Khloe Kardashian claims that Tristan Thompson didn’t leave his pregnant girlfriend for her

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Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian first got together in September 2016. This was news to his girlfriend Jordan Craig, who was pregnant at the time. Looking back on it now, I think it was wrong that Khloe got so much sh-t for hooking up with Tristan while he was still dealing with Jordan Craig. Clearly, Tristan had been looking for an exit route from that relationship for a while, and clearly he didn’t really give a crap about Jordan’s pregnancy. That’s his “thing” – cheating on pregnant girlfriends and daring them to dump him. Anyway, even though this all happened more than two years ago, people still tag Khloe in social media comments about how she “stole” Tristan from Jordan, or how he’s a dog and he’ll totally leave her (that one is true). And because Khloe has nothing better to do than just sit on Instagram all f–king day, she responded to those people.

For the first time, Khloé Kardashian has addressed Tristan Thompson‘s relationship with his ex Jordan Craig. Kardashian, 34, and Thompson, 27, were first linked in September 2016, while Craig was still pregnant with Thompson’s son Prince Oliver. Rumors had previously circulated online that Thompson met Kardashian while he was still with Craig — and the speculation resurfaced after Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians chronicled the revelation that Thompson cheated on Kardashian days before she gave birth to the couple’s daughter True on April 12 this year.

“He left his pregnant girlfriend to be with you and you think he won’t leave you someday,” a fan commented on a since-deleted clip Kardashian posted from the episode on Instagram, accusing the reality star of making excuses for a “lousy womanizer” because she’s “scared of being alone.” In response, Kardashian said she “completely thrives” when she’s single.

“I reflect, grow, excel … I absolutely love it!” she wrote. “Being alone is definitely not an issue for me personally. And if he does it again, then I will deal with that but those are my choices. Right or wrong they are mine. I appreciate the support, unsolicited opinions and love I get from you all. I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior. I simply did what I felt was right for me in that moment. You are also unaware of the work we do behind the scenes to better ourselves or to hopefully better ourselves. PS he never left ANYONE for me. I have said this before but as I have learned the truth isn’t as exciting as a lie. So the lie is what gets traction. The truth seems to get buried and ignored. Either way, it’s all love and peace over here.”

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The PS was unnecessary. The whole thing is totally unnecessary. As I said, I tend to believe that Khloe was Tristan’s jumpoff, and that there was overlap between the end of his relationship with Jordan and the beginning of his thing with Khloe. But what’s become increasingly clear is that Tristan is a Ben Affleck-level self-saboteur, and that he cheats on everyone and he doesn’t have the balls to just end relationships like an adult. That’s on him. Now… allllll that being said, hell yes Khloe is a needy doormat and of course she’s terrified of being single. Tristan was expecting her to dump him months ago, but she keeps clinging to him and forcing him to be in this relationship. It’s all a gigantic mess. Jordan should count her blessings that she’s rid of him.

Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event

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  1. skipper says:

    Khloe probably truly believes that because that is what Tristan told her or because she is in complete denial and chooses to believe it. He seems like the type to tell Khloe whatever she needs to hear to keep things moving for his personal gain.

    I don’t blame Khloe for trying to make it work with him for the sake of their daughter and for Khloe’s sake too. Say what you want about her but that must have been an incredibly difficult thing to go through while giving birth. However, she can try as hard as she can to make this relationship work but Tristan is a sh*t person and he will never change. Some people really can change but I just don’t see him changing for anyone or anything.

    • hezzer19 says:

      I blame her. She’s teaching her daughter that it’s OK for a man to cheat on her. Now granted, her daughter is way too young to figure that out now, obviously, but she’s going to learn that from her mother as she gets older.

      You’re absolutely correct though. He’s not going to change.

      • skipper says:

        Hopefully she will have her “aha!” moment now that she has a daughter and show her what a strong woman she really is. Having a child can really change your perspective about your life. Tru could be game changer for her. Let’s hope.

      • Lady D says:

        It shouldn’t be on a baby to straighten out their parent. This child was born with a job..

      • skipper says:

        LadyD, it’s not the baby’s “job”. Babies can sometimes be a good motivator to do better for yourself. Inspirational. You know what I was talking about.

      • Vintage says:

        She’s such a throwback: better any man than no man.

  2. M says:

    Um in the top photo she looks like she just opened the door to an aggressive knock and found someone with a knife and a mask. Not saying I could do red carpet better but seems like a pro should know?

    • skipper says:

      It’s hard to judge from the single click of a camera. I’m sure she has much better photos from that event.

