Justin Theroux put dog booties on his pit bull Kuma so she could poop in the NYC snow

Justin Theroux goes for a stroll with his dog in NNY

As we all know, Justin Theroux is super-edgy and only extremely edgy people can live in New York. Justin moved back to New York full-time while he was fake-married to Jennifer Aniston, and he’s been in NYC ever since, minus a few working vacations to France. Since Justin and Jennifer were fake-married, I guess they aren’t going to work on kind of fake-divorce or fake-custody agreement for their dogs. Jennifer has kept all of the dogs except for the pit bull Kuma.

Justin adopted Kuma in June of this year – Kuma survived Hurricane Harvey, and she ended up in a Texas shelter, which is where Justin found her and adopted her. She’s his Texas girl, and honestly… I’ll shade the f–k out of him for being an edgy poseur and all of that, but he seems to flat-out adore his girl Kuma. Kuma is an edgy New Yorker now, but in paparazzi photos from the past five months, you can tell that Kuma sort of misses Texas. She doesn’t like pooping on the streets of New York, maybe. And she possibly doesn’t like the climate either.

Last week, New York unexpectedly got hit with a major Nor’easter and half a foot of snow. The city was paralyzed, trains stopped working and every road seemed to be jammed because everyone thought that NYC would get an inch or two of snow at most. There’s still snow on the ground, but edgy New York dogs still have to poop in the grimy New York snow. Kuma wasn’t happy. So Justin got her a puffy coat and some dog booties. He posted photos on his Instagram Stories (you can see all of the photos here at Us Weekly):

The Royal Family attends a Service to commemorate the Armistice on the centenary of the end of WWI

I looked through all of the photos and I feel sorry for Kuma a little bit. Justin seems to acknowledge that Kuma is a Texan at heart, and she doesn’t have time for the snowy New York weather. I’ve had big dogs throughout my life, and I’ve honestly never gotten them a jacket or dog booties. When I had a Newfie mix, I just made him go out in the snow with no booties. He didn’t like it, but it’s what he had to do if he needed to poop. So I guess my question is: what do you think pissed off Kuma Theroux more, the dog booties or pooping in the snow?

Justin Theroux goes for a stroll with his dog in NNY

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Justin’s IG.

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  1. Jenns says:

    I watched it on Instagram stories and I thought it was cute. Mostly because this was the first time the dog saw snow and she seemed totally confused by it.

  2. Fortifiedblonde says:

    When we lived in NYC, we always had snow booties on our dogs because the chunks of rock ice and treated salt that everyone put on the street/sidewalk to melt ice would burn our dogs feet.

    First time commenter, long time reader.

    • Amanduh says:

      ❤️ very considerate ❤️

    • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

      We have booties for our pups in GA-it helps with having to clean Georgia clay out of their paws and toenails when they have playtime, since our winters are just mild and wet (and kind of ugh-I miss snow).

    • Charlie says:

      Puffy jacket – ugh.

      Booties – yea. I doubt many (if any) cities use pet friendly salt for de-icing, and you DO NOT want your pets cleaning that from their paws.

    • Liz says:

      My dog refuses to walk in the booties, so we have to clean her paws as soon as we walk back in the door. As for the coat – she’s a hound mix with a thin coat and starts shivering as soon as it goes below about 40. She has a puffy coat and happily wears it. A lot of thin coated dogs really need them. A Newfie would never need one, but I wouldn’t take a greyhound out in winter without one.

    • Anna S says:

      There’s lots of crap in that sidewalk salt and it burns puppy feet. I think Justin Theroux is so extra but I’ve got no shade for him on this. #savethepupfeet

    • Katherine Vineyard says:

      Thank you, it’s the salt that’s the problem. Walking on that can cause serious chemical burns on puppy toes. The plastic ones seemed to work best, that look like little balloons but to each their own. Good on him for thinking about her little tootsies!

    • kellybean says:

      I have two boxers (a 5 year old female and a recently rescued 1.5 year old male). We had never put boots on our dog before but we took them to a trail near our house this weekend and both left with cuts on their toes from running around on the ice. Now, we are considering getting them boots.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      The salt is also toxic, and anyone with a dog knows if your dog’s feet hurt, they start licking them. Chemical burns on your puppy’s feet are no joke, but if they ingest enough of the rock salt residue left on their feet, they could get really sick and even die. I live in the country, but I’m still always so paranoid that when they plow our roads after a snow, they’ll put down rock salt and my dogs could burn their feet or get sick from it.

