Yes, we’re already talking about names for Royal Polo Baby Sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

Just when I thought I had covered all aspects of Royal Polo Baby Sussex: Day 1, I find myself idly wondering what they’ll name Polo Baby. Obviously, Polo Baby is just the placeholder name, as I foretold back in July, just as Prince T’Challa was the placeholder name for Prince Louis of Cambridge. Since Meghan and Harry will not be king and queen, they can have more “fun” with their baby names, but there will still be a strong expectation for them to go somewhat traditional. I tend to think that for a girl, Elizabeth, Diana and Doria will all be in the mix as middle names, but they’ll go with something simple and conservative for the first name. “Rose” came to me and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Lady/Princess Rose Elizabeth Diana of Sussex? Come on, that’s totally what it should be.

The betting sites are already getting involved, and they’re just repeating some of the odds-on favorite names from William and Kate’s last pregnancy: Diana, Arthur and Alice, perhaps James or Victoria. I REALLY don’t see them naming a girl Victoria. Alice, maybe. But I’m telling you: Rose. I’m getting a very strong ROSE VIBE.

For boy names, I’ve never understood the insistence that James should be in the mix for Kate or Meghan’s babies. Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex named their son James, and he is a TOTAL James. He is Peak James. Why repeat that first name? So if it’s a boy, I think… Arthur, Charles and Philip will all be in the mix for middle names. But I could totally see Meghan insisting on a traditional-yet-”fresh” first name for a son. Like… Jacob, Oliver, Michael, or Elliot. Also, Meghan has some Irish ancestry – do you think she’d veer more towards an Irish name? Prince Cillian Charles Philip???

Also, let’s take a vote: until further notice, I’m just referring to the kid as Polo Baby or Baby Sussex, right?

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78 Responses to “Yes, we’re already talking about names for Royal Polo Baby Sussex”

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  1. Melania says:

    I love Polo Baby LOL
    For a baby girl I would love Grace.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Baby Sussex, please.

    And I really like Rose. But I can see Eugenie naming a daughter Rose.
    And I love Alice.

    For a boy, I LOVE Oliver! But I’m horrible at the name game. I didn’t predict ANY name right with ANY of the Cambridge kids. LOL!

    • Franny Days says:

      I second Baby Sussex.

    • dietcokehead says:

      Yes! Baby Sussex sounds much less creepy and more respectful than Polo baby.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Yes, baby Sussex is too cute! I vote for that as well.
      As for the actual name, I’m not getting a Rose vibe at all. I think maybe Alice or Grace…something traditional and such.

    • Lilly says:

      My vote too and Rose would be lovely. But, I never try and predict, because I’m not good at it, so for a boy I have no preference.

  3. Lucy says:

    I always LOL at Prince T’Challa. It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it?

  4. JadedBrit says:

    All we know for sure is that there’s no way the child be be named Thomas or Samantha.

  5. Melly says:

    I see them choosing a sort of nontraditional royal first name but having the middle name be super traditional. I love Rose as a name for a girl.

    • RoyalSparkle says:

      It’s Tradition – history …
      The list of names from generations already exist for The Royal babies – especially for senior Royals and a potential King .

  6. BreeInSEA says:

    For girl: Everly Elizabeth
    For boy: Austin Charles

  7. Vexa says:

    Rose was my first thought for a girl as well! I think for a boy, they should go for Alexander and then we can finally have a baby Sasha, after the Clooneys let us down…

  8. Sharon Lea says:

    I love the current nickname Polo Baby! If they have a girl, I wonder if they would use Diana in the name, as a middle name etc. I think they might use one of Charles’ names in a middle name since they seem so close to him, and him walking her down the aisle etc.

  9. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Elizabeth and Phillip. Can you imagine the brownie points? Phillip Charles, specifically… just because I know it would send the Markles into meltdown mode LOL

    • Sunnee says:

      I thought of those names immediately. Elizabeth Diana and Phillip Charles. Brownie Points. Alexandria Diana is also a good choice. Queen Victoria’s real name was Alexandria. Arthur Charles is good too. Personally, I love the name Phillip.

    • Deens says:

      My little boy is Philip Charles (he answers to Pippy Whipps but bless him he’s only 3 and doesn’t know any better 😆). We needed a first name that works in two cultures and Philip is pretty universal, and Charles is dad’s name. It’s unintentionally royal! He’s unique even in the UK amidst the sea of Jacobs, Noahs, Finns, Leos and Olivers at his preschool. It would be great if the Sussex baby goes this route.

  10. savu says:

    Why am I so ecstatic for them?! This is exciting. Is it bc it feels like they’re genuinely in love, with no years-long stalking involved? Who knows.

    I do know for sure this baby will be CUTE, y’all.

  11. BegoneOrangeCheeto says:

    I can’t imagine they won’t have Diana in the mix. If a girl, maybe Margaret Diana Rose? (There hasn’t been a Margaret in a while.) I’m getting strong girl vibes, not sure why.

