Queen Elizabeth to Kate Middleton: get a job

Last week, we reported on a recent item from the Daily Mail that had Kate Middletontotally out-of-sorts regarding the limbo status of her relationship with Prince William. According to the Mail, Kate was seriously considering a move to America and perhaps even a split with William. I had some doubts in the report, because I really think Kate Middleton is in this thing for the long haul, she’s in to get married no matter what, no matter how long William waits, no matter how big his bald spot grows. So this is probably good news for Kate – she’s been invited to the Queen’s Scottish estate, Balmoral, to stay for William’s August vacation.

William has been in military training for most of the year, so it will be nice that he and Kate get to spend some quiet time together in Scotland. But it gets even better for Kate! The Queen extended an invitation to Kate for a private, one-on-one meeting, which could be construed as some sort of seal of approval. But, the news isn’t all good. According to the Daily Express, the Queen is totally going to vent to Kate about how Kate needs to stop putting “professional royal girlfriend” on her resume and get a real job:

Being invited to lunch with your boyfriend’s grandmother might not seem all that momentous. But when your boyfriend is Prince William it is a very ­special occasion.

For the first time, the Prince’s long-term girlfriend, Kate ­Middleton, will share a private meal with the Queen at Balmoral, sparking fresh rumours that the couple may soon be heading down the aisle.

William and Kate, both 27, have also been invited to stay in the main castle during their August Bank Holiday visit – a further sign that their relationship is being taken more seriously. In previous years they have stayed in properties elsewhere in the grounds.

The pair have had an on-off relationship since they met at university eight years ago but speculation has been growing that they are planning to announce their engagement. Bookmakers have already offered odds of 2-1 that William will pop the question this year.

An aide reportedly said: “A one-on-one lunch with the Queen will inevitably be daunting for Kate but it is crucially important in the development of their relationship. It is the clearest signal yet that Her Majesty believes Kate is more likely than ever to become a fully fledged member of ‘The Firm’.”

“They will discuss exactly what it would mean if Kate became a Royal Highness and the extent to which her life would change.”

Although Kate has dined with the Queen before alongside William, she has never had a private meal with the monarch. In the past the Queen has reportedly voiced concern that her grandson should not announce an engagement until Kate secured a full-time job.

Kate, who formerly worked as an accessories buyer for high street fashion chain ­Jigsaw, is currently job-hunting, and has reportedly been offered an internship at the fashion magazine Vogue.

There have also been reports that the pair have been house hunting. One report suggested they had even been looking in Hollywood’s favourite hide­away, Malibu in California.

The source added: “The Queen’s view is that if Kate is to marry William, an engagement should come sooner rather than later as she is concerned she should get a proper focus in life. She will put Kate at ease but will want to make sure that she is in no doubt what marrying the heir to the throne would mean.”

William will join his grand­father Prince Philip on a bird shoot at the Highland retreat while Kate dines with the Queen. During their five-day stay, he and Kate are also expected to join the Queen for daily walks in the grounds.

The royal grandmother is said to have granted Kate, a keen photographer, unprecedented access to take pictures of the castle and grounds at Balmoral to make her feel ­welcome.

William and Kate have kept a low profile of late while he trains to be an RAF helicopter pilot. The Prince was pictured with Kate for the first time in months at a polo match in May.

A spokesman for Clarence House said: “We don’t comment on private matters. Who the Queen invites to Balmoral is her business alone.”

[From Daily Express]

It sounds like the Queen might throw down, doesn’t it? Good for Her Majesty. Somebody needs to take Kate down a peg or two. She seems like a nice enough girl, but I do find Kate very boring, and a little too happy to simply be a “girlfriend”. When Prince Charles proposed to Diana, his “mummy” had to pick out the engagement ring. I wonder if it will be the same for Will?

Queen Elizabeth is shown on 6/13/09. Credit: WENN.com. Kate Middleton is shown at a roller disco party on 9/17/08. Credit: PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. Boom says:

    Queen Elizabeth shouldn’t be so hard on Kate,…I mean, is being a queen a real job though?

  2. HashBrowns says:

    Forget the real job for a second, can we please address the neon yellow track shorts/aqua sequined halter top mess that she has on?

  3. vicsmith says:

    Sounds like good advice or she might get dumped for someone who actually has a life of their own.

  4. mok says:

    is she wearing track shorts with a glitter top?

    i dunno if vogue goes for that sort of stuff.

