The Duke & Duchess of Sussex want their Polo Baby to have a ‘normal’ life

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex touch down in Dubbo, Australia

Even though I don’t like to admit it, Prince Harry is a lot like his older brother in many different ways. Both princes fetishize the idea of “being normal” and “living a normal, un-royal life” without really understanding what “normal” really is for most people. The princes’ idea of “normal life” is still being rich and having enormous privilege, but having none of the noblesse oblige and none of the royal-work responsibilities. In Harry’s case, I’ll give him a little bit more credit: I think he could have very easily lived the life of a career soldier, but he gave up his military career because he knew he needed to get down to royal work. Enter Meghan, who has lived a normal life for 30-odd years and who gave up her normal life so she could be a duchess. So what do you make of this?

Prince Harry and pregnant wife Meghan reportedly do not want their child to assume any official royal role. The couple, on their first official tour of Australia since marrying earlier this year, hope he or she will lead a “relatively normal life,” the Sunday Times of London said, quoting an anonymous source who knows the couple.

“That word ‘normal’ looms very large for Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, when it comes to their child’s future,” the source said.

The baby, due next spring, will be seventh in line to the British throne. Harry and Meghan’s wishes are in line with those of Harry’s father, Prince Charles, who has advocated for a “slimmed down” monarchy focusing on a direct line of succession to the throne.

[From Page Six]

If Meghan and Harry are just going to behave like any old middle-class couple and raise their kid to be just like everyone else… then what’s the point? I’ve never been one of those “royalty needs a bit of mystery and magic” people, but good lord. Is this some kind of preview about Meghan and Harry’s kid not having a prince/princess title? As it stands now, the Queen would have to intervene to give Polo Baby a prince/princess title. But if Harry and Meghan are like “no, ma’am, we want our humble Polo Baby to grow up without a title,” what’s the point of all of this??? Ugh.

HRH The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex - Royal Tour Of Australia - Day Five

Duke & Duchess Of Sussex visit Australia - Day 4

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  1. Seraphina says:

    That’s sweet they want that. Won’t happen. They have royal blood in them.

    Normal also means not relying on the tax payers or the Duchy for $ to live off.

    • Noodles says:

      I agree that the child still won’t have a normal life but I think it’s the right move not to give the child a title. Meghan and Harry won’t maintain this level of popularity forever. One day George, Charlotte and Louis will be all grown up and pulling the spotlight. Ten more years and they’ll be all over George.

      • mint says:

        This! At one point they will fade out like Prince Edward, Andrew and Princess Anne- no disrespect but no one cares what they do. The Cambridge kids will grow up and eventually have their own families. Whats the point of giving out titles, when the Sussex kid(s) will never be working royals.

      • Jan90067 says:

        This is true, but isn’t Charles’ “slimmed down Monarchy” inclusive of William AND Harry’s kids, but not any other branches of the family, JUST HIS. That’s what I always thought it to be: him, Cam, W/K (and kids), and Harry and (then it was whomever he married, now Meg) and his/their kids. No other relatives.

      • aaa says:

        Charles’ purported slimmed down monarchy would not include Harry’s kids. Only the monarch, heirs apparent and children of the monarch and heirs apparent.

        Harry’s children are the equivalent of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Prince Andrew’s daughters.

      • Megan says:

        I think Charles made it clear years ago that Harry’s kids would not be working royals. Why give them a title if they have to grow up and get jobs like anyone else? Peter and Zara have done just fine without titles.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Yeah, they need to give up the palaces if they want a ‘normal’ life.

      • SK says:

        This. This is the best choice for their kids. Don’t raise them expecting to be the same as their cousins – like Andrew did. Harry and Megs will do their royal work but their kids will not – much like Princess Anne and her kids – who seem super happy and balanced by the way.

    • Himmiefan says:

      I agree that Meghan and Harry’s kids will be like Beatrice and Eugenie in that they’ll have one foot in the royal world and one foot in the normal world, yet not be fully of either. Like Beatrice and Eugenie, they’ll probably need to choose which world to live in. They could be “working royals” without Kensington Palace’s support if they’d like, or they can have normal jobs and stay out of the limelight.

