Khloe Kardashian will spend Thanksgiving in Cleveland with Tristan, ugh

Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event

Here are some photos of Khloe Kardashian at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event in LA on Wednesday. Khloe actually doesn’t walk that many red carpets these days, so it’s interesting to me that she came out for this event in particular. I tend to think all of the Kardashian women really love Cardi B, and they’re sort of copying Cardi’s general vibe and style and more. Incidentally, I sort of love Khloe’s leather jacket/blouse? It’s super-flattering and cute.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is less than a week away, so it’s time to talk about Thanksgiving drama and Turkey Day plans. Apparently, Khloe is not going to spend Turkey Day in LA with her family – she’s going to Cleveland to spend Thanksgiving with Tristan Thompson and his family. Oh, girl. You’ll regret this.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are NOT broken up or on the rocks, contrary to reports — but they could very well be breaking up a turkey wishbone very soon … TMZ has learned. Sources tell us … rumors that Khloe and TT have split or are no longer talking in the wake of his cheating scandal are simply false — they’re still together and going strong.

We’re told the reason Khloe hasn’t been in Cleveland lately is that she’s filming a new season of ‘KUWTK.’ Meanwhile, he’s in the middle of his NBA season with the Cavs. Our sources say Khloe was supposed to fly out to Cleveland last week, but stayed in L.A. on account of the fires that were ravaging hers and surrounding communities. And besides, would a couple on the verge of a split be spending time together on Thanksgiving? Probably not … which is exactly what we’re told Khloe’s doing for the holiday. Sources say Khloe’s going to Cleveland next week to be with Tristan and baby True as a family.

[From TMZ]

I enjoy how TMZ makes it sound like other outlets are just wildly speculating about Khloe and Tristan’s relationship without any evidence. Khloe has been leaking sh-t to Us Weekly, Page Six and People Magazine for MONTHS. This relationship drama is her current reality show plotline, and I’m positive that this Thanksgiving Mess To Come will also be a plotline. What will happen? A Very Special Kardashian Thanksgiving Breakup?

Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. hezzer19 says:

    If you ignore the ridiculous hair, the way too puffy, fake lips, the vacant expression, the pants, and the boots she really looks fantastic.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, other than that and the butt, her body looks great! Thinnest she’s ever been I think.

      • Rhys says:

        I don’t know how you can tell the difference in her weight! She looks exactly as she always looked. Her face, yes, it definitely looks like someone else.

      • not into it says:

        I don’t think “thinnest she’s ever been” makes her look great. Stop perpetuating harmful norms. It starts with attacking unconscious bias against all but a narrow subset of body types. When you realize that what humans find attractive changes over time due to cultural factors, you’ll realize you can become aware and reprogram yourself. What you think is attractive can and should change.

    • Jeanine says:

      Only because of what she portrays in society I wish she would get a nose job. I think if she would of gotten that surgery she wouldn’t of needed any of the other work ( but implants, fillers, etc.)

  2. AnnaKist says:

    Ooooooh, I love that leather jacket/top, too! I wish she’d stop with the overlining of her puffed-up lips, but overall, she doesn’t look too bad here. God, what am I saying?! I can’t stand this lot.

    • Erinn says:

      I know. I think she looks really good overall, too. She’s always had really full lips, I don’t get the point of wanting to make them even larger. They end up looking painful on most people.

      But I am digging her outfit as well.

  3. Nancy says:

    This isn’t the worst pic of the Khloster. Valley girl meets Calabasas hooker. JK. Do as you may but a warning to you. It’s cold and snowing here. The greeting cards lie. Snow and cold, unless you’re a skier is not what I anticipate a California “socialite” would find comforting….unless there’s a blizzard, then maybe you can hold Tristan hostage. Go Cavs…lol. Think we won a game or too! Hi LeBron.

    • Erinn says:

      I woke up to a few inches of snow and freezing rain this morning as well – first real messy drive to work of the fall/winter. But I’m in Atlantic Canada, so it’s kind of just par for the course.

      I also was living my life thinking US thanksgiving was over already haha. We had our thanksgiving a week after the Canadian one because some of my family had a wedding to go to, and then my mom was getting a knee replacement on Oct. 16th and wanted a good ‘last meal’ before her surgery in case it went south (such a positive thinker haha). Then I guess I got thrown off by watching a Thanksgiving episode of the new Sabrina. But now I realize my husband is able to sucker me into making a roast chicken or turkey or something as soon as he realizes it’s US Thanksgiving because some of his ancestors were the Natives that got screwed over at the first Thanksgiving. Pretty sure he’s down to celebrate any holiday that means he can have stuffing.