    For a boy: Peter Arthur Philip Charles (to honor pops and granddad)

  12. AnnaKist says:

    I like Victoria for a girl, but as I’m rubbish at this, too, Anastasia, they’ll probably choose something like Annabelle, Arabella or Isabella. I hope it’s not Margaret or Catherine. .

    For a boy I like Julian or Albert. Or Thomas, but as that’s Meghan’s father’s name… Just not Garry r Jayden or Ethan.

  13. Incognita says:

    For a boy, I am hopeful that he is named Phillip Charles Alexander. As for a girl, I like Alexandria Frances Elizabeth.

  14. Ib says:

    Doria Diana Sussex really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? If it’s a boy, I bet you Charles shows up in there somewhere. Meghan and Charles are good buds and she knows tickled he would be. Plus I could really see Meghan as stan for the exceedingly popular name/nickname ‘Charlie’

    • Malificent says:

      If it’s a girl, they might choose a “D” name for the first name that is neither Diana nor Doria. That way, they could honor both grandmothers. Maybe Daphne or Daisy?

  15. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    Wonder if they would do a spin on Charles’ name and go with Charlie for a girl? Probably not, but that would be cute.

  16. JaneDoesWork says:

    I just hope they don’t pick any of my names! Everytime there’s a royal baby that name seems to be become popular again, and I don’t want my Isabelle to be in a sea of others. Charlotte was originally on my list (Charlie for short) but we removed it when Princess Charlotte came along. Also removed Jack (replaced it with Ben) when I realized that E V E R Y boy in my niece’s preschool class was named Jack.

    • KK2 says:

      Are you in the US? Use the social security name popularity index if that concerns you! Of course it’s a year or two behind and can’t account for royal baby names of the future. Isabelle itself is not hugely popular, but Isabella has been a top 5 name since 2007. There are tons of Isabellas (and Avas, Sophias, Emmas, Olivias, Charlottes). If that’s gonna bother you, pick something else! In the US, Charlotte was super popular way before Princess Charlotte- top 20 since 2012, top 10 since 2014. I was actually surprised they picked it because it was so trendy, but maybe it wasn’t trendy in the UK. But if popularity of a name really bothers you, look it up first!

    • Emily says:

      I know! I’m due a week ahead of them and I’m paranoid I’ll pick a cute English name and then they also use it and suddenly my kid is one of 100 at their school. Charlotte was always for years and years what I said I’d name a girl until the princess came.

      If I have a girl – Louisa (you heard it here first!) and a boy Benjamin or Henry.

  17. Becks1 says:

    I keep thinking one of these royals is going to use Philip, but so far they keep proving me wrong (I guess the only ones so far have been Will and Kate, since all the other great-grandchildren are girls.) I really thought Zara was going to have a boy and name it Philip Michael.

    Anyway….I think Philip will be in the name somewhere. I wonder if they will do just 2 names or 3 or 4.

    • aaa says:

      I want them to use Philip too but I recall reading that this set of royals tend not to give the same first name as another living relative.

  18. Tina says:

    I am all about Arthur or Alice, as I was for baby Cambridge. Very trendy amongst posh London mums AND fine historically. Other possibilities for a girl are Alexandra, Amelia, Emilia, Helena, Isabel, Cecilia, Caroline, Margaret, Mary, Sophia or Patricia. Augusta, Frederica, Clementina, Henrietta and Adelaide are a bit more out there but still possibilities.

    And for a boy, Alfred, Albert, Alexander, Frederick, Philip and Richard have to be in the running. Leopold and Ernest are a bit more unlikely. (And I love that you’ve renamed the Royals section).

  19. Molly says:

    Will and Kate already used Diana, so I’d like to see them go with Spencer as a middle to honor her. Frances is an option too, but I don’t like that nearly as much. It’s TOO traditional.

    • SWP says:

      Ooh what about spencer as a FIRST NAME REGARDLESS OF GENDER??

      • Molly says:

        I like it, but I don’t like it with Prince/Princess or Sussex. All the S’s compete.
        I LOVE Elizabeth Spencer for a girl. Very feminine + more androgynous.

  20. Kittycat says:


  21. Kristin says:

    I think they might do something Alexandra Elizabeth for a girl and Phillip Charles for a boy. I think Meghan is pretty traditional and those are traditional family names.

  22. Royalwatcher says:

    For a girl: Princess Alice Frances of Sussex
    Boy: Prince Charles Dorian of Sussex (but declare from birth he will be Charlie as they did with Harry)

    I do think letter patent will be granted by the queen to declare the Sussex babies princess/price from birth. I also think it’s a boy.

  23. DIRTNAP says:

    Diana Theadoria for a girl to give props to both moms.

    Hank Jr. for a boy. I’m kidding, of course.

  24. Citresse says:

    Yes, remember I predicted July Polo Baby.
    However, I earlier thought it may be Honeymoon Baby.
    Very beautiful news! Wish MM a healthy, strong tour. AND Keep hydrated MM. Best wishes.