  2. Beth says:

    They might want that, but no kid in a wealthy, famous,royal family will have a “normal life “

  3. dietcokehead says:

    I’ll probably say this inelegantly and not explain myself well, but here goes. I think William and Harry fetishize normality because of the emphasis their mother placed on playing at normal when they were children. They went to McDonald’s, they went to playgrounds. Diana said repeatedly she wanted them to have a “normal upbringing”. But the thing is, they’ve never known actual normality. They don’t know what it’s like to struggle with money or to get into the school of their dreams or to work to get a promotion. They want their idea of normality wherein they get to keep the wealth, the houses, the titles, the perks, but no one to pester them in public, take their photo, or question their spending. It’s not being really ordinary they seem to desire, they just don’t want the microscope.

    • minx says:

      Yes, exactly.

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay this is what I was trying to say in my rambling post below but you say it much better lol. I think they all basically want to be Pippa and James (but with more money ha.) We always talk about on here how Kate would probably be so much happier with Pippa’s life. Money, access to the exclusive designers, shops, restaurants, nice vacations, don’t have to work too hard apparently* and you can be as anonymous as you want (because come on, we all know Pippa could be more anonymous than she is lol.)

      *I feel like the Middleton parents must have worked hard but you don’t see it in the kids….

      The other family that comes to mind is the Percys – Duke of Northumberland. Old British family, old title, lots of money, lots of privilege, not nearly as much media scrutiny.

      • Rhys says:

        @Becks1 – Pippa’s life is really nice though I don’t think Kate would swap if she had the chance. She wouldn’t have stuck around Will for a decade. She could’ve found someone with a title and money easy after dating prince for a few years. Kate might not want power or crave celebrity per se, but she enjoys the great wealth and the perks that come with being completely taken care of as a member of the royal family.

        Personally, I like Pippa’s life better. I think she landed a perfect scenario. I wonder if she split with Nico because he just wasn’t in the same tax bracket as Mr.Mathews?

    • dans le metro says:

      Absolutely. They want the perks and the fawning but but not the scrutiny nor the pecuniary anxieties.

    • OriginalLala says:

      William and Harry’s version of a normal life reminds me of when Marie Antoinette would “play peasant” with her ladies in waiting in the gardens of Versailles. It’s superficial and fetishizing.

      • dietcokehead says:

        Yes, exactly! They want to *play at* the kind of normal their mother built into their heads when they were children, but it’s only play. They wouldn’t trade places with me for anything, and I am educated and earn well. Normal is a game to them.

      • L84Tea says:

        Thank you dietcokehead for putting it in such a way that I have been struggling to. It is absolutely a game to them. I actually want to twitch whenever they talk about being “normal”, because it makes it sound as if they have no clue how well they have it, scrutiny and all. While I’m sure having your life played out on a public stage isn’t a picnic, they have absolutely no worries about money, education for their children, security, or really anything else. What I wouldn’t give to not have those worries for just a week. So when Wills and Harry say it, even though I really do like Harry, I just want to tell them to take a seat and zip their lip.

      • BBeauty says:

        Exactly. And we all know what happened to the French monarchy after Marie Antoinette played peasant. Pretending to be normal will show the public that these people are not any different from the rest of the world by blood or birth. They simply have money. No place for so called royalty in the modern world. After a generation or two of pretending to be normal, the Brits will see they are not above them after all and will abolish the monarchy. No beheadings like Marie but same premise.

    • Tanguerita says:

      perfectly summed up.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        That is exactly right. It would come off so much better if they couched the “normal life” conversation as “we want to ensure that our children are brought up to understand the issues that face the rest of the world.”

    • mint says:

      Thats why Chelsy and Cressida declined the job. They can still live their rich lives, they have money, access, connections- but most of all they have freedom. They dont owe the public a thing. People always say how sad Chelsy looked in the church – I would assume bored. I think they made smart choices for themselves.

      • Miss M says:

        I agree with you all. And I dont think Meghan married up to have a normal life. Perfect examples that wanted some level of normalcy: Chelsy and Crescida.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Chelsy might have looked wistful (who doesn’t reflect on the path not taken?) But definitely not sad.

      • JustSayin' says:

        How can they decline a job they weren’t asked to do?

        Harry never proposed to chelsy or cressida.

      • mint says:

        Harry was with Chelsy for 7 years. So I am quite sure the topic of marriage, kids, a future together came up at some point. After they broke up, Harry talked a lot about how he needed to finde someone who is up for the job, up for a public life- so Chelsy obvously wasn´t up for the job, declined it.
        I think over the summer it was revealed that they broke up for good after William and Kates marriage, because of the enormity of it and it was too daunting for her.

