Jaden Smith: Tyler the Creator has been my boyfriend my whole life

I’m not alone in wondering whether Jaden Smith, 20, is pulling a Joaquin Phoenix level prank about his lovelife or if he really is in a relationship with Tyler The Creator, 27. Maybe that’s by design in that he wants to keep people guessing. He keeps talking about it, so I assume he’s telling the truth, but Tyler doesn’t seem to agree. Some of the stuff Jaden said is questionable, like his claim that Tyler has been his boyfriend his whole life. They have a seven year age difference so I hope he means his whole adult life of two years. Jaden isn’t always decipherable and you can’t take everything he says literally. Hence the ongoing confusion. I’m attempting to do a recap here but know that I’ll miss key things.

First Jaden called Tyler his boyfriend during a concert. You can see that video on Instagram. (It has F bombs and is NSFW.) He Then, in an interview with Apple Beats radio, Jaden repeated that.

“I just want to say that Tyler the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f’ing much. I want to tell you guys something. Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my motherf’ing boyfriend and he’s been my motherf’ing boyfriend my whole f’ing life. Tyler is my f’ing boyfriend! It’s true. [Camera pans to Tyler in a surgical mask and he wags his finger, shakes his head and laughs. Jaden then tells people to step back from the stage due to fire regulations.] Tyler the Creator is my f’ing boyfriend. If you take anything away from this f’ing show that’s what you take.” – a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/curator/msfts-frequency/993270153?app=music&ign-itsct=be1_cur_jad&ign-itscg=10705″>Apple beats radio via Instagram

“Yup @tylerthecreator I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now” – Jaden on Twitter
“Hahaha you a crazy n**** man.” – Tyler on Twitter via Evening Standard

“I recently said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true. So, just so you know.” – via CNN

If so that’s cool and I’m happy for them. As a professional gossip I welcome these two as a new power couple. However Tyler doesn’t want to admit this publicly! He shook his head at Jaden during the concert and his tweet was more of the same, but Jaden keeps repeating himself. Does this mean that they were together and that Tyler is going to distance himself from Jaden? Is Jaden saying that his best friend is as close as a boyfriend would be? Tyler should just claim that if he doesn’t want to come out. This is some Shakespearean drama. Or maybe not, maybe Jaden is just trolling. Or maybe Tyler knows that Jaden has no public credibility and even though he doesn’t want to come fully he’s ok with Jaden saying it. He’s admitted to having a boyfriend.

Also Jaden put out a new album a few days ago.

I’m embedding this tweet from Gay Times because they did a great job finding matching photos of these two.

Also I tried to find tweets about Tyler and Jaden but there’s currently more buzz on Twitter about Jaden’s new album than this relationship.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Jaden would probably sleep with him because he has him on a pedestal but Tyler only likes white boy’s.

    Btw, tyler the creator already came out as gay.

    • Kitten says:

      To your last sentence, C/B linked to an article about Tyler coming out in the write-up.

      • Hmm says:

        Thanks. I didn’t see it. I read ” Tyler should just claim that if he doesn’t want to come out” and figured they didn’t know he already came out. Now I realize they meant he didn’t want to come out about dating jaden. Sorry. Lol

        Next time I’ll read the entire article before replying.

  2. outoftheshadows says:

    Nothing Tyler ever says is to be taken at face value. Jaden’s beat him at his own game this time. I was waiting for you guys to post about this and I hope it’s true because Will “I’m so homophobic I won’t even kiss a man on the mouth in a movie” Smith has got to be alll kinds of tied in knots over this…

    Also, hi Earl Sweatshirt. Glad to see a picture of him too. His dad Keorapetse Kgotsitsile was a great poet and I am hoping for only good things for Earl. He’s had a tough run of things in many ways.

    • km says:

      I don’t really follow anything on Will, so I had no idea he is homophobic. Re: “I hope it’s true because Will “I’m so homophobic I won’t even kiss a man on the mouth in a movie” Smith has got to be alll kinds of tied in knots over this… ”
      Jaden’s character on The Get Down was gay or bi and he kissed the actor who was his love interest on the mouth. Wonder what Will thinks of that.