  3. hezzer19 says:

    Sure, Jan.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    she is a lava hot mess.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Well, if your entire life was not played out in the media or on social media Khloe, there is a slight chance people will believe you.

  6. Nancy says:

    This clinger can close her eyes to the truth and do her little preach sessions on twitter, but she lives in a world inhabited by her own version of reality. Those in the area know Tristan and Jordan were together. The Khloester did meet him at Eniko and Kevin Hart’s wedding (sure she was invited bc Kim and Kanye are their friends), where Jordan was with Tristan and pregnant. However they hooked up, I firmly believe Kardashian knew he had another women and obviously that little fact didn’t bother him or her. He will be gone eventually and hopefully so will the stories about poor Khloe. Like the Kardashians always say “AT THE END OF THE DAY” at least she got the baby she wanted (even though she claimed infertility for years). Be happy, Jordan, you dodged a bullet.

    • Chrissy says:

      Exactly. Enough already with the fake drama and debasing themselves just to keep their idiotic show going. Khloe and the rest are pathetic and horrible role models for their children, the true victims of their elders’ greed and stupidity.

      • Nancy says:

        Right. She did the same thing to Lamar. Lives this dramatic life off screen, then come back the next season and exploit it. James Harden warned NBA ballers to stay away from her. Tristan didn’t listen. Lesson learned, I hope. Now he is being watched and paying for his stupidity. Maybe the next baller she goes after will remember his predecessors and walk the other way. She is one of those people who thrive on drama.

    • Sigh... says:

      So they met at Hart’s wedding to his LONGTIME MISTRESS that he will later cheat on as she lie PREGNANT at home ON HER BIRTHDAY…?

      That. Is. Rich.

      Tsk. Just infidelities and pregnancies ALL OVER the place.

      • Moneypenny says:

        My thoughts exactly. Maybe they handed out a “How to cheat on your wife or girlfriend” manual at the wedding and Khloe and Tristan put it to use.

  7. grabbyhands says:

    He DID leave his pregnant girlfriend for you, and that’s on him, but you willfully went along with it and she’s even getting her face rubbed in it ever since and that is all on you because nothing matters more to your family than having your wax faces on TV and everyone and everything is up for grabs- even your kids-in order to be in the spotlight.

    Why they continue to beat a dead horse with this story, I don’t know. No one is buying the narrative they keep trying to push. But anything to attempt to stay relevant, I guess

    • Nancy says:

      All of what you said grabbyhands. She is delusional. I think in her mind, she thinks she is the victim. I read one person’s comment that knows the situation and I think it sums up this threesome: Jordan has class and Khloe is an ass. You notice I didn’t say piece of! JK. Wait till True grows up and learns the facts. Wowzers!

  8. Sayrah says:

    I still don’t fault her for staying with him. Lots of relationships can survive infidelity. I don’t know that this is one of them. She is really deluding herself if she believes that Tristan’s version of his breakup with Jordan is accurate. He’s not the type to be honest about that.

    • Anon33 says:

      “Lots of relationships” where the cheater admits wrong doing and makes positive steps towards changing. NOT where the cheater keeps cheating. She needs to leave his ass.

  9. Bebe says:

    Can I just say that I am horrified by how she has completely changed her face and her body? Watched an old episode of KUTWK the other day and then just saw a more recent one. Really unsettling. And she knew what she was getting into, right? So boo boo.

  10. Cupcake says:

    Next level delusional

  11. Kitten says:

    I agree with her that it’s a personal choice. Just because she did what’s right to her, doesn’t mean she’s endorsing this behavior for someone else. That being said, for me personally I could never overlook cheating. I just cannot fathom how you restore a trust after that much of a betrayal.

    • Clare says:

      Right? I am usually in the to each their own camp – but for me, cheating would just be the deal breaker. I feel like I would never trust the person and it would have an impact on my own mental health and self esteem.

    • Anon33 says:

      She is a lying ass liar who lies.
      Sadly I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, and waaaaay back in the day, like seasons one and two, she broke up with at least a few dudes for cheating on her, and went on and on about how she was a strong woman and didn’t need that in her life.
      Liar. LIAR.

  12. Mela says:

    I think Tristain is the prolific liar cheater here. Im sure he lied and said whatever to get in khloes pants.

    Khloe should be ashamed of what a messy situation she brought her daughter into. I can’t imagine the stupidity to get pregnant with a guy who has a newborn with another woman. How do you even explain that to your family without them staging an intervention? Then this same guy cheats on you day before you give birth and you stay? They will never recover from this. You never look at or love someone the same way once they betray you in such a low down dirty way. There will always be resentment beneath the surface.

