Kendall Jenner slams TMZ for ‘putting my life in danger’ by publishing her location

Kendall Jenner puts herself together leaving the Vogue event in NY

This week, one of the big stories was about Kendall Jenner, and how her stalker broke into her home and ended up in her pool. We didn’t write about it because FYI, I really dislike writing about stalkers and crazy people who threaten celebrities. I feel like those people are desperate for attention and I try to refuse to give them what they want. So, Kendall has had at least one stalker for years now. I believe this is the same stalker who has caused Kendall to move houses a few times, and he’s also the reason she wanted to get a gun. Say what you will about Kendall, but I genuinely believe she’s been traumatized by this guy’s stalking, and it’s changed the way she lives her life and thinks about her own security.

The reason we know so much about Kendall’s stalker is because TMZ has always provided wall-to-wall coverage. It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners are close to Harvey Levin, and they use each other for sympathetic coverage and clickbait. But Kendall is apparently done with that. Yesterday, she tweeted this:

The criticism of TMZ in this case is… interesting. As I said, I’m pretty sure Kendall has moved a few times over the past couple of years. She’s gotten serious about her security and she has bodyguards and all that. Kendall is not the one telling TMZ where she lives or whether she’s home or any of that – they’re finding out that information from publicly accessible real estate records. And from Kris Jenner, let’s be honest. So is Kendall’s anger towards TMZ the signal of something… bigger? As Vanity Fair pointed out:

The Kardashians and TMZ have a unique relationship. Kris Jenner and Harvey Levin have been friends for years, and Levin recently interviewed the Kardashian matriarch for Fox News’s Objectified back in July. The two are known for their symbiotic relationship, with Jenner allegedly providing exclusives for the Web site and then profiting off the clicks.

Most recently, Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, has used TMZ (in addition to Twitter as a sounding board for his constant stream of ideas, as he hopes to arrange a White House meeting between Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick, and shares his views on updating the 13th Amendment. There’s no telling if Kris knew about Kendall’s tweet ahead of time, or is angrily calling her daughter about it, but it could signal a shift in Kris Jenner and Harvey Levin’s once mutually beneficial relationship. Could the days of exclusive Kanye West interviews finally be over? That, as it turns out, might not be such a bad thing for anyone.

[From Vanity Fair]

Well, I suspect that Kris Jenner will just shrug and continue to work with Levin and give him exclusive photos of Kim’s ass. That’s the “good thing” about the fact that there are so many Kardashian-Jenners and periphery characters to the klan – even if one of them wants out of their mother’s Faustian bargain, the rest of them will still work with TMZ.

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  1. Char says:

    Kendall is right on this one. If she decides to share images or even the location of her house, ok, but for any outlet to do it, knowing very well she has a stalker, is criminal.

    • Noodles says:

      I think she’s right. To be completely fair, even without these outlets publishing the location of her home, it’s pretty easy for people to find out where celebrities live but that doesn’t mean they should be making it even easier still. I don’t quite understand why this person doesn’t have a restraining order but then I haven’t followed the story.

      • Char says:

        @Noodles In a episode of KUWTK she said she refused to testify against a stalker because the person had a mental illness and she would feel guilty about sending him to jail. To me, it was wrong of her, but who knows how you feel about those things.

      • jwoolman says:

        Char – I would assume that if the person is mentally ill, then the judge would order treatment. If she doesn’t testify and get him before a judge, he will just continue without treatment. In any case, he’s a danger to her and to the community if he just stays on the loose, and one of these days someone is going to shoot him. She’s not doing him any favors by refusing to get the legal process going. She can afford bodyguards but not all of his targets might be so lucky.

        Even Lindsay Lohan was constantly being ordered into therapy by judges.

    • jay says:

      Why is her stalker not in jail? Seriously.

  2. Lex says:

    Yep agree w Kendall. Publishing someone’s address and security concerns is absolute garbage behaviour and it should be criminal. I don’t care what you’ve “signed up to”, having people making you feel unsafe is never ever ever okay or acceptable for any reason ever.

  3. RedTop says:

    I’m with Kendall on this one, obviously, but why do we act like Kendall doesn’t like/want the celebrity lifestyle? She’s not trying to get out of her mom’s claws. It’s pretty obvious she loves the attention and benefits of celebrity lifestyle.

    • Betsy says:

      So? I’m Kardashian-Jenner hostile, but she gets to do her line of work if she wants. She was born into that family and this is her job. You are almost saying that stealing nude pics of actresses is acceptable because they frequently take their clothes off for movies. Consent is key.