      • Rhys says:

        They made a smart choice because they had the choice. Middletons were nowhere near their wealth level, even with all of those plastic plates and spoons. It’s only after they got the opportunity to use their royal connections and newfound fame that their business grew significantly. Many people are rich but only few are truly wealthy.

      • AnneC says:

        I wonder sometimes if Meghan, who is American, got into this all without completely understanding the unceasing scrutiny and life in a fishbowl existence that the royals live in England. His British girlfriends probably were much more realistic about the pros and cons. Hope it works out for them, but honestly looks like kind of a nightmare life.

      • liriel says:

        I can only imagine what a struggle it must have been for Chelsy! Pros and cons. To be honest, press hated her. She was also not photogenic, she looked kind of dirty and made weird faces. I’d do the same. She was compared to the “regal” Kate all the time. Sure, she was a party girl but she did get a law degree and Kate partied as well. I think press was not fair to Chelsy but kudos to her – she never tried the PR game.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      Yes, normal to them means being fabulously wealthy (like all their equally rich friends) and having all the privilege that goes along with it (like all their equally rich friends) but not having people bug you all the time about your life choices. They want to lead the life of anonymous 1% -ers – endless vacations, private schools, luxury cars, country homes for weekends. They want to be like the ideal GOOP customer complaining to their friends about “how hard it is to find good help these days”. No shame here but that is not “normal” at least as far as I am concerned.

    • Lindz says:

      Well of course they will keep the money. Why would they give that up?! They just won’t have titles. They’ll be “normal” rich people, which is a category of people. That’s who the princes and the Middletons grew up among. That’s what Meghan would have if she had stayed married to her first husband. A certain amount of money and therefore comfort, security, and privilege is a given with these people. They’re not talking about becoming middle class.

      • someone says:

        They could have quietly chosen not to take the titles. It’s not such a huge sacrifice..not as if they are renouncing the wealth and privilieges and taking on a job on the street.

    • Terri says:

      That was exactly my thought when I read the title. Diana made them wait in line at McDonald’s, so more of the unentitled attitude over normal.

  4. Somegirl says:

    If Meg wanted her kids to have a normal life, she wouldn’t have married a prince. Though I will say that technically their kids will be in the same position as Beatrice and Eugenie, so they should be prepared for at least a little more “normal” than Will and Kate’s kids. With the heir already having an heir and two spares (& who knows if they’ll have more), there probably won’t be much room for Harry’s kids to be full time working royals when they’re adults. But titles/no titles, their lives will never be “normal.”

    • Nancy says:

      That was my first thought as well. You marry a prince in your late 30’s and want a normal life?!! Not going to happen. I understand how the brothers feel. But, as Kaiser said, going to McDonalds and taken to see how the poor folk live isn’t going to make you normal. Come on, your grandmother is a Queen. Deal with being rich and privileged, it beats the alternative 🤴👸….at least the rich part.

    • RoyalBree says:

      Just my opinion, but I honestly don’t think Meghan would have had children had she not met Harry and fallen in love (with him *and* the money and lifestyle), but she happily agreed because she knew it would be a dealbreaker for him if she didn’t. If she really was a woman who wanted kids, she would have had them by now. Again, I could be wrong but this is my suspicion. It could just be that the right man never came along until Harry? Hard to believe but maybe true.

      • Lanne says:

        Royalbree She would have already had kids if she wanted them? Um no. Just no. She was on a roll with her career, had gotten divorced, perhaps wasn’t in the right head space yet for kids, who knows. Lots of women who want kids haven’t had them yet by mid 30s.

      • Addie says:

        I agree with your take RoyalBree. I think Meghan was driven by her career and it took a helluva long time to get the Suits gig – that is, some stability. If she’d had children, it’s time off, changing body shape etc. I just don’t think it was a priority for her. Now, with her on-screen partner wanting to move on, her storyline was going to either disappear or be reduced. She didn’t have a large body of acting work, nor did she do what a lot of actors do in down time: act in plays, do guest gigs etc. Harry came at the right time for her and wanting kids would have been a deal breaker for him. Look, it’s transactional on both sides. The world is run along those lines. The child/ children may not have titles (like Zara and Peter Phillips) or lesser ones (like Edward and Sophie’s kids) but they’d be better off out of the limelight, getting a good education and not depend on the royal work malarkey. They’ll always be economically secure. Best to try for a balanced happy life of true achievement.