      • Nancy says:

        Lol. Make him a roast chicken, I personally prefer it to a turkey. Less work. Thanksgiving has become the lost holiday. The second Halloween ends, tis the season to be jolly. Worse by the year. Anyway, hope whatever you make to honor your husband’s ancestry, you have a happy day with your family!

      • Raina says:

        Erinn, my brother in law would only make a glazed ham for thanksgiving. It was his thing. We’ve had some crazy issues with Turkey’s being recalled so maybe he was planning ahead all those years. My sister doesn’t cook which is why most of us aren’t dead from food poisoning by Friday.
        I have family scattered around now and a kid who visits his dad on Thanksgiving but, growing up, my parents, sister and I spent many Thanksgivings ordering pizza or chinese and going to the movies. Christmas, too.
        I was never in love with the meaning behind Thanksgiving, anyway. I just liked the idea of too many carbs and pie.
        And, my mom hated cooking as she got older while my dad only wanted to go to a casino for his Thanksgiving yearly ritual of gambling.
        3:00 p.m. : Leave movies.
        Order Chinese.
        5:00 p.m.: Watch a parade on t.v. while my dad gets antsy that my mom is taking so long to get ready.
        6:00 p.m. : Grandmother enters, parents leave for a night of losing money and next day regret.
        10:00 p.m. : My sister has snuck out and I’m watching Friday the 13th still confused as usual why anyone thinks Crystal Lake is a good vacation idea.

        Welcome to Thanksgiving in my old household.

        As for Khloe, this is gonna sound odd to most of you and it’s mainly for shits and giggles, but I read the astrology signs and she’s a Cancer sign. I’m on the cusp of cancer, too. It’s VERY ride or die, as signs go.
        Naturally, there are a zillion different factors and chart placements not to mention genetics to affect us, but I always found it interesting that every Cancer I personally met (my mom included) had somewhat of a similar disposition in the overly loyal type way.
        Not EVERYONE, I’m sure, just the one’s I may have encountered.
        It’s actually pretty fascinating to look up your chart. I like some online ones that are free, accurate, no bullshit.
        If you pay for it, though, it’s probably crap and/or they’ll hound you. NEVER give your email.

  4. Lucy says:

    Sigh. I, too, love the blouse!

  5. Loopy says:

    I am so surprised she has had that blonde hair for so long, she should return to brown adding with the weight loss it really ages her.

    • Nancy says:

      Ironically in the family of black haired girls, she is a natural blonde. I don’t mean like the bottle of bleach she seems to have poured on her head, but dark blonde. Colored so many times, sure she’d have to look at pics to remember the natural shade.

      • Chingona says:

        I think that she was a dark blonde as a child but probably not as an adult. Right before they got famous she had a light to medium brown hair color which is probably more close to what her real hair color is as an adult.

      • Nancy says:

        She also has hazel or green eyes which she constantly talks about. Yep, PMK had a love child. No fault of Khloe, her mother liked men just like her daughters.

  6. Nichole says:

    I haaaaaate that hair.
    I love that Ariana finally abandoned that dumb style!! It was starting to be way too childish for her, yet alone for Khloe.

  7. Adee says:

    How long are the media going to push the ‘Strong Khloe is heroically standing by her man’ story??

    She’s chosen to stay with a man that doesn’t value their relationship and probably doesn’t respect any kind of commitment as she wishes he would.

    I agree with Khloe’s grandma Ms MJ, can’t she change her type. Lol

  8. minx says:

    Khloe has done the same thing as her mother—get a nose that is not in proportion to her face.

    • Nancy says:

      If you go through photos of her (cuz I know you want to spend your time looking at Kardashian pics!) there are pictures galore, going back to her early childhood. She started out with a very broad nose, not long or big. She’s been through a few of them, and like you say, it’s too small for her large cranium, ala PMK. minx, I don’t want her or any of them on my turf. Something tells me, it won’t be for long!! @Naddie: Thank you. I’m more sad for the Cavs than this twit. You don’t know she’s here until she starts her stupid posting of every move she makes. 😒

  9. Naddie says:

    Poor Cleveland.

  10. TheHeat says:

    I really think that Khloe (like countless women in her situation) has shifted her focus solely on what she feels is best for her child: a ‘normal’ family with a mom and a dad, and ‘normal’ family get-togethers.
    She’s sacrificing her own self-worth in the process, trying to create what she perceives as the perfect home for True. And Tristen is probably a super nice guy who plays the daddy role really well, when he’s around, making any decision to break things up even more difficult for her.
    I feel bad for Khloe, but this type of situation can be more of a marathon to get through, than a sprint to the finish. Nobody can set a timeline on healing or epiphanies.