      • RedTop says:

        Umm what? Im not saying she deserves this, as I said in my first sentence that I’m with her. I was more replying to the article that states, “even if one of them wants out of their mother’s Faustian bargain”. I was just stating the fact that Kendall does not want out because of this.

      • Alisha says:

        I think her mom is the problem here. She has shown many times that she puts fame and money above the well-being of her children. I believe that Kaiser is completely correct about Kris shrugging and continuing on with TMZ. To her, Kendall’s stalker problems are probably great storyline material. I agree it is difficult to pick and choose what press you get when your entire career is based off of oversharing, but Kendall is relatively private compared to some of her sisters. I wish these girls would get out from under Kris’s thumb and go forge their own paths, but they would never.

  4. Raina says:

    In that oulfit, she looks like she forgot the baby. Kinda like Kim 😉

    No good about the stalker, of course. The thing is their use their fame as convenience to them, but once you unleash the fame beast, crazies will always try to come in. It’s an unstable animal.
    As for TMZ, when you lie with dogs, well, you wake up with fleas. Selling your soul to the devil comes with consequences. They are a pathetic, trash site with no limit to their indecency.
    Naturally, I hope she is safe. But, c’mon, who’s surprised…

    • Jen says:

      Yes I agree with all of this. TMZ shouldn’t put her details out, but her tone deafness complaining about “one ounce of privacy” is ridiculous given that she willingly has cameras follow her around for money.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ Jen : I have never been in this situation (obviously) but isn’t it possible for someone to go into a very high security building – one way in and one way out with guards at the entrance, CCTV, etc.? It might not be everyone’s first choice to be in that kind of well decorated cocoon but I think it would keep the stalkers outside of the perimeter (i.e. not in your swimming pool).
        Or is it possible that such high security residences do work well for reality TV? Not being snarky here but I wonder.

  5. Adee says:

    Yes Kendall should have a right to a measure of her privacy.
    However she is a reality star, she is followed around by cameras and crew… voluntarily. So the “reality” of her life is part of her job.

    Regular people with stalkers have way fewer options and funds then she has, there are ways of being protected at home especially with her kind of money. I’m sure other celebs with stalkers have made it work.

    Her own sister Kylie proved throughout her pregnancy that if a Kardashian/Jenner wanted to go unseen, its very possible.

    Her constant victim act about everything in her privileged life is getting annoying.

    • Missy says:

      I don’t think the stalker needed much money to go through the thick woods and sneak up behind her house.

      No one deserves to be stalked and feel unsafe in their own home, no matter how rich or famous.

      • Adee says:

        That’s the point.
        She can have 24/7 security & armed guards BECUASE of the money she has.

        I know of regular people who were staked and had to make do with NO extra funds to protect themselves.

        Hard core stalkers exist and are relentless if they want to get your address, they WILL get your address. Its about protecting yourself the best you can.
        And if she can afford round the clock security then that would make sense for her situation and piece of mind.

    • Erinn says:

      “I’m sure other celebs with stalkers have made it work.”

      I mean, it worked out great for Selena, Lennon, Dimebag Darrel, and so many other celebrities killed by ‘fans’ and stalkers.

      I honestly can’t believe I am reading this. Because she’s rich she doesn’t deserve sympathy for this? Because she has the means to hire more bodyguards she should just have to deal with people leaking her address? This is an insane way to think.

      And I question whether you even read the article before commenting because one of her tweets literally says “i understand what i’ve signed up for but when you release the exact location to where i live THAT is when you’re putting my life in danger. your home is your safe haven, but for me, cuz of outlets like you, my home is anything BUT. you should be ashamed of yourself.”

      • Adee says:

        Sigh… okay??? I’, pretty indifferent about Kendall

        The fact is Stalkers thrive on getting the attention of the person they stalk, so her uprooting her life and home every few months is exactly what he wants.
        TMZ is not going to stop just because she asked them to, so she’s gotta take her personal safety in her own hands and protect the home she loves and wants to feel safe in…its not picture perfect, but life isn’t picture perfect.

      • Betsy says:

        No one signs up for this. Especially someone who started before the age of consent because of her family.

      • Anon says:

        That stood out to me, too. Adee hates the rich and famous so much that she can’t feel any sympathy to those who are also victims of crime. Because they have money and some people don’t.

