Did Meghan Markle make Duchess Kate cry just days before the Sussex wedding?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the 'Long Walk'

Do you remember how chaotic the run-up to this year’s royal wedding was? I’m talking about the Sussex Wedding, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The week before that wedding was particularly insane, especially with Thomas Markle’s shenanigans. But it seems that Thomas wasn’t the only drama queen in the lead up to the wedding. Coming on the heels of this weekend’s wall-to-wall British-tabloid coverage of the growing war between the Sussexes and the Cambridges, the Telegraph reports that Meghan and Kate’s first falling out was just before Meghan’s wedding as well. Apparently, Meghan did or said something to Kate and Kate left in tears.

A new report in the Daily Telegraph claims that the apparent fracturing of the relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan can be dated back to an argument over bridesmaid dresses during the run-up to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, when Meghan made an “emotional” Kate, who had just given birth to Prince Louis days before, cry. Tension between the two princesses has been widely said to be a factor in the announcement this weekend that Harry and Meghan are moving out of the London compound, Kensington Palace, where William and Kate also live.

The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey—a hugely respected reporter who broke the news that Harry was dating Meghan in the first place—writes in the Daily Telegraph that “froideur” between Meghan and Kate goes back to the days before Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May. Tominey says that The Telegraph has “spoken to two separate sources who claim Kate was left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.”

Princess Charlotte, Kate and William’s daughter, had only just turned 3 at the time of the nuptials in Windsor. Along with her then-4-year-old brother George, she was one of the stars of the royal wedding. An insider tells Tominey, “Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional.” The Telegraph says the incident happened around the time Meghan was reported to have also “upset” the queen by asking to wear an emerald tiara instead of the one offered by the 92-year-old monarch.

[From The Daily Beast]

Until we know the particulars of what was said and what the argument was really about, I’m going to save my judgment – yes, Kate had only recently given birth to Prince Lou and yes, the lead up to the wedding was particularly stressful for Meghan. It’s more than possible that both ladies were particularly emotional and short-tempered. But the way the story is being presented, like “Meghan made poor Kate cry,” reminds me of all of those thought-provoking essays and thinkpieces on race and femininity about how white women weaponize their tears against black people, like “How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour” or “How White Women’s Tears Threaten Black Existence.” I’m not saying Kate is suddenly BBQ Becky, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t assume that Meghan is completely in the wrong just because Kate cried.

Meanwhile, in an update/denial of some of the tabloid trash speculation from the weekend, sources tell People Magazine that Doria Ragland has no intention of “moving in” to Frogmore Cottage with Harry and Meghan. Doria plans to visit her daughter and grandchild often, but she’s not moving to Windsor. People Magazine also says that when all is said and done, Frogmore Cottage won’t have 10 bedrooms, it will have about five bedrooms.

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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  1. Lenn says:

    This is so ridiculous and sexist. Two men in the same position would never be set up against eachother in this way.

    • Eleonor says:

      Glad to see I am not the only one seeing these rumours as sexism at its worst.

    • Barrett says:

      Agree ridiculous! I’m getting angry ab this sexist girl drama narrative!

      • Raina says:

        Actually in this case it looks like they’re trying to pit the two brothers against one another as well. I was always expecting that once the Harry and William got older and found their own lives and had their own families that this would happen. People love a royal Scandal whether or not there is one. I figured they had enough on their plate with Megan’s family.
        By the way, many people cry at weddings and during pregnancies. It’s not just a girl thing but a human thing. I always wonder who these so-called sources are.

    • Lilly says:

      Yes, thank you. This reporting and how Kate was at the wedding is ridiculous. She seemed very happy for them and respectful of the sermon. I do think you can hide bad feelings, but not go over into such support.

      • Bettyrose says:

        IKR? I may not think much of Kate’s life choices, but if she ever was a mean girl, she’s long since outgrown it. She has three young children, to whom by all accounts she’s a devoted parent. YTF would she want any drama in her life? To say nothing of the absurd notion Meg would’ve carelessly alienated people while planning her wedding. She was in unfamiliar territory and treading carefully.

      • Bettyrose says:

        IKR? I may not think much of Kate’s life choices, but if she ever was a mean girl, she’s long since outgrown it. She has three young children, to whom by all accounts she’s a devoted parent. YTF would she want any drama in her life? To say nothing of the absurd notion Meg would’ve carelessly alienated people while planning her wedding. She was in unfamiliar territory and treading carefully.

      • Diplomanatee says:

        Agree with the rest of your comment, but she was NOT respectful at the sermon. Both William and her were giggling uncomfortably. I remember because both my mom and I could not believe that they would be behaving in that way, especially with cameras on them.

      • perplexed says:

        I thought it was Princess Anne’s daughter who had a really weird expression on her face during her wedding. Kate and Wills looked relatively normal to me.

      • Natalie S says:

        Kate, the York sisters and Zara all had disrespectful behavior during the sermon.

      • Rosie says:

        Oh come on everyone was rolling their eyes at that sermon. Meghan started with a smile and then it became fixed with discomfort. Harry was fidgeting and irritated. The Queen hates long sermons, and it was really repetitive. Laughing at awful sermons at weddings and funerals is a British family pass time.

      • Tina says:

        To be fair, Zara was very pregnant.

      • Lilly says:

        This goes to show how we all have subjective points of view. To me Camilla was trying to say something to Kate, all smiley or laughing, and Kate wasn’t having any of it. It was certainly well-received by so many and I adored it. So maybe that’s what’s giving me the idea that Kate was fine and, of course, Harry and Meghan seemed to love it. And, yes, @Bettyrose I feel that Kate has grown into her role and loves her babies and Meghan would be very careful in her new family, when her family are being jerks, except for Doria, of course.

        @ Rosie I lived in the UK for over 10 years and went to the University of London and, yes, there for sure be more of a snarky take on establishment figures. I remember one lecture where a student kept challenging a professor on everything, but with intelligence. I think that’s a great way to learn, but you wouldn’t see that happen so much at an American university, except with counter points that are not so whip smart. I don’t think it was all, though when I talked with friends I still have in London. Love seemed to win them over.

      • Koneullee says:

        Kate did not look happy at the wedding inside the chapel, most of that portion inside the chapel she looked almost miserable.
        It was only outside with the kids where I noticed a smile.

    • billypilgrim says:

      Meghan didn’t “make” Kate cry, (if indeed this actually happened) Kate chose to cry.

      Hate when people say, “he/she/they made me ______.”
      Take responsibility for your reactions!

      *** jumps off soap box exits stage left

    • Snappyfish says:

      I remember reading that The DOS gave bracelets out to a select few prior to her wedding (at a fitting I recall) and she gave one to the DOC. Tears don’t alway have to be horrible at their origin. Maybe it was being touched to have been the recipient of such a token or seeing her little girl (only girl) in her dress so quickly after delivering her last child.

      Or maybe the DOS is a horrible self absorbed fire breathing creature. I’m guessing it was more of the former & not the latter.

      The press wants to pit these 2 women against each other. I would rather they join forces and rule the world

      • AMAyson1977 says:

        When I was post-partum (especially with my first, but also with my second!) “making” me cry was just about the easiest thing in the world to do. There are so many emotions, and hormones, and you’re tired, and it just happens. Kate may have cried in a fitting for the dress, and Meghan may have been there, but it is a logical fallacy to assume that Point 1 was caused by Point 2.

        Also, this seems like as good a place as any to say that I once cried because Popeye’s forgot my biscuit. Not pregnant or postpartum at the time, but I *did* call my doctor and switch birth control formulations the next day. Hormones, man!! 😉

    • Milla says:

      Lets say Kate cried. She just gave birth. Seems like Meg and Will are not getting along. I’d cry as well.

  2. Chef Grace says:

    OMG. Didn’t take long did it?

    • Loopy says:

      I hope they are either shielding Meghan from this nonsense or she does not bother reading this rubbish.

      • HAha says:

        I’ve always wondered that about the Royals – do they see the feedback on them on sites like this, or DM website or whatever…

        Or is their internet access all firewalled up to ‘protect’ them from severe critisim?

      • Claire Voyant says:

        Do you really want a grown woman to be shielded. I believe Meghan said in her wedding interview that she just avoids reading it.

      • PrincessK says:

        This vociferous bullying of a pregnant first time mother is getting totally out of hand. Clearly elements within the Palace are in cahoots with DM to bring Meghan down at all costs. This smear campaign will not succeed, in fact it is going to backfire in the most unexpected way. DM is drop feeding malicious gossip being filtered in from Palace sources, who are alarmed at Meghan’s enthusiasm to get involved in certain causes, they are desperate to rein her in and push forward Kate, who is increasingly under the spotlight for the lack of impact she has made compared in carrying out royal duties.

        It is literally making me feel unwell. Although DM is so terribly toxic, I urge those with sympathies towards Meghan or just plain common sense to place comments on DM to let them know that this despicable bullying of a pregnant lady, who is new to the UK and royal life, is totally unacceptable. If this continues it will really turn nasty in very unexpected ways.

      • Roux says:

        Meghan is a grown and intelligent woman who chose to be in this position. She must have had some idea of what she was getting herself into. The idea of having comments filtered so that she see’s only praise would be completely ridiculous. Criticism is good and healthy. It certainly does go too far but then on balance the praise often exceeds what is due also.

    • Guest says:

      Where is LAK? She NEEDS to come back! Come back. This gossip needs you LOL. I swear she was the only one on here who told it straight. She wasn’t a sugar and she wasn’t a hater – she never took sides, but just told the truth, even if people didn’t like it.

      • Knitter says:

        I miss LAK too! Her comments were sensible and well-informed.

      • Anners says:

        Also Sixer – I miss LAK and Sixer as if they were friends in my real life. I hope they’re well.

      • EbonyS says:

        Me too! Does anyone know what happened to LAK? I miss her insight. Kaiser, did she ever leave an email?

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Yes! LAK, Sixer and more recently, Magnolia Rose……where are you guys hiding now that we need your insight so desperately?! Don’t make us send MI6 to dog you guys out, wherever you’re hiding! 😩❤️

        On the plus side, Notasuga’s holding fort brilliantly, thank God. 👍😘

      • LAB says:

        Yes, where did they disappear to? They have so much knowledge and it was always so well written!