  11. Loopy says:

    She used to be so HARSH on her sisters partners whenever they would do wrong in her eyes, she was terrible for a while to Scott and really mean to Kris Humphries. And now she has ended up with guys that have publicly humiliated her in the worst ways and she stands by them.

    • Nancy says:

      I remember when she punched Scott. This is while Kourtney was either pregnant or just had Mason. She is evil. She goes in the confessional and uses that baby voice, I love my Lam Lam, then drops the f bomb on her mother. To me, she has always been the most phony and has profited the most from Kim getting them on the map. There was a time in the early seasons (when I watched…we’re talking ten yrs ago), that episodes were built around the fact Khloe couldn’t find a guy. Time has proven why, she latches on so hard and won’t let go.

      • Lala11_7 says:


        Though, I have to say…in Kris Humphries…KHOLE….MET HER MATCH! Cause she threw bolos…HE THREW THEM RIGHT BACK TO HER…AND IT WAS NOTHING NICE!

      • Nancy says:

        Right Lala….He was a bit of a tool, but I think he was in on the arrangement more than he let on. So funny he made Kimmy wait so long after she filed for divorce right away. He left the script!!

    • Mylene says:


  12. Cynthia Perry says:

    I don’t care, do you?

  13. meme says:

    She will do anything for Tristan to throw her a bone. I don’t believe this is “for the sake of her family.” What family life do these three have? He seems to be off most nights traveling or hooking up with thots.

    She says she is doing this for her daughter but what is going to happen when her daughter gets old enough to go on the internet and find out her mommy and daddy’s relationship was a total sham and mommy lied to her her entire her childhood about Daddy?

  14. Case says:

    If she’s just trying to give her daughter holidays with both parents – fine, good for her. If she’s legitimately staying with him because she thinks he can change or has forgiven him, then I have no sympathy.

    I saw GIFs from the latest Kardashian episode indicating she had him in the delivery room with her, holding her hand. If it were me, there’d be NO WAY I’d let someone who just caused me so much emotional pain stand by my side when I’m in the most physical pain of my life. If he wanted to see the birth of his child he could go sit in the damn corner and not talk to anyone. Ugh.

  15. Ang says:

    I must be the only one who first saw that picture of her and thought OMG she looks ridiculously try hard and what the Hell has to done to face and body now???? They must be getting cool sculpting daily ( her and Kim)

  16. me says:

    I think she’s trying to get pregnant again. Once she has the second child, she’ll dump him.

    • Chingona says:

      You are probably right. They seem to want all their kids by the same guy even if he is crappy. Then once they have the amount of children they want they move on.

    • RBC says:

      I was just going to post the same thing

      • Andrea says:

        I know a few non-celeb friends like this. It is like once they have one and know they can produce cute kids, they have more ignoring the fact the father is a miserable choice as a parent.

  17. Lynne says:

    Hair styled like that with her big az ol head it looks like it is about a third of her body.
    She will private jet fly in for the meal, endure a couple hours and bail with a get back for filming excuse.

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m imagining the “side-eyes” and “snickers” that will be passing between Tristan’s family….as they watch this American Horror Story in real life….

    Seriously…if y’all had seen the RATED X video that one (and I mean one of MANY) women made of her and Tristan while Khloe was practically in childbirth…If it had been ME? THAT ALONE would make me only deal with him for the rest of my life…through Lawyers and paid liaisons…including hand-offs at the nearest McDonald’s for visitation privileges….

    • Nancy says:

      Lol. I say it over and over, but he had a woman, a pregnant one at that when they met at her (Jordan’s) cousin’s wedding. Khloe has no morals…really awful person. McDonald’s…ha! you crack me up!!

    • GreenQueen says:

      I’m with you. That video was disgusting. The super sexual text he sent the one chic was so over the top that message alone would prevent me from ever acknowledging his existence. I would literally never say his name again out loud. How she could hold his hand knowing that 72 hours previously his fingers were up someone else’s hoohah, hell no, I don’t understand her mentality. The ONLY conclusion you can rationally arrive at is that she has little to no self-respect.

  19. RspbryChelly says:

    Her face! She’s starting to look like the Rocky Dennis character in the Cher Movie Mask. I mean, she’s doing this TO HERSELF! All of it! Girl has issues on issues

  20. Cupcake says:

    There are so many fish in the sea. She got a healthy child out of the relationship, move on… yesterday.

  21. Mylene says:

    Can’t wait to see the next NBA player she will be with really soon.