      • Molly says:

        @Adee- TMZ COULD stop if they wanted to. All it takes is a wave of the hand by Harvey and it could all just…stop. Now, would other outlets pick up the Kendal beat and keep going? Possibly, but no one has the reach and platform like TMZ. They’re making an editorial choice to publish what they do, and to think it’s all beyond their control is completely wrong.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree. It’s not hard for other celebrities to just disappear as her own sister’s pregnancy showed. I had a friend who was stalked by an ex. It would have been really nice if she had the resources to just pick up and move when she could or even security guards. But due to you know having to work for a living, she had to manage. Thankfully, her workplace was supportive and she had an amazing support system to back her up since the authorities just shrugged their shoulders. You know, another “he said, she said” situation that allowed her ex to continue to terrorize her while she was the crazy/over emotional one. /rant

      I hope she’s safe. But as a Kardashian/Jenner, I can’t tell whether she’s serious or playing up another story line for their show. For a family that’s cried wolf so many times, it’s hard to tell where the line is between reality and “reality” TV.

  6. HeyThere! says:

    I’m with her on this one. It is absolutely horrible that they would make this sensitive information public. There is no excuse. It shouldn’t be happening. I feel for her. I had a stalker x and it is scary. Thankfully at the time I still lived with my parents. I wasn’t alone.

  7. Thaisajs says:

    She wanted to be a supermodel and she agreed to be in her family’s show and has reaped the financial rewards for that for years. She and her entire family make liberal use of social media to enrich themselves. Her photos on social media help feed the beast and her family has worked with TMZ for years, so crying about it now seems a little disingenuous to me. I don’t condone stalkers in any way. They are scary. So was Kim’s ordeal in Paris with the robbery.

    But she isn’t the only rich person on the planet. If she feels scared, she needs to buy a house in a more secure location, spend more on her security system and security guards and just be done with it. Having one large security guy or two isn’t going to cut it when you’re at her level of fame. Protecting yourself seems a more productive way of addressing this problem than complaining to celebrity news outlets.

  8. Pandy says:

    She has security and more $$ than God. Not sparing any worry for her.

    • Doomsday Colt says:

      Same. I’ll reserve my sympathy for people who haven’t had the me opportunities in life that she’s had.

  9. Svea says:

    Sue Harvey Kendall!

  10. Electric Tuba says:

    TMZ won’t stop till someone is dead. Apply this statement to any of the one million things they do wrong a day.

    Also I’m real tired of creepy people doing weird ass shit. Everyone get it together

    • me says:

      There are too many f*cked up people for that to ever happen. Sometimes I look around and wonder is ANYONE normal? All I see is people on the news going insane…road rage is at an all time high…people at fast food restaurants having a fit if their order isn’t perfect. What the hell is going on?

    • Doomsday Colt says:


  11. Luna Lovegood says:

    A stalker is serious business. Getting as far away from them as possible is a good idea. Whoever is tipping TMZ, either law enforcement of Krusty Kris, they are despicable. It’s not one story from TMZ that would be her downfall. I find celebs homes based on area reported by the stories Kris puts on DM and example the fact that it used to be Lisa Marie’s house put the two together you get kim and Kanye’s address by googling. I’m a real estate stalker not a celeb stalker. I got brad Pitts address by knowing the area, and other tidbits and zeroed in based on photos placed by some publicist on DM. it’s the PR people to blame. Including her own mother. They need to act more responsibly because the press WILL report it. But it’s less likely that Kim and Kanye will have a stalker because they are in a gated community far out in the neighborhood. If Kendall wants to live above sunset, in a home on the bird streets, a stalker will just hop the fence. Just sayin

  12. me says:

    Well stalkers usually follow you around right? He may have simply followed her home. Who knows. But one thing for sure is that PMK and TMZ do have an exclusive relationship. All those “leaked” stories are from the Klan themselves. We all know that.

  13. Lynne says:

    Not prosecuting gives him hope. Dumb move,

  14. Doomsday Colt says:

    Must be nice to have the money to just move to a new mansion whenever you need to.

  15. Valerie says:

    TMZ is trash, but a cry for privacy is rich, coming from a Kardashian.

  16. Sarah says:

    Kendall is dumb, her info is public and easily accessible online. I’ve tried for years to try and erase my address from websites but they keep popping up. If you register to vote that address is public record. Buy a website domain or trademark something, again public record. Real estate is public record. Mailing lists get sold over and over again. Sorry Kendall, we all deal with it and you have to, too!