    • knotslaning says:

      I was just about to post the same comment! The salt is really bad for their paws, and also, they can get sick if they lick and ingest the salt.

  3. Jerusha says:

    I think Kuma is just fine. I’d certainly need a puffy jacket and booties to go out in the snow, pooping or not. Enjoy your new life, girl!

  4. C-Shell says:

    Kuma’s face is so expressive! Adorable. Yeah, the booties on NYC winter sidewalks are a good idea, yuck and salt *shudder*. Even in the pristine mountain snows I get, I try to put booties on my Cavalier KC. He’s hilarious trying to walk and run in them, and usually at least one comes off in his shenanigans, but his internal thermostat is wonky so I feel protective. He loves his jackets and sweaters, however.

    • Sadezilla says:

      Oh, C-Shell, I wish I could see that! I’ve loved KC spaniels ever since I met two while I was in India for 9 weeks and was missing my kitties. They cured my pet-withdrawal blues!

      Off to google dogs in the snow!

    • Becks says:

      I also have a cavalier! We live in Los Angeles, so no need for booties, but she does have winter sweaters and a jacket. It can get quite chilly here, but thankfully no snow.

  5. Erinn says:

    A newf is built for snow a lot more than a dog with a short coat like a Pitt. They’re from NFLD which has pretty gnarly winters and has a thick double coat to deal. Have to make sure to clean the snow out between their toes and keep the toe fur trimmed though because they can get pain from the snow collecting and getting trapped.

    Our pointer is a rugged, outdoorsy breed of dog. We live in freaking Canada – she’s used to the weather being cold. But she shakes like a leaf on the cold snowy days. Her coat is just so short and she’s under sized for the breed. She LOVES wearing sweaters but doesn’t like booties. She will stand out in the snow on as few feet at a time as possible. Just because a dog isn’t a yappy ankle biter doesn’t mean it’s going to be great in the winter weather.

    • Laura says:

      Each dog different also, even within a specific breed. I have an ankle biter lol (Chi) and he thinks snow is the best thing ever.
      I do put a jacket on him because not much padding on him but he runs around and hops like a bunny while trying to stuff as much snow in his mouth as possible . I’m in the Midwest btw.

  6. Kimma says:

    They put salt on the ground after storms which burns dogs paws, so he was probably trying to protect her feeet. City living with a dog can be tough and that’s a great protection to take if the dog is ok with it..I commend anyone who rescues dogs from anywhere..

  7. Loopy says:

    Lol Kuma in Swahili means….

  8. Nancy says:

    On his ex gf or wife’s tv show, Monica’s pet peeve was animals dressed as people. He does seem the type to dress his dog better than he dresses. When we moved back North from Florida, I put a sweater on my Chihuahua, she needed it as she weighed four pounds. Wouldn’t wear boots. That’s all I got for today.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Hey Nancy I didn’t know you left our *beautiful,fun*(not!)Northern Ohio winters for the sunshine state!Glad to have you back my CB buddy!Personally I love our seasons,but as a true Ohioan I complain about the extreme snow and our humid summers!😆We have a darling mini poodle and just bought her dog socks yesterday and in true puppy 🐶 fashion she bit them all off immediately and they are now part of her toy collection!Take care!

  9. Chef Grace says:

    This is why I am a cat person.
    If I had a dog and lived in a cold state, the dog and I both would be dressed like the kid from A Christmas Story. I live in SE Texas and when it gets in the low 50’s I am all bundled up. 🐧

  10. Snowflake says:

    I hate to admit it, but i would sleep Justin. He’s hot, and i love pit bulls. And a guy talking care of his dog is just so sweet. He’s probably really into himself, but i could put up with it for one night, lol

  11. OSTONE says:

    I bought booties for my dog and he hated them and would not let us put them on. Thankfully we live in metro Atlanta and it rarely snows!

  12. Isa says:

    So I’ve never thought of this, but the dogs in the city just poop on sidewalks? I feel like my dog wouldn’t like that.