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      I think that answering to the Daily Mail trolls can only make things worse. They are being fed by these kind of comments. If they represent a threat for the Royals the police will take actions to prevent anything.

      • Trashaddict says:

        The Daily Mail trolls are awful! I stopped going to their website because the attitude was so malicious. Really nasty stuff.

  3. Roux says:

    I’d bet that neither were really in the wrong and it was probably just some petty argument between them. I remember being super emotional after the birth of each of my kids. The smallest thing could have set me off back then. It’s probably a similar thing and people are just turning it into something bigger.

    • Mstak says:


    • Who says Meghan upset Kate? I am an emotional person who, much to their embarassment, has shed tears at all the big milestone moments in my children’s lives. Perhaps Kate, aided by post pregnancy hormones, was merely overcome by the sight of her little girl all dressed up. or is that too logical in this current spate of Meghan bashing?

      • bros says:

        I seriously doubt megan was even present for flower girl/bridesmaids fittings. REALLY, did she have the TIME to be present for fittings? It’s ridiculous. I’m trying to picture 1. her even being there and 2. what she would possibly say about a child to a mom or to a child with the mom present that would lead to this story. coming up DRY.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is what I am thinking. IF this story is true (which is a big “if”) I imagine it was probably more like – Meghan was stressed and emotional, Kate was stressed and emotional and post partum (which is never fun emotionally), and Meghan may have said something overly “abrupt” and Kate took it harder than Meghan meant it. Or maybe Meghan just said “what size shoe does she wear” and Kate lost it. OR maybe Kate just cried because Charlotte looked so grown up. Or maybe Kate just cried just because. It happens. (post partum is always rough for me, can you tell?)

      Of course it is possible that Meghan is an awful person who treats Kate like crap, but for some reason I just don’t think that’s true.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Based on Kate’s general behavior, I would bet the mean girl persona fits her better (and I don’t find that girls with that persona grow into nice women, not by a long shot). Maybe Meghan got tired of it and called her out on it. Not gonna say anything else about the 2 of them after this ’cause it’s all hearsay. Except that if the palace is leaking, shame on them and their staff. Maybe the duchesses will band together to control the narrative. I hope they learn to or everyone will be messing with their heads.

    • Kitty says:

      My sister and I only see each other once or twice a year because we live far apart. If we are around each other for more than a day I usually make her cry over something eventually. I’m not a mean person or anything like that, she’s just very emotional and cries easily. She cried at her wedding when she saw me smoking a cigarette, last time we were together, our families went to the beach together and she wanted to go to a grocery store first. I told her where the nearest one was but she insisted that a further one was closer. I was right, she was wrong, I didn’t rub it in her face but she cried and her husband was pissy with me the rest of the day because he blamed me for her sour mood. We are just two totally different people, but we do love each other very much.

    • Hikaru says:

      I cried watching a Japanese Amazon Prime commercial with a dog in it and I cried because the dog was sad. Not even pregnant.

      So, yeah…

      • Thirsty Hirsty says:

        oh, I think I love you!
        I too, can get weepy in commercials where a dog is sad….and postpartum lasting 35 years doesn’t quite cut it as the reason!! LOL

      • L84Tea says:

        The Lion commercial??

      • Jan90067 says:

        OMG I LOVE that commercial lol. And yes, I got teary. But then, I tear up at very emotional tugging commercial….I’m *so* much fun to watch tv with! 😝😂😊

      • Lilly says:

        Ha ha. I do that too. My sister quoted friends to me, when Monica said about Rachel “she cries all the time!” when Joey gets mad at the super, because he made Rachel cry.

      • Christina says:

        Hikaru, I know that commercial and came close to crying for the dog, too. You are an awesome human, in my book.

      • KEEKS says:

        OMG, watch Hatchi. You will cry for years.

    • Jayne says:

      Oh my gosh, I was a complete mess after the births of my boys. I would not only cry at the tiniest provocation, but I would cry for just no reason at all, completely out of the blue. And yes, the stress of getting married does make you a little snappy. However, there’s tons of press about the “claws-out” rivalry between the Duchesses (snore) but comparatively little about the increasingly strained relationship between Wills and Harry. Blame it all on the women…

  4. IlsaLund says:

    I guess weaponizing her trashy Markle relatives against Meghan didn’t work as planned, so now it’s trash and tear her to shreds with unsubstantiated rumors and made up fan fiction. Cause of course, the biracial, American is the problem and just doesn’t belong in the royal family.

  5. Loopy says:

    Damn the British tabloids have decided to go guns blazing with this obvious smear campaign, they are not even trying to hide it anymore, they try to use clever key words while describing the Duchesses and you know exactly what they truly mean.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The fact that they are not even bothering to hide is any more means they’ve had the nod from a royal. The reporters that this info is coming from are noted Cambridge hacks – this IS a Cambridge hatchet job. Sh!t has clearly gone down between the couples behind the scenes and the Cambridge’s are using the media to make themselves out to be the victims.

      Kate is clearly feeling threatened by Meghan – its obvs with these blatant stories aimed at putting one down to raise the other up.

      • Wha1ever says:

        Hmm I think you are clutching at straws here. The original big story of the week about H & M moving to Frogmore Cottage put the blame firmly at William feet for the “tensions” he was causing. Why would Cambridge hacks/ the Cambridge’s PR put all the blame on to William?. That doesn’t make any sense.

        I think someone who doesn’t like either couple is putting these stories out because nobody is coming out smelling of roses.

      • Darlington says:

        One minute y’all swear Kate is this dumb, bland vanilla person and the next she’s this Machiavelli-level plotter. Which is it?
        Meghan could trip and fall and you’d say the Cambridges sent the storm. Please

      • notpretentious says:

        Interesting theory Digital Unicorn. I could see this being the case. This is so sad.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think any of us have called Kate dumb lol. I find her bland, but not dumb. It’s also not Machiavelli-level to leak a few stories to a reporter who is usually in your camp.

      • Roux says:

        I agree with @Wha1ever – This doesn’t seem like the Cambridges because they’re getting a pretty rough ride too depending on how you look at it. I might be wrong but it seems to me more like tension with staff quite possibly or maybe another royal entirely who has decided to stir the pot.

      • Serpentinefire says:

        I don’t understand if Will and Kate feel like they are being showed up by Harry and Meghan as far as their work ethic why not get up off their lazy a** and work more Put forth the effort if Kate feels threatened by Meghan then this tells me that Kate is a weak snowflake she was so use to people letting her slide and now seeing how Meghan gets shit done while pregnant she looks inadequate and lazy. This may blow up in Will and Kate’s face if this is coming from their camp.

      • Gigi La Moore says:

        Digital, I agree with you 100%.

      • Jadedone says:

        I think to suggest the Cambridges are behind this is reaching. The British media are looking for stories and this is just another one. Evèn celebitchy had five articled on the Royals yesterday, the royals ate fodder and pitting the two women against each other is typical and boring.

      • Megan says:

        I think Melissa was a tab more disgruntled than KP realized.

      • someone says:

        Maybe this is all coming out secretly via Prince Andrew, as payback for perceived slights during the run up to Eugenie’s wedding. Both sides (Cambridge/Sussex) are being made to look poorly. The resulting infighting between William and Harry may have been an unexpected bonus for the Yorks.

      • Lilly says:

        My theory all along has been the Duke of York, he seems petty and petulant… Well, he always has and a creep. But, I think because of his daughter’s wedding not capturing the same attention has him in the uber petty zone. It was never going to have the same attention, but I think it was lovely and people were happy for them. He’s just so entitled.

      • Guest says:

        Tom Sykes is NOT a Cambridge hack. Far from it. Have you read his past articles on the Cambridges? He always seems peed off with Will&Kate – it shows through the tone of his articles. Camilla Tominey broke the Harry and Meghan dating story WITH Harry’s Permission.

      • AmyLue says:

        To those who are saying Duke of York, I would go with him for the Tiara nonsense…But, the person who is looking regal and adult in the midst of all f this drama is Charles… It wouldn’t be the first time he has thrown others under the bus to elevate himself in the court of public opinion…

      • HP says:

        Digital Unicorn- LaineyGossip reports that the source for this was actually Prince Charles biographer, meaning this came from Clarence House or Buckingham Palace. (https://www.laineygossip.com/british-tabloids-report-meghan-markle-made-princess-catherine-cry-before-royal-wedding/51396)

        Her sources are generally pretty good. This whole thing makes the Cambridges look bad too- they would be better served by the narrative that the Fab Four gets along fabulously.

        What is not clear to me is why Clarence House/ Buckingham palace would want to spread this narrative…

      • Megan says:

        Charles is the most obvious culprit. Some big announcement about him is coming and he wants to make sure he is the shiniest royal when it happens.

      • Bobby the K says:

        D.U. i think that’s a pretty good insight. It’s like they are playing chess with strategic leaks to the press. And the ‘king’ just sits back watching, for now.

      • Emby says:

        My theory is that the Queen is going to die soon and Charles is getting ready to take the throne.

        He doesn’t want people going on about how the Crown should skip him for the next, more popular generation, so alongside the “Good old Charles” stories come a flurry of stories about how messy the next generation is. The leaks are coming from his camp.

        I’m pretty confident my guess is at least close.

      • Lilly says:

        Thanks @AmyLu and others below my comment. You all make good points and the (what I think is a lie) tiara stuff is likely Prince Andrew and the rest PC. I didn’t realize, until I went into some comments on social media, how many people do continually say skip Charles and go to William. And AmyLu it’s very accurate to note that PC is very accustomed to, and knowledgeable about, throwing other under the bus.

      • jan90067 says:

        If it IS Charles, (and as others have said above, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s thrown his sons under a bus to try and shine his own halo), it’s beyond despicable. I just don’t understand how a parent can do this to their own kid(s). And the way he’s talked about/treated Meghan (and Doria, at the wedding and after), to put this sh!t out… wow…
        just. wow.

      • Nic919 says:

        Lainey says it’s the courtiers that work for Charles and not Charles himself. We can’t assume that he knows what they are doing. Hasn’t anyone worked at a place where some ass kissing lackeys cause trouble thinking they look good to their boss? Even Diana complained about the grey men giving her problems. Michelle Obama in her book has a story about all the protocol they were told about the Queen, who then told Michelle to ignore it. So I am inclined to believe that the courtiers have their noses more out of joint and are feeding these stories.

