Brigitte Macron told friends that her husband is ‘too arrogant, too snappy’

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I have something harsh to say about a woman’s appearance, and I know I’m a terrible person for this, but here goes: Brigitte Macron needs to give up the blonde. This shade of blonde, with this haircut and orange-tan skin is just a really bad look, especially at the age of 65. I get that this look probably makes her happy, and she might even believe it makes her look younger, but… no. It doesn’t.

Anyway, as many of you know, I’m somewhat fascinated and disgusted by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron’s creepy-ass “love story.” They fell in love when she was married to someone else, and when Emmanuel was just 15 years old. She was his teacher. He was sent away from her, but they kept in touch and when he got a bit older, they got together and have been together ever since. There’s a 25-year age difference. Do you think she ever still thinks of him as that “kid” she likely seduced when she was his teacher? Well, it turns out that Brigitte might think her husband is finally acting out some teenage rebellion. Or something.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been told that he is too arrogant by his own wife Brigitte, who claims she is fed up of his high-handed manner. Brigitte Macron has urged his inner circle to tell him the truth because she feels like she is the only person who risks telling him when he is being high-handed, reports Le Parisien newspaper.

She reportedly confided in members of her entourage that President Macron is ‘too arrogant, too snappy’, and nobody dares tell him otherwise.

Mr. Macron is struggling to reshuffle his government after the resignations of two high-profile ministers, one of whom complained on television that his presidency “lacked humility”. He suffered further damage to his reputation with reports on Sunday that his wife is also fed up with his “high-handed” manner.

Mrs Macron has also vowed revenge on the person who spread rumours that her husband was in a gay relationship, according to a new book. Her remarks appear in an unauthorised biography of Michèle ‘Mimi” Marchand, a public relations advisor to the Macrons and the owner of a celebrity photo agency, Bestimage. The book, to be published in French on Wednesday, has also embarrassed the first couple by depicting the Macrons as excessively reliant on Ms Marchand, a PR legend who ran lesbian nightclubs in the 1990s and whose former partner was jailed for armed robbery.

[From The Daily Mail & The Telegraph]

“…By depicting the Macrons as excessively reliant on Ms Marchand, a PR legend who ran lesbian nightclubs in the 1990s and whose former partner was jailed for armed robbery….” *takes long drag of cigarette while Edith Piaf plays on vinyl* C’est la vie, tu sais? Sure, PR legends who run popular lesbian nightclubs might be scandalous in American politics, but I imagine most French politicians have those kinds of connections, non?

As for Brigitte being the only one who can tell her husband that he’s being too arrogant and snappy… sure, I believe that. I believe that he’s probably quite arrogant in general – wasn’t there a story about how he’s always been seen as a “boy wonder” and impossibly brilliant at a very young age? That kind of thing breeds a certain kind of arrogance. But yes, it seems like Brigitte is the Mean Mom who tells her son-husband that he’s being an arrogant little sh-t and he needs to go to his room.


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  1. Chaine says:

    I don’t mind the color of her hair, but it often looks like a messy wig. She maybe needs a hair style makeover, something more soft looking.

    • perplexed says:

      IS it a wig? It looks so full and exactly the same ALL the time……

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The makeup is also horrendous – what is it with some women and their obsession with their eyeliner.

      She needs to stop with the tanning, darken her hair and soften the makeup – she looks very harsh, like mutton dressed as lamb.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Remember the scene in ET when Drew Barrymore dressed him up with wig & hat? Brigette Macron

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yeah, it’s not the color–it’s the horrible wig that’s WAY too big for her face. Sorry, but I also detest her miniskirts and her fake tan. She’d look a lot better without the wig, the fake tan, and the minis…but without these props I guess she fears she might look her age. I’ve got news for her: these very things are what ages her most.

      Anyway, when you seduce your 15-year old student and follow that up with years of secret correspondence after his worried parents have sent him away to boarding school to get him away from you, maybe you deserve to one day look more like his mother than his wife.