  5. Point Neuf says:

    In all fairness, while she is discrete and has never been involved in any scandals, Kate Middleton seems a bit too happy with the idea of marrying into royalty and doing nothing worthy of mention for the rest of her life. Then again, she has the right attitude to become a part of the British royal family, who aren’t exactly known for their hard-working and self-disciplined ways.

    Yes, the queen is right to expect her to get a job, and I find it admirable that she has expressed this openly… Now she only needs to do the same with all of her children, grandchildren and her utter and complete parasite of a husband. Also, she could set the example by doing something other than attending public events badly dressed and reading speeches from cue cards herself.

    What job could she take? She already has the air of a mousy, grumpy dinner lady, although I strongly doubt that she does have enough academic qualifications to do that… Oh, well, it looks like she will have to continue living off the rent on her many properties and the fortune that her forefathers accumulated by exploiting slaves and stealing from other empires. Good example, Lizzie.

  6. Iggles says:

    LOL! William is no prize in my eyes. He’s looking more and more like prince albert of Monaco every day!

    However, I would love it if he found someone else. Preferably someone royal.. But I don’t think he’s that into her. If he was, he would have put a ring on her finger a LONG time ago!

  7. MM says:

    Kate will never be Prince William’s wife.

  8. HEB says:

    There’s no way the Queen is going to rush or push anything on William.

  9. wow says:

    Kate should just sit down with her girlfriends and watch “The Other Boelyn Girl” if she wants to know the real deal about marrying into “The Firm”. Or better yet, just you tube Princess Diana’s life and there ya go.

    And Iggles, I’m with you – I don’t see him as such a prize either. Balding already? Maybe its hereditary since he’s not even 30 yet.

    Now I can see why the British women fawn over Prince Harry, he’s the sexier of the two. I hope marries Chelsea. They’d be way more interesting to follow than Prince William and this Kate.

  10. lb says:

    I was appalled by her outfit but then I noticed the teeny lettering that states she is attending a roller disco party. So the horrific outfit makes sense in this context.

  11. Revo says:

    I’m having a good laugh at the idea of the Queen telling anyone to get a job. How about yourself, Mum?

  12. FashionChallenged says:

    Good catch lb. That otherwise would be atrocious. The queen looks distinguished.

  13. geronimo says:

    Poor old Queen. Surrounded by slackers. Apart from Anne, how she managed to give birth to that bunch of entitled, greedy, whiny ingrates is a mystery. Will and Harry are just as entitled and petulant and spoilt as their father. The only reason anyone would want to marry into this House of Dysfunction is greed. Pure and simple.

    Roll on the revolution. I’ll be there at the gate with my pitchfork.

  14. Michelle says:

    Diana worked as a preschool teacher when she was dating Charles. She was actually upset when she had to leave her job! I can’t see the Queen approving of Kate – she is not wholesome enough.

  15. RobN says:

    Somebody needs to take Kate down a peg or two? Based on what exactly? The fact that she knows how to keep her mouth shut is exactly what the royal family is hoping for in a bride for William. They certainly didn’t get it in Diana, who never shut up when it served her purpose and whined about the attention when it didn’t.

  16. Green Is Good says:

    Kate’s job is to get Prince William to the altar.

  17. Mairead says:

    Er…. what would be the point of getting a full time job, just to announce the engagement? After that she wouldn’t have any time whatsoever to work as she’d have far more official duties.

    Although I am a republican, I do recognise that as head-of-state she does have an important (albeit largely ceremonial) role.

    From what I can tell both Philip and Charles are pretty active in the running of the farm shop at Windsor and Duchy Originals (and I have heard that Charles is really hands-on in The Princes Trust). But I’m sure hodding bricks or something would be a much more appropriate job for someone who’s nearing 90 years of age. 😐

    (I will agree with the “parasitic” comment though – if certain people want to give out stink about “gold diggers” they need only look to this fella and the late Mountbatten who were the grandaddies of all gold-digging)

  18. Mary Jane says:

    I prefer Prince Hot Ginge… if he’d just keep his bloody mouth shut!

  19. bros says:

    did diana have a job when she married charles?

  20. Kaiser says:

    Bros – Diana had a few jobs before she & Charles got engaged. As soon as the ring was on, the Queen made her move into Buckingham Palace & she had to quit working.

    Diana worked at a nursery school, at some point she worked as a nanny, and I believe she also worked as some kind of housekeeper/assistant at some point.

  21. Nikki says:

    Diana was a pre school teacher before her marriage to Charles. People described her as nice and simple. She didn’t finish High School because she wasn’t good student.