    • SJI says:

      If you live in NYC like I do, where do you expect them to go? There’s not a park on every block, or sometimes even within walking distance… They do their business outside near a tree if there is one, or otherwise on the sidewalk. You pick it up and carry on.

    • Snowflake says:

      I never thought about that either!

    • Rulla says:

      I live in a big city and it never occurred to me that dogs pooped anywhere but on sidewalks.

      • someone says:

        Now I don’t want to walk on the sidewalks in NYC or CHicago. My shoes need throwaway booties…Although dog poop is not the worst thing on the sidewalks in these cities:-(

  13. Krakken says:

    I have read that sidewalk/road salt has been linked to cancers in dogs so the boots serve that practical purpose too. My old dog who grew up in a rural area but later whom I moved to the city refused to poop on anything if it wasn’t growing from the ground. He would backward sidle up to any weed growing thru a sidewalk crack he could find to do his business. It’s a hard edgy life living in the concrete jungle lol.

  14. TheOriginalMia says:

    I tried booties with my dog and she hated them. Kudos to Justin for trying to make it easier for Kuma.

  15. Hildog says:

    I have some sort of pit mix rescue and she won’t even go out when the grass is slightly wet. So yes, my Sadie has booties and a jacket (with a hood !)

  16. D says:

    So edgy to take care of your fake marriage dog poor guy it’s whats at the end of his Leash that pisses him of of the most

  17. Thirsty Hirsty says:

    One of my dogs is from Mexico and one from California. Over the years, the Mexican dog (the bigger of the two) seems to have grown a thicker coat in winter, tho her underbelly remains bare. The smaller, Californian dog shivers mightily. I have tried coats, even had one modified by a seamstress to fit better and they just stand there, looking at me and miserable. They will barely tolerate sweaters and I’ve never found a bootie that will stay on either of them. They both have black nails, so I’m afraid to trim them and it’s too expensive to take them in for trimming. All other dogs I’ve had over the course of almost 40 years wore their nails down from the amount of walking done. I’m over 60 now, and cannot manage those hours long walks anymore; their nails are too long for booties. Instead, I use a waxy type substance on their feet to protect the pads on the worst salt-strewn-sidewalk days here in Vancouver, BC Canada

  18. Kelly says:

    My parents’ Weimaraner has worn booties and coats since he was a puppy once it starts getting cold, usually from late October to early April in some years. He did have a dog thermal layer, similar to long johns, that covered all of his except his head and feet. Those were usually very reluctantly worn as a base layer under his coat during below zero weather in Michigan and South Dakota. He doesn’t mind wearing his regular coats and rain jacket, but won’t wear the long johns anymore. He’s a very senior dog and my dad doesn’t take him for walks on extreme cold days anymore.

    The booties are very necessary because of how much salt is used on the roads in the Midwest.

  19. SamC says:

    I don’t get the ongoing shade for Justin Theroux. Seems like they both went back to their pre-married lives, are happy, and that’s that. Justin has done a ton of work for Austin Pets Alive; I’m friends with a staffer and she has all good things to say. He’s low key when he comes in, is great with the dogs, super friendly to everyone.

    I live in New England and most people with short hair dogs here have jackets and boots for their pups.My dog came from Austin to New England and he LOVES snow (also has a lot more fur than a pittie). When there’s snow on the ground first thing he does is roll around on it, and he’s happiest napping in the sun while laying on top of a snow bank.

  20. Charfromdarock says:

    My 7lb Maltese refuses to wear booties. But he is so small I can carry him over the salty sidewalks until we reach trails. I wish I could get them on him.

    I live in Newfoundland and we have a real winter so he has all sorts of sweaters and parkas.

  21. CairinaCat says:

    Dogs need shoes in hot weather too. In California in the summer our streets and sidewalks are hot enough to give animals and people third degree burns

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      If it’s too hot for your feet, it’s most likely too hot for theirs, too.
      Upper midwest here- we walk early am & later evening in the summer, but sometimes it’s so hot & humid, my older sheltie refuses to drink much during the day so she won’t have to go out in the heat to pee.

      Yes to boots & coats- I’ve had best luck with those ballon-like boots- anything with a sole tends to stiffen in the cold and eventually come off. We don’t walk in temps below 20F. One of my shelties has an extremely dense undercoat, so he doesn’t always need a jacket, and boy, does he love the snow. My older girl always gets a jacket when it’s below freezing or if really windy.

