LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Halloween couple-costumes were pretty lame this year

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but it definitely feels like LeAnn Rimes has dialed down the stalking and general nonsense this year. I’m sure she’s still low-key Single White Female-ing various women, but she’s not being as blatant about it as she once was. Those were always some of my favorite stories to cover. Also some of my favorite stories to cover? LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian playing dress up, sometimes for a party, sometimes just because they’re bored.

They had an excuse to play dress up this week – it was Halloween. So what was their couple costume? She’s, like, a Stevie Nicks-type witch and he was her “black cat.” I’m sort of embarrassed for them. This couple costume is lame. Eddie’s costume in particular just seems sort of basic – a black suit and some drawn-on whiskers? Blah.

Incidentally, my theory for why Eddie and LeAnn have been low-key this year? He’s been working in Canada, so LeAnn spends all of her available time on the set with him, trying to keep him on Lojack. The problem is that she’s trying to make some money too, so she keeps going on these mini-tours which probably aren’t bringing in too much money. Hm.

LeAnn tried to preview the costumes and she did this video of all of their couple costumes from years past:

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Photos courtesy of Getty, LeAnn’s social media.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    she could have at least brushed that yarn she calls hair

    • Just Me says:

      Her hair is ruined, thinning locks. Her face is fat, maybe too many fillers.

      I hope she likes looking at the cheater everyday.

  2. Erinn says:

    She looks relatively good for Leann in that last photo.

    This might be the funniest photo I’ve seen of them. Like… laughing at them, not with them, though.

  3. Snowpea says:

    Oh how Ive missed thee Ms LeAnn Rimes *genuflects*

    With all this terrible news a la Trump and that maniac in Brazil privatising the Amazon, I was hoping – nay PRAYING – for a LeAnn story and here we are.

    Edit to add: I haven’t even read the story yet. I will save it for later when I can savour it. Yes a LeAnn story is like sunshine after weeks of torrential rain ;)))))))

    • jessamine says:

      +1, Snowpea, +1…

    • Me too, Snowpea. I found her stalking so obvious and hilarious it was my joy for a long time. I’ve really missed all the drama surrounding her online too, it was a circus I loved watching from afar. But man, were there some crazy online shenanigans going on. Remember “Just said Jenn” Lordy.

  4. WingKingdom says:

    Maybe she got on some good meds.

    I’m not being flip- she had obvious mental health issues for years and if she’s better now, I’m happy for her.

  5. Deanne says:

    Pathetically unoriginal costume. Eddie’s show hasn’t been renewed yet and her latest “reimagined” songs have all bombed. Maybe they were short on cash this year. I can’t believe she’s still pulling that LovE crap. It’s ridiculous.

    • Funcakes says:

      She was recently apart of a show dedicated to Ray Charles but would have thought it was for her.
      There were tons of pictures taken of her that were posted.

      • Deanne says:

        SHe’s one of those people who is completely incapable of letting anything be about anyone but themselves. Remember she compared having eczema to stage four cancer? A tribute to Ray Charles or anyone else is just a chance for her to yell out her garbled lyrics even louder. She probably ruined every one of his songs.

  6. CharliePenn says:

    Trying her darndest to be sexy. It reminds me of a teenager trying to be sexy, and then he’s over there goofing around with her leg like… whaaat? What is going on here?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      He should have had a dog costume, because he looks as though he’s about to hump her leg.

  7. Jess says:

    She really needs to not pose with her nose tilted up like that, her nostrils are huge! This is lame for them, I also miss the stalking drama filled days, but maybe she’s chilled out and that’s good for the children and Brandi. They don’t need that psycho BS.

  8. Luna Lovegood says:

    And 3..2..1 til her Christmas BS

    • Funcakes says:

      She’s posted samples of her Christmas music unfortunately its a lot of bad generic remixes.
      A couple of original songs but mostly the old season standards.
      Plus she’s promoting this Hallmark movie like a blockbuster movie franchise.
      Hallmark is promoting their more likable, popular, actresses then its “Oh, yeah, LeAnn Rimes”.
      Plus she’s overshadowed by Kelli Pickled and Pattie Labelle.
      She should stick to adding more casino gigs and stop financing her own Hallmark movies.

