CNN sues the Trump Administration for suspending Jim Acosta’s press credentials

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Everything I learned about how the White House Communications office should operate, I learned from The West Wing. When you’ve got a journalist with an agenda or a grudge in the WH press room, you don’t ban their ass, you put them in the front row. You call on them constantly. That’s the way democracy should work. But under the orange jackboot of Trumpian fascism, journalists and media outlets are under constant physical threat from Donald Trump and his minions. Trump openly targets individual journalists and entire media outlets because he’s such a thin-skinned baby. He flagrantly encourages his supporters to physically attack and target journalists.

Last week, Donald Trump was so mad that Democrats got so much attention during the midterm elections. So he organized a press conference and acted particularly unhinged, especially when CNN’s Jim Acosta asked him some hard questions. Trump threw a tantrum and an intern tried to grab Acosta’s microphone. Sarah Sanders later posted a doctored video to “prove” that Acosta “assaulted” the intern, when literally everyone could watch the original video and Acosta did nothing of the sort. Still, Sanders used the doctored video as a “reason” for why the White House was pulling Acosta’s press pass. Well, CNN just sued the White House.

CNN has filed a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s access to the White House. The lawsuit is a response to the White House’s suspension of Acosta’s press pass, known as a Secret Service “hard pass,” last week. The suit alleges that Acosta and CNN’s First and Fifth Amendment rights are being violated by the ban.

Both CNN and Acosta are plaintiffs in the lawsuit. There are six defendants: Trump, chief of staff John Kelly, press secretary Sarah Sanders, deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine, the director of the Secret Service, and the Secret Service officer who took Acosta’s hard pass away last Wednesday. The officer is identified as John Doe in the suit, pending his identification. The six defendants are all named because of their roles in enforcing and announcing Acosta’s suspension.

In a statement on Tuesday morning, CNN said it is seeking a preliminary injunction as soon as possible so that Acosta can return to the White House right away, and a ruling from the court preventing the White House from revoking Acosta’s pass in the future.

“CNN filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration this morning in DC District Court,” the statement read. “It demands the return of the White House credentials of CNN’s Chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. The wrongful revocation of these credentials violates CNN and Acosta’s First Amendment rights of freedom of the press, and their Fifth Amendment rights to due process. We have asked this court for an immediate restraining order requiring the pass be returned to Jim, and will seek permanent relief as part of this process.”

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Good for CNN for standing by their journalist and actually following through with this. I mean, CNN is one of the reasons why “President Trump” exists, but at least there’s this too. I’m still sort of flabbergasted – not really – that Trump and his minions get away with telling so many lies, and for being so petty and thin-skinned. They really did suspend Acosta’s press pass because he asked some relatively difficult questions during a press conference. That’s it.

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29 Responses to “CNN sues the Trump Administration for suspending Jim Acosta’s press credentials”

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  1. Maria says:

    I don’t always like CNN but jim Acosta was just asking questions.
    So Kudos to CNN.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I don’t always like them, either, but realistically, they’re the ones with the best financial and industry backing to challenge the WH’s abuse of first amendment rights, so that’s we were are.

  2. Susannah says:

    Good to see the news media finally pushing back at Trump!

  3. Steff says:

    Acosta is always in the line of fire and with Trump encouraging violence against the press, I always worry about him. Bless all the journalists that fight for the truth. It’s a dangerous job. 😔

  4. Ebi pickles says:

    Why don’t the journalist at these press conferences rise up enmass when one their members are attacked and walk out in solidarity?

    • Kate says:

      Isn’t that what Trump would like? For the only people who are holding him accountable to walk away, leaving behind his loyal Fox News journalists who will report his propaganda without any hard questions?

      • ByTheSea says:

        The new Murphy Brown show addressed that and you’re exactly right. We can’t allow him to only issue propaganda through his preferred outlets.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      A) he would love that B) some journalists support him C) he still has twitter. They need to stand their ground and continue to ask the tough questions.

  5. Fluffy Princess says:

    I know Sarah Sanders is named in the suit, but he should sue her separately for trying to pass off that doctored video as “truth.” Isn’t that considered libel? If yes, he should sue her out of existence. . .

  6. Lightpurple says:

    Good to see them finally push back. This whole mess was staged so nobody would pay attention to Pelosi’s press conference later in the day.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    This is GREAT! Trump is already involved in THOUSANDS of lawsuits. He doesn’t care. He tells his lawyers to drag things out on every lawsuit until the other sides are out of money. They give up and he “wins”. I do wonder if he’s paying his lawyers any more.

    Does anybody know what happens if CNN wins?

  8. Eric says:

    First question and follow up comment Acosta should ask and state is

    “You scared bro? You sound scared.”

  9. smcollins says:

    Has this ever happened before, a media outlet suing the WH? It’s insane how far the Presidency & WH has fallen in such a short amount of time.

  10. Penguen says:

    Jed Bartlet 2020. Please?

  11. Susan says:

    Acosta and CNN are pests. Don’t like Trump for nothing but CNN are just spoiling their reputation and objectivity. Hoping that 2020 will bring a respite from all these with hopefully somebody like Bernie Sanders for president.

    • lingli says:

      That’s an interesting take: I only watch CNN when I’m travelling for work (I’m not American) but the most frequent online criticism I see of it as a network is that it tries too *hard* to be objective. The criticism is essentially that for every news issue there must be a representative for both sides of the argument rather than simply shutting down the most egregious lies and false claims.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      God forbid we get Sanders in 2020.

    • Anna says:

      Used to be a Bernie supporter until his recent comments excusing racism. No, thank you, we do NOT need or want him in the White House!

  12. JRenee says:

    Good, they should. The sharing of altered video from the WH is another transparent fraud this administration doesn’t even try to hide.

  13. LouLou says:

    What scares me is that I’ve read comments elsewhere in which Drumpf fans watch the video that wasn’t even doctored or say they watched it live and have convinced themselves that Acosta grabbed that intern. They are so brainwashed that they can overlook clear proof.

  14. holly hobby says:

    Not only that but CNN is repped by Ted Ollson – yes the one Orange Nazi wanted to hire for his defense team but Ted said no. That’s gotta hurt.

  15. Shelley says:

    West Wing ❤️❤️❤️❤️