Ice-T admits he’s never ‘eaten a bagel in my life,’ never had a cup of coffee either

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I have some weird food “things” so I appreciate it when other people also have food weirdness. I’ve spoken before about how I loathe milk and cheese, to the point where I actually get quite nauseous if I smell melting cheese, and I will absolutely throw up if you try to make me drink a glass of milk. Did you also know that I’m not a coffee drinker? I like coffee-flavored things, and I’m developing quite a problem with McDonald’s Frappes, but I have never sat down and had a cup of coffee. It turns out that Ice-T is the same – he’s never had a cup of coffee, and he’s never had a bagel?

It happens, although I’m not sure how it can happen if you live in New York? Maybe this is an unfair stereotype about New Yorkers, but don’t you guys live on coffee and bagels? True story though: I don’t have much of a taste for bagels, although if you toast one up for me and put some butter on it, I’ll eat it. It’s just not my first choice? Does that make me weird? Does it make Ice-T weird? He seems like the kind of guy who has very specific food likes and dislikes and he probably isn’t that adventurous. Not all of us can be foodies, peeps.

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  1. Valerie says:

    The bagel, I can understand. But coffee?? I’m not even a caffeine fiend, but being Italian meant I had my first taste of coffee when I was 4 and haven’t looked back since.

  2. Darla says:

    Umm…I honestly cannot imagine living in NY and never having had a bagel? We really do have the best bagels and if you think you are eating bagels someplace else, you really aren’t eating bagels.

    So I dunno about this. He says white people, is this a racial thing? I would be interested in hearing thoughts! For me, yeah, I am all about bagels and black coffee.

    • stormyshay says:

      New York really does have the best bagels. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and all I have been thinking of is the delicious cinnamon raisin bagel I had in NYC over 10 years ago. It was so good. I am trying to talk to hubby into a getaway in New York before this baby is born just so I can have a bagel. lol.

      • Darla says:

        LOL that is so funny stormy! Congrats on the baby!

      • sa says:

        @stormyshay, good luck getting a bagel!

        My mom always told a story about how desperate she was for a bagel when she was pregnant with my older brother and living in California, that she tried to make them herself. I always figured it was just her. (and I’m not convinced that bagels and pizza didn’t play a part in my parents moving back to NY before I was born).

      • jwoolman says:

        Stormy- you could try any plain bagel or really good bread slathered with butter or cream cheese and cinnamon and lots of raisins pushed into it…. Go with the cravings!

    • sa says:

      It’s weird to me that someone can live in NY and not have a bagel. I’m obviously not in a similar business, but even group meetings or conferences always have bagel out. It seems like one would have to actively avoid bagels in order to never eat one after years in NY.

      • Raina says:

        We should start a thread on things we’ve never done. Like Tom Brady with his strawberry affliction lol. I actually meet so many people that have never tried a certain thing that I find so interesting to have never tried, but it’s almost instinctual, how some people avoid certain things.
        I have never tried a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my life.
        See? One would think most people have but I have not.

        I WAS pregnant not a week ago, but, not anymore. It didn’t come to fruition. I suppose it is what it is 🙂
        But, for almost 10 weeks, all I mainly craved was smoothies with bananas… which is something I also never ate before.

        I can’t fkking seem to scroll down. There is an accidental smiley looking face where there SHOULD NOT be and I’m having trouble deleting this part or the entire post in general.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      correction: NY *AND* NJ have the best bagels.

      It’s the water.

    • Bella Bella says:

      I don’t think it is a racial thing. It was a black friend who grew up on the Lower East Side who taught me how to eat a proper bagel. (And I’m Jewish! LOL) Maybe Ice T prefers a bialy? 😉

    • Betsy says:

      No, when I eat bagels elsewhere I am in fact eating bagels. Not amazing authentic New York bagels, but I’m not calling what the rest of the country eats “bread donuts.”