      Honestly, I can’t with her.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Chaine : OMG, you took the words out of my mouth. I don’t mind the colour and I do think it (the colour) makes her look younger. But I think it is too much hair for her and she could perhaps try a nice pixie cut that would be much lower maintenance and would present a more sophisticated image consistent with her age and position. I am 56 and I have a short hair that I have allowed to go grey. I refuse to be a slave to my hair and I believe she should consider doing the same thing. I think women-of-a-certain-age should be able to say “Dude, I am not going to spend that much time doing or thinking about my bloody hair. I have a life to live!”. Either that or move on from the beach babe blond hair style she currently has and simplify the long hair style

  2. Queenb says:

    Maybe he missed out on vital development because his teacher groomed him.

    • Dani says:

      THIS. How come everyone is so okay with this?? I’m so disgusted by their relationship and the acceptance its received. I don’t care if they got together ten years later, she groomed him from 15 and kept in touch with him even when he was ‘sent away’. She has kids older than him. Gross AF.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yep, and if the situation were reversed—a male teacher with his teenage girl student—the perpetrator would be an outcast, rather than the recognized and accepted spouse of a head of state. Ugh.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ Dani : yes, but the French public seems to be willing to put up with a lot from their politicians.

  3. Astrid says:

    I agree she needs a new look at 65, the current look is a bit harsh. And I’m a little creeped out by the relationship, having started when he was so young.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree with both of your comments. I didn’t realize she was his teacher and that he was “sent away from her” …. is this true? That’s just beyond creepy …

      And yup, perhaps a bit of silver color rather than barbie blond? And maybe less Tan Mom?

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yes, his parents were so worried they sent him away to a boarding school, and she stayed in touch with him anyway. Let a male teacher do something like this, especially after the parents have taken such drastic measures to protect their child from an unhealthy relationship, and we would be seeing a whole different outcome…including prison for the offender.

  4. RedTop says:

    She looks like his mom, probably because she could be his mom. I can barely even read stories about this couple because it creeps me out.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    I think her fair would look ok if it wasn’t couple with the crazy fake tan and the obvious fillers and surgery. The hair just kind of draws attention to her facial alterations instead of harmonizing them..I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me!

  6. Littlefishmom says:


  7. Kitten says:

    The word from my family in France is that Macron is reviled. I think he’s polling at 30% approval or something absurd right now. If you Google the story about his 26-year-old aide you’ll see an example of why French people are so pissed. The reality is that Macron is a technocrat and most of France wanted someone more progressive. And let’s face it: most people in France were never crazy about Macron, he was just the better option than awful LePen.
    Speaking of Marie, I heard she is getting more and more support because of Macron backlash.

    Yet I would STILL trade Trump for him. Sigh.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      So true – he only got in as the people of France did NOT want a Le Pen in office. He was always going to be hated and yes he is a rude arrogant upstart, always had that rep. She is partly to blame of his arrogance – she is reported to have told him from the moment she met him that he was special, a genius and destined for great things. Of course he’s going to grow up with a Napoleon complex. She has a lot to answer for with regards to the man he became.

      I seriously would not be surprised if there was another general election that Le Pen gets in – it was very close the last time.

      • Parigo says:

        I wouldn’t qualify the last election as close, I think he still won by 60%…but you are right this does not bode well in the future. Macron is very unpopular right now and I’m always afraid this will turn into no votes in the next election. Between a neo-liberal and a fascist there is still a huge difference. The US had to learn that the hard way.

        But Amelie is also correct that France always hates their Presidents. Holland was not polling any better.

        And Manu really does need to eat a big piece of humble pie. He has no sense of humor and comes off as self righteous all the time. The recent “just cross the street” quote to find a job to an unemployed guy was super tone death and unsympathetic. Not a good look. He needs a major pr overhaul and that starts with an attitude adjustment.

      • Mel says:

        @Parigo I WOULD call it close. It’s nowhere near the scores Chirac beat MLP’s father in ‘02. People are tired of blocking Le Front (I know they have a new name but all the rebranding in the world can’t hide their origin)

      • Parigo says:

        Mel, the final percentage was 66,10% des voix contre 33,90%. That is not close.
        Also I am tired of people saying they are tired of only voting against the FN. The previous election was Holland/Sarkozy.
        But I am concerned when people say the would prefer to vote blanc. Then yes, the FN will win.

