“David Beckham says his marriage to Victoria is ‘always hard work'” links

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David Beckham said his marriage to Victoria Beckham is “always hard work.” Bruh, you don’t even live in the same country as your wife anymore. [Dlisted]
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  1. Harryg says:

    If it’s hard work aaaall the time, something is not right.
    I think marriages should last five to seven years and then you marry again if you want to.

    • val says:

      Best suggestion ever! LOL

    • ttu says:

      I can see how being married to him would be hard work, after reading the leaked emails he exchanged with his manager etc. I don’t get how this thing got buried so quickly, it really changed the way I see the guy

    • Birdix says:

      Ha! You’d need to renew your marriage license like a drivers license.

    • Sacha says:

      It is hard work mainly because of him.He is a sex addict and a very selfish guy.For example spending all his time in Miami for his football team when his family is settled in London.Victoria and her kids went to Madrid,LA,Paris and Milan to support him when he was a footballer.Yet he refused to let them leave in peace.

    • Erin Brooks says:

      I’ve been saying that for years!!

    • A says:

      Yeah I agree. Too many people I know don’t seem to understand what’s so wrong about saying something like “marriage is hard work.” Dealing with aspects of your life when you’re married is difficult, yes. But if the relationship itself is what’s exhausting you, then something is wrong. You need to have it be at a point where a level of understanding comes naturally to each other.

      • Spargel says:

        Yup. That expression seems like a chicken-soup-for-the-soul coping mechanism. I feel if you’re happy in a relationship less than 60-70% of the time, holy cats, gtfo. I still have nightmares about how awful, stressful and miserable the last couple of years of my marriage was (we were together nearly 12) as I tried the “hard work” approach to keep it together out of guilt and societal pressure and because of stupid effed-up sayings like those. They’re deceptive and a tool for rank traditionalists to keep people in line (or the “I’m unhappy so you should be too” crowd). And yes, do it for the kids, too, who are better off in two happy or neutral homes rather than trapped in a tense, miserable one (that’s so damaging).

    • PrincessK says:

      I disagree the first seven year are usually the toughest and so its obvious people would jack it in. Too many couples put their own interests before the interests of their children.

  2. Lexilla says:

    Ooh, reminds me of Affleck’s Oscars speech, about how marriage to Garner was work. How much later was the divorce filing?

  3. Kristi says:

    That marriage has always screamed”beard” to me but what do I know

  4. Eliza says:

    Haha all Victoria’s hard work.

    David just needs to show up lately. And that seems to be a bit too much “hard work” for him lately.

    Brand aside, i really do think Victoria wants a strong family unit for her kids. And she really works hard for it.

    • Sacha says:

      People laugh but he has not only abandoned his wife but also the kids.Victoria has been looking after her kids alone for the last three years at least.David will regret all this ,the kids have grown up ,they will soon learn the truth.His behavior post retirement towards his family is shocking .

    • minx says:

      If she’s doing all the work then there is no strong family unit. She needs to show her sons and daughter that his behavior shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s not respectful.

      • kosmos says:

        She’s obviously more interested in staying married despite the cheating and everything else. I don’t understand this. How can she justify his cheating and keep supporting him? He’s just a man, and she’s perfectly capable of finding another man who will not cheat and live in another country. People make their choices and do what they want until they’ve just had enough, I guess……

  5. HelloSunshine says:

    Lol he’s not even trying to hide that he’s wayyy over his marriage while VB is out here getting “perfect family” magazine spreads put together and stuff

    • Sacha says:

      what perfect family magazine spreads the Beckham have done? she had a cover of herself and her kids without him talking about her business.

      • HelloSunshine says:

        He’s in the spread, just not featured as much as VB supposedly wanted him to be. Plus all of the rumors and lead up to that magazine spread, with sources saying David didn’t want to be apart of it but she wanted him to. The lead up to that magazine spread (plus the rumors about him having a fling with one of their daughter’s teachers and a possible child coming from it) made me very sad for her. I like VB, she deserves better imo

    • PrincessK says:

      Before they got married Victoria was the one who pursued and targeted him, not vice versa. Unfortunately always likely to end up with a problem when the woman does most of the chasing in the early stages of the relationship, the man then feels the woman should be grateful.

      • Sacha says:

        David chased Victoria,Victoria knew nothing about football never mind him. David believes his own hype now,he has such huge ego and my personal opinion he has a mental illness. I would not be surprised to learn later he was very abusive or a total control freak with the wife.He sis currently having a midlife crisis and will destroy his own reputation soon.Good riddance

      • PrincessK says:

        No, Victoria picked out David. She didn’t need to know about football. David Beckham was a golden boy pin up in those days, everyone knew him he was the most popular footballer in the UK back then.