  3. Snazzy says:

    I’ve only ever had 2 cups of coffee in my life, one in 1998 and one in 2005. I didn’t like it at all. I’m all about the tea 😊 as for bagels – I don’t mind them toasted with butter, but cannot stand cream cheese …

  4. Carol says:

    Never had coffee and don’t like the smell.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      Agreed. I had a sip and I thought “too bitter.”

    • LadyMTL says:

      I’m the opposite, hahaha. I love the smell of coffee but don’t like the taste, for the most part. I have grown to enjoy the occasional latté or café mocha (my go-to in the colder months – coffee and hot chocolate) but I can’t handle just regular black coffee, it’s too bitter.

  5. Leigh says:

    Both of these are cray to me! My grandmother was giving me coffee by age 7 (heavily mixed with milk and sugar, natch).

    • BchyYogi says:

      My islander mother never drank coffee, smoked (anything), or boozed. She loved food, tended a veggie garden and I guess had no room for typical “vices”. I was born stateside & tried every vice under the sun as an adult. I came to detest smoking (of anything) & loathe booze. However, found if I wasn’t caffeinated, I’d eat all day for energy. When I am off coffee I’m sluggish & overweight. I have zero vices- except espresso w w @1/2 c whipped cream late morning. I would rarely drink regular coffee, it tastes like dirt water, and have no idea how anyone consumes old school coffee. Other than NYC, bagels were a short-lived trend, they didn’t really hit my area for long. We don’t really have them where I live. You’d have to order them or get the junky kind in a grocery store.

  6. Roux says:

    Wow, it actually does blow my mind that he could have got this far through life without having a cup of coffee. I can understand people not liking milk or cheese though, even though I love cheese myself.

  7. Jerusha says:

    I’ve had exactly one cup of coffee-at the Cafe du Monde about 45 years ago. Had to put so much sugar and cream in it, it was like drinking liquid fudge. Still could only get a couple of sips down. I’ll stick with Dr. Pepper and Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, thank you.

  8. Cal says:

    He seems to be declaring something about food…..but I can’t seem to focus on it due to that really alarming vision in red and white, wielding an infant.

    • ZGB says:

      LMAO! Wasn’t she the one one who was mistaken for the Ukrainian President? I love how the baby appears to be dozing off in the pic above.

  9. Nancy says:

    Don’t worry Ice T, I’m not losing my Fn mind because you don’t eat bagels. The wording of your tweet is another story. @Cal, same. Atrocious, but don’t go CRAZY over it Mr. Ice T. Was he actually named after tea, wonder if he drinks that. Agree with @Kaiser on milk, the devil’s fluid that gets chunky if a kid leaves a glass of it on the counter. Puke juice.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Was he actually named after tea, wonder if he drinks that.”

      hahahahaha! this reminds me of the TV ad he did (can’t remember what it was for…GEICO, maybe?) where there are kids selling lemonade and he’s sitting on the lawn next to them. people keep stopping and saying “is that Ice T?” and he’s like “LEMONADE!”

      • Nancy says:

        I don’t live under a rock. but I really don’t know who he is. I think he had a reality show (who hasn’t) with that lovely woman in the red pictured with him. Oh well, more coffee and bagels for me, I love them both, especially toasted bagels with cream cheese. Yum

      • paranormalgirl says:

        He’s been on “Law and Order: SVU” forever.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        oh, I wasn’t laughing at you, sorry if it came off that way. he is a multi-hyphenate…first rapper, then he had a decent hard rock/rap group (Body Count) and he’s also got a good role for himself on the Law and Order shows.

        The GEICO ad:

        hope the link is ok.

      • Nancy says:

        paranormalgirl: I don’t watch that show. His comment is innocent enough and am sure it was an inside joke of sorts, but I didn’t like the way he announced it to white people. Not a biggie, just hit me the wrong way. Surprised how many people don’t like coffee and bagels. But, then again, there are only twenty something comments!!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It’s so funny that he is known more for Law & Order and Geico ads! LMAO! He was originally a “gangster rapper”, known for the band Body Count and the song “Cop Killer”. I think that got him the cover of Rolling Stone back in the day (1992). As a kid he seemed so tough to me, but now he seems like a kitten.

