about her politics, not going against her.

      I’m pretty politically/socially conscious and it upsets me when people in my circle don’t vote/don’t care/etc. I’m actually willing to bet it was a point of contention (even just in Karlie’s mind) that Taylor had this huge platform and never used it to talk about social issues. I certainly know it would’ve bothered me if I were in Karlie’s position.

    • Kiki says:

      Well sourced? Ok but what are these sources I’m asking?? Oh let me guess, you have a connection to one of taylors friends and they whispered it in your ear? Sure jan.

      • MathildaJean says:

        Omg y’all are so knee jerk lol. I never said that Taylor found her political passion to counter Karlie’s opinions. The direct quote from her long time staff person (whose name I won’t divulge for obvious reasons) is: “Taylor never cared one way or the other. She didn’t even want politics discussed around her. She would ask people to change the subject if it ever came up. It wasn’t so much that she was neutral- she just simply didn’t care and found it irritating and boring. It didn’t affect her at all. But Karlie’s inclusion into a very political savvy family has made her feel like it’s socially relevant to become involved. Why, I’m not entirely sure, but it was almost an overnight transformation.”
        There ya go.

    • erin says:

      Why has nobody mentioned the fact that Taylor was sexually assaulted and the fact that the Republicans installed a sexual assaulter on the Supreme Court was the final straw for her? That is much more likely to be the reason that she finally made a political statement.

      • Case says:

        Absolutely agree, Erin. I think it was the last straw for many of us.

      • sa says:

        That being the last straw make a lot of sense.

        Also, I skimmed a buzzfeed article today about the times that Taylor Swift has taken a stance, each time has she has done so (at least of those listed) has been in line with her current statement. She’s spoken out on sexism, homophobia, that kids shouldn’t have to fear gun violence. I didn’t previously know about several of these, but it seems like all of the issues she’s previously spoken out about are very much in line with her current statement.

      • DS9 says:

        That’s actually what it was.

        Not BLM, not police brutality, not racism, not refugee children ripped from their parents, not Trump’s attacks on the press, not his increasingly unhinged behavior, not Russian meddling, but the elevation of a man who committed a similar violation to the one she’s experienced.

        Now she can finally relate.

        Peak white feminism.

      • MathildaJean says:

        @ DS9 yasssssss. THIS. Also the realization that having a political mind could be an attribute for her and, most importantly, her brand.
        I’d like to see her make a statement on climate change. Her influence in that arena could, quite literally, help save the world.

      • Alyse Leitao says:

        Yep, that was my first thought! (And commented on the OG CB post about Tay’s political post)

      • sa says:

        I think there’s an element of the courts are supposed to be a check on the rest. Courts have stopped many (not enough) of Trump’s and the GOP’s evil policies. But now, in addition to knowingly putting a sexual assaulter on the Court, it also appears that we have lost any hope of a check on the GOP for decades to come. And this isn’t going to just harm women, this Court will be bad for all marginalized groups.

        I referred to Kavanaugh as a known (rather than alleged) sexual assaulter because I completely believe that if the GOP really thought he was innocent, they’d have allowed a real investigation – they knew it was true and apologized to him for what he was being put through. We all saw U.S. Senators smugly dismiss sexual assault survivors, tell them to grow up, and literally shoo them away.

        No question there has been a lot that has been horrifying before now, but I can understand how this could provoke someone to finally speak up.

    • Catarina says:

      MathildeJean:LOL: Talk about one of the weirder, MOST RIDICULOUS, utterly nonsensical conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard!!! Uh, Karlie and Joshua Kushner are liberals who voted for Hillary Clinton, so how on earth would Taylor encouraging people to vote liberal, too, be a way of “getting back at” Karlie?!?!? I mean, it’s fine to dislike Taylor— I still rather do–without hating and suspecting them of devious, selfish motives whenever they happen to do something GOOD. (And, if you just HAVE to make up some way to try to convince people that Taylor spoke out from only evil intentions, at least have your next conspiracy theory make SENSE!

  19. Ninks says:

    I think the boots are a little OTT but the dress is perfect for the occasion. I’m glad she’s maintaining the weight she put on because she looks amazing.

  20. minx says:

    Love the dress, she really looks gorgeous. Should have left the boots at home.

    • Anners says:

      Agreed. The boots are not good and make her look short and stumpy (2 things she is not). I love the dress, hair, and makeup – very 60s and retro cool.

  21. MathildaJean says:

    @kiki her staff @whoarethesepeople agreed that it’s generating voter registration- and that’s awesome. But I disagree that it’s sincere, Taylor is notoriously reactive. Pun intended 😜

    • Kiki says:

      Lol so you’re a close personal friend of her staff and can get direct quotes from them that even the newspapers don’t get?I’m so sure. And how convenient that you can’t divulge their name. Wow we are all impressed you have powerful friend. Sure. Really.

  22. Darla says:

    The boots make it look a bit OG Star Trek, but I kinda love it. Maybe that’s why I love it.

    • detta says:

      Yes! I couldn’t put my finger on why I liked the look, but it is sort of sci-fi-y retro-ish – imagine Uhura or counselor Troi in it – and I think she pulled it off. I do not think she looks stumpy; I think she has an amazing body and it shows. I am neither a Swifty fan nor hater, but this is a cool look to me. Also: respect for her for speaking about her own vote and voter registration. Whatever the reason, I don’t really care, as long as it gets more people to vote blue.

