Was the Royal Sussex Tour a resounding success, or not so much?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex board a flight to New Zealand

Now that the Royal Sussex South Pacific Tour is over, it’s time to reflect on what we learned, what Meghan and Harry did well, and where there’s room for improvement. I think the tour as a whole was a huge success on many different levels. Some of the biggest and most important British Commonwealth countries got to experience Meghan and Harry just after they announced their first pregnancy. Meghan’s bump will forever be associated with Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. “Meg-mania” was felt in all of those countries as well, with crushing, excited crowds gathering by the hundreds and thousands to meet Meghan in particular.

The fashion on this tour was somewhat hit-or-miss, in my opinion. Meghan wore some good pieces and some not-great pieces. I thought she spent too much money on certain dresses which weren’t even that special, especially considering that there were off-the-rack pieces which would have looked just as good or similar. That being said, because Harry and Meghan did so many events and activities throughout the tour and there were SO many fashions and costume changes to talk about, it ended up working in Meghan’s favor. There was substance AND fun-fashion commentary, plus bump-watching and charisma.

That’s what I was left with too – Meghan and Harry’s charisma was the X-factor helping them along the whole time. Meghan had never undertaken anything this big, and people cut her slack because it was her first big tour, because she was pregnant, and because even if she didn’t do everything perfectly, she genuinely looked like she was enjoying herself and enjoying all of the people she met, and all of the events they did.

As for the purely sartorial conversation about the royal tour fashion, as I said, I think that it was hit-or-miss. She’s still finding her footing, wanting to “dress like a duchess,” but also dress in a style that feels authentic to her. She obviously loves trench coats and dresses with wide lapels and trench-vibes. She obviously falls into The Button Trap occasionally. She wears too much navy, black and beige. But, again, I think people are more forgiving of Meghan’s little style quirks because of A) her charisma, B) she was pregnant and still figuring out her early-maternity style and C) because she was actually out there doing stuff and making speeches and being hands-on.

Last thing: isn’t it great that the worst thing we can say about Meghan possibly dressing inappropriately is when she – GASP – showed a bit too much leg while wearing a light beach dress… at the beach?? That’s it. She didn’t feel the need to flash her bits in every Commonwealth country. It’s refreshing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Fraser Island

Beach Day, Take Two! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Bondi Beach

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex watch the wheelchair basketball final with David Beckham

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    I had high hopes for her fashion-wise, but she’s been kind of a snooze. That’s okay though-her work ethic, connection with people, that she’s eloquent and well spoken, and they look so happy together, more than make up for her hit or miss clothing.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Agreed. She’s so much more than a fashion icon (and not really that) but it’s fun to see what an intelligent, genuinely concerned global public figure wears because fashion is a form of self-expression. I love Meghan fashion threads.

  2. Sonia says:


    • StartupSpouse says:

      I do. I need to be distracted from the real news.

      • Mich says:

        Me too. This has been welcome escapism.

      • Lydia says:

        There is a lot of fun news that we don’t get to hear about because everything is Trump, Trump, Trump, as if there’s nothing else in the world.

        To find some, I recommend putting the name of a random country into Google and type: ‘Finland, news’. Voila, lots of things we never hear about.

    • Jane says:

      I mean, we’re talking about people who’s main job is just showing up, waving and attempting to look like they want to be there. There’s not a lot of substance to talk about.

      They showed up, they managed to say some words without making themselves look bad, and they wore a lot of outfits. It’s really not surprising people default to talking about the outfits.

      • Chrome says:

        True. Royalty is entertainment, with the drama playing out in real time. They players are dolls wearing new clothes. The tour was popular here in PR terms for Harry and Meghan. The coverage was saturation and just breathless and hysterical as UK reporters flooded the airwaves . People just hoped it would be over, even presenter on TV said that. The crowds were good but let’s face it, consisted of mums, grannies, kids for miles and teenage girls. Lots of the kids hardly knew what was going on. They had a good time but they hardly represent the bulk of the population even in the cities the couple visited. The whole thing created anxiety here about costs for just a holitour. It wasn’t needed, nothing changed or will for the people they met. It’s entertainment, not serious, and shouldn’t be confused with real work.

      • Lydia says:

        @Jane, not a lot of substance? They focused on youth leadership, environmental efforts, rehabilitation of service people, Invictus Games, as well as the different cultures of the places they visited.