      • Tina says:

        It’s not Charles. Charles is 100% willing to throw his sons under the bus to make himself look good, but this doesn’t do that. This does not benefit Charles enough for it to be useful for him to leak it.

      • BBeauty says:

        Wrong, Digital unicorn. This has supposedly come from Charles sources. The Charles biographer was given access to courtiers for several months. Those old courtiers are, and always have been throughout history, notoriously lethal. After this biographer was given access, these stories began to come out. For some reason, it seems to me that Harrys popularity is very threatening to Charles and William and I think THAT is where this all stems from. Harry is beloved by most of the British public in a way that Charles and William are not. He has a way with people, as does Meghan. Yet he is not the heir. This is messy court politics at play.

        As an aside, I am a crier. Always have been. When I had my kid, I bawled for two weeks straight. If Kate was a few days post birth, it not surprising she was emotional and weepy. Who knows what was said and Meghan may very well have been a bridezilla. The eyes of the world were on her, I would have likely been a bridezilla in that setting as well. Perhaps some minor nonsense happened and it got blown out of proportion by court gossips. This is all nonsense.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Oh Darlington: it’s entirely possible to be dull and malicious at the same time. Look no further than His Orange Dullardness, the self-proclaimed royalty of the United States.

    • Cassie says:

      Click bait- that’s been the daily fail’s mo from day one

    • Natalie S says:

      If it is Charles, he’s a sociopath to treat his own family this way.

  6. cannibell says:

    Cue the Jello-wrestling ring and let the Epic Battle of Duchesses commence!

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    *sigh* The media is really really gunning for the Sussex’s, something is def going on behind the scene’s and it just adds fuel to the stories that there is def drama between the brothers and their families. I am HIGHLY suspicious of the ‘source’ of these stories and def think its coming from the Cambridge camp, particularly as they are full on attacking Meghan (and Harry) and being very blatant in making W&K the poor victims. Even the Middletons are in on the pile on the Sussex’s with the stories of Carole stepping back in order to make the stories of Doria ‘moving in’ look even more.

    This is all very reminiscent of the PR war between Chuck and Andrew and their wives. My take is the W&K are not happy with the PR H&M are getting and that Harry has finally stood up to his brother in that he’s not going to be their fall guy any more. To me the move to Windsor is becoming more like Harry wanting to protect his own family from the toxic environment at KP that is obvs coming from the Cambridge’s and their drama.

    • Erinn says:

      I think it’s just as easy for someone like Andrew to find an easy fault in the armor and use that. I mean – let’s be serious. Any one of us could make up a story, or make some pointed comments up on the spot and KNOW what subjects are the ones that are going to ruffle feathers easiest. After the whole fab four thing being paraded around, and then the separation of offices anyone could see that as an easy in. I don’t think it has to have come from the Cambridge’s. Hell, if this did happen all it would take is for someone to have witnessed it and repeated it, or overheard Kate telling Will or someone else about it to really make a hit.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think this is Andrew. The tiara story – maybe (and likely) did come from him. But the rest of this? It just doesn’t make sense. I would think Andrew would be more invested in tearing down William and Kate.

    • Becks1 says:

      @DU I agree – with every story that comes out I’m more convinced this is the Cambridge camp. I know the royals aren’t going to dignify every tabloid story, but they do need to address these rumors ASAP in my opinion. Even just have Meg and Kate do an event together and smile at each other. These stories are gaining steam and are gaining steam with more respected reporters.

    • AmyLue says:

      @Digital Unicorn Any reason this isn’t Charles in the first place?

    • Josie says:

      Lainey reports that the word in London is that the crying story came from the author of the latest Charles biography. I’ve been wary of Lainey’s interpretations lately, but I’ve thought since last week that the leaks were probably coming from Clarence House. All of this is much more firmly in the PoW’s skill set than his sons’.

      That isn’t to say that Charles personally has it out for Meghan, but the courtiers in his offices are Old School. They’ve been using strategic leaks since the 80s and they’re very good at the long game. Never underestimate the Grey Men of the palaces. Especially not when all the real change is actually happening there (and it is, as HM slows down — it’s been in the pipeline for years, and lately, the aura is that things are getting real).

      I believe the brothers and their wives don’t have a ton in common right now. But if I had to bet money, I’d bet that these leaks are coming from Clarence House, not poor Jason (who after all still works for all of them).

      • StartupSpouse says:

        But don’t Charles and Meghan have a good relationship? Why would he want to tear her down or send her a message? Couldn’t he tell his people to stand down?

      • AmyLue says:

        @Josie, I have had the same thoughts.
        @StartupSpouse – I am not sure the goal of CH is to ‘tear Meghan down’ as much as it is to elevate Charles. If the children look like they are petulant and squabbling then he looks all the more stable and regal. Just a thought…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles has nothing to gain from anti-Meghan stories. He’s still riding the high from the wedding, stories about how much Meghan admires him, Meghan bringing Charles and Harry closer.

        Those who have things to gain from attacking Meghan? William, Kate, Carole, and Andrew.

      • Charles might be riding high, but his poll numbers aren’t.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Poll matters aren’t important in the long run, especially with those silly polls that only ask a few thousand people. There are a handful of obsessed Diana fans who think Charles cheated on them personally. Otherwise? He has a track record of doing things that matter, like helping 800,000 people get job training. As much as the Diana fans want him to fail, he’s going to be fine as king.

      • Poll numbers are very important when you’re not elected to your job or attain it by skill but rather order of birth. Since William turned 18, people have been saying it would be better to bypass Charles in favor of William. That has to leave a mark. Charles has waited the longest of any Prince of Wales to become king, he will follow a queen who has served the people for over 60 years, loved by almost everyone. Hard act to follow. I can see him burn anyone, even a family member, to ensure his popularity.

      • Nic919 says:

        They will never skip to William. Because if they do that then they may as skip to the most popular person, which is Harry right now. But again they will never do that. There have been far more unpopular princes than Charles. The Prince Regent was hated and still became George IV.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Again those “people” are a handful of obsessed Diana fans and the tabloids who want to sell their rags. Charles has been the most effective POW, which is another thing that rankles William. He looks even worse in comparison, and taking refuge in “I want to do things my way” just looks like more excuses.

      • Amazing how these pollsters manage to find all these Diana stans to dismiss Charles. I have another theory, Charles just isn’t liked all that much.

      • Tina says:

        The actual polls (yougov and ipsos mori) show that Charles is less popular than Harry, the Queen, William, Kate and Meghan (in that order) but he’s still more popular than any politician in the country. Just to put that in a bit of perspective (our politicians are utter rubbish).

    • HP says:

      [replied earlier on wrong thread]
      Digital Unicorn- LaineyGossip reports that the source for this was actually Prince Charles biographer, meaning this came from Clarence House or Buckingham Palace. (https://www.laineygossip.com/british-tabloids-report-meghan-markle-made-princess-catherine-cry-before-royal-wedding/51396)

      Her sources are generally pretty good. This whole thing makes the Cambridges look bad too- they would be better served by the narrative that the Fab Four gets along fabulously.

      What is not clear to me is why Clarence House/ Buckingham palace would want to spread this narrative…

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Sometimes Lainey can be on the money but as she states in the article other publications turned this down as it didn’t pass the legal smell test. I have no doubt that there is some tension between the couples but as others say it may be coming from William and not necessarily Kate (saying that I think she has her own issues with Megs arrival which we are seeing with her trolling us with all the clothing repeats).

        They are brothers who obviously love each other but it has always been, to me, a dysfunctional dynamic where it appears Harry allowed William to throw him under the bus. By almost all accounts Harry is quite a loyal person, esp to his family so he would have done this out of love and duty for his brother but there comes a point in people lives where they grow up and become their own people. This is Harry’s moment, he has his own family now and its obvious to me that this it the most important thing in his life to him and he will fight for them.

        The BRF are like every other family with their drama’s – I have siblings where that relationship changed when they got married and had children. Their focus was on their new family and rightly so.

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry now has a spouse who is 100% on his side. He’s never had that before. So of course he will now be more assertive.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      I don’t think it’s coming from their camp. I think it’s likely still Prince Charles. His little campaign attacked Will and Harry openly. He praised Meghan, but he also let the biographer leak the tiara story among others. These are the stories that Charles wouldn’t let him put in the book, but he wanted out for some reason. He probably doesn’t like the idea of competing with the fab four. Not that they weren’t going to do their own thing anyway.

  8. Mstak says:

    In family situations feelings are bound to get hurt. Especially post birth, I’ve always been a little more sensitive and likely to cry. Though that doesn’t meant some of my feelings weren’t justified.

    I have a SIL who I don’t easily get along with and she’s very passive aggressive so even when our relationship was new with each other( and my son was a newborn) I don’t think I overreacted (inside) so much as somehow it hurt me a little more than it normally might when she made veiled comments about my flawed figure. “Oh my brothers wife has the same problem– she has to wear things that hide her stomach.”

    all that aside, Sure it’s possible that M made K cry and K genuinely was upset. It is also a stressful time for many families and they have other stressors I’m sure we know nothing about. Hard to get an accurate read on people before a wedding.

    • OriginalLala says:

      oh man, your SIL’s comments about your figure were totally inappropriate, and especially obnoxious because you were post-partum. So mean!

    • L84Tea says:

      Your SIL is a complete hag and I hope you never see or talk to her!

    • Amelie says:

      That’s not passive aggressive–that’s being pretty direct about your figure! I would have told her straight up to knock it off.

    • KEEKS says:

      Same. I have a SIL that her and I seemed embattled for years. Petty shit. I also feel strongly that my husband’s family pit us against each other because as of Easter, my MIL was still going on about how my husband and his brother aren’t close because of the two of us. I shut her down, of course. Then she had nothing to say.

      This is the long story of pitting two women against each other and happens quite often. You need to rise above it. If these two are close, they are probably laughing. If there is a significant problem, it could be brewing a fire. It’s not nice, regardless.

