Scarlett Johansson in Versace at the People’s Choice Awards: totally ’80s or cute?

People's Choice Awards - Press Room

Here are some photos from last night’s People’s Choice Awards. Let me tell you something, kids: I remember a time when the People’s Choice Awards were the start of the awards season, and they aired the first week in January. People treated the PCAs like a joke back then, but for the past few years, they’ve been bringing up the PCAs earlier and earlier. I think they’re hoping it makes the PCAs more relevant. They are not. Fifty Shades Freed won Best Drama. You can see the full list of winners here.

This year’s PCAs got a half-decent turnout, mostly because celebrities are told in advance that if they show up, they’ll win *something*. Scarlett Johansson took home the “Movie Actress 2018” award. Yeah, I don’t know about that, but sure. She wore this Versace ensemble which… is kind of odd. I get the bustier, and I know what she’s trying to accomplish there. But the high-waisted trousers with waist zippers and a chunky belt? What??

People's Choice Awards - Press Room

I adore Christina Hendricks, I think she’s super-talented, really pretty and I like that a really curvy, busty woman finds work. But her red carpet style has always struggled so hard. This might be one of the worst looks I’ve ever seen on her – a Temperley London jumpsuit which is SO unflattering, and flat-ass center-parted bangs?? Ugh.

People's Choice Awards

People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Mila Kunis in Alex Perry – this is a very simple LBD. It’s flattering and very wearable. I hope she bought this rather than borrowed it, because she will be able to wear this anywhere, to any event.

People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham – a simple enough suit, flattering but not really the greatest suit ever.

People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Rita Ora in Atelier Versace. It’s just too much. It’s too much for the PCAs, it’s too much on her specifically, and yet… she sort of belongs here.

People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. OriginalRose says:

    Mila’s dress is so dainty and sexy! What sweet straps

  2. Shijel says:

    I do not know what it is about ScarJo, but she always, always looks like she’s got a very large head. Other short actresses never seem to have that problem, but no matter what weight ScarJo is at, no matter the fact that she’s curvy even when she’s thin….

    whatever. I really want her belt. And that’s it.

    • TW says:

      I think it’s because she’s had bad hair for years. She has an oval face and then combs her hair straight back without a part, in effect creating a cone head. Add some hair gel and we’ve got Don Jr.

      I wish she would just follow her natural part. She and Katy Perry can’t get out of their own way with these hair cuts.

  3. Tai says:

    I like Mila’s dress and none of the other outfits. Victoria sure poses hard!

  4. ByTheSea says:

    With the exception of Christina and Rita, these women are so thin they look bobble-headed. Mila in particular looks unhealthy.

    • Mel says:

      Yes, I wasn’t sure if to comment or not but Mila has been looking extremely thin lately, she’s always been slim and beautiful but now she does look a bit unhealthy.

  5. Esmom says:

    I kinda like the flight suit vibe of Christina’s getup but she is not the one to pull it off, unfortunately. She looked so great in the midcentury costumes she wore in Mad Men, it would be nice to see her wear more things in that vein.

    I’m not bothered by ScarJo’s 80s ensemble. And I like the length of her hair now.

    Rita looks great but the look seems a bit formal for the event. And Mila’s dress is nice but she looks too underdone yet formal at the same time to me. Victoria looks good.

  6. Aren says:

    That’s the reason why we stopped wearing “mom jeans”; Christina looks like she’s wearing a huge diaper. I don’t understand why she did that to herself when her body is so stunning.
    I like Rita’s look, she’s perfect for it.
    Not a fan of Scalrett’s ‘Just got out of the shower’ hair, but the rest is not too bad.

  7. Renee2 says:

    Scarjo, apart from a couple of times on the red carpet, usually looks bad. This outfit is wrong for her proportions as it renders her particularly high-waisted. The bustier makes her bust look fake and is oddly cut. I am glad that her hair is growing out though.

  8. BANANIE says:

    Whenever I see Christina Hendricks, I remember this photo my friend sent me of her posing in Playboy (in a bikini, not nude) in a shoot from 1999. She was very thin and had either blond hair or a blond wig, and I believe she didn’t have implants yet. Unrecognizable. It was so weird to see her look so different than I’d come to expect/adore on Mad Men.

    I guess it just goes to show what chameleons people can be, which I think is pretty cool. I’m always afraid to update my look – not that I’m particularly thrilled with it now, kind of tired of it – but then I’m reminded that people can go bold with their hair color, their makeup, or not feel the pressure to be rail thin and they can look great, maybe even better than they ever have. Certainly how they want to look, judging by how long they’ve stuck with it.

    Anyway, unrelated, I do not think her outfit here is flattering or does her any justice.

  9. nikki says:

    Christina looks like she’s in a boy scout troop master costume: dreadful. Mila looks lovely, but mighty thin for her.

  10. Pandy says:

    VB for the win here. Everything else is tragic.

  11. Marianne says:

    I didnt even know they were on.

  12. Amelie says:

    Scarlett Johansson is a gorgeous woman but she always looks awful on the red carpet! Horrible hair, horrible makeup, and unflattering dress pants.