    • jwoolman says:

      Ice T is actually a very smart guy and quite lyrical as a rapper from what little I’ve heard. Very poetic. Worth listening to if you see an interview with him scheduled. He always has interesting things to say. He also is an actor and judging from promos I’ve seen, a good one. Intelligence matters.

      Not sure why he did the reality show, might have been just to promote his wife. She also is an interesting person and a lot smarter than people assume from her appearance. I caught some of the show occasionally, and it was nice to see how good they were to each other. Ice T obviously has a lot of respect for his wife and encourages her business endeavors. He’s quite bright himself so I take her more seriously as a result of his opinion.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I really liked their show. she’s so sweet and you can tell how much he dotes on her. they’re a cute, happy couple, from what I saw.

      • Nancy says:

        Geez, we must be talking about two different people. I vaguely remember her, but the photo reminded me. Kind of a Anna Nicole, Kendra Wilkinson type. The disgruntled man putting up with the silicone “dumb” blonde. Grrrr

  10. Tania says:

    I have never had a cup of coffee in my life either. My parents were coffee addicts so it kind of turned me off as a kid seeing how grumpy they were when they never had a cup first thing in the morning.

    All of my childhood memories about beverages was watching my blind great-grandmother make her daily cup of tea and being the first one there so I could drink out of the bird cup of tea, thus making me the only one drinking tea with her. There were literal fights with my siblings to get the bird cup of tea that my parents buried the cup in the backyard and it was only uncovered when we were growing a garden and installing a fish pond.

    Tea for life!

  11. me says:

    I had a sip of coffee once and that was it. I do like bagels though. It’s odd he thinks bagels and coffee are a “White people” thing. Like dude, lots of cultures eat/drink that or a similar version.

    • BeanieBean says:

      And white people didn’t have either one until they started getting out & about on their world conquering missions.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    Why is this such an issue?
    eat bagels and drink coffee or don’t. Doesn’t bother me.

  13. Beth says:

    I’m 40, and have never tasted any kind of coffee or tea. Not even coffee ice cream. Yuck! The smell of coffee makes me gag, so I can’t imagine gulping down Starbucks all day like most of my friends and family do. I haven’t had a glass of milk in decades. I know not everyone likes the same food and drinks, but I personally know people who aren’t white who eat bagels. I think Ice-T is a little confused about bagels just being a white people thing

    • me says:

      I don’t drink coffee but do wonder how much money I’m saving by NOT going to Starbucks lol. I had a co-worker who would order the LARGEST coffee at Starbucks. I don’t know how people can afford it !

    • jwoolman says:

      Beth – my guess is that Ice T was joking. He is not confused about anything….

    • eto says:

      I looked at the twitter replies yesterday and there were a TON of white people losing their minds in replies haha.

  14. Swack says:

    Never had coffee and cannot stomach the smell of peanut butter and therefore have never eaten anything with peanut butter in it.

    • jwoolman says:

      Swack – you might be allergic to peanuts or at least have an intolerance. When the smell is off-putting, that can be a defense mechanism by the body.

  15. Lightpurple says:

    A good bagel, toasted with butter that melts into the bread is heaven. I don’t drink coffee and probably could count the number of cups I have had in my life if I bothered to try.

  16. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Those are my two major food groups.

  17. Bahare says:

    Finally. Glad to see other people who do not drink coffee. I simply do not like the way it tastes. I can go over to my in-laws for 20 years and every time they ask if I want a cup of coffee. I say no thank you. I don’t drink coffee. What do you mean you don’t drink coffee…If it’s caffeine I’m after there is always coca cola.

  18. Kate Kack says:

    He also lives in Chandler Arizona so who the f never even tries a sip of coffee??? No. That is very odd.