  9. RBC says:

    Something is definitely brewing within the House of Windsor. All these stories about Meghan being difficult and conflicts with Kate. It is almost like someone is trying to bring Kate back to the forefront but also trash Meghan. Interesting…..

    • Bunchita says:

      Or maybe, just maybe… Meghan really is difficult?

      • notasugarhere says:

        If she was, stories would have come out long ago during her career. And she wouldn’t have been so beloved by her castmates of seven years and the charities with whom she worked.

      • Sid says:

        Nah. If she were difficult, you would have seen the tabloids flooded with stories about it once it was revealed that she was dating Henry. Then there would have been more stories once the engagement was announced, during the wedding run up, etc. As it is, the only negative stuff we got came from sleazy, unstable relatives and a former childhood friend who seemed to have an odd fixation on her.

  10. OCE says:

    These stories against Meghan are now comical at best, and pretty disgusting, particularly since she is now pregnant and still newly married. While i know the awful press will die down sooner/later, I wonder when that will be. My only reassurance is that as a Black woman, raised by a Black woman, I know we are raised with absolute nerves of steel and true grit and she will be ok.

    • JustSayin' says:

      “I know we are raised with absolute nerves of steel and true grit ”

      Please speak for yourself only.
      I find this kind of language so dehumanizing. Not all of us are tough, rough, strong, with nerves of steel. Some of us are sensitive and easily hurt.
      We are human.

      • Gigi La Moore says:

        Thank you. I get tired of playing the strong, can get through anything, black woman role. I put away that cape long ago. Black women need to stop buying into this.

    • Claire Voyant says:

      I love you for this!! I’m far more Laura Petrie than I am Maya Angelou.
      And I’m okay with it!

    • Patty says:

      We really don’t know how Meghan was raised, or what her nerves and temperament are like. Also it’s way past time to stop using the strong black woman trope | stereotype. It’s damaging to black women and dehumanizing.

      • Princessk says:

        The main issue is that not only is Meghan dealing with the early days of marriage but she is a first time mother in the early stages of pregnancy and having all these nasty stories thrown at her. The people doing this are thoroughly wicked.

      • bros says:

        And essentializing. There’s no statistical evidence that black women, as a group, are more FILL in the BLANK with any ADJECTIVE than any other racial group. All stripes are in all groups. folks of all kinds have all kinds of traits.

    • Jaded says:

      All women have nerves of steel – it comes with the territory. We are the glue that bonds families. We give birth. We work, we raise kids, we cook, we clean and we maintain order. Being a woman of colour brings with it a certain set of hurdles, but under our collective skin we are the stronger of the species.

  11. Lenn says:

    See this is what happens, tell lies long enough and people start believing them. For everyone thinking there is a source in one of the camps: have you considered that maybe this source is completely made up??

  12. C-Shell says:

    The knives are OUT! And the campaign to shore up Unflappable, Recycling Kate is going full-bore. Hmm, two sources told Tominey … could one be Carole? How unfortunate the timing while Harry is out of the country leaving Meghan to twist in the wind alone. This is so nasty, I’m wondering if, this time, there will be a backlash.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      This reminds me of the nasty stories that the tabloids ran of Chelsy Davy – stories that painted her as a hard drinking party girl while shoring Kate up as the studious university student. The reality was the opposite – Kate was the hard drinking party girl (there are countless shots of her falling out of bars and nightclubs) and Chelsy was the committed student. Those stories were plants by the Middleton’s and these have the same nasty edge to them – Carole is behind this, just like she was then.

      • C-Shell says:

        I believe you’re right about this. In every one of these “stories,” you can see a Carole motive. Clearly, Harry and Meghan did too good a job on their tour down under.

      • OCE says:

        @Unicorn, I had not thought about the Chelsy Davy angle, but I definitely think you might be right about this coming from Carole Middleton. She must be really angry that the Queen invited Doria to Sandringham and that Prince Charles has taken Meghan under his wing and made it clear she is the preferred daughter-in-law. The Middletons were dumb not to have played the long game with Charles seeing that other grandchildren would come into the fold one day…

      • Jan90067 says:

        C’mon! Yes, there are pics of Kate bleary eyed, but there are pics of Chelsey bleary and drunk, too. They both drank, and they were both good students. Again, pitting women against women: Madonna and/or Trampy…CHOOSE! 🤦🏻‍♀️ They can both be a little of both!

      • Christina says:

        This rings true, Digital Unicorn. It doesn’t make sense for anybody in the Palace to take Meghan down except for someone who desperately cares about Kate’s image as future queen.

      • Guest says:

        It doesn’t make sense for anybody in the Palace to take Meghan down.

        Nah, I think you’re wrong. I think people just don’t want to believe that the courtiers, grey men, Royal staff, and members of the Royal family haven’t taken warmly to Meghan as their PR would make you think. The knives are out and they’ve decided to put Meghan
        “in her place.”

      • pleaseicu says:

        I can believe Ma Middleton may be behind some of this. It does have a familiar competitive ring to it from girlfriends past. There were pics of Kate in bars but the press would downplay it and sometimes not even mention she was stumbling out drunk. Or say she was at bar wherever and then go on to write about everything but that. Whereas with Chelsy the press made it sound like getting drunk and partying was all she did for years and would sometimes even repeat the same photos to make it seem like she and Harry were partying more than they were. They definitely partied but it wasn’t nearly as much as the press spun it IIRC. It was messed up because while the press/paps were writing that all Chelsy did was party and get drunk every day they would also routinely follow her onto her university campuses in South Africa and in England to photograph and harass her while she was going to class or studying and then not really mention her educational pursuits in their articles about her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As LAK told us many times, the DM Sunday editors are people who were hired by the Middletons in the past. William, Kate, Carole are the ones who have things to gain from taking down Harry and Meghan.

      • Dali says:

        Totally agree with everything you said !!

      • Amarah says:

        (the DM Sunday editors are people who were hired by the Middletons in the past. William, Kate, Carole are the ones who have things to gain from taking down Harry and Meghan.)

        Is this all of the DM editors? Like, all of them? What about the Telegraph, Express, Times, etc? This is coming from everywhere. Every reporter is reporting one thing or another. This is something else entirely than a Middleton PR hack trying to paint Kate as the “good regal” one. Something is off in the way everyone has started spilling one after the other.

      • Princessk says:

        @Amarah….the Mail often starts or goes big with these stories and then the others have to follow because newspaper sales are dwindling and its a war of survival.

  13. Erinn says:

    ahahah christ. So I’ve been obsessed with the name “Frogmore Cottage” because it just sounds so story-book like. It’s such a cute sounding place. I wasn’t expecting some tiny little two room cottage or anything, but I was expecting like what a wealthy person would consider a cottage or a camp on a lake. So I just googled it and holy hell, it’s not at all what I expected. It’s still very pretty but it’s just nothing like what I’d pictured – and WAY bigger.

    I think it’s perfectly plausible that both of the women were emotionally on the edge during this time, based on what was going on with Meghan’s ‘family’ and just wedding stress – and Kate had given birth not long before. The only thing that I find slightly concerning is that it was over the fitting for Charlotte? It could just have been a coincidence on timing, but I can’t even imagine what could be said during that time to make someone cry. Maybe she was stressing out about sizes? Maybe Charlotte had hit a growth spurt? I don’t know. For all we know there were happy tears and the media is just running with it.

    • Becks1 says:

      And remember how someone on here yesterday told us that FC wasn’t anything special and looked like the house she had grown up in lol.

      • Say Whaa? says:

        Are you sure you guys are looking at the right place. There is Frogmore Cottage and Frogmore House. Frogmore House is quite lovely, but that’s not where they will be living. Their new digs are Frogmore Cottage, not awful, but definitely not as nice as the former.

    • Rhys says:

      Is it possible you are thinking of Frogmore Hall? It’s the grand building nearby the cottage where H&M took their engagement photos. They are not moving into that mansion. They are moving in the normal size house, the cottage.

    • OriginalLala says:

      There is Frogmore House and Frogmore Cottage, I kept getting them confused when trying to read up on them. Frogmore House is spectacular! I can’t find any good photos of Frogmore Cottage, the only ones Ive seen make it look unkempt and just a large country home, def not as grand and impressive as Frogmore House.

      • Becks1 says:

        It may be an American vs. British thing because when I hear “cottage” I think of a cottage….like the woodcutter’s cottage in Sleeping Beauty, ha…..so Frogmore Cottage looks like a nice country estate/mansion to me, even if its not as fancy as Frogmore House.

      • Erinn says:

        I think that’s possible, Becks. I’m Nova Scotian, and there’s a lot of words we use that are leftover from our ties to Scotland, Ireland and England etc. Chesterfield, front-room, cellar, arse, etc. My uncle’s mother has ‘the cottage’ that they all have family gatherings at in Mahone Bay on the water. And it’s a very very pretty place, certainly not a tiny cabin or anything. I think for a lot of places cottage is a smaller building, but I know around here it’s not really meant to denote size per se. Atlantic Canadian English is a confusing thing haha.

        And to your previous comment, Becks I missed that. My god. I can’t even IMAGINE. I grew up in a split-entry home, and own a bungalow now haha.

        Rhys and Lala – I think you’ve nailed it. I did find an older photo of frogmore cottage and I loooove it.

      • Guest says:

        Frogmore Cottage is a country home, not an estate and not a mansion. it is completely plausible and relatively normal tbh for the British upper middle class to be born and raised in country homes in the British countryside. The Middleton home is an example of a country home in Berkshire. I have seen Americans wrongly use the word “estate” to describe Middleton Manor. I do think this is a US vs UK thing.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      There’s Frogmore House, which is the larger structure ( twenty- something bedrooms?) that is open to the public a couple of days a year, and then there is Frogmore Cottage… a five bedroom home, completely private.

      • Emma says:

        My favourite thing about Frogmore Cottage, and indeed Frogmore house, is that they were so named because the place has so many frogs hopping about, as the land surrounding them is quite marshy. Rather endearing.

    • Chaine says:

      The full People article says that staffers live in the cottage now in five separate units and that is why it will have to be renovated to go back to being a one family house for the Sussexes. I feel bad for whomever it is that’s being turned out for them…

  14. OriginalLala says:

    oh jeez, this is insane. Yesterday Kate was “unflappable” when dealing with Meghan’s “diva” antics, and today she is reduced to tears because of Meghan. Talk about trying to raise one Duchess up by putting down the other!