    • Laura says:

      I do too. I’m not that fashion forward, so I live vicariously through famous people and what they wear. Also, I agree that fashion can be a very nice distraction from the awfulness of the news lately.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      Ummmm, the nation she represents and the people who fund her lifestyle so she does it well probably care…?

    • Olive says:

      lots of people, but you already knew that, didn’t you.

    • Lydia says:

      I agree. I don’t care what she wears, if it’s not a shirt with three middle fingers on it or something.

    • Beth says:

      The taxpayers who pay for her clothes, people interested in fashion, her fans, and people who want distractions from bad news care and discuss their opinions of Meghans clothes on this celebrity gossip site where celebrities fashion is often talked about. Why all the CAPS? Chill out @sonia

    • Valerie says:

      Exactly; except apparently everybody and their dog cares anyway. And because of that, there’s no way she can win. People are always going to gripe about it not being…whatever they like or think it should be. My theory is that she’s choosing “snoozy” items deliberately, because the last thing she (or Kate) need/want is to become “fashion icons.”

    • KEEKS says:

      Like it or not, THE clothing industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Designers are putting their clothes on stars to make PR statements and also to get their clothes noticed. Although Royalty is not allowed to accept free swag and clothes. Obviously if it is important to Meghan to wear Figi blue, to wear Invictus clothing and to dress in suitable fashion, including hats and other various clothing throughout her introduction to the world so it’s obvious she cares. If she had Jessica Mulroney with her on tour, she obviously does care about what she is wearing and how she is perceived. This is all planned meticulously. Of course people care. Charles added on a position in his staff for somebody to do this especially for him. A stylist or yoeman, clothes are obviously important to royalty as well. Always have been, always will be. So, that’s who cares about what she is wearing.

      • Nestea says:

        Meghan did not have Jessica Mulroney on tour with her, though. Jessica was with Ben, who was covering the Invictus Games, and they were also celebrating their 10th anniversary. Jessica was only in Australia, and only for a few days. I’m sure she sent time with Meghan, and she may have helped her, but Meghan didn’t take her on tour, and she wasn’t there just for Meghan.

    • Princessk says:

      Yes, the most important thing is that she is happily married to Harry.

      The tour was a resounding success and no other Royal couple will get close to them in terms of the warm and enthusiastic reception they received wherever they went.

      Well done, especially to Meghan, it was a gruelling tour and she has been a part of the Royal family for less than a year, and yet she handled everything with so much confidence and grace. It is obvious why Harry knew he had found the right partner.

      • ettig says:

        I agree.

      • Lady D says:

        William and Kate’s first trip after their wedding was to Canada. The crowds were massive, they turned out in droves to see the D & D of Cambridge. Kate kept holding everyone up because so many people wanted to talk to her. The couple had the genuine goodwill of most of the country. Harry and Meghan’s trip seems very much the same.

  3. Tina says:

    I don’t think Meghan wants the conversation to be about her clothing. That’s why I think she wears so many neutral colours and similar items.

    • ShazBot says:

      This. I think she knows it’s obviously going to be talked about, but if she keeps it pretty low-key and neutral, eventually people will focus on what she’s saying and doing instead. Because she is saying and doing some great things (so far)

      • Snap Happy says:

        I know she can’t shop at Old Navy, but at that price point there are so many more interesting pieces that can be chosen. Even in neutral colors. She really has to get a new stylist.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I think that would be the case in a perfect world, but let’s face it – many people care more about what she wears than what she says (and not just her but Kate, Diana, heck we even note what the Queen is wearing). It’s not a bad thing, per se, but it does tend to take away from more important things.

      That said, I will name myself guilty because I always want to see what people are wearing, since I love clothes and fashion in general. Especially handbags and coats, lol. I am slightly obsessed.

    • Milla says:

      Then she’d wear high Street brands. Not bespoke.
      Meg loved fashion before, she talked about it and had a lifestyle blog. She just likes muted colours, it still doesn’t mean she doesn’t love fashion and clothes and jewelery.

      • liriel says:

        Exactly. Just because Meghan didn’t deliver and hasn’t fulfilled our expectation to be a style icon doesn’t mean it’s her choice not to be one and choses expensive ill-fitting clothes to prove this point.