      The cold stretches (0 to -15F) really stink. We visit pets stores and are lucky to have a really great pet care center that offers play periods M-S . They are really lifesavers for the extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

  22. BBeauty says:

    In a wintry city, there is often a lot of salt on the ground which can really irritate dog paws. I cant stand this guy but the booties and coat are cute.

  23. Chef Grace says:

    My 11 year old cat has thin fur. She gets cold.
    I tried a sweater on her. 10 years ago. I still have a visible scar on my arm. 😼
    I just have a heated bed for her now for our short winter.

  24. Jwriter says:

    This is done because in nyc at the sight of any snowfall most of the sidewalks are FILLED with salt which is VERY PAINFUL for dogs feet! It gets in their paws and burns. I have a giant dog and had to get her these, or should we stop suddenly unable to walk until I examined her paws, got the salt out and rubbed her paws till she felt better. Dog booties during the winter are a common and necessary sight in an area like nyc where the dogs can’t avoid walking on the salt.

  25. Eribra says:

    My lab doesn’t wear a coat or booties, and will play forever in the cold/ snow, till there are icicles hanging off his mouth! We don’t go on pavement or asphalt though, i might put booties on him if i had to deal with salt.

  26. Bella Bella says:

    I have to say those are some very nice booties on his dog. I’d love to know who makes them. I like the way they come up high. I use the rubber kind that look like clown shoes. I bought them for my dog when I was in the city for 3 weeks on business. There was SO MUCH SALT on the ground that my dog was utterly miserable. Her paws were on fire! So the booties are a great idea.

    The jackets are up to the dog. Some dogs love them, want them, need them. Some dogs hate them. My dog is a poodle and gets a haircut every so many weeks so she needs her winter fleece on the bitter cold days else she levitates through our daily route because she is moving so fast. Also, she is low to the ground, and snow will get stuck in each curl and make her look like the Michelin Man. I have to defrost her by sticking her in a bath! So it’s easier if I put her in something that at the very least covers the front legs and her belly. Once I was walking her and a guy yelled out of his car, “Clothes aren’t for dogs!!” He had a big hound dog in the back seat. And I wanted to yell back that he had no idea what it was like for a low-to-the-ground curly-haired dog so keep your opinion to yourself.

  27. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Boots for city dogs is a must. Not only can they get frostbite from walking on the frozen cement but salt can get stuck between the pads of their paws.

  28. Cal says:

    Good for JT; the dog’s needs are vital. I’m a cat person all my life and really never hung around dogs much, so have more fears than are sound or sane.
    Here in Ireland though -as an off topic aside-pitbulls and other fighters, or otherwise with hefty jaws, are supposed to wear a light muzzle in the streets and parks so snarling-induced heart attacks are minimised, and chases of smaller dogs don’t end in butchery! Eek.
    It’s the owners of course, in suggesting ‘his’ mutt is a juvenile delinquent! That’ll be due to your mean manly shit you sporadically impart to him.
    I’m sure The Theroux lad is perfectly well trained. And the booties are admirable.

  29. BANANIE says:

    As a Texan who went to college up North, feel for Kuma having to adjust to the cold. But what really gets me is people down here thinking it makes sense to get huskies and chow chows! They’re miserable I’m guessing 2/3 to 3/4 of the year.

    Some people are awesome and shave their dogs quite often, but I see a ton of panting and overheated long-haired dogs.

    But I will say I’m not going to knock anyone who rescues a long-haired breed from a shelter or the streets. Those pups need a home! I just can’t understand why someone would go to a breeder to get a dog whose happiness relies on a totally different climate.

  30. Nikole Villanueva says:

    I *wish* my dog would wear booties. But at least lately he’s been pooping right away and not mucking about, wanting to go on long walks. Iowa winters! (fist shake)

  31. Emily says:

    I’m sure it’s probably annoying for a dog to have to poop in the city. I don’t know why I think that, but I do. I don’t think I’d ever put booties on my dog (currently a pit bull mix, but we’ve had others), just because I can convince her to go out and poop in less time than it would take me to wrestle her into some booties. But if we had to go for walks to get her going I guess I’d have to consider it.