  6. horseandhound says:

    I like her and hope she gets a divorce if he isn’t the support she needs. she has her own money and ties and doesn’t need that guy. I hope she knows that.

    • Sacha says:

      He is using his good image as a nice family guy against his wife.People never held him accountable for his actions and behavior,so it is perfect for him

    • PrincessK says:

      But Victoria doesn’t have her own money much, she needs David Beckham her fashion line is deeply in debt.

  7. Susan says:

    She’s a sourpuss. He has tried with her – the vibes of coldness coming from her is too much.

    • BB says:

      I couldn’t disagree more. In nearly every photo of them the last two years she is leaning in towards him, touching him, and he is leaning away or angled away from her. She is the only thing keeping them together. He’s had one foot out the door since he started cheating on her a few years into their marriage. He’s a sleazebag and an egomaniacal jerk. She could do so much better.

  8. Other Renee says:

    Gee, maybe it wouldn’t be quite so hard if you stopped screwing around on her. Just a thought.

    • Sacha says:

      He is a sex addict,he cannot stop.Its a disease

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        That doesn’t give him a free pass to shit all over their marriage.

      • Sacha says:

        I read stuff about sex addict,they cannot control themselves.Its like having a gambling addiction or alcohol,you are always looking to satisfy your urges.Look at the way he puts tattoos on his body,it explains a lot.He is just a mess

      • Jan90067 says:

        I think that “being a sex-addict” is a convenient excuse to drop his pants for every woman he fancies, or comes on to him. If he’s so addicted, let him get a divorce and then go screw his brains out. He’s teaching his boys that this is how a man treats a woman, and his daughter that women should just put up with this.

        Of course, Victoria could kick his cheating a$$ out, thereby teaching all the kids about self-respect, and that it’s ok to stand up for yourself and not let *anyone* disrespect you/treat you like crap. Two sides of the coin.

      • Spargel says:

        Sex addiction has been debunked, no?

    • Hollz says:

      What the hell does having tattoos have to do with being a sex addict?

      And you’re right – it’s a disease. So he should get some treatment (therapy) and stop being an asshole.

      • Sacha says:

        I was trying to say something is not right with him,he put tattoos on his skull.Just think His tattoos addiction maybe link to his sex addiction.

  9. Sacha says:

    David is depressed because he left football.He does not know what to do with his life.it happens a lot with athletes in post-retirement. His agents sells him like a whore to every company,he is 43 and still all his business is about his image. Basically he has become the problem; and his wife and children are paying the price,
    David is a sinking ship ,he spends his time drinking ,at parties and nightclubs.He needs help big time.Imagine the comments if Victoria was living like that,he spends virtually no time with his kids never mind the wife.David does not care about many things currently,the day of his speeding trial ,he posted a weird picture of him on Instagram.It shows how cocky but also reckless he has become.
    If the Beckhams have a divorce,its a blessing in disguise for Victoria and her kids.
    Its seems David can do no wrong, when he goes to parties instead of looking after the children , he is a doting dad. When he cheats, it is Victoria fault for not smiling or being a good wife.
    I really don’t care about the Beckham marriage but I am sick how Beckham is a saint and his wife is an horrible person. Yet in reality the role is reversed.

    • Gina says:

      Amen ^ ^ ^ Team Victoria. Poor DB, 43 year white retired guy with fading looks feeling sorry for himself. No sympathy at all for him. Man up, nobody said marriage with 4 kids is easy (even with all the $$$). Rooting for them, nobody wants to see a marriage fall apart, but this boy child needs a serious attitude adjustment.

      • Sacha says:

        Something bad will happen with David,I 100% believe a huge scandal on him is coming soon.Look at the tattoos on his head,the parties,the drinking,his agents sell him to every company and he is a sex addict (he begs woman to sleep with him at lunch).People like him dont change unless they are caught or something bad happen in their life (someone is really sick or die)

    • Natalia says:

      Amen to your first post above Sacha, team Victoria!!

  10. Dulcinea says:

    I used to find him charming and not her and over the years my opinion of both David and Victoria has changed. I think she does all the work and he just benefits from it. I wonder if it’s worth it for her.

    • Sacha says:

      The media play a huge role in the perception of Victoria and David

    • PrincessK says:

      I can’t stand the way they promote their children on social media.

      • Sacha says:

        I follow Victoria on Instagram and they dont promote their kids.Any parents post pics of their children because they are proud of them and love them.Victoria life is boring ,basically she is a working mum.