      • Tina says:

        I didn’t say I don’t think she likes nice clothing and accessories. I’m sure she does. But I think her choices of neutrals mean that she doesn’t necessarily want the conversation to be about her clothing. I think she probably absorbed some of the backlash from the Ralph & Russo engagement dress, and reacted accordingly.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I’m glad it’s hit or miss. If it were all hits, then she’d have to turn into some kind of “style icon” known only for that. She was always presentable, pleasant, polite and apparently well-informed.

      • Lilly says:

        I know what you mean and it’s so tiring and stressful to try and maintain that status – not that I’ve experienced that. 🙂

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Thankfully she gives us something to talk about other than her clothes. She made more than one speech during this tour and I’m sure she would’ve stayed for hours at that market if they’d let her. It was clear what their messages were while they were there. Conservation and sustainability, mental health and veterans’ causes (which are close to my heart as the daughter and wife of disabled veterans), and women’s empowerment/rights. Sure, it was a holitour but I actually took something away other than just fashion. I honestly don’t remember half of what she wore and that’s perfectly fine.

  4. Becks1 says:

    I love her fashion but its because she dresses like I want to dress. She just has a sense for classic basic clothes and trendy accessories. Kate dresses like I would dress if I were a royal – I wouldn’t quite know how to accessorize, and I would probably be overly safe, and I would look to my grandmother in law and stepmother in law for ideas. Meghan dresses like how I would want to dress as a royal – still pretty safe, still kind of boring, but just a bit more interesting. Just a step above.

    Anyway, fashion aside – like Kaiser said, I think people are forgiving of the fashion because there were so many outfit changes, so if you didn’t like something, wait an hour, there will be something else. They did so many events, and traveled so much overall – as I’ve said before, it was exhausting just to follow on here and twitter, ha. And yes, charisma and charm and being personable goes a LONG way.

    And I know I’ve been saying this for the past several weeks but I’m going to say it again – people are also forgiving of the fashion not just bc of the changes, but because there were SO MANY events. Many of us have said on here for years that if Kate WORKED more, we would criticize things like her boring coatdresses less. And I think this tour proved that. Yes, right now there is Meg-mania, and she is getting a huge pass from many royal watchers (myself included), but Kate got the same pass when she married William and there was “Kate mania” for years. And right now, I don’t care about things like her fourth trench coat or trench dress of the tour, because this tour sounded brutal.

    I can remember pretty much every outfit Kate wore on her first Canadian tour. I can barely remember what Meghan wore last week.

  5. janey says:

    I think she did great. She’s lively, bright, intelligent and engaging. I loved some of her outfits, not so much with others. She definitely should’t have worn something that afforded the possibility of flashing that much leg. I hope she learns from that. Otherwise she’s done a bang up job, and brought our attention to sustainable fashion and gave an awesome speech. Well done!

  6. Maya says:

    Harry & Meghan was a huge success and the Royal house knew exactly that when they approved of Meghan.

    Meghan represents the modern Cinderella, intelligent, beautiful, caring and independent.

    Harry the modern Prince, caring, friendly and confident in himself to fall in love and marry a very independent woman.

    This couple is going to carry on improving the British Royal House.

    • Jenni says:

      Wow Maya.. You watch a lot of rom comes.

      How is Meghan independent!? She gave up her career and life to move to London, and seemingly her family. Because she was already distancing herself from her father before the wedding. Harry never bothered to meet him but he found time to meet her mother several times. And don’t say it was because her dad talked to tabloids because there was no drama like that before her wedding week. It was blatant disrespect to her father and they may may have avoided that whole mess if they’d bothered to prepare her father for the tabloid onslaught coming.

      I don’t see the point of royalty in general. But the fuss over Meghan and Harry creeps me out. Some of the comments I read are so OTT and devoted. All for a woman that nobody cared about when she was just an actress 2 years ago. She hasn’t done anything dramatic to merit the praise and platitudes since then. She’s basically a clothes horse now. It’s pretty sad that this is all you need to do to be “inspirational”.

      • Maya says:

        Snort – I don’t watch rom coms and never have.

        Just because she left her country doesn’t make her not independent.

        Independent means she is doing what she wants and Meghan is doing that.