  15. Aang says:

    I wonder if Megan was miffed she’d couldn’t have an American style wedding. Instead her bridesmaids were preschoolers that she barely knew. And one of those preschoolers is an adorable princess that steals the show wherever she goes. Enough to make any bride cranky. Stupid theory but as plausible as anything else the rags will make up.

    • norah says:

      considering the fact that her friends’ kids were also in the wedding party i dont think meghan wd be upset about that –

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Royal weddings aren’t as strict as they seem. The Queen had only two kids and the rest of her Bridesmaids were around her age. Autumn and Zara both had adult Bridesmaids as well. Kate had a mixture as well with Pippa. If she had wanted adult Bridesmaids then she could have had them no problem.

    • Yami says:

      Too imply that Meghan would be upset at Princess Charlotte stealing her thunder is laughable. Charlotte is a child.

    • Wisca says:

      Wow, just wow. You said that.

  16. JaneDoesWork says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think there was an argument at all? There is a complete and total lack of detail and context here. All it says really is that Kate was emotional a few months after birth and Charlotte had a fitting. Its probable that it wasn’t an interaction with Meghan, but that Charlotte had her fitting and looked darling and Kate cried seeing her in her wedding outfit.

    • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

      +1 The lack of detail is very suspicious.

    • Becks1 says:

      As a point of correction – that only proves your point more – Kate was only weeks post birth. Depending on when this alleged incident took place – she could have been days post birth. (Louis was born April 23, the wedding was May 19, so less than a month later, and if this was a week or two before the wedding…)

    • perplexed says:

      There never said what actually happened so I don’t think there was any argument either.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I agree. If there were tears, it’s most likely over the children post- partum. I’m sure Meghan was also more sensitive due to the wedding and everything that surrounded it. Seems more likely to me that any tears were shared tears, not antagonistic ones. Shame on the rumor-mongers.

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t think there was any argument; I think Harry and Meghan had multiple reasons for wanting to live in the country, as they said! It distresses me that the media uses this against Meghan to portray her as a monster, and it dismays me that so many readers here are positive it’s all a vicious plot by Kate! Without any solid evidence, everyone’s theories are much more indicative of readers’ own perspectives and experiences than what is actually going on with the royal family. But the scenario must be an evil woman SOMEWHERE if there are two!

      • Your cousin Vinny says:

        @Nikki that stood out to me, as well. Why must there be a villain and a victim cast? We don’t have any hard cold facts yet people seem very quick to take sides and judge what has happened based on their own preferences. It’s possible they had an argument and emotions were high – it still doesn’t mean either of the women were victims or villains, people sometimes disagree and/or get upset, end of.
        It’s also entirely possible that the whole story is made up or misconstrued entirely. Either way, it seems both women are being subjected to unfair accusations, whether that’s “making someone cry” or leaking rumours to the press. We don’t know these people at all.

      • Ms says:

        Because two women getting along and not having drama isn’t fun or entertaining. We have absolutely no credible reasons to doubt they don’t get along, but since they aren’t publicly braiding each others’ hair, the press can make it whatever lies they want.

      • Totally Old says:

        LTTP….but I agree with you and the others who believe there was no argument and this is totally an article written with great exaggeration. I would also say the majority of the posters may read and believe a bit too much in gossip rags. I don’t think the world always revolves in a conspiracy of family machinations.

    • Flan says:


      Meghan supposedly did OR say something.

      They don’t even know which it is. Even IF the source genuinely thought they knew something, they clearly weren’t present.

      It could have been Charlotte saying to her nanny, “mummy liked this dress better than the other one.”
      Then the nanny told the cook: “Kate didn’t like one of the dresses they fitted.”
      The cook told the driver: “Kate hated one of the dresses Meghan suggested.”
      The driver tells a count he sometimes drives: “Meghan insisted Charlotte wear an ugly dress.”
      The count tells his wife: “Meghan was really horrible to Kate!”
      The countess tells her hairdresser “Meghan made Kate cry!”
      The hairdresser told the newspaper that Meghan did something to Kate to make her cry, but what they don’t know exactly.

      That’s about as far removed as this source seems.

    • sage says:

      After Meghan made Kate cry they stood on the balcony happily chatting to each, then went to Wimbledon together and all summer Kate was mentoring Meghan. Now the big mean American bully made the unflappable English rose cry….😢

    • Cerys says:

      If Kate was tearful, it might have been caused by seeing her little girl look so pretty in her bridesmaid dress. Most mums would likely shed a tear in that situation. It doesn’t have to be about a bridezilla moment from Meghan

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      I thought this too. The “source” doesn’t even mention whether Meghan was even there or not! The writer seems to have inserted her into a story about Charlotte’s dress fitting without any real details. I doubt Meghan attended the fitting of every child.

      It is funny how they don’t mention why Kate was upset.

      I bet Kate whipped out her phone and tried to take pictures of Charlotte and was told “no”. Everyone involved would have been on media lockdown, but Kate wouldn’t think that the rules apply to her too.

    • Nic919 says:

      The original reference about crying comes from the Tomney article and there are no direct references made about Meghan. Simply that two sources say Kate was crying at Charlotte’s dress fitting. If these sources were prepared to say that then why not more detail? And why would Meghan even be at a flower girl’s dress fitting? The dress style was already decided so it’s not like she was fixing the hem herself. The Sykes article is a cheat in that he just uses what is said in the original article and makes his own inference that Meghan made Kate cry. If they had had such an argument I don’t see them having attended Wimbledon months later without any issues. They were seen for hours without any massive negative body language. Even if there was something, which I doubt, they are over it. And on top of that, during that time Meghan was dealing with the stress of her dad being horrible.

    • Splinter says:

      I agree, it doesn’t say there was an argument.
      It could very well be that Kate didn’t like something about Charlotte’s dress. I know many women can be brought to tears by a new haircut, so seing that a dress that your daughter will wear for the whole world to see doesn’t meet your expectations absolutely could make a doting mother cry. Just a speculation but as good as any other theory.

  17. Cidy says:

    I really just doubt… this entire story. I feel like it’s one of those things that’s like a double edged sword, everything Meghan does is going to be hyper criticized because shes black, and every time two women talk to each other it’s called a fight. I think Kate and Meg aren’t best friends but are like normal sister in laws and work partners.

    There are two sides working here, the angle that Meghan is so new age that shes just upturning everything and everything is turning brand new, but we forget that these same stories came out about Kate (minus the obvious racism) that she was so new age, and thrifty, and upturning everything, and upsetting the queen. These are normal news cycles about new royals just with added racism and competition.

    The media also really really want the competition to be between Kate and Meghan, when probably in reality it’s more likely between (if there is any at all) William and Harry, again if any at all.

    The things they are going through are probably just growing pains, Meghan comes from a much more independent world and shes running her image and work different, that’s all. Unfortunately British tabloid sexism and racism is running wild right now.

  18. Whitecat says:

    Lord as I was reading this story – I’m sorry it reeks of racism. As a woman of color, you would not believe how many times I gave my opinion on a certain topic and then boom white woman starts crying and suddenly I’m the mean villain. I’m projecting I know but we have no idea what’s said or done and the media is portraying big mean meghan hurting poor Kate’s feelings. I don’t know, this story just rubs me the wrong way, and I am
    Not even that big of a fan of Meghan.

    • Nikki says:

      I had a coworker who would do multiple rotten things to me, but she’d cry – literally – to our supervisor and suddenly I was the mean witch. It was enormously unfair and stressful, and years after leaving that job, I still feel resentment. Very hard to defend yourself against tears! That being said, I don’t believe Kate is orchestrating any kind of campaign against Meghan. I think the British media is completely against Americans AND people of color.

      • Thirsty Hirsty says:

        As a supervisor of 13 staff, I had my share of criers. I learnt to simply pass over the box of tissues, count to 30 whilst they regained composure (or at least blew their nose) AND CARRY ON, ignoring the tears. Some folks just leak from their eyes more easily and readily than others. In a business environment we were trained to remain steady, not be thrown by them, and carry on with the conversation/training/evaluation/instruction/reprimand as though they were not leaking from their eyes. It worked and steadied a lot of the younger women whilst they learnt the nuances and detail aspects of the work. (my industry is predominantly female). That said, I had one fella who wept and could not come to work because his thighs were chaffing….

    • JustSayin' says:

      Some advice; if that ever happens again, start crying. Mimic her tears.
      It works to counteract and neutralize her WW tears and no one can accuse you of being the aggressor.
      Trust me, this is the only thing that works and it will feel uncomfortable at first but you just have to go for it and if you still feel awkward about it, start by putting your hands over your face and look down.
      This has saved me and many other BW from situations that could have gone left at work, school and just in life whenever I’ve encountered this.

      • Darla says:

        This is awesome advice. I love it.

      • whitecat says:

        I will definitely try it. The thing is the situations that it has happened to me (usually in social settings) has always caught me off guard. Mind you I’m a very empathetic person, but I will call out people on their rudeness/sneakiness/etc, and I’m a very direct person in this regard – it really sucks when WW weaponize their tears – I can’t tell you how many times I was protrayed as the mean aggressor when I didn’t even do anything at all but call out someone on their actions that were hurting me!

      • Nikki says:

        Wish I’d had this advice a while back, but I’ll remember it for the future!

    • Rulla says:

      Same here lol. I was reported for making my coworker uncomfortable by not speaking to her. This was the same woman who had been giving me the silent treatment for weeks and when I didn’t care enough to ask what was wrong I got reported for it.

      • burdzeyeview says:

        It never ceases to disappoint me how women can treat each other at work. So much for the sisterhood. And for the record Ive never used tears as a weapon. As my Scottish granny used to say “keep your tears for bigger sorrows”.

    • Snowflake says:

      I agree

  19. Sassy says:

    The bris are really coming for Meghan yikes!