    • Amelie says:

      Yeah, but I’m not surprised. The French always hate their president, it doesn’t matter who it is. Barack Obama could be their president, the French worshipped him when he was in office and they would still probably revile him (also the chance of a black man becoming president in France anytime soon is sadly, I think, far away). This article is not lying though. I’ve heard enough clips of Macron to agree he is snappy and definitely arrogant. Just recently he yelled at a teenager for addressing him as “Manu” (nickname for Emmanuel in French) and Macron was NOT having it. He lectured him about being respectful (it was after all a ceremony for WWII and the boy should have known better) but I thought he took it a bit too far. Teens are sensitive and shouldn’t be talked down to for too long. He is not endearing himself to people when he says stuff like I won’t yield to lazy people and cynics…

      I think he rubbed people the wrong way when he first came to NYC last year and addressed the French NY expatriate community starting his speech with “Revenez en France!” and appealing expats to return to France. For many reasons, there are so many French people here that will probably never return to France… telling them they need to return is maybe not the best maneuver.

      But yeah I’d rather deal with him than Trump any day of the week.

      • Starkiller says:

        The French worshipped Obama? Erm…what?? I was actually living in France for several years during his presidency and that was…uh, certainly not the case.

      • isabelle says:

        Yep Amelie….his polls numbers are close to most Presidents. The French rarely if ever approve of their President. Although, it seem they don’t like him as a person, as in his persona. Rather than just the Presidency they seem to not like his personality/persona.

      • Parigo says:

        Isabelle is correct. I fully understand people who don’t like his politics (basically all my friends who are all lefties btw). But a lot of moderates in France would support him more if he wasn’t such a stick in the mud. The strikes this spring were a great example. People are sick of strikes and the fact they can’t get to work without major grief (I’ve had morning panic attacks on metros during strikes). In general people weren’t on the side of the strikers, but the government played hard ball with the public employees while showing little empathy for those shitting it out to go to their private sector jobs every day.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Thanks for sharing what you guys know about the French political scene. I am interested, but there is so much going on here, I cannot fallow all of it. And hasn’t Bannon been spending time over there stirring the pot?

    • Mel says:

      I hate him so much it’s ridiculous! His politics are absolutely opposed to the French socialist model. Do we need to evolve, adapt? Sure but in reality tax cut for the wealthy and cutting off people from government’s programs are the oldest tricks in the book. There’s nothing revolutionary about him and I cannot for the life of me understand how people did not see this coming. He was created by ROTSCHILD!!! Of course he’s on the side of corporations and the top 1%
      He’s Sarko 2.0 except at least Sarko was upfront about it! He also needs to stop with his little snide remarks to the French people whenever there’s a camera in his face such as we are always complaining and we need to « cross the street to find jobs » can he think it? Sure. But he’s not the town’s drunk mumbling around on Sundays. Keep it to yourself! Also, he glosses over that he was elected because Le Pen was a MAJOR NO but the far right is approaching for sure if he keeps it up. He’s really focusing on his global image because his domestic one is terrible.

    • Clémence says:

      So you agree with children who are separating from their parents or who are put in cage ? Cause clearly macron’s immigrant policy implies that ! (Lepen Will have do that too obviously, she is evil but never forget knows how to communicate, but he can be evil too)

  8. Sara says:

    I HATE Macron’s politics like fire.

  9. Christin says:

    This French version of Mary Kay probably looks very different in person. If you were walking behind her, you would see the full blonde hair and small frame. Once you can see her from the front, you realize it’s an older woman who probably looks frail in person.

    • Nancy says:

      Look at the hands. They always give you away. Ben Gay (her fingers look bent from arthritis..the thumb for sure) and rose pedals on her pillow. How romantic. If you squint, she looks like Jane Fonda at her age. In her defense, Jane looks much better (with the admitted help of surgery) at 80.

      • Christin says:

        Hands and neck, always. It also doesn’t help when the partner is so much younger.

        Now I have VH’s song running through my head… Maybe they need to do an update of that video, 30 years later, with scenes of muscle ointment and rose petals.

    • Nancy says:

      Hot for Teacher keeps playing in my head (Van Halen). I can see a primary school kid having a crush on their teacher, but Jesus this one and Mary Kay, as you mentioned. These are some damaged people.