  5. Alix says:

    We’re really gonna rip them based on the ramblings of an anonymous source?

    • Mego says:

      Thank you Alix! We are forgetting all of the articles that have been published about the royal family predicting one thing or another and been proven absolutely incorrect. This is mere speculation on the part of a reporter. Citing anonymous sources is meaningless drivel to make your speculation sound more legit. Why not just come right out and say “this is what I think is going to happen.”

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Exactly, we’ll only have a sense of their path if it varies in the following ways: 1) they receive a title; 2) head to the usual posh private boarding schools vs day schools; and 3) go into the military as all of the royal men have been forced to do.

  6. minx says:

    Really, what else are they going to say? That they want their child to be a pampered poodle?

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      This. They can’t proclaim they’re looking forward to over-pampering their future prodigy, living in palatial abodes and assigning the east wing to be a toddler’s wonderland complete with a full staff and a mega giant ball pit with its own full-time ball wiper.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I agree that for Harry, the idea of a “normal” life isn’t necessarily what Meghan probably thinks of as a “normal” life. And this child is NOT going to have a normal life, but as we have seen with the Phillips children and the Wessex kids, there is a continuum of normalcy, so to speak. I think Baby Sussex will obviously be more famous and more prominent than maybe Lady Louise, but I think part of that is just because the timing of the Wessex kids ended up working out in their favor (born as William and Harry become older teenagers/adults and are receiving the majority of the media focus.) But we will see what happens with Louise and James as they continue to grow up.

    So anyway – I think this baby can have a “more” normal life than George and Charlotte and Louis, but its still not going to be the anonymous, pampered childhood that I think Harry would like.

    I do think by starting out with this “normal” narrative they are setting the expectation that the child will not be a working royal, which was kind of assumed anyway but I think they are just making that clearer. And I think the child will benefit from having that expectation clear from the get-go (that they wont be a working royal.) that does away with some of the messiness we have seen from Andrew re: the York princesses.

    • Spargel says:

      Yeah, and Meghan HAD an arguably normal life before the acting gig that made her a B-list celeb before Harry ever appeared. Normal during Suits is anything but.

  8. MaryContrary says:

    I think they mean more in the Princess Anne’s kids (or what’s looking like how Prince Edward’s kids are) vein vs Duke of York’s girls. So while of course they’ll enjoy the perks, their kids won’t have the titles or the expectations that they’ll have royal roles.

  9. Belluga says:

    Their lives and their children’s lives are more likely to reflect Edward and Sophie and Louise and James. Working royals with the children titled but not in the spotlight.

  10. Betsy says:

    If this is what they said, why not say, “we want our child to be grounded. We have immense privilege and we want our baby to have some understanding of how other people live.” I could understand that, that’s achievable. A normal life isn’t.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I think that’s exactly what Meghan is going to go for, if not Harry as well. I really don’t think Meghan is going to let their child(ren) be pampered poodles without any kind of work ethic or understanding of their privilege. I can see these kids having jobs and at least earning some of their own money. I don’t see them sucking on the government teat for life, but I could be wrong. We’ll see what happens when King Charlie puts his streamlined monarchy into practice.

  11. Kittycat says:

    Normal = rich and famous

  12. Jane says:

    I loathe this nonsense. From them and from Will & Kate.

    If they want to be ‘normal’, they can simply hold a press conference and announce they’re renouncing their royal roles (and all the lovely and expensive ‘perks’) for themselves and their children, and then go off and be independently wealthy but ‘normal’ somewhere people won’t care for long. Just live the boring, everyday lives they supposedly dream of, and watch the interest fizzle.

    No that’s not how it technically works, but it’s 2018. If they publicly state they want no part in the monarchy, physically forcing them to stay and participate simply isn’t an option. Nor is removing the children from them. It would be the PR crisis of Diana times a million.

    If they want to be ‘normal’ they can be. They’re choosing not to be.

    • OriginalLala says:

      If they want a normal life so badly – give up your titles and all the riches your family stole from the peoples and lands they colonised. Then we can start talking about normal…

      • HAha says:


      • BCity says:

        Agreed! I like these two, but come on. A nice start could have been paying for the security at the wedding themselves, but apparently that’s just too normal! How much has the child poverty rate exploded in Britain since the austerity measures were put in place? Not their fault, but if they do a big baby reveal, they need to not stick the taxpayers with the bill.