      • Maria says:

        +1 Jenni

      • Hikaru says:

        Sugaring is feminist these days doncha know, Jenni?

      • Amelie says:

        I thought the cookbook initiative was pretty entrepreneurial of Meghan given she hasn’t even been part of the royal family for a year (and it’s clear she started working on that even before the wedding). It was her idea, she executed it (with help of course), and held an event to honor the women whose recipes were in the book. It was such a huge deal Meghan’s own mom came out for the event. I dunno, that seems to me to be the sign of an independent woman carrying out a project she is clearly interested in?

        Also my dad gave up his life in his own country to be with my mom, left behind his family and friends. He couldn’t speak English, wasn’t a US citizen, and he was unemployed. He didn’t really know my mom’s family at all. My grandparents were less than thrilled about my mom’s choice of a husband! My mom was the one raking in the dough for at least the first year of their marriage. I guess my father wasn’t independent back in 1982…

      • Vanessa says:

        Silly me I though feminist is about choose as woman we are allowed to choose what paths we want to take in life. You might not have choose the path that meghan has but that doesn’t make her any less of feminism than you or anyone else who identifies as feminists. Are feminists not allowed to get married or moved out state for their partners if you identify as a feminist are we are no longer consider independent woman because we choose to get married. I don’t why people have such a problem that people like meghan so much for every nice comments meghan get on here there 10 more comments calling her all sorts of names .

      • Nic919 says:

        Guess what all women who move to live with their husbands… you’re not feminist according to a poster on CB! Also if you don’t cater to your toxic narcissistic father who has publicly humiliated you in the world media, said poster on CB will judge you.

      • Your cousin Vinny says:

        I don’t think Jenni ever said anything about anyone being (or not being) a feminist – she challenged the use of the word independent .

        You can still be a feminist even if you are not entirely “independent” and I don’t think anyone disputed that.

      • Pleaseletgo! says:

        @Jenni. What rubbish! You just forgot the stage paparazzi photos of thomas the week before the wedding and the drama following it: if he will come or not to the wedding with TMZ as his spokersman! You just forgot the insults from the half siblings calling even harry to cancel the wedding the week before and the supposed loving father never speak against his crazy kids. Meghan was done after the itw with puers morgan after the wedding telling private convetsations. Plus Thomas never went to Meghan first wedding. He was not present when M graduated at Nw university just Doria. Do not think Meghan is just a clotheshorse did you forget the cook book projet, the best seller in nyt! More to come!

      • PattyCakes says:

        Way to miss the point, ladies. It isn’t that Meghan gave up her country and job and religion and, yes, dog, and citizenship, etc etc to marry some guy that makes her not a feminist. It is that she gave that all up to marry into a family in which she has to curtsy to family members and is in a position where people curtsy to her. I don’t know any feminists who would be ok with people bowing down to them because they married a guy who didn’t earn one thing he has, but was born into it.
        I won’t even get into the private planes, the tone deaf cost of her clothes and the lack of work she did between the wedding and this trip. I’ll just say I agree that it is very easy to satisfy Meghan fan’s with very few accomplishments, and I just don’t get it from this site.

      • What's Inside says:

        Hi Sammy.

    • Olenna says:

      @Maya, I think the tour well went. It was long and jammed packed with engagements, and Meghan held up well under the pressure to be on her game each day.

      Jenni and her cohorts here haven’t forgotten anything. It’s the usual suspects with the usual talking points and criticism, just trying to get a dig in at the Duchess whenever and wherever they can on the internet. Like followers of the Orange Messiah, if it’s someone they don’t like, they will ignore the facts and never give credit where credit is due.

    • PattyCakes says:

      Oh, dear God. This sounds like an 8 year old wrote it.

      • passerby says:

        Olenna may sound like a 8yr, because she’s trying to reason/make sense out of the foolery you and others on this tread are talking about. keep this same energy when you get to a blog about Kate.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Agreed! They did a fantastic job.

  7. gingersnaps says:

    I think they both did an amazing job, considering w&k’s work shy ways these two are out there doing HM’s work on her behalf just a few months after they’ve married and while in the early stages of pregnancy to boot. Harry & Meghan have shown that they are in it by preparing and studying up about the events and subjects that they’ve attended and they have a natural charisma with the public which really makes a world of difference compared to his brother. I think Queen Elizabeth is proud of them, even her twitter account have sent out various tweets about H&M’s tour.