  20. Lexa says:

    Yikes. I think someone at the palace has it out for Meghan, but I don’t think it’s necessarily William or Kate. I would guess someone in the York camp or an extremely pissed off staffer. The fact that this is related to the wedding makes me wonder if the staffer who quit is the source, as she was specifically thanked for the work she did on the wedding. It’s pretty interesting that this comes just after the quote about Kate being “unflappable” (which I actually could believe in the sense that she might be good at weathering/riding out a crisis and staying calm while her husband isn’t—less so when it comes to speaking, events, etc). I’m guessing Kate still had some raging hormones happening and whatever set her off might not have been that bad.

  21. Darlington says:

    I’ll take THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED for $500, Alex

  22. bacondonut says:

    British media : Hmmmmm….So the angle to tear Megan apart via her dad and step siblings has failed SPECTACULARLY! Let’s AMP uP the PreSsUre and DRAMA by creating rumours of rifts between the Royals since “uppity” Meg entered the fray.

    What’s extremely sad is that the Press did the same things to Diana and Fergie, comparing them, ripping away their confidence and creating more anxiety for those ladies. Why can’t the media allow women to just be unobjectified?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      omg, the employment of the undercurrent “uppity” slur has been very noticeable and disturbing in the last few days.

    • Olive says:

      @bacondonut Meghan has HALF siblings, not step. she would only have step siblings if Thomas were remarried to a woman with kids of her own. she shares one biological parent with Thomas Jr and Samantha so they are her half siblings.

    • burdzeyeview says:

      Exactly, they did the same to Diana and Fergie. I hoped we’d never see those days again. Shows we’re not any further forward 30 years on.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Don’t forget Diana spent plenty of time doing negative PR against Fergie and subsequently Sophie. She played the press.

  23. Sassy says:

    Her experience of dealing with the horrible Markles have prepared her to deal with backstabbing family members of the Windsors.

  24. Rhys says:

    Why mentioning Kate’s post delivery “sensitinvess”? As if two women can’t hurt/misunderstand each other feelings without it. Shit happens. They are a family now.

    • Kk2 says:

      I dunno but that was one of my first thoughts when reading this….well the absolute first thought is this is dumb and I highly doubt it’s true. But it often doesn’t take much to make a woman cry in the first week or two post partum. Not because of some kind of Feminine weakness but because your hormones are completely nuts – pregnancy hormones that take 9 months to build come crashing down in a short time and nursing relies on different hormones that start rising and can make you very weepy at first. Also, you are getting very little sleep. All I know is I am normally very even tempered and I felt crazy for a week or two after birth. And people don’t talk about it much. Women should know this so they know it will (usually) get better!

  25. Snap Happy says:

    I’m with Kaiser about the weaponized tears against a black woman. The media is being particularly disgusting towards Meghan this week. If this is coming from W&K or even Charles this seems like a dumb move. Clearly, nothing upsets Harry more than to hurt Meghan. This would have lasting effects on their relationship, no? Or does Harry realize this is how the game is played?

    • Gigi La Moore says:

      I think it’s William and Kate.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t think it’s Charles only because he was riding the waves of patriarch of the happy Wales clan just last week and these stories blow it all up. Fighting between the brothers just makes him look like a bad parent and then the daughters-in-law fighting just adds to it.

      • Lexa says:

        Not necessarily—these stories serve to show Charles as the calm, above-it-all one who is ready to rule (not William) and many of the positive PR stories that were released around his birthday showed him as playing the hero: walking Meghan down the aisle, smoothing things over between the boys, calming an emotional Harry, etc.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Harry knows exactly how this game is played. Charles used to regularly throw Harry under the bus. He was pretty upset by it, and they didn’t have a good relationship for a long time. I think this is Charles. He benefits the most from a rift between the Cambridge’s and Sussexes. The Cambridges don’t really benefit from all the nonsense because they don’t come off well either.

  26. Becks1 says:

    I will say that when I first saw this headline my first thought was – “was it because Meghan couldn’t believe Kate was going to wear white to her wedding?” LOLOLOL

    (cue the white vs yellow debate again 😉 )

    • Amelie says:

      Well it would make sense why she chose to wore that color! I’m not saying there are truths to the rumor but it would help clarify Kate’s questionable wardrobe decision. We know Kate could have worn soooo many other dresses yet she chose to wear a cream colored outfit to her sister-in-law’s wedding. She knew her outfit would be discussed and dissected, she’s not stupid. I still don’t get it!

    • Nic919 says:

      The thought did cross my mind. 😁

  27. Eliza says:

    I think aligning Kate w weaponizing tears is probably off… She was postpartum, random things can set you off – 1 week pp my husband walked in on me bawling and was very worried and asked what is wrong, in between sobs I explained my baby was going to grow up one day (I saw a tween and her mom at the pediatrician earlier)

    Most likely two woman were in the same room, 1 cried (maybe because her baby was growing, lol), and now it’s a mud wrestle in the press where there’s nothing in real life.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I think this is the most plausible scenario.

    • Person3514 says:

      I would randomly cry multiple times a day after having both of my kids. I didn’t even need to be triggered by anything. I would just get the urge to cry. Getting pregnant totally changed me on an emotional level. I cry so much now and get so emotional over things, happy or sad. Watching Frozen makes me tear up lol. I was never like this before having kids, Hormones are crazy.

      This story has no details at all. I don’t think it happened, but if it did, I imagine Kate randomly cried or seeing Charlotte in the dress made her emotional. A staffer probably saw and started this rumor.

      • burdzeyeview says:

        Yes, I’m sure Kate saw little Charlotte in her bridesmaids dress and teared up, no story here.

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree with this. The sources would have linked it to Meghan if they could, but they didn’t so Kate probably just thought Charlotte looked cute in her dress. It was one of the nicest ones she’s had to wear so far as a flower girl.

  28. Loretta says:

    All these racist BS will make people love Meghan even more. This is bullying and racism (among other things, the author of the Daily Telegraph article is the same who is receiving backlash for her article on the cookbook and the terrorists).
    At least I see with pleasure that almost nobody is buying this BS story, there is a lot of backlash.
    I conclude by saying that if really behind all these BS there is is the Cambridges’s camp, then William and Kate are really bad because they are not only scpeading BS to discredit others but they are doing so using racism and it’s disgusting.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      The way these reporters have carried out their smear campaign is way too obvious. Having a bunch of negative and contradictory stories in a short span of time only makes most people more skeptical.

    • Amarah says:

      You mean the horrible viciousness on social media? Meghan stans and Kate stans need to calm down in my opinion. I’ve noticed most super stans of both aren’t British.

  29. Louise says:

    I love the passionate defence of Meghan in every article. There IS a chance though, this could be true, just as there is a chance that it is not true.

    None of us have met or know any of these people. Meghan might be a saint, she might be not so much a saint. She is probably somewhere in between like most of us. Kate is probably more blah than Meghan and as someone said on here yesterday, do not underestimate how Americans ARE different. I am British and have lived in the States and people are much more straight and it takes time to get used to. Its great – but it takes time as Brits erm are not! Oh and they were both stressed and emotional at the time.

    • Christine Stephens says:

      Agreed. Is it possible that maybe Meg isn’t an overly nice person? She seems to have a lot of conflict in her life. Not too many close friends…..like maybe she isn’t that much fun to be around? She is a hollywood actress after all. Like, maybe it’s all fabricated….but it is possible ….no? We all believe all the things that have been said about Will, Harry and Kate…….we don’t want to believe anything bad about Megs though

      • Gigi La Moore says:

        Is it also possible that Kate isn’t as nice and regal as some of you believe behind the scenes? No one seems to want to consider that.

      • Christine Stephens says:

        It is common thought that Kate is lazy, only wants to be a “mom”, let’s william walk all over her, waited around for him forever and comes from a family of people who want to latch onto the royal family for their own benefit. And we all kind of believe all of that. how is this different?

      • Louise says:

        Agreed – have an open mind. Read things with a pinch of salt. I love this site but the Meg can do NO WRONG no matter what is starting to get on my nerves. Noone is perfect. Kate nor Meg. NOR ME! ha ha

      • Natalie S says:

        Not when it’s presented like this and after a summer of her father’s emotional abuse gleefully presented by the press. You have to look at the context.

    • Cerys says:

      Meghan is human, with the same flaws as the rest of us, regardless of what the fangirls say. The same goes for Kate. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The disturbing things about the negative Meghan stories, however, are the racist undertones.

    • Joro says:

      Why are we ALWAYS asked to consider that the negative articles of Meghan are true? This happens every single time. I hardly ever see these kind of comments in the Kate posts. Most of the time excuses are used to explain why the negative behavior happened.

      • notasugarhere says:


      • Louise says:

        Because this site is heavily biased towards Meghan and not Kate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kaiser has been writing stories about William and Kate’s laziness for years, long before Meghan showed up. Kate had 15 years attached to William, before and after marriage, to make something of herself, her life, and her position. She didn’t. If commenters here see through all the PR games about W&K and see positives in Meghan’s work ethic? No surprise.

  30. Gigi La Moore says:

    The whole black woman bad, white woman good scenario plays out in these comment. I love how a lot of you can’t even bring yourselves to consider that the white woman could be part of the problem. Nope, Kate is just sitting at home playing with babies. Nope, this regal white woman would never feel threatened. If there’s a problem, it has to be the opinionated black woman. I believe William and Kate are behind a lot of this. It’s just an opinion. Doesn’t make me right. Doesn’t make me wrong.

    • Sassy says:

      The English Rose would never but they have no problem believing Meghan is a attention seeking diva who doesn’t know her place.

    • Lolly says:

      Nobody in these comments have said Meghan is the villain though. I’ve read that some people think this story is completely made up, or that neither woman is of fault if this did happen because tensions were probably running high.

      I’ve read a lot of your comments Gigi, and a lot of the times I feel like I’m reading another Daily Mail article. Can’t it be that these women may not be friends or enemies? That they are simply SIL and have their own stuff to worry about? Why do we dismiss most articles about other celebrities when they come from US or Touch, but believe anything about Kate/Meghan?

    • Beth says:

      Maybe there really isn’t any problems at all and these are just BS stories made up by British tabloids trying to cause trouble with the BRF. I don’t have a favorite duchess, and they both seem nice a friendly with each other, and I hope nothing is wrong. What’s wrong with Kate being “at home playing with babies”? That’s fine for any mother, and Meghan will probably want to spend time at her home with her baby too. I believe some people take the drama we read in those tabloids way, way, way too seriously.