  19. Jen says:

    I think a lot of people don’t like coffee-and I don’t really count frappuccinos or coffee with so much sugary creamer that it’s the palest beige, etc, as coffee-that seems like more of a sugar craving than caffeine craving, right?

    One of my co-workers has a Diet Coke every morning because coffee makes her feel naeseaous and more people in the office agreed with her than I would’ve guessed.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, that’s me, too. I never had tried coffee until a friend handed me a latte when I visited her in Seattle. Still don’t like coffee, but I like lattes & mochas from any coffee shop.

    • LT says:

      I have never had a cup of black coffee. The only coffee with cream that I recall drinking was in Costa Rica about 25 years ago. Their coffee wasn’t bitter like everything I drink in the US. I prefer black tea.

      I do, however, really like coffee flavored ice cream and candy. Go figure.

  20. jwoolman says:

    I have no trouble with the smell of cheese or yoghurt and can even eat those occasionally in small amounts, but even Got Milk? commercials make me feel nauseated…. Actually even writing the word makes me feel a bit queasy. Dairy allergy since I was very young but forced to drink the vile stuff anyway. My mother also tried to hide it in things, getting past my nose but keeping up the allergy and all the lovely delayed reactions.

    I do love Everything bagels, though.

    I do like the taste of coffee in othher foods but have never been in love with the drink. Never got I n the habit and my introduction to it was some awful concoction that I am told is not representative. I intend to try an iced coffee in a bottle in my fridge when I get brave enough.

  21. Carmen says:

    I have lived in New York City all my life and I can’t stand coffee. On the other hand, I love coffee ice cream. Go figure.

  22. deezee says:

    I’ve never had coffee either. I’ve had a sip every now and again as it smells great, tastes terrible. Yuck!
    Bagels though!?!??! They’re great. NY are fine, but Montreal style bagels are the best.

  23. Misty says:

    I like bagels too much. Breads are my weakness.

  24. Other Renee says:

    I used to have one latte per day but had to give it up because I began to have stomach issues. Giving up that one precious latte was hard, but my stomach problems stopped immediately. Maybe the problem was the milk, who knows. I am now dairy free as well but have lost the desire for coffee completely. My daughter has been drinking black coffee since middle school. Picked that (to me unbelievable) habit from her Dad.

    I’m Jewish and grew up in Boston area. Bagels were my Sunday life growing up.

  25. paranormalgirl says:

    Bagels and Iced Coffee are my kryptonite.

    • Nancy says:

      My sister goes out every morning, all year long for her iced coffee. For me it’s ice tea, but need that one cup of joe every morning ☕

  26. Veronica S. says:

    Coffee is meh, but you’re missing out on the bagels, Ice-T.

  27. Persistent Cat says:

    I love coffee and Montreal-style bagels are the best kind of bagels.

  28. StrawberryBlonde says:

    I hate coffee – the smell, the taste. I also hate mocha flavour. The only remotely coffee thing I can stand is a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar (I am in Canada). I like bagels a lot (Montreal also has good bagels) but rarely eat a lot of bread. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant though and bought a couple bagels a few weeks ago. They were the first bagels I have had in years.

  29. duchess of hazard says:

    I grew up in a country known for its coffee, and as much as I love the smell of it, I think it tastes vile. So I don’t drink it at all. Which makes for strange looks when I tell people where I’m from.

  30. Chef Grace says:

    Love coffee but had to give it up. Stomach is happy, I’m not.
    So it is decaf tea now.
    I love this dude. Been a fan of his since forever.

  31. Nancy says:

    Okay all of you coffee haters… you like Tiramisu?!!!

    • StrawberryBlonde says:

      @Nancy – no, I very much dislike Tiramisu. 🙂

    • insertpunhere says:

      Weirdly, tiramisu is the one coffee flavored thing I can stand. I think the mascarpone and the lady fingers covers up enough of the espresso?

      I love the smell of coffee, but I can’t stand the taste. I’ve never had more than a sip of the stuff (iced or regular), and I loathe coffee flavored ice cream.