  13. ShazBot says:

    I’m sure they are thinking they’d rather their kids follow the Peter/Zara Phillips path than the Beatrice/Eugenie path. This baby will, after all, be just like those cousins. Grandchild/niece/nephew/cousin to the future monarchs.

  14. Anne says:

    This is an annonymous source so pinch of salt and all that..
    But one look at Meghan’s wardrobe cost since her engagement (the 175000$ dress!) and her increasing jewellery colection…. nothing about her is normal…Neither is it for Harry and I disagree, I donot think Harry would have made a good life as an ordinary citizen..he was a well-documented playboy and we only know the tip of the iceberg that was allowed to leak , much of his shennanigans are not even reported . Normal he doesnt want to be…for example his friends are all upper crust, well connected folks, he has no real friends among his ex-colleagues and Invictus teaam etc

  15. Alexandria says:

    I’m not surprised if that’s what they want. They will still remain privileged. When the WK trio grow up, the spotlight is automatically on them and who they date, unless HM kids are stunningly good looking and grab attention for that. Harry has gone to warzones as a soldier, and Meghan (like Sophie) was a normal woman trying to get education and have a career. Yes they’re privileged but they seem more aware of it.

  16. CanadianGirl says:

    I think this is setting the seeds for the baby to be Lady/Lord and not Prince/princess.

    • SK says:

      I thought this was already stated outright? I saw an article right after they announced the pregnancy that stated KP saying they would not seek a title of prince/princess for the baby.

      • Sid says:

        They wouldn’t even have to seek anything. Legally the baby automatically becomes HRH and a prince/ess as soon as Charles ascends the throne. And if it’s a boy, it will automatically take on one of Harry’s lesser titles until Harry passes away and the boy becomes the Duke of Sussex.

  17. GM says:

    First of all we don’t know if this is true, recall Markle senior supposedly finding out about the pregnancy early. Secondly if it is true, I think they are saying this because they can see the writing on the wall. They see how it is turning out for Eugenie and Beatrice. W+K have 3 kids already, the second son’s kids (Andrew) are not being allowed to be working royals. Chances are H + M kids won’t be either, so better so put a good face and spin on it now. Better their kids are like Princess Anne’s and not like Andrew’s (no offense to E and B who I like). Lastly, normal for them isn’t like you and me, it is still a rich, privileged life, just not as working royal.

  18. Chrissyms says:

    I assume they mean less public. The kid is obviously going to have enormous privlage and very experience life in a different way then normal people but I guess they won’t have to spend as much time in the pearl bloc stage like their cousins and mainly George will. I wouldn’t want my kid to be the heir to the Throne. Such an unnatural way to see life. Maybe that is what Harry means but let’s face it. He has that option because Wills kids are the ones who were born to the future king.

  19. Civic says:

    Neither Harry or Meghan would be considered normal to the average Joe. Diana herself was far from normal coming from an aristocratic family. Harry has lived a privileged life from the moment he was born. Meghan didn’t have much in common with the average person either, she attended fee paying private schools, and as an actress she commanded a high salary mixed with lots of vacation time, red carpets, expensive designer clothing, & socializing with the rich & famous.

    The young royals & a lot of celebrities like to use the ‘normal’ card because it makes them seem not so out of touch.

    • Lindz says:

      I think they just mean normal for rich people, which is fine. Normal, modest, down to earth rich people exist too and I think that’s what they meant – they want to raise “grounded” kids in some degree of privacy. Honestly, I’d rather hear this than that they are insisting on HRH titles for their kids.

    • Hikaru says:

      She had both business and political connections that got her a job at the embassy over all other candidates, hardly the normal life of an unprivileged American.

  20. Lexa says:

    I don’t think this would be the worst idea, honestly. The kids won’t be working royals and there just seems to be so much internal angst in the family over the role of the York princesses. I also think it might help weather any anti-monarchy surge after the queen’s death if the family is seen as “smaller.”

    • xo says:

      I’m expecting an anti-monarchy surge, tbh & personally, I think it’s wise of the family to prepare for one. For this reason, I was somewhat surprised when W&K had a third. Two (“an heir and a spare”) seemed right to me.

      If this story is coming from reliable sources, it’s being released to set expectations: no title (Prince/Princess).

  21. perplexed says:

    Well, there are different kinds of normal.