      • Gigi La Moore says:

        Beth, I think you are missing the point of my comment. No one is criticising Kate playing with her baby. If that’s all you took from that, there is no explaining it to you.

    • Joro says:


      Those same people want to remove race from the reasoning as to why these articles and baseless cristism is coming out. Here’s a hint, race can’t be taken off the table. Meghan will always be a WOC and have to deal with dogwhistle racism from racist. More people need to be open to learning about why Meghan’s treatment is different than Kate’s.

      Meghan has to deal with RACISM, CLASSISM, XENOPHOBIA and SEXISM. She’s doing an amazing job representing the royal family. She brings a whole bunch of new fans to the firm. She has the character, intelligence and ethics that helps uplift the family. The media should be happy for the good PR she brings instead of riling up racists.

    • Natalie S says:

      Kate’s flat out trolling people at this point with her repeated outfits and people are still so hesitant to assign any agency to her behavior beyond just liking the outfits and being Thrifty Kate.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Yeah, well it’s the Daily mail and they’re stupid.

  31. Lulu says:

    Wasn’t it also widely reported that Meg gave Kate a gift for her help with the wedding? A gold bracelet I think…and that they had really become so close during prewedding festivities? So which is it? Usually in-laws don’t fall out until a good 2 years in… give them time to hate each other.

  32. Akua says:

    Dear Meghan fans on here who are blaming the Cambridge’s,a question, should the Cambridge fans blame the suxxess when any press insults Kate, on it good to make the Cambridge villains. Pz, not a fan of those colonizer, from a woman in 🇬🇭.

    • Gigi La Moore says:

      Well, considering the press no longer criticizes or ridicules the Cambridges….Kate is right up there with the mother of Jesus. Regal and a credit to the Royal Family, dontchaknow? Now. Lol

    • Jegede says:

      @Akua – Well said.

    • Joro says:

      You’re argument is similar to the ones made about reverse racism. Kate will never receive the dogwhistle racist articles Meghan gets. Outside of her race, the reason Meghan is getting slandered is because for the last 7 years the Cambridge’s set a standard. In about a year the Sussex’s have managed to go above (and beyond) that standard. And that’s what pisses people off.

      These days even, when the media wants to critcise Kate, they find a way to blame Meghan. “Kate needs to do more speeches b/c Meghan had the nerve to give 3 speeches on her trip” It’s silly stuff.
      I personally don’t think Kate and Will are doing this directly but I do believe people in their court aren’t above doing stuff like this. It behooves them to protect their King and Queen and not let the spare and his wife become too popular.

  33. Melania says:

    Another racist and sexist BS.

  34. Anastasia says:

    What’s the deal with all these Horrible Meghan stories lately? There’s been a slew of them!

    • Div says:

      Andrew made some pro Saudi comments less than a month ago that the media barely touched. I’m wondering if he’s behind some of the smears in an attempt to distract from his own foibles.

      He’s a petty, cruel man who is in a war with Prince Charles. I also suspect Andrew is pretty racist and classist.

      • Guest says:

        The British Royal Family has always been very Pro Saudi, lol. They have always been very cosy with the Gulf countries even though these countries have committed so many atrocities. I don’t see how Andrew’s comments are shocking, at all.

      • Natalie S says:

        There was a story from Mark Bolland who used to work for Charles. He was invited to a party at Highgrove, Andrew came over and was being friendly and then found out Bolland was staff, looked appalled and hurried away. Anne was also snobbish.

  35. Div says:

    I said it the other day, but I feel like people underestimate the extent of racism and classism in the royal family. There is much to admire about Queen Elizabeth, but she’s married to an openly, virulently racist man—there are degrees of racism, and Prince Phillip is at the high, Trump like end (Charles and young Harry are/were more on the low end). She’s been married to him for fifty odd years, and if she had an issue with his racism it’s very likely she would have checked him and he would have stopped making public comments at the very least—but she hasn’t. And I’m not blaming her for Phillip’s racism, but pointing out that the Queen has some control over his public appearance/manner.

    I am not saying Meghan is perfect or flawless; she may even be a diva (although there are no receipts for diva behavior). And it’s very possible a lot of this is made up, especially the tiara story as that makes zero sense when you think about it.

    However….MOST of the criticism towards Meghan uses either low key (and sometimes even obvious) racist tropes/dog whistles, and to a lesser extent there is some classism, too. And enough small details have leaked out (or been out and out proven) that we know that there is some serious dirt on Prince Andrew, and yet the media has never ‘fully’ gone there after him in the UK—so you know the Firm is perfectly capable of squashing a lot of bad tabloid stories. A more mild example would be the rampant infidelity among a lot of the royals. The fact that they haven’t squashed these stories are telling, whether there is a hint of truth to them or none at all—that someone high up, in addition to some courtiers, want to destroy Meghan.

    People always blamed the Middletons, but I have no doubt that Kate was made fun of for no being aristo and even despised by some members of the royal family/royal circle for her background. Not all of it can be blamed on her work ethic. And Meghan would have it 100 times worse being Black, American, and a divorcee who didn’t attend one of those posh schools full of aristocrats.

    • Your cousin Vinny says:

      I agree completely – Kate is definitely getting a better ride from the press (for now at least), but that can well change at any point.

      I think it’s very likely both women have had a rough ride both internally from the society they married into and externally from the press. Right now it really seems like Meghan has had it worse but that could also be me forgetting the early days of Kate. Either way, the British media and posh society can be brutal!

      I know people will say they signed up for it (in fact, I think I’ve been guilty of saying that, too) but I really wonder if either of them really understood what they were getting in to. All I can say is I’m thankful I didn’t fall in love with a prince!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate always had it easy. William was protected by the post-Diana agreement to be left alone at university. As Harry didn’t attend university, they started in on him right away. Kate had years of being treated well by the press. It wasn’t until years after uni, when she still wasn’t working and was only waiting? That’s when the press starting writing more negative stories. But post-engagement? All of a sudden the whitewashing happened and Kate was now the everyday middle class girl who was going to save the monarchy. Too bad she proved herself to be a WAG.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Both of Anne’s husbands, Autumn Kelly Philips, Sophie Rhys-Jones, Gary Lewis. None of them were aristocrats and all have been welcomed by the Royal family. Whatever problems the Windsors have with the Middletons, it isn’t because they’re middle class.

      • Your cousin Vinny says:

        Fair point, however they may have experienced some initial issues themselves, privately. We just don’t know and given the more minor roles they occupy I’m not sure we would ever hear about it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        We know that the Queen’s favorite is Sophie, has been from the start. For all the weirdness of her life, in some ways the Queen isn’t a snob.

  36. Beatrice says:

    Cue Harry to put out another passionate defense of Meghan to the press and tell them to back off. I have no problem believing Meghan is a diva but Harry seems genuinely happy with her. However, he probably regrets saying “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.” That line shows up in every article sniping at her.

    • Gigi La Moore says:

      I have no problem believing that Kate isn’t as nice and benign behind the scenes as most of you will never consider.

      • Amelie says:

        Actually there were plenty of stories back in the day of Kate being mean to the York sisters and not getting along with them when she was dating William. Something about how Beatrice or Eugenie, can’t remember which, went to some roller disco party and Kate didn’t inform Beatrice/Eugenie of the 80s dress code and Beatrice/Eugenie showed up in an ordinary dress which made her really upset. Then there’s another story floating around of how Beatrice and Eugenie refused to move out of their seats at a fashion show to make room for Pippa Middleton or something along those lines. Now it’s possible they’ve all buried the hatchet since some of these stories are 10 years old… but Kate’s mean girl streak has been documented. Whether there’s any truth to them it’s up in the air.

        Also Fergie wasn’t invited to William and Kate’s wedding but she was invited to Meghan and Harry’s. I realize William and Kate’s wedding was a state occasion but I’m guessing that decision must have hurt Eugenie and Beatrice.

      • Guest says:

        I have no problem believing that Meghan isn’t as nice and benign behind the scenes as most of you will never consider. Hmm. first the Official Tiara story from the Times, then the rude way she’s been dealing with the staff. You can tell a lot about people from the way they treat the staff and “help”. So far, official sources have stated she has been quite rude and demanding. The Queen was surprised by her behaviour. The Times isn’t a tabloid.

      • Lady D says:

        “the rude way she’s been dealing with the staff…” You have absolutely no idea how she is dealing with her staff. Not the slightest clue. You are reading, believing, and passing off gossip as truth.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @Guest, funny how you’re always quick to call out stories or comments that paint the Cambridges even slightly negatively, but you turn around and assert that every negative story about Meghan is true.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Guest, none of those are official sources. Tabloids are throwing spaghetti at the wall and trying to make something stick, just like they did around where Harry and Meghan would live.

        Plenty of stories through the years about Kate being nasty, but nothing of Meghan. If she was some horrible diva, she wouldn’t have had a solid career. Nor would her coworkers and charities have lavished praise on her.

        As for the phrase Harry may or may not have said? In all this actions he appears to be a man completely amazed and thrilled that Meghan said yes. He would take the coat off his back and cover the rain puddles kind of gentleman towards his wife. I could see him taking the stance that he’ll do anything to make sure Meghan is happy, because now he finally has that one person who is on his side.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @NOTA – and not forget with the baby on the way he has finally got his own family, something that he has desired for a long time. He can create the thing that he might have felt was lacking in his own childhood – I have always felt he would be a good husband and father and he is showing that. He understands more than anyone what the press and his family politics are like and he is doing his damnedness to protect his wife and unborn child from all that BS. He’s not going to be the press fall guy for his brother and SIL and neither is he going to allow his work and interests to be hijacked by the lazy duo. He is stepping out of his brothers shadow and control and thats what has W&K in a snit – they are losing their fall guy. The spotlight is going to shine very brightly on them again. The press will start watching William much in the same way they were a few years ago when we were getting reports of how little time he was spending with his young family in Amner and how little time he was spending at his pilot job.

        Kate is not some mild mannered snowflake, that girl has steel and a bitchy side who has previous for girl drama (another poster mentions examples upthread). To add to it there there are many stories about how she and Pippa would bully and chase off any women who went near William; she also tried to create drama with Jecca when hearing that William confided in her (his friend since teenage years) about things about his mother. Kate allegedly had pissy fit at him and IIRC it was one of the few occasions where he pushed back on her girl drama (and why she and Mummy backed off from trashing Jecca).