    • dans le metro says:

      Everybody ages and not all must look as you would like them to

      • Nancy says:

        I realize we all age. I was speaking of this women specifically as she is with a man so much younger. Our country is obsessed with youth. Maybe this woman is confident enough to age naturally. I would applaud that, if true.
        @Christin: Lol. Eddie probably has some sore hands from his magical guitar playing. David Lee probably has some sore knees and legs from the JUMPs….another good tune…haha

      • Christin says:

        Growing older is a privilege. Grooming a child and then trying to look forever 25 years old is a sad combination.

      • Nancy says:

        Growing old beats dying young, but to me is a combination of good genetics and good luck. I agree with both parts of your second sentence. *If she thinks she looks 25 or anywhere in the neighborhood thereof, buy the nut case some bifocals*. I’d gave him the same advice……… she the face of beauty to him. #mommyissues

      • Christin says:

        To paraphrase Cary Grant, why worry about growing older when millions have been denied the privilege. I was directing that to the response from another poster above.

        I cannot view this couple without thinking about the immense hurt their families (his parents, her spouse and children) must have endured for a “love story” that probably is fraying as the years and pressures increase.

      • Nancy says:

        That’s a good quote Christin. Good job Cary! I was thinking about Mary Kay, since I read more about that situation. His mother at first flipped out, but then embraced her and watched her grandchild with her child while she did some jail time. What are wrong with these women. She is with him to this day I hope he has been with women his own age. I have no idea how old either of them are now. I just remember reading about her and him so long ago. The French couple will deteriorate. With age generally comes health issues for most. I can’t see him nursing her in another five years. She will be replaced, count on it.

  10. burdzeyeview says:

    Hes been used to getting what he wants since he was a boy – including his much older married teacher – a spoiled child who’s never grown up….”love story” my arse. And she should be ashamed of herself – I think whats happening now is called karma.

    • dans le metro says:

      “Hes been used to getting what he wants since he was a boy – including his much older married teacher”

      Repulsive comment. He was groomed.

  11. Coz' says:

    “…By depicting the Macrons as excessively reliant on Ms Marchand, a PR legend who ran lesbian nightclubs in the 1990s and whose former partner was jailed for armed robbery….”

    Oh my God so many thoughts

    1/How did I not know that? That’s the most interesting thing about Macron by far

    2/ It’s also the most entertaining way I have ever seen a political entourage being described

    3/ As a French person I have to confess it probably makes Mimi Marchand look like the most French person in the world (and make me want to sing “Sexy French depression”

    4/ And yet it is so weirdly specific that I don’t think any other French politician has this kind of relationship (weird old fat who has been doing shady things for decade sure, awesome lady nicknamed Mimi with ties within the lesbian nightlife community AND organized crime, I doubt very much)

    Also, now I want a French Scandal or House of Cards

  12. Tiffany says:

    But……to become President of a country or any position of power (ie CEO), you have to be over confident to the point of arrogance at some point. You don’t want to be meek in decision making.

    • perplexed says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Why is she surprised?

      Plus, stress (which comes with this kind of job) makes even the nicest person cranky.

  13. Cee says:

    Yeah, if the roles were reversed and it had been a male teacher grooming his female student and then MARRYING HER… we would not be talking about a “love story”

    • Redgrl says:

      @cee – unfortunately many people don’t bat an eye with Celine Dion and her creepy grooming “manager/husband”… that got sold as a “love story” especially in Quebec..

  14. Scal says:

    If she doesn’t like his attitude she only has herself to blame. After all she’s the one that raised him from childhood. (barf)

    This couple has always been so gross to me.

  15. Mara says:

    Kaiser knows her readers so well she uses tu instead of vous

  16. holly hobby says:

    She looks like she needs a good moisturizer. Her face looks really dry. Does fake tan cause this?

    • Nancy says:

      Her skin looks rubbery to me. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity. Does aging not bother the French as much as Americans. Look at Brigette Bardot. She was a Goddess when young and aged terribly. It doesn’t seem like they are as hung up on age or aesthetics as we are. This woman looks ruff, especially standing next to him.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think its a mixture of heavy makeup and too much time in the sun – not sure if she smokes (long term smokers tend to have that leathery skin look).