    Even a middle-class person’s version of normal is going to be different from a poor person’s version of normal. I don’t even think Meghan’s upbringing was that normal (i.e expensive private school before public schools became known for being really terrible) even if she used to be a so-called peasant.

    They likely want him to have an aristocratic version of normal (which I suppose Diana had up to the age of 19). Basically, no paparazzi around the kid, which is likely the unifying version of normal for everybody who isn’t an actor or royal.

    Anyway, the kid is going to be pushed further and further down the line as George, Charlotte and Louis start having kids so it’s probably a good idea to have the kid used to some idea of normal. No need for him to get the shock of his life like Andrew seemed to when he hit his 50s (and he lost his looks and whatever charm people perceived in him when he was in his 20s and dating pron stars). It’s probably a good idea to give the kid some idea of the fact that people are going to be all about George when he grows up even if the kid gets a lot of attention in his youth for being Diana’s grandchild. That kind of attention can give a sense of entitlement and in a way I think it’d good if they prepare the kid for the fact that George and Charlotte are going to have articles praising them for being cutie-patooties until they hit middle-age (and even then it’s likely they aren’t going to be ugly — the only way I can see an heir and a spare losing attention). Harry and Meghan’s kid will have to be super-hot to steal attention from them….although by the time the kid grows up we’ll probably have so many famous people in the age of social media who knows if anybody will care.

  22. aaa says:

    As the child of a Duke, Baby Sussex will be born with a title. If a boy, he will be an Earl of Dumbarton. If a girl, she will be Lady X Windsor or Lady X Mountbatten-Windsor.

    When Charles becomes King, their titles will be HRH Prince/Princess X of Sussex unless the parents and/or grandparents decide that she/he/they should continue to be styled as children of a Duke, in other words the same scenario as the Wessex children.

    • Lindz says:

      Princess Anne’s children don’t have titles and they were the grandchildren of a reigning monarch.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Lindz Peter and Zara were grandchildren in the female line. Their father wasn’t royal, so no royal title/rank. Sexist as heck, but it’s how it is.

        Because Harry is male (!) his children will be entitled to be Prince/Princess of Sussex, once Grandpa Charles ascends the throne. Whether they want to accept that change remains to be seen when that time comes.

  23. HAha says:

    There aren’t enough eye rolls in the world for this.

    I would challenge them once they have the child, to try just a month, of having a ‘normal’ wage, in a ‘normal’ house, with household bills, rent, c tax, crippling childcare costs… then come back and tell us how much they loved being normal.

    Come on now.

  24. Vanessa says:

    I don’t believe this story I think press is going off what harry said about a normal life years ago taking it as a inside information into how meghan and harry are going to raise their child. I don’t know why its bothers some people so much that sometime William and harry wanted a normal life for the moment they were born they both have job William is supposed to be king and harry is the spare yes they have privilege that we all know will never know. People keep going on and on that they could walk away that not even possible their father is the heir to the throne they are directed lines they can’t do that. Maybe if they were Andrew sons they could do that but not as Charles sons.

  25. burdzeyeview says:

    Not this from these two? Really?….I thought this was William’s war cry. I thought Harry had finally made peace with the fact that he was born into his position and instead of being the petulant prince had decided it wasn’t such a bad gig after all….especially now he has a beautiful wife whom he adores to share it with him – who is carrying his baby….cant he just be grateful? He has the sort of life any “normal” person could only dream of.

  26. Tracee says:

    Will this marriage last I wonder? Unlike Kate Meghan came into it after working and establishing herself for many years and from what I can glean she was quite independent . Their love seems genuine but once the honeymoon period is over and reality sets in who knows? The extremely short courtship didn’t really give her much time to adjust as Kate did.

    • Vanessa says:

      Oh please again with this narrative that meghan will soon realized that she wants a normal life and bolt leaving the marriage. She is 37 she knew what life would entail with harry this concerning troll for meghan is ridiculous that somehow only kate was better prepared for royal life as you clearly see meghan has hit the ground running she is well prepared for the royal life you don’t have to worry about her bolting .

      • xo says:

        Meghan HAS taken to her role like a duck to water, yes. She’s good at it. I believe she likes and is suited to the life, the question posed was about the marriage.

        I wonder about that, too. Clearly, they’re in love. But, sometimes, we idealize people . . . .I do think Harry idealizes her a bit, tbh.