      • notasugarhere says:

        This is what I hoped to see from Harry for years, Digital Unicorn. Finding that one person and as a result, refusing to be the scapegoat for his brother anymore. We saw it the moment he issued the statement about Meghan two years ago.

        Kate isn’t a snowflake, true. Many many stories through the years, before and after marriage, along with photos and videos to show it. She is a mean girl, that one, and not other woman friendly. But she plays snowflake great effect and gets what she wants. Huge homes, multiple nannies, million+ wardrobe, and next to no work even in the home. As long as they don’t interfere with the William/Jecca relationship, the Middletons get what they want in return. Someone on here wrote about it last year, about the transactional nature of the relationship of William, Kate, and the Middletons.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Guest. Ah, yes. The “Official Tiara story from the Times” that no one can make sense of on its own merits.

        Imagine how highly placed the source must be to get actual nonsense published in the Times.

        Btw, what’s Philip up to in his dotage? Let’s throw a new name into the pile. Or maybe it was the Queen doing yet another favor for her favorite child, Andrew.

        Unrelated but at some point I hope her biographers examine what it means that Elizabeth’s favorite child is a terrible person and that her protection has enabled his terribleness. I don’t think we’ve ever had a really good biography of the Queen. People don’t want the blowback that would come from doing that.

      • Tina says:

        @Natalie S, there is SO MUCH good stuff that is being held back until Philip and the Queen die. Just wait. It will all come out.

  37. Franny Days says:

    But the article doesn’t really say what made her cry? Couldn’t have been just normal momma tears seeing Charlotte in her little outfit?

  38. Karen says:

    Sniff of breaking the peace and disturbing anyone, particularly anything said in front of the children, out, sooner the better.
    There is no history to give any precedent for conflict, everyone needs to work together in peace. The world has no space for public conflicts between families, we’ve had enough of that in days thankfully gone by, we pray for peace now.
    As for thinking there’s some call on dictating what jewels are issued for wearing for any day, did nobody give the detail clear: no call, it’s protocol.
    Ego, who has time for it these days?
    Times change, thankfully.

  39. Rosie says:

    I think Carole is too smart to be doing this. If it’s the Cambridges or their people it will backfire on them. None of this is subtle, are they really that stupid. Would William really risk his relationship with his brother? In this royal game of Cluedo my guess is Andrew, in the library with the emerald tiara. He gets his own back on Meghan and stirs up trouble in Charles’s family. I can’t believe William would be so spiteful to his brother. I know you’ll all probably come up with examples of previous wrong doings, but this is really nasty. Anyway it’s all guesses and I think whoever said that this is a deliberate ploy to distract from Brexit has hit the nail on the head – probably! 😉

    • Leyton says:

      Either way they lose because people suspect it’s them. The Pro-Cambridge slant is a dead give away. They’ve done similar tactics with Charles in past years.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Carole has made plenty of mistakes in her PR stories. Remember the silly one about her finding someone’s lost dog and returning it? That was one of the low points in their obvious campaign to try to get people to like the Middletons.

      • Natalie S says:

        My favorite was about how great the Middleton picnic baskets were on family days at school and how all the other kids’ mothers envied them. They also had the nicest tennis gear!

      • Tina says:

        The story about the tennis gear was literally an example in Kate Fox’s book “Watching the English” about a supposed compliment that was actually a put-down. It is a cardinal sin to try too hard.

  40. Murphy says:

    It doesn’t even say why she cried or what Megan allegedly did? She could have pricked her finger with a pin during the fitting for crying out loud. Maybe Charlotte head-butted her, that makes me cry when my kids do that!

    • Yami says:

      Why does it matter if Kate cries anyway. I mean, I’m not upset by it. There are people with far bigger problems in the world. Sometimes you gotta suck things up.

  41. LW says:

    Didn’t the Sussex’s just lose a staffer? Could that be the source of all this bs?! I wonder if we’ll see a duchesses day out soon to calm all this crap down in the media….

    • Franny Days says:

      I didn’t think of the staffer. There just seems so be so many leaks, that would make a lot of sense. Or maybe another family member hoping they would blame the leaks on the former staffer. Gotta love a conspiracy haha.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The temp staffer who was there to help them organize the wedding? Wouldn’t be much of a loss.

  42. Leyton says:

    They’re really trying to push this “Angry Black Woman” trope onto Meghan. First she was bratty with the Queen, then the staff, and now she made “English Rose” (Camilla used that to describe her, yes) Kate cry?

    What’s next? She took out a belt and beat Prince George?

    This is a character assassination in broad daylight. It’s so terribly transparent and most who read this are just getting annoyed and not believing an ounce of it. Reminds me of when they tried to use the Markles to paint Meghan as someone who uses and abandons family and thinks she’s too good for them. Until we all realizes that the Markles are just terrible people and she rightfully got away from them.

    The same thing is happening here. Meghan has done nothing but kept her head down and brought some great PR to the Royals with the tour and cookbook. In return her popularity see an increase and someone on that side wants to remind her of her place. It’s pathetic and I’m glad more are ignoring it.

    • Vanessa says:

      The British press have gone far beyond what most people saw as normal every day attack on the royal family Meghan has been Successful villain by the British press. The daily mail pay anyone they could to say awfully things about meghan gladly pay her father and half sister money to trash her for months, . Then when the public called them out they switch tactics to her wardrobe costs and calling her diva and people who don’t like her ate up suddenly out of nowhere people who allegedly work with meghan come forward with stories about how meghan is really a diva when everything we heard about meghan from friends and co workers is the complete opposite. Now the press has are accusing meghan of destroying harry and William perfect brother relationship its all the tacky American you see with her blackness she ruined the royal family and making the future regal queen cry. It’s disgusting that press has gotten away with bullying Meghan and now that she pregnant it seem to me that press had gotten fully on attack mode with meghan throwing every thing they can at her .I think It’s really disgusting how the daily mail are pushing a story that the hubb kitchen community is link to a terrorist group and some people are believed it so it not enough the daily mail has been all racist towards meghan they are now trying their hardest to link her and the hubb woman to a terrorist organization. Please tell what royal woman had to deal with this kind of all out assault on their character like this .

    • notasugarhere says:

      KP has done it as well, being in the W&K camp. They did nothing to curb the horrible comments about Meghan on KP social media. But the second people started criticizing William? Comments deleted and accounts blocked.

  43. Cee says:

    This is terrible, for both women! Perhaps Kate got emotional when she saw her daughter in her little bridesmaids dress.
    We all knew this would happen – Meghan will always be vilified and “put in her place”, especially when it comes to Kate (by the press, not Kate herself)

  44. DML says:

    I call BS on all these stories.

  45. Gm says:

    This is going too far. But for whoever thinks they are benefiting from bad mouthing M, IMO the press will move on to a new victim once they crush M. It might well be them next time.

  46. Anna says:

    I hope once Prince Harry come back from his visit he will stand up and issue a statement on this.

    • Bren says:

      I hope he doesn’t. A reaction from Harry is what they want and a statement would only rile up the royal reporters more. The best defense for Harry and Meghan is to keep their heads down, work consistently, and focus on their growing family.

    • Allison says:

      He threw up his love shield before. I would expect him to again.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      The Dm’s vendetta stems from the first statement.That’s why William was so annoyed at him for it. A second statement would just make everything worse.

  47. Lucky Charm says:

    I took it another way and didn’t think that sounded like an argument at all. Kate had just given birth, and with all the hormones was probably emotional over how cute little Charlotte would be in her dress, in an actual royal wedding.

  48. Guest says:

    The Daily Beast – Tom Sykes writes about the Cambridge’s and everyone believes his stories, without question. When he writes anything on the Sussexes, it’s rubbished and “made up fake news”. You can’t have it both ways. You either believe everything he says or you think it’s all lies. It’s no use picking and choosing which stories to believe just because you dislike one couple and you love the other one haha.

    • violet says:

      No one with any real closeness to the BRF would give Sykes the time of day, let alone leak stories like this to him.

      He’s just another vulture making money off both women, and I for one agree with posters upthread that it’s time we held people accountable for the misogynist viciousness using both women to keep alive narratives about women as competitive beatches who have nothing better to fill their minds and souls with.

      I’m sorry, but it is making me mad.

    • Nic919 says:

      Sykes simply took Camilla Tomney’s story and added more specifically inferences so his article isn’t even reporting at all just regurgitating with more salt.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Take your own advice.

    • sage says:

      Why are you policing what people want believe?!

  49. violet says:

    I just don’t know why people believe these stories in the first place. How would anyone know?! It’s certainly true that raging hormones are going through your body that soon after giving birth, but really – last week the DM printed as a fact that Doria had already moved to the UK and would be living with H&M – a story the Palace itself debunked a few days later. Why are we dignifying this by assuming it’s true?!

    • Rosie says:

      It’s really annoying that ‘the media’ as a whole are being labelled as racist. You are talking about 3 tabloids some royal magazines and blogs. There are plenty of people in the UK who will be blissfully ignorant of these stories and plenty of people that would be disgusted by the racist angle. The Daily Mail is not representative of the entire UK population.

    • Anitas says:

      Trash like the Daily Mail or The Sun always have an agenda. Always anti-women and anti-minorities. Why anyone who doesn’t share that ideology would take them as any relevant source of information is beyond me.

  50. BeanieBean says:

    But why would Meghan even be at the fitting? Wouldn’t it just be the designer & a seamstress? I would think Meghan had far too many things to do than attend the fittings of the kids.

  51. Lobbit says:

    Lol I just wanna know what Meghan did to make Kate cry tho! “Well-respected” Camilla Tominey heard from TWO whole sources that Kate was emotional at a fitting…because of Meghan, ostensibly, but we’re not allowed to know why? Idk I just think that’s sort of hilarious. I’m so done with these stories lol.

    • ariel says:

      Right. I mean, the way the facts are worded, Kate cried at a fitting. Maybe she was thinking about her wedding, or about how quickly her baby Charlotte is becoming a grown up little girl. Or maybe the bride said or did something that rubbