Busy Philipps saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders at Disney World and gave her a dirty look


Busy Philipps spent her Thanksgiving break on a Disney Cruise that ended up at Disney World. She posted pics to her Instagram about the wonderful time they were having (jealous much?) but unfortunately, things turned sour after Busy spotted Sarah Huckabee Sanders strolling through the park. So Busy took the gloves off and really let Sanders have it… with a glare and furrowed brow, both of which she posted to her Instagram Stories.

For Busy Tonight host Busy Philipps, 39, a normal vacation to Disney World had an interesting plot twist when she ran into White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Describing herself as “truly shook,” Philipps announced on her Instagram Stories that she spotted Sanders after exiting the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, an enclosed thrill ride located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Guys we just went on the rock and roll roller coaster,” said Philipps, wearing bright red lipstick and oversized blue sunglasses. “Scarier than that, when i got off, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was there. And she had a security guard so we didn’t see anything, but i did do this.” Philipps gave a dirty look to the camera, furrowing her brow and scrunching her forehead.
“Honestly I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to get kicked out of the park, and we were not with our kids because they were waiting with someone else. I gave her such a mean look,” said Philipps, with a drop of humor. “She saw it. She saw it.”

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Sanders walking around Disney World brings to mind the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Since the only thing that gives Sanders joy is whispering hexes on qualified journalists, I’m not sure what she hoped to take away from visiting a Disney park, save for possibly Mickey, whom she intended to feed to her cat. But according to Busy’s follow-up tweet, Sanders was enjoying the day with her family, something Busy didn’t think was fair considering Sanders is part of an administration that is taking other people’s children from their families.

As for Busy’s reaction, I think that some to all of her trip was sponsored, at least that was the impression I got when I attended the taping for her show (What? Where did that humble brag drop from?) So I do think she was limited in the response she could give Sanders. Plus, there are people from all over the world trying to enjoy themselves, Busy might not have wanted to ruin everyone’s day by getting forcibly removed from the Disney World (preferably with a fistful of Sanders hair for her voodoo doll). As for whether Sanders should be wandering around Disney World like she hasn’t a care, I agree with Busy. Regardless of how Sanders wants to frame it, she’s defending a soulless administration committing despicable crimes. I don’t forgive contract killers simply because they were just “fulfilling their contract,” and I won’t forgive a Deplorable apologist simply because she’s getting paid to explain their actions.


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24 Responses to “Busy Philipps saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders at Disney World and gave her a dirty look”

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  1. Rando says:

    This is shameful. Imagine having a voice and protecting yourself instead of using it. This was a spineless move and performative allyship.

    • Ohio Girl says:

      Well put. I’ve tried to like Busy. This doesn’t help.

    • Crowhood says:

      Shameful? Because she didn’t start a fight in the middle of a family theme park over the holidays? Let’s save our righteous indignation for those that actually deserve it.

  2. RBC says:

    Actually that might be a better tactic rather than yelling or screaming when encounting these administration/GOP members in public. When they enter a restaurant, etc ,everyone just go silent and stare. That would be very creepy and certainly make them uncomfortable. Can you imagine an entire restaurant suddenly go quiet and giving you stink eye?

    • Elkie says:

      When you see SHS entering your restaurant you simply ask her to respect your sincerely-held religious beliefs that you cannot morally serve one who lies in the service of a wicked man (Exodus 23:1) and ask her to leave.

      First amendment-protected freedom of religion turnaboutisfairplay, y’all!

  3. i says:

    WOKE QUEEN! /s

  4. bacondonut says:

    oooooohhhhhhhh i bet that Sarah just pooped her undies and cried for her mommy and promised to never support Trump ever again!

  5. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Joke’s on both of them. Hollywood Studios is , at best, a half day park (at least until Star Wars Land opens). I hope you enjoyed Disney Junior Live on Stage, suckers.

    • Snap Happy says:

      Just went last week. Disney jr on stage is closed for renos.

      • MissyLynne says:

        I was there last week too…I was feeling some guilt that I didn’t go to Disney Jr on stage for the kiddo. (We did however have to sit through the Tiki birds twice cause she loved it)

        I get where she’s coming from and felt why she couldn’t make a scene, lest SHS use her official White House Twitter Account to cry about it.

    • Swack says:

      I take each grandchild when they turn 8 and Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are visited on the same day. They are both 1/2 day visits for us. We then end up at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Although I will say now that Toy Story Land is open, it takes a little more time to be in Hollywood Studios.

  6. Snap Happy says:

    I can not stand her talk show. It’s not funny. At the end she gets into her PJ’s and tells the camera she loves everyone. I think she would be fun to get a drink with, but not to watch her interview people.

  7. CharliePenn says:

    There are a lot of options that lie between “furrowed brow” and “fist fight a bitch”.
    She could have, and I would have, calmly said what she wanted. “Sarah I don’t see how you can enjoy your own family when you are bringing hurt to so many others”. “Sarah you are a liar, you represent a criminal, and just seeing you here upsets me”. Something like that.
    Sarah huckabee sanders does not deserve to live a normal life. She deserves comments like these wherever she goes. Busy is all talk but when the time came to open her mouth to do some real good, she couldn’t do it.

    • Esmom says:

      This, exactly. I think calmly telling someone how monstrous they are to their face without a physical altercation can be very effective. SSH deserves to be confronted like that everywhere she goes. Busy’s “mean face” kinda makes a mockery of people’s very real outrage and pain.

  8. aang says:

    Should have shouted “Look! It’s the Ugly Step Sisters /Ursula/ Governor Ratcliffe. Let’s get an autograph!” And then started a line.

  9. Gigi La Moore says:

    It’s a toss up as to who I dislike more. Dirty looks don’t keep the wrong candidates out.

  10. Lilly says:

    I love Busy and thank her for this. Never let this administration feel comfortable wherever they go.

  11. Jessica says:

    I’m glad she didn’t approach her or yell something while she was with her children. Nothing wrong with shaming an adult while not potentially traumatizing her children.

  12. Mumbles says:

    It would have been awesome if Busy had said something to Sanders. But she didn’t….but my issue is she feels the need to brag about giving her a dirty look. What do you want, a cookie? This girl is thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.

  13. Jen says:

    Oh she showed her….

    Not saying she should have approached her, but posting to say “She saw me glare at her” is just pathetic.

  14. Pandy says:

    I wouldn’t make a scene at a Disney park either. Not the place.