  25. notasugarhere says:

    Please no Diana or Frances. W&K already condemned a child with that name in the mix. Alice or Julia for Philip’s mother (Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie). Elizabeth. Alexandra. Cecelia was the Queen Mum’s mum’s name.

    Philip, Charles, Alexander in the list for a boy. No James, too closely associated with Wessex and Middleton now. Mark in there is possible, for Mark Dyer not Phillips.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Rose Sussex would be hard to say.

  27. Eric says:

    For a boy, Mac Daddy Pimpin

    For a girl, Don’t Even Think About It Fellas

  28. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Philippa Rose for a girl

    Oliver Charles Philip for a boy

    Samantha Thomasina for head explosions!

  29. Case says:

    I love the name Rose so much. So timeless and elegant, but still fun.

    I loved Albert (Albie) or Alice for the third Cambridge baby, and think they’d fit for Harry and Meghan’s baby, too. Since Frances was Diana’s middle name, I think that would be really cute for a girl (Frankie!). These two are a fun couple — I feel like they’ll push the envelope a bit with traditional names. Maybe the baby will have a traditional name but a fun nickname, or a traditional first/middle name but the other name will be more original.

    Diana and Arthur are both middle names of the Cambridge kids, so I don’t think they’ll reuse those, right? Maybe it doesn’t matter.

  30. Meadow says:

    Alexander, Phillip, Michael. I don’t think they’ll use Charles as a first name. Maybe a middle name.

    Alexandria, Elizabeth, Alice. Personally, I think Rose and Daisy are a bit overused. There are other flowers out there that don’t get enough love. Dahlia would be great.

  31. Rae says:

    I hope they move away from the suffocating stuffiness of the names WK were choosing from. I think WK have already used, either as first or middle names, the best of the older Royal names. The remaining ones are very dated now and this will be a lovely opportunity to go the route of Zara and Peter (I.e more modern names).

  32. BananaPancakes says:

    Please not Rose! We picked that for our daughter and loved that it isn’t a popular first name!

  33. Cal says:

    Can I butt in, and object to ‘Oliver’, on historical grounds (plus there’s the unavoidable reminder of liver for lunch at school. Bleurrrgh)

  34. paddingtonjr says:

    It would be nice if they did a combination of the traditional royal names and representation of Meghan’s family. Perhaps Mary Doria Frances or Philip Dorian John? Of course, they can always look to his uncle Charles Spencer for inspiration: his daughter was the first Charlotte Diana and his heir is Louis!

  35. Ally S. says:

    I want one of these royal babies to be named Arthur! Lol.

    Is the name Luke royal enough? I can see them going for something ‘cool’ like that.

  36. Amelie says:

    Names they will definitely not use for obvious reasons: Thomas and Samantha. And I don’t think Alexandra will be used either since Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin, is still alive and it would just be weird to have two of them running around (unless Meghan and Harry opt not to give their kids titles but I doubt they’ll go with it anyways).

    I think they could go either way, modern or traditional. I like the way Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall have gone the way with their daughters: Savannah, Isla, Mia, and Lena (though it makes for a lot of names ending -a!). I don’t think they’ll go with something as “out there” as Savannah. I could see Elizabeth and Diana being used as middle names for girls and Charles and Philip being used as middle names for boys. But other than I have no idea.

  37. Tina says:

    I’d also be surprised if they went with anything as non-traditional as Savannah. And posh people don’t do surnames as first names (you get called by your surname at school).

  38. Gia H says:

    I think because Meghan is a creative and not English she will not want a traditional typical royal name like Victoria, Elizabeth etc but will go with a more whimsical yet still appropriate name. I’m thinking for a girl possibly floral names like Violet, Rose, Lily, Iris, Dahlia even ?!? Orrrrr Meg and Harry will go wth a non feminine (not ending with A) modern name like Quinn, Elliott, Devon. Another option is more nature based names like Opal, Aspen, Clementine.

  39. Emily says:

    My guesses for first and middle names mix:

    Boy: Harry, Henry, Richard “Dick”
    Girl: Doria, Meghan, Philippa, Anne

  40. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’m getting girl vibes from Meg. Perhaps Eleanor Theodora (its regal, has some American ties and includes a nod to Doria). Spencer would be nice if it’s a boy.

  41. PrincessK says:

    I heard about a man who named his daughter after an ex girlfriend! The only people who knew this was the case were his old mates from his younger days.

  42. Daneen says:

    I’m going to preface this by saying I don’t know anything about royal baby naming etiquette, but is it out of the realm of possibility for them to throw an African middle name in there? Harry’s favorite place is Africa, they had their first getaway in Botswana, they honeymooned there and it would also honor Meghan’s Ragland ancestry. I hope I’m right.

  43. Cerys says:

    There are a lot of lovely, traditional names to choose from that aren’t “Royal” names so I hope they don’t feel pressurised to stick with the usual ones that get bandied about whenever a royal baby is due.

  44. greenteaandrosehip says:

    Diana Elizabeth. They’re going to go for gold.