    • Becks1 says:

      I also think this tour puts an end to all the nonsense around Kate and William’s lack of work. “they couldn’t work because the Queen wanted them to have a few years off.” “they cant work because they have a young family.” etc. Now time will tell if Meghan and Harry keep this pace up, and maybe she will take a long maternity leave, but in many ways it will be similar to Kate’s this year bc if the baby is born in early April (that’s my estimate, maybe late March?) but anyway – if the baby is born then, Meghan will be able to take it easy over the summer like most royals tend to do – show up to the Trooping and events like that – and then next fall pick up her schedule again. But it will be interesting to see.

      • gingersnaps says:

        I think Meghan just has a different work ethic and maybe Harry as well. Meghan doesn’t seem to be the type of person who will just enjoy living the posh life without doing something for it. Look at that Hubb cookbook, most of the public didn’t know she was helping the Grenfell community until they were launching it. She’s demonstrated that the doesn’t take her position for granted and is willing to step up to the duties required of her position.

        I always get frustrated whenever I have discussions about Kate’s lack of work ethic, my partner’s mum would sprout all these excuses about her children and how she is focusing on them. I mean well done to her, but surely their work is not like regular folk’s work plus all the help that is at their disposal. I worked until I was 38 weeks pregnant before I took my maternity leave, the first trimester was brutal but I still had to work because of bills to pay.
        If I was fortunate to be in their position I would not be happy just taking all the benefits but would use the platform offered to do something good for the community and even the wider area.

  8. Beth says:

    She’s naturally beautiful, and maybe her fashion will improve with a new stylist and gets a new makeup artist. She had more misses than hits, but nobody’s perfect all the time. That dress with the high slit will probably make her cringe when she sees pictures, maybe she’ll notice she looks better in colors rather than black, navy, and beige, and hopefully she’ll throw away those nude heels with the huge ankle buckle as soon as she gets home.
    I think the tour was a memorable success no matter what she wore though

  9. Melania says:

    This tour was a huge success with many unforgettable moments. I loved Meghan speeches.

  10. sushi says:

    I think it is a huge success. Their job description is to meet and greet. They did that with enthusiasm and excitement. I am a republican but praise where praise is due. The royal family should be happy.

  11. Deedee says:

    I measure the success of the tour based on remembering her and what she was doing, and not necessarily the outfits, though there were several I liked. That shows me Meghan is not just wearing clothes or modeling fashion, but embodying her new role.

  12. JAGirl says:

    The tour was a huge success, everything went well and it all seemed so positive and friendly everywhere they went.

    Such good energy was projected, in my opinion.

    Fashion wise, Meghan gave some of her best looks yet (I really loved her hair pulled back in a ponytail), Harry may need a little brushing-up fashion wise though.

  13. Beach Dreams says:

    I’d say the tour was very successful. They had several core themes that were addressed throughout the tour: women’s rights & empowerment, mental health, and conservation. They did a wonderful job connecting with various communities and cultures.

    The fashion aspect was always going to have some quibbles. I do like that she brought attention to brands such as Outland Denim, nice way to tie in something meaningful to the fashion.

  14. StallinOnMyWork says:

    They did great, but they tried to do too much, and ended up taking coverage away from the Games. I was so excited for this tour, but just ended up getting bored because it turned into How Many Outfits Can I Wear. I think they are smart to hit the ground running, and I am very excited for have a couple who works hard together, but I think they sabotaged their own success by trying to do two tours in one. Harry shouldn’t be competing with his own patronages.

    • violet says:

      @StallinOnMyWork – that schedule was put together by organizers, private secretaries, etc., not Harry and Meghan. I would be surprised if Harry let’s that happen again, the schedule was punishing rather than exhilarating. They did great, but toward the end Harry looked tired and frankly a bit angry, and I don’t blame him. ITA that the IGs suffered from What Is Meghan Wearing Overdrive, but on a first tour I don’t know that that could have been avoided, because she’s new.

  15. Gigi La Moore says:

    It’s all subjective. I think they did great and she looked great. Way better than looking like an Easter egg.

  16. Murphy says:

    I know it was long b/c its a far away region and they needed to do as much as possible but…
    it was too damn long.