      Seems to be trouble in the perfect love story.

  17. Jay says:

    She’s so gross. And he’s horrible. Blech.

  18. kitty orchid says:

    Maybe Brigitte Macron is trying to emulate another Brigitte, as in, Brigitte Bardot in her prime. Certainly a woman can get away with a tan and bleached blonde hair when she is young, but as a senior citizen, this look is so aging.

  19. Molly Fulton says:

    I just see a withered Mary Kay Letourneau.

    • Nancy says:

      If Letourneau hadn’t had that little girl act and look down pat, there probably wouldn’t have been the books, movies, etc. She literally destroyed that boy, and like a willing participant, he went right down the rabbit hole with her. Rather dramatic, but she is a monster to me. Leave your husband and children for the undying love of a 12 year old and have more children with the child. Should have kept her locked up.

    • Christin says:

      This is Mary Kay in 10-15 years. Insecure and trying to project youth, which (in my opinion) was stolen from her partner.

    • Christin says:

      I think part of my reaction to this story comes from reading about MKL and Villi (sp?) a few days ago. Think of the first family that was decimated and likely embarrassed by their parent (an authority figure who ends up with a student).

      There had to be immense pain in these situations, for children, spouse and parents.

      • Nancy says:

        I looked up the story. I was a kid when it happened. She is 56 years old now. Her ex-husband works for Alaskan Airlines and her children obviously stayed with him. One of her sons is younger than Vili. Vili filed for separation last summer, and she managed to change his mind. It reminds me of Woody Allen/Soon Yi. Vili was damaged so young, he will always be her hostage. I hate her. She needed psychological help which she should have gotten in prison. He married her, but she is and always will be a sexual predator.

  20. Anastasia says:

    She needs lip color or lip balm or SOMETHING, badly.

    And I’m also totally creeped out by the relationship and how it started. She should have done jail time.

  21. CocoNoir says:

    I dislike macaroni because he became president of the French Republic at 39. That’s plain envy. I would’ve felt deeper pangs of envy if his wife did not look like a neckless papier-mâché toy soldier in a dress and a dehydrated nylon wig. What used to really annoy me is how news stories talked about how her skin is glowing and how she youthful looking. Exactly where and how? When I was growing up, my Barbie dolls used to get their hair conditioned regularly. So, nylon wigs can look stunning. Mrs Macron is an inspiration. I sometimes look at her dry facial skin and the weird buckling under nose close-up to remind myself that I have to use vitamin A, vitamin C and sunscreen, get plenty of rest, and drink my antioxidant teas and beauty potions. There are some things that makeup cannot cover up. Like, neglect.

  22. Parigo says:

    Damn, y’all harsh with Brigitte! I think she looks fine for a 65 year old French woman who smokes. My 70 year old French mother in law loves her for all the reasons you’re dogging her: super young husband (my mother in law has sons her age and oddly thinks that’s fine), too thin, too young clothes, fake tan, fried fake blond hair…
    All things aside I think Brigitte has carried herself beautifully since the beginning. She is way more popular in France than her husband.

  23. AppleTartin says:

    She the French Tan Mom AKA La Tan Mom!

  24. Ceecu says:

    The first time I saw her I thought she was his mom. I know the French don’t really care, but come on it’s gross especially since she groomed him

  25. JANAK says:

    She raised the man, so I blame her for his arrogance.

    • Christin says:

      Imagine her talking to friends. “But he was so once nice and attentive…when he was 15!”

      Agree with everyone here who is not giving them passes. Not sure how anyone could be a fan of a Predator Patty.

  26. Suz says:

    Is that what she wrote on his report card?

  27. Corporatestepsister says:

    I am so disgusted; she preyed on him and frankly I find it vile that women who do this suddenly go all girlish, as if their much younger husbands are supposed to be so much older in terms of emotional maturity overnight and they are supposed to be allowed to regress to childish adolescence. It’s sick and I wish our culture had the guts to lock these women up in institutions.

  28. Aurelia says:

    She wears the cheapest wig known to man. Who is she kidding?