      • nikki says:

        I think with many people over a certain age, the only way they become accepting of homosexuality is when someone they LOVE comes out as gay. Then after a process, they can finally (hopefully) realize that being gay doesn’t change the entire person they love, it just means their loved one has a different preference than the “norm”. (Anyone who continues to hate gays when their loved one is gay is just a total loss, as far as I’m concerned.) So to respond to your question, I guess if Will was homophobic, he’ll get over it eventually, after wrestling with his altered dreams for his son, and examining his own beliefs versus the reality he can see. Gays aren’t evil, they can have kids through less traditional ways if they want them, they can have fulfilling marriages and careers. What is the big F-ing deal about someone’s sexual preference???? So silly, just another thing to divide us.

    • Jen says:

      Right? Like I would’ve said Tyler is clearly in love with Wyatt, who was on his Instagram often and fit his lyrics, but if you pay really close attention, that doesn’t seem to be true either. Either way, I love the art that he’s making and that it’s maybe making a few more people ask if the subject’s gender/his preference really matters.

  3. Nev says:

    Will played a homosexual in one of my favourite movies of all time Six Degrees Of Separation. And I know he’s had rumours along the way too about his sexuality. I hope he isn’t homophobic though. That would really be disappointing.

    • me says:

      Is that the movie where Will refused to kiss a male actor on the lips? I mean if you’re going to agree to play a gay man then you should fully commit to the role !

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    “Some of the stuff Jaden said is questionable,”

    That’s all that needs saying about Jaden. Like ever. And ever.

  5. Ceecu says:

    I missed the Jaden coming out article, unless this is it!? I thought he liked just women. Who knew 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. me says:

    Well Jaden was with his girlfriend that night so ummm. I think this is just pr for his album.

  7. Michael Griffin says:

    Why is Jaden Smith giving a concert?

  8. Bubble bee says:

    I’m pretty sure that Jaden has a girlfriend that was there that night and this is just a joke. I’ve heard this from multiple people who were there.

  9. KidV says:

    Why didn’t anyone tell me that’s how it works???

    Idris Elba has been my boyfriend my whole life. There. Done. Be jealous, C-Bitches. 😉

  10. Usedtobe says:

    I had no idea he was an entertainer but am I the only one that thinks that he seems like he is mentally unstable or high AF?

  11. Starkiller says:

    I admittedly stopped following Tyler’s nonsense a few years ago, but at that time, he was putting out rather violently homophobic music. Now he’s claiming to be gay???

    • BB says:

      I highly doubt he is a homosexual or even a bisexual. It’s to be ‘shocking’ and ‘different’.

      • mmmm no says:

        He’s BFFs with Frank Ocean (bisexual) and him being gay/bi has been an open secret for years. Listen to the new album (specifically Sometimes… and Garden Shed): it makes it super obvious. I’ve been told that his boyfriend is on his instagram. The album came out almost two years ago- that’s one long publicity stunt for a guy who has an attention span of two seconds. I’m sick of straight people doubting gay people when they come out because they think gay people are lying to be “shocking” and “different”. People don’t open themselves up to homophobia and abuse just for the cachet.

        I have a couple friends who were accused of lying when they came out in high school. It’s a way for straight people to erase the “queer” from a person’s identity because they’re uncomfortable with it but don’t want to admit to being homophobic. Erasing queerness is homophobic.

        He’s gay. Get over it.

        This is probably a joke, though. I’m pretty sure they both have different SOs.

  12. BEE says:

    I see the special scientology school Will and Jada started really worked out well for both kids. Jaden is so articulate. My “real” scientist daughter and boyfriend, both PhD crystalographers speak so differently. Must be the “special” education the Smith kids had, plus limitless money combined with no adult intervention as a child made this mess. Is Jaden still a vampire? I think Will knows what a failure he was as a father. Jada is still in denial. At least they are nonviolent, so far and are going to change the world. Ha ha. There is that.

  13. Cal says:

    Put a pair of John Lennon specs on that Tyler lad in your main photos, and you have Gandhi.

  14. CheckThatPrivilege says:

    The entire Smith family is tiresome and self-important. First the parents, now the kids.

  15. DesertReal says:

    Something strange is afoot…