      • PrincessK says:

        Oh please! You are telling me that the Beckhams are not using their kids to get publicity….lol! 😂

  11. Lea says:

    I think marriage was hard work for Victoria and their PR team but not for him. I think he is extremely lucky because he is Tiger Woods levels of unfaithful and has been for the last two decades or so, and yet he has never really been in disgrace.
    Victoria really helped him become a superstar, before he met her he was just another British footballer, she really helped him become a fashion icon and a sex symbol of sorts at the time.
    He has basically been living his life and sleeping with whoever wants to sleep with him, and she is stuck with him because they are a brand, they are invited to royal weddings, etc.
    I don’t think they will ever divorce but they must be quite miserable when they have to be together for photo-ops.

  12. Miss M says:

    Cue to divorce announcement in 3,2,1…

    • Wendy says:

      Haha, I was just about to post that exact sentence !
      They are clearly paving the way for the separation/divorce announcement.

  13. Mo' Comments Mo' Problems says:

    Marriages require work…Victoria puts in more work than he does. He has his own businesses, etc… but does he make time for her? It’s important to also focus on your spouse (in addition to your kids).

    He’s always traveling and out of the country.

    Anyway, a week or so ago, Brooklyn was the brunt of many angry Chinese commenters for an off-color Instagram caption. They even blamed his parents for not raising him right. Hmm… well.. hmm…

  14. elle says:

    It shows on his face. Dude looks rough.

  15. Littlefishmom says:

    See how her hand is reached out to possibly hold his hand and he’s holding glasses and fixing himself? He looks like he’s posing for the camera. Guarantee HE is the high maintenance pain in the balls.

  16. SJhere says:

    Agree that David is a spoiled, selfish man-child. He’s a retired ex-football player.
    He’s been catered to for decades. Let’s face it, IRL, the majority of men do as they please with very little bite back coming their way.
    He’s got some nerve claiming “it’s hard work” my fat arse!

    In 10 years his kids will all be out on their own and he will still probably acting like a spoiled man-child.
    Wealthy men bitching about how hard it is to be married … Ugh!

    I can’t wait for all his dirty laundry to hit the fan. Hope his lousy, cheating ways blow up in his face.

  17. Sansa says:

    This man must get hit on by gorgeous women day and night, without doing anything. He’s human. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, since they are still married. If he’s faithful 99 percent of the time….he seems like a guy from a strong family background and holding this marriage together are the children. The whole family is crazy over Harper and who can blame them she looks so lovable. So I can’t even imagine how he’s still married except for the strong bond between parents and children that’s his priority over chasing women. If he indulges himself every blue moon he keeps it private. His wife looks like she has a stick up her xxx. Actually anyone else might have left her by now, so, overall, he seems ok to me.

    • Betsy says:

      Uh…. no.

    • Jaded says:

      He’s an unfaithful dirt-bag, always has been. He’s a footballer and most of them have the morals of a stray cat. If it weren’t for Victoria he wouldn’t be what he is today, she really helped his career and image, she’s genius at branding. Anyway, she’s the glue holding that family together.

      • Sacha says:

        Dont worry he will soon be exposed,genuinely believe the kids will help Victoria leave him.I believe even Victoria Family will help if they knew the extent of David Beckham cheating.

  18. Noodles says:

    He’s such an ARSEHOLE. I love VB she has dealt with bitterness & jealousy thrown towards her by other women, because she got DB. I find him to be a sleaze. Why does she get the blame for this CUNTS indiscretions ?? I hope she leaves him ……

    • Sacha says:

      He has been using his PR against his wife.such an arsehole. genuinely believe his saint reputation will be soon over.If a scandal appears ,people would still blame Victoria for not smiling or being good enough for him.

  19. Justjj says:

    I would shag him but with protection and would never date or marry him. He is damn sexy. That said, Posh Spice is too good for him and she could do way better and I don’t know why she doesn’t just marry some cute nice guy with an ok job from the burbs who makes a good cuppa or whatever and bakes her and her kids like puddings or something British-y and cute. Wouldn’t that make more sense? She has her own money. Can you imagine his mid life crisis if we’re not even there yet? She needs to leave with her dignity and her kids.

    • Polly says:

      That’s what makes me so sad about this whole thing. All this time she could have been with someone who actually loved and respected her. I hope she’ll be ok when their disaster of a marriage comes to its inevitable end.

  20. PrincessK says:

    Having just watched a clip of what he said, and the fact that she is now publicising the Wellness Spa she just checked into in order to ‘get over’ his comments about the marriage. I am now of the firm belief that this is yet just another Beckham family publicity stunt to keep them both in the news and making more dosh.

    But all the same its awful for the children.