      • perplexed says:

        She’s more well-spoken and educated than he is. She’s also been relatively successful through both networking (which I think takes skill and emotional intelligence) and her own efforts. Without his prince title, he probably wonders if he could achieve the same. I can kind of see why he’d idealize her.

        I don’t personally idealize her, but I do think she has a skill set I wouldn’t mind having and cultivating. If she wrote a book about it, I’d buy it. Unfortunately, it’s the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world who want to dole out advice.

  27. TheOtherSam says:

    @aaa is correct, above. This is all as it should be, according to the current rules.

    This baby (and subsequent Sussex kids born while the Queen is alive) will automatically be titled Lord/Lady at birth, or Earl Dumbarton if firstborn is a boy. No HRH or Prince or Princess designation or rank. A specific Letters Patent (LP) would be need to be issued by the Queen to change this. Otherwise, once Charles becomes King they automatically upgrade to HRH Prince or Princess of Sussex.

    I think KP, Clarence House and Harry and Meghan are just ‘leaking’ this to let the public know this is the route they’re going. No LP for their kids. We’ll see what happens when the Queen passes. My prediction (made last week, still standing) is they’ll have their rank upgrade at that time.

  28. crogirl says:

    If Harry wanted to be a soldier he would be a soldier. He is 6th in line and if he wants “normal life” he can easily give up the perks and live off his own money. Let’s not pretend he gave up military job because he had to do “royal work”, he just figured out it’s easier.

    • Amy says:

      Harry served. To diminish that in any way is pretty terrible.

      • crogirl says:

        I am not trying to diminish his services. I’m just pointing out that he chose to do royal work instead.

      • xo says:

        I’m out of my depth here, admittedly, but it’s my understanding that 1) it was generally agreed that Harry wasn’t suited to a desk job (military) & 2) As his identity made him a target, he wouldn’t be allowed to take on just any assignment.

        So, I suspect, his prospects for advancement were limited.

        He does seem to have genuinely wanted to fight with his brothers, though. From interviews, it’s seems he did find a sense of community there.

  29. Amy says:

    I mean, what are they supposed to say publicly? “I want my child to benefit from my life full of massive privilege…”?? It’s a talking point, a “buzz phrase” but their version of normal is very different from our version of normal. Just like my version of normal varies slightly from some of your versions of normal.

  30. Egla says:

    I wish I was born into that family and my parents wanted me to be “normal”. They are set for life. All of them, tittle or no tittle. They know that, we know that so….
    I am 38 and I would marry a dim (others seem to imply that ) prince with money and connection in a heart bit. Why? Because I am old enough and have worked long enough to understand that my future will be better with a rich privileged husband. I am saying this also to answer to some people accusing Meghan of being a calculate woman. At 20 years old people dream of big love stories, beautiful boys and that stuff, at 38 after kissing all the possible frogs in her way she knows what she wants and needs. Her life will be better, her children’s life will me better than the rest of the world. She is set and it’s a good thing. Anyway IF they want to taste normal I can show them and then we can cry together over a family pizza.

    • liriel says:

      Frankly, I’m not your age but I’m starting to see why you say that. Not to mention love can only carry you off for some time. Frankly, I want to be independent and all but being set for life.. it must be amazing. never worry about money.. and poor guys are jerks as well. so maybe a rich one is better. #shortlyafterbreakup

      • Egla says:

        @Liriel Fun fact: I am an independent woman this close to buy my first place. I would HATE to loose my freedom at all. But again I haven’t really meet a super mega rich guy and fallen in love. When I think of the sacrifices and the hard work I had to do to be here and see some spoiled nobody having it easy…but again it would be a dream to be set for life.
        @Notafakesugar I see what you say but their privilege will keep them safe from the world. They really live in a fishbowl and cheer each other up. As for all you said they may be all true but does really matter what the world say or who you curtesy to when you can take all the vacations you want with your rich family and friends and drink coctails and laugh at the poors. She traded ALL her life and hard work to live that life. It must be worth it for her.

  31. BBeauty says:

    I can see Harry and Megan going the route that Anne took and not giving royal titles. Look at how Andrews daughters have been treated simply because of their Princess titles. Zara is treated much better by the press and public and lives a relatively normal life. I can see Harry wanting a life more like Zara has for his kid.

  32. LL says:

    Just going to point out if Duchess Meghan wanted “normal” for her future family, she never would have married a prince. *shrug*