    Her family rightfully hates this guy but I also don’t see why they are so easy on Khloe. She has made terrible choices in this situation (that now includes 2 innocent children) from the start. She is a part of the problem
    Here and needs serious therapy.

  13. me says:

    I really think she just wants another kid with him and then will dump him after she/he is born. She’s such a hypocrite. Remember all the sh*t she would say about Scott? All for the show I guess. That’s the thing, you never know what’s real/fake with this family. I mean Tristan cheated so PUBLICLY many, many times. How can she overlook that??? I really believe she’s trying to get pregnant as we speak !

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with you @me. It’s another Kardashian thing. They all want their kids to have the same father. Kourtney had three with Scott, even though by the time the third came around, they weren’t even together. Ditto for Kim. The only thing I feel bad about for Khloe is that she knows and knows the world knows that Robert Kardashian wasn’t her biological father. Psychologically, maybe this is the reason they are so adamant on the same father. Big and tall, light haired and skinned Khloe standing next to her short, dark haired sisters had to be an issue for her at some point in her life. Probably that’s why she has the passive aggressive relationship with her mother, who obviously cheated on Robert, ala Khloe. Oh well, too deep, too much thought on these people.

    • RBC says:

      I agree, Khloe will dump him as soon as she gets pregnant again. More storylines for their reality show.

  14. Lynne says:

    I don’t think they were exclusive, but when she got pregnant that started the relationship. It was arranged with contracts so that he would benefit from media exposure. I don’t think he was emotionally with her before. Probably likes her and that’s about it.

    • SandyBay says:

      I agree @Lynne. The only reason that makes any sense that she did not leave him after he stepped out on her is that they did not have an exclusive relationship to begin with. All the KUWTK trappings probably didn’t make him commit to her, so she tried procreation and although he let her continue to hang around, he was probably always seeing other women. She could overlook it when she was one of the girlfriends, but it became more dramatic after she got pregnant.

      She should be careful though, his basketball career probably won’t last forever and he’s no Lebron, so if money gets tight for him, he can always demand joint custody of the child and hit her up for support.

  15. smcollins says:

    She may be a Stage-5 Clinger, but I can’t with the “forcing him to stay” narrative. Just because he doesn’t have the balls to end things if he really doesn’t want to be with her that’s still his choice, just like it’s her choice to stay with a dirtbag cheater who will most definitely cheat on her again (and probably already has…multiple times). I think the only thing that will make her wake up & dump him is when he gets someone else pregnant, and with his track record it’s only a matter of time until that happens.

  16. HeyThere! says:

    This makes me so sad. I know so many women currently with their cheating husbands only because they are the father of their children. I try to be supportive but my sister and sister in law are doormats. It’s very depressing and heartbreaking to watch. Everyone I’m talking about also only got married because they were pregnant. They weren’t with their partners very long and only married because of a pregnancy. That’s why I tell all women I know that find themselves pregnant that they have options!! Options about the baby and the man. You don’t have to marry this guy before the baby or ever if you don’t want to!!! Ugh.

    • Vintage says:

      My SIL got married because she was pregnant then proceeded to have four babies in eight years with only one planned. (Don’t ask me why as she’s well-educated woman.) She’s also a hardcore right-wing conservative Christian and it took her years to get a divorce as she felt she had to stay with him “for the children”.

      We all knew he was totally worthless in supporting his family but thought he was a decent dad otherwise. What no one knew is he was emotionally abusive to his kids. Two out of the four will have nothing to do with him. Sometimes doing the right thing backfires big time.

  17. Ruyana says:

    Y’know, if Tristan is running around making more than one women pregnant that indicates he does not use condoms. Instead of Baby #2 Khloe might get a nice, shiny STD, or even HIV-AIDS. I wonder if that ever enters her limited little mind.

  18. Vintage says:

    Swear to Pete, I want to throw a pearl set and an apron on her. She is such a throwback to the little woman needs a man all wrapped up in black nagahide.

  19. Auuvrey says:

    I agree with Khloe that she didn’t break him up because Jordan had left his ass. I enjoyed reading all the comments..

  20. Yes Doubtful says:

    I couldn’t imagine linking up with a guy with a pregnant ex. That’s just too messy and not worth it. Khloe has low self esteem.

  21. Andrea Lupparelli says:

    Sad to admit I watched the birth episode and it was so sad how she was holding his hand and acting like nothing happened. I think she has wicked low selfesteem and thinks somehow she can change him for the sake of their daughter.

    • me says:

      She even kissed him ! I mean how did she not want to rip his head off? I also found it odd that she seemed so “indifferent” and almost sad when they put the baby in her arms. Everyone was crying but Khloe. Maybe that’s when it all hit her?