      • Just Me says:

        Once again, LeLe thinks she is a movie star. LMAO!! Caked makeup can’t cover that disaster.

      • Christin says:

        I am still trying to process that Hallmark is showing a movie starring her.

        Their movies can be comfort viewing, with very pleasant scenes and (well) at least one likeable lead character. I have yet to see her movie air, or be promoted as “coming soon”.

  9. WHY????????????????? says:

    Leann has not dialed down the stalking and nonsense or been low key. Who do you think inspired her the witch and rat/cat costume? Brandi. Eddie looks like a rat, not a cat. Leann tries so hard and fails every time. Why would anyone believe that the rat/cat costume was Eddie’s idea when Brandi was spotted last week dressed as a sexy cat(headband with cat ears, black boots, and leather lingerie)? Leann really needs to get some help for her obsession with Brandi. The only reason Leann dressed as a witch was because Brandi posted that she was a witch on instagram. Leann is being very blatant. She posted about her costume the very same day that Brandi posted the witch quote on instagram.

    There is just so much going on with the midterms, hate crimes, and the Dotard that the press just isn’t covering Leann the way they used to. The only way she gets covered these days if she pays for it. There seems to be a spike in stories about her a day after she tweets about singing for seminars.

    As for the video of their previous costumes, notice how many were inspired by Brandi.

  10. Funcakes says:


  11. Funcakes says:

    I think at one point her being on the set was way to much.
    There are a lot of pictures of her in the apartment they rented.
    She took a lot of pictures of sunrises and sunsets waiting for Ed to return from the set.
    The she financed her own Hallmark movie just to be in Canada with Ed.
    It was low budget bc it took 3 weeks to make.
    Also this is the time of year she ramp up the money making.
    Along with the Christmas show she sale her homemade candles to her fans.
    They are not cheap.
    This year she’s already scheduled some shows for 2019 but she has yet to schedule for the months she thing Ed may be in Vancouver.
    The problem is there’s no word on it being canceled or not.
    So her “tour” is in limbo until then.
    Her “tour” consist of her sandwiched in between ten other 90’s bands.

    • Just Me says:

      She has trouble filling a venue, wasted money for anyone to hire her. She’s boring, no showmanship, just yodels from a stool. Free buffet with price of ticket is not real money, who goes on the road without a full band? Also her 2 band members always look like they haven’t bathed in weeks. She’s done, no comeback from her messy life.

    • Relli80 says:

      Would we be talking about “It’s Christmas, Eve” described as “Interim school superintendent Eve Morgan finds herself in a tough spot when she is assigned to shut down a school’s failing music program and must come to terms with here* musical past.”

      LOL, I love to hate watch these movies…..

      *that is not a misspelling that is actually how it is listed on IMDB, I am guessing that is supposed to say “her”

  12. meme says:

    I think her outfit was cool and not as “try hard” as she usually is on Halloween. Brandi is such a trainwreck lately that she makes Leann seem stable.

  13. Pandy says:

    Not very elaborate … perhaps the $$ are drying up? Or they are growing up???

  14. Faye G says:

    I just finished watching AHS: Coven so I’m kinda digging her outfit. I’m getting some major Madison Montgomery vibes. Eddie however looks a mess, he should’ve dressed as a warlock or something instead.

  15. bettyrose says:

    Is it possible they’re having fun together at this point, though? Eddie doesn’t seem completely miserable.

    • Christin says:

      If this lasts beyond the 10-year mark, then they probably are a better match than most assumed.

      Or, they both just like their zip code, and it likely takes both of them to afford that at this point.

  16. Aurelia says:

    Were the hell are her eyes in that last photo ???

  17. Saks says:

    The depressing moment when Lee Ann gossip reminds me of slightly better times…

    • Christin says:

      So true. I found this site largely due to the triangle and ‘Leannigans’ of a few years ago. What quaint times.