    • KA says:

      Agree. It was very successful, and I love following these tours, but it was way too long. I realized by the time they hit New Zealand I was completely over it. Which was a bit sad for the things they were trying to highlight there.

  17. Kitty says:

    Don’t think this tour did anythinf substantial.

    • Olenna says:

      Do any of the royal tours do anything substantial? Is there royal tour benchmark you’re comparing this one against that the rest of us are unaware of? Seems like they got the job done–meet, greet and engage with the locals–just like all the other royals on past tours have done.

    • Pleaseletgo! says:

      If you can give us any precedent royal tour you think was substantial it would help to compare. I am sure they did not good but very good. One of the hardest and longest tour and to not forget early pregnancy of M. She is very brave. Imagine if it was kate!
      Some of their videos get 2 millions vues on KP instagram. And the royal family site was tweeting about this tour.

    • Lady D says:

      It created immense business for the Kiwi designers used, both clothing and jewelry. It generated interest in the places they stayed while on tour. It boosted tourism by highlighting the best of the country. The rallying of the brave Armed Forces vets for the Invictus Games. It got a lot of children out of school for the day.(yes, that’s important) It proved to the British public that Meghan could do the job. A lot of good came from this tour, imo.

  18. Rhys says:

    Don’t see why should we applaud her for visibly “enjoying herself” while doing her job? She loves and craves attention, that’s why she became an actress and princess.

    • sushi says:

      A lot of people love and crave attention but not everyone can become actress and princess. So she obviously has something that a lot of people sitting at home behind the computer lack.

      • Rhys says:

        Can you believe it – they do it really well and look like they are enjoying themselves!

      • Flowers says:

        I don’t think it’s a question of Meghan having qualities that others LACK, it’s just that she wanted things that others do not. There are many accomplished, intelligent, beautiful women in this world.

    • Belluga says:

      Because we’d prefer a royal to be happy and engaged with the public rather than trudge around with a face like a smacked arse?

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Well it’s certainly a nice change from years of seeing uncomfortable smiles bordering on grimaces, bored expressions, and even the occasional eye roll.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Fiendishly clever of her to enjoy and care about the people she meets so they will love her in return…

    • Pleaseletgo! says:

      Rhys because she was also pregnant. Love her or haye her it was not easy gretting all these people travelling non stop. Kate could not have made it.

    • passerby says:

      why you always so mad, Rhys?

  19. RedWeatherTiger says:

    I think you nailed it with the bit about her looking genuinely happy to be there and take part in everything. That is what they said about Diana: that she made every person feel important and special to her, and that is what Meghan seems to have the ability to do, too. And far be it for me to compare her with Kate, who has her own strengths, but Kate, if anything, looks like she is TRYING to appear happy, while Meghan just appears happy. Maybe it’s her acting training/experience, or maybe it is her personality, or both–but it works for her and for the RF.

  20. Seraphina says:

    I think she did great. Read comments on the daily mail and they tore her apart saying she loves the limelight and she is an actress which helps fake her enthusiasm. Such hatred to a woman how has jumped in and is doing good.

  21. MarcelMarcel says:

    I’m 100% a Republican (I live in Sydney). But I like Meghan’s personal style so I enjoyed looking at the fashion updates. Plus I’m still impressed at her fundraising for the Grenfell community by releasing a collaborative cookbook.

    So I kinda think the Windsor’s are a waste of time & money. (Don’t get me started on Gough Whitham. I still can’t get over the fact that the Queen has the power to remove an Australian Prime Minister from office). But I appreciate that Meghan seems focused on using her royal position to create positive social change.

  22. Lexa says:

    I think they both did great, but I’d argue the tour was maybe a bit too long, which invited a bit of fatigue in the press, etc. toward the end. But they created a ton of great moments and good will along the way.

    • TeddyPicker says:

      Agree with this – the past 4/5 days I’ve just been eye-rolling whenever I see ‘another’ Meg tour outfit post filled with neutrals, trenches and belly cupping.

      And I can’t believe the words are coming out of my mouth, but I agree with the overall sentiment of the article in the DM saying they were too touchy-feely on this tour. This is work for them, act professionally. Me and my (newly married) hubby work in the same office and we manage to cut the hand-holding for 8 hours a day.

      • Jfromfla says:

        +1 My husband and I work in the same office and don’t hand hold either. It’s just unprofessional. This tour was ok, like someone said not substantial. Her clothes were a snooze fest!

      • PattyCakes says:

        And not just hand holding. Hanging on with both hands, rubbing each others’ backs, putting her hand on his thigh. It was, to me, cringey. You are working, you are not on your honeymoon, but the touchy feely behavior and the focus on outfit changes and the cost of the clothes – it WAS a honeymoon. And the Invictus Games seemed a complete afterthought.
        I give her credit – she did most of the events and it was grueling. But still, it came across as a honeymoon.

  23. bonobochick says:

    Total success.

    Watching snippets of the Aussie and other countries news coverage of the tour, folks were very excited to see them.

    • Nic919 says:

      Australian media went all out. They had a chopper folllwing their car at all times. I know Canadian media never did that for any of the recent royal tours.

  24. NeoCleo says:

    I don’t understand the problem here with buttons. That is all.

  25. Nikki says:

    100% agree with Kaiser’s take on it. And thanks for the coverage; what a very welcome distraction. I’ve already early voted, so am waiting to see a wave of blue, hopefully. But meanwhile, this was absolutely a lovely week on Celebitchy!! 🙂

  26. A says:

    She’s had some great looks this tour. I think anyone who categorizes it as simply boring or a parade of navy, black and beige didn’t pay a lot of attention to the fashion. She’s worn some genuinely great stuff, and while her particular style isn’t always my jam, I appreciate that what she’s doing is different, and as long as she carries it well, that’s fine by me. My issue with Kate is never the hemlines, the flashing, or any of it. I find her looks super repetitive. She’s pushed a little beyond that now and I think that’s great, so we’re seeing improvement all across the board here.

    I think the tour was jam packed and a lot. I think it’s great that she tried her best to keep busy. When notice of the tour was first put out, it’s very likely that their office was inundated with briefs for a variety of different events and it’s clear that they didn’t want to turn anyone down as much as possible. It’s also very likely that the tour was planned before she knew she was pregnant. They also had a tough crowd with Australia/NZ tbh, given that they generally don’t like the RF all that much down there, so this was a great turn out and a refreshing change of opinion on their part so that’s great.

  27. wha1ever says:

    They should have done more events in relation to the Invictus Games. The games seemed like an after-though squished in with everything else. Fiji, Tonga and possibly even New Zealand could have waited for another year.

    Fashion wise..I think there were only 3 outfits I liked the rest were meh!. Fashion is important to discuss especially if the taxpayer is paying for it imo.

    • Sv says:

      Harry and Meghan did their job as far as Invictus. They attracted attention and helped sell tickets. I saw Australian media reporting that it was mostly sold out before the games even started. They were both at numerous receptions to meet the athletes and families.
      If Harrry and Meghan were at Invictus the entire time then people would have been just making the same complaints as last year I’m Canada that all of the focus was on Harry and Meghan instead of the athletes.

  28. Mellie says:

    I thought she looked great most of the time. Yes, her things are a little spendy, but I imagine she will re-wear many of them. Early pregnancy is so hard to dress for, I cannot imagine trying to come up with an extensive wardrobe like she had to. I mean, you’re chubby around the middle, but you cannot wear true maternity clothing yet and your regular sizes don’t fit properly either.

  29. whywhywhy says:

    I think she spent WAY too much money. £118,000 is eye watering. She needs a reality check there. The bill alone makes her look very out of touch.

    • Nic919 says:

      It should be eye watering because it’s a false number. But nice try.

      • laylaaa says:

        Yeah, the numbers are only completely accurate with Kate, right? Rolls eyes again…..

      • laylaaa says:

        Don’t whine about Kate’s numbers if they’re all falsely reported by the Daily Mail. Same site, different Duchess…. Apparently, they’re all inaccurate, so why does everyone on here complain? Hmm??

  30. violet says:

    Fashion-wise, IMO a very mixed bag, with the tryouts of blues and whites and coral the absolute successes and the returns to a lot of cloth, drab neutrals, and some questionable shoes (like the police electronic ankle bracelet ones) the misses. Top of the Hits to me were the Karen Gee white sheath dress, the white evening gown, the blue evening gown, the blue shirtwaist, and the coral dress (dangling tag notwithstanding). Top of the misses for me was the awful long, buttoned, short-sleeved dress for the ANZAC memorial re-opening with the little hat on top, and the red peplum over the tight trousers – the top should have been quite a bit longer, and her hips are expanding with the baby, the whole proportion was off.

    And, I absolutely hope she continues to vary the hair, loved the ponytail and sleek front style that shows her face, and moving that bun farther up so that it’s close to the top of her head instead of plunked in the middle in back.

  31. Bliss 51 says:

    I’m surprised countries have to pay for wardrobe. Has that always been the case? I’m thinking back to the time when I was a kid looking at pics of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret touring countries in Africa.

    Sugaring? So cliche, we need a new word.

    NeoCleo, your post is hilarious.

  32. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I think it was about as successful as one of these things can be. It’s not like they’re holding meetings on policy and making any major decisions for any parties involved, which I think some people expect (though I can’t imagine why). They had common threads running through the tour and I think they did a good job of drawing attention to those things. I do wish they’d focused more on the Invictus events, though. This tour was too long and too ambitious in terms of activities. It could’ve been broken up into two smaller, more successful tours, IMHO.

    Her clothes were fine. Nothing really blew me away and she didn’t flash anyone. It was ok.

  33. Royalblue says:

    I think she wants to be remembered for her purpose rather than what she wore. And because she presents herself that way I don’t care what she wears.

    I thought the tour was a resounding success for her. She and Harry are really partners in their relationship. She is his equal. Wishing them much success in their charitable ventures.

  34. liriel says:

    Overall it was a nice trip but her fashion is still iffy. She can’t find her style, she was wearing many outfits, sometimes she didn’t need to change the outfit and I didn’t enjoy at least half of them.
    Too many Givenchy and other couture pieces. She spent a lot money, she didn’t promote too many regional and British designers and she didn’t care about money at all.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      LOL at least be accurate if you’re going to keep whining about her fashion choices. She wore ONE Givenchy outfit this entire trip, which was on the last day. The vast majority of outfits have been from regional AND British designers. In fact we’ve probably seen the most British labels she’s ever worn in this 16 day period. And Other Stories, Burberry, Seasalt Cornwall, Winser London and more.

      Sad that you can’t even be truthful in your “criticism” of her. That or you already had your typical talking points without bothering to pay attention to the tour.

      • Olenna says:

        Agree. Sad that’s it the SOS about the Duchess being repeated thread after thread. I give her props for, in fact, promoting British, AUS and NZ brands, and def give her an attaboy for wearing that cute handcrafted necklace a child gave her during one of the stops in AUS.

      • PattyCakes says:

        She spent 115 euros for 2 weeks.
        Enough said.

  35. hieronymus says:

    She’s got to quit hanging off of Harry and cup her belly less. It’s grossly unprofessional.

    • passerby says:

      and harry? is it okay for him to hold her hand or rub her back or look at her loving?

      • hieronymus says:

        Not at work. This was the Meghan and Harry tour. The focus wasn’t the work but how in love with each other her they are and how they’re having a baby. If Kate and William started acting like this there would be riots in the street.

  36. ettig says:

    According to the linked article a firm, Brand Finance, estimates the Royals pump 2 billion pounds into the British economy each year. Then there’s the contribution they make to charity — 3,000 charities have a member of the Royal family as their patron and the Queen’s charities alone have raised 1.4 billion pounds.


    Not everything is paid by the British tax payer

    • cola cookie says:

      The tourism in Britain wouldn’t cease if the monarchy was abolished because people want to see the castles and churches and palaces and manors and such. Furthermore a lot of that money that is spent on Britain’s historic buildings by visiting tourists – is spent by Brits who visit their own country’s monuments. A lot of that is money spent on entertainment like this tv show “The Tudors”. The problem with such entertainment-only spendings (aka investments) it that it has much less of a economic growth effect than investments into education or research.

      As for the charities: a lot of charities are at least partly funded by taxes. Government gives money to these charities. Most of the rest of that money comes from the people who are taxpayers themselves. So don#t kid yourself: the Queen doesn’t spend any money of her own on charities and the charities’ money comes from the taxpayer.

  37. Ann says:

    Thank you, Cola Cookie. Exactly.