  23. DP says:

    I loved Taylor’s performance last night. Perfect song to play at this time. I believe her song choice was well thought out and purposeful… “I never trust a narcissist…”

  24. Miss Jupitero says:

    I have never been a big fan of her music, but I PROMISE the following:

    If all you snake ladies out there get out and VOTE and rally your friends to vote, I will not only buy all her albums, I will DANCE to them. I will never ever snark about dear Tay Tay ever again. She has won me.

    • jammypants says:

      People think I hate her but I neither like or dislike her. She’s a flawed person capable of doing good things like anyone else.

  25. Jessica says:

    Her makeup looked great on the red carpet. I would be snarky about her inability to move her body with music while on stage. I will not be so petty and instead use the chance to praise her for FINALLY making some sort of political opinion – getting out the vote – and letting the world know she’s not another Dumpster.

  26. Amelie says:

    I don’t like this look at all, it looks like she’s trying to impersonate a disco ball. Her face looks different, I can’t tell if she had something done or if it’s just make up.

    • jammypants says:

      I think it’s just makeup, which is really pretty and well done. Her face looks slimmer but I think it’s due to losing baby fat. Only thing on her face she seemed to have upgraded are veneers?

  27. Tracy says:

    I’m thrilled that she got so many people to vote. However, I can’t unsee her as a giant disco ball in this dress.

  28. Pita says:

    The outfit looks like something Kim K would wear in a heartbeat. I do love her makeup she looks great, even the hair and bangs work this time.

  29. Crystal says:

    I think she looks all around terrible in these photos- the dress and boots are ugly and the makeup style doesn’t suit her. However, bad styling aside, I love her message!

  30. Veronica S. says:

    The boots take it into costume territory for me – it’s fine for a stage performance but seems overkill on the carpet. The dress, however, I really like. And her makeup is on point.

  31. Isabelle says:

    It’s got Trump shook up its why Kayne made a visit to see him. The both of them are tools of men. Little Taylor has upset their world.

  32. M.A.F. says:

    She looks like a disco ball, a very lovely disco ball. I thought she looked good.

  33. Case says:

    Her performance was awesome, she looked beautiful (that lipstick is a great shade on her), and most importantly, she inspired THOUSANDS of young people go register to vote this week. Wins all around for Taylor.

  34. sommolierlady says:

    Her voice is really awful but good for her for telling people to get out and vote.

  35. violet says:

    She looks like a slot machine.

  36. Bliss 51 says:

    Is she lip syncing? Her voice sounds different, it’s usually breathy. Back in my day, performers sang live at concerts. That was another century though. Otherwise, she looks good, glad she spoke out in the least controversial way, hahahaha.

    • Case says:

      Her live singing voice has improved greatly in recent years, actually. Almost everyone who performed last night (and at most award shows, I think) does perform with a backing track though, which sort of fills in the gaps when they’re not singing because they’re dancing or whatever.

  37. Lyd says:

    Her makeup is so different here from what she typically does.. I like the change. It really brightens her features in a complementary way.

  38. jammypants says:

    Very pretty but I’m not feeling the boots. Her dancing wasn’t bad but that singing 🙉

  39. Jennifer says:

    I guess I’m one of the only people here that actually loved the matching boots. Strappy stilettos would have been boring IMO. If she’s wearing that silvery, mirror like dress…might as well go all in with the silvery shiny drama. I think it looks fabulous, the best look I’ve seen on her, well, ever?

  40. Nancy says:

    From reading most all of the posts, it seems the boots aren’t popular. Again, the cheese stands alone. I love them. You have to be nice and tall and very thin to wear those boots. She rocked them.

  41. Karen2 says:

    …since L Wren died Ive been sorta worrying about Olivier who sometimes seems kinda isolated in his grind, so very happy for him so many artists chose Balmain at the amas…👏👏👏

  42. Birds eye view says:

    The new barbarella …i thought she looked awesome…and if she can encourage th youth of America to go out and vote all power to her xx

  43. Claire says:

    She looked terrific! Why does anyone put importance on what a celebrity says about politics?

  44. Parigo says:

    Getting on the right side of history. Better late than never. Yea, Selena can up her game here.

  45. TammyFaye says:

    Music awards are so different from film/tv ones. The singer/musician has a really direct relationship with the fans, while actors work in a big team to create fictional stuff and aren’t as direct-to-fans product wise. Her speech was “all about the fans.” Anyway, it’s incredible to see these music jugganauts who are under 30 with $400 million net worth, etc. Fascinates me like the tech industry does. Rihanna’s gone into fashion but I have a feeling Swift will stick with music stuff and any merchandise will be music related, not fashion for its own sake.

  46. Lex says:

    REALLY want an affordable (but not crap quality) dupe for this dress. LOVE IT.
    Perfect for NYE or my birthday…


  47. CairinaCat says:

    Check your voter reg!!! i just checked and i was ok but my son was not. he voted in june but it showed he was not registered when i just looked.
    I just reregistered him online, but there is a certain time you have to do it for an election for it to be valid, usually 15 days before

  48. Nibbi says:

    her face/ makeup looks stunning, a really good look for her.
    her face is always gorgeous w the red lip but this was a nice departure- i think her skin is perfect- she looks like a porcelain doll here, in the best way.

    i dearly wish she was wearing black stilettos, maybe at most a metal spike heel… would have been edgy perfection to cut the angelic thing going on w her head. ah well.

  49. Yes Doubtful says:

    God Taylor can’t sing to save her life. I love how they try to use lighting and fog to hide her horrible dancing. I love the dress though. The boots were a bit much. I wonder why she’s so resistant to release Getaway Car as a single?? It’s the best song on that mediocre album. If she’s going to play up this “I’m so bad” thing, then that is the perfect song for it!