  22. mel says:

    I have to agree alittle with the Queen. Kate should be trying to make a name of her own instead of waiting for Prince William to propose and we all know in this day and age marriages dont last always…. She should do like Diana and find a cause to fight for.

  23. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Point Neuf: Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m especially on your side about her VILE consort. It isn’t that we don’t understand his jokes. My late grandmother had goats on her farm with with more cognitive abilities than he sports–education too. We don’t laugh because those statements don’t qualify as jokes. Why not? Jokes are funny. The end.

    wow: I’d say getting off with a premature bald spot is a sign of his luck. Those folks are so inbred they can hardly stand. It’s going to take a while to wash all of those cousins and uncles out the DNA.

    It could be worse: He could have been a Hapsburg.

  24. Anastasia says:

    Wait, so this is a prediction of what the Queen MIGHT say to her?

    LOL! I thought from the title she had already said it to her!

  25. AnnaClaire says:

    I’m waiting for the day that William, after several years of marriage to this lovely girl, is discovered in an affair with an English riding horse.
    Camilla, dahling, I shall mount you now. (That’s royal foreplay.)
    But you must provide a bale of hay, the English equivalent of buying her dinner first.

  26. Ned says:

    All I can say is “Here Here”.

    Even the Queen who was raised in a very different generation thinks that Kate should do womething with her life other than party.

    Kate Middleton is a sorry excuse for women today.
    She has the money and the time and she doesn’t choose to educate herself or work.

    While William is serving his country, paying his dues and training, all she does is court the media, party and try to mnake sure she continues to do nothing at the expense of the British people.

    If I am not mistaken, even Diana used to work as a kindergarten teacher before marrying and she was raised and grew up in a different time for women.

  27. gg says:

    Hey Mama – Prince Phillip has Hapsburg blood (from the Romanovs).

  28. Amoosed says:

    Yess, except she already has a job in London!

  29. yae says:

    “kate is not wholesome enough”.
    Have you seen the video clips of the queen’s husband laughing about “slanted eyed” people? lmao. Oh wholesome and Godly that was.
    I want the queens job. 15 minute meeting…..tea. 1/2 hour walk on the grounds…..tea. Pat and love perfectly trained (not by her) dogs…..tea. Perfect made lunch breakfast and dinner EVERY DAY by staff at promply specified times.

  30. yae says:

    I’d be more impressed by this family if they changed a diaper. One jewel encrusted earring this woman owns could house feed 100 elderly couples til they die.
    oh man I can see the headlines.
    “Kate wife to Prince William changes the FIRST diaper in royal documented history!! royal family is soiled!!”

  31. Nony says:

    Yae: you want the job? Sounds like a nightmare to me. I might have to do more work and cook my own food, but at least I can hang out in my own house in sweatpants, nip to the shop in my crocs, and occasionally screw up or say something stupid without the whole world watching. A cage, no matter how pretty and luxurious and convenient, is still just a cage.

  32. Grandma says:

    Weighing the whole thing out, it’s still hypocrisy for the queen to tell someone to get a job. Is it because she wasn’t born blue blooded? It’s horrible, classist, and snobby. Why marry into this family? Ugh!

  33. headband says:

    teh queen doesnt give a crap if she has a job. She’s probably just going to prep her on the ways of the castle- having “help” and soforth.

  34. Goddess711 says:

    What’s up with Prince Andrew? Is he still on the market?

  35. Snoopchew says:

    Yes, Andrew is labeled “USDA Choice” at your local meat market.

  36. Abbie says:

    Everyone is quick to put Kate down. How much of this negativity roots from envy? She is obviously gorgeous whether she’s in yellow track pants or a potato sack! She is in the fashion industry where creativity is encouraged. Just because she can look great in anything, and she’s not shallow about some bald spot, doesn’t mean she’s fake. I support Williams decision and if he had picked some conservative homely robot I would be hugely disappointed. It would be quite a different story if we all had our pictures plastered everywhere alongside our lovers. I’m sure there would be more to complain about than yellow track pants and a bald spot. There’s some obesity, bad teeth and so on that they could probably pick apart about you…so back off. They’re human just like the rest of us!

  37. Jess says:

    I feel any one before marriage should prove themselves capable of being self-efficent in all ways. If Kate doesn’t have a real job yet, she probaly isn’t old enough to be wed. How can she even handle taking care of kids if she can’t even take care of herself? I want to see another queen like Queen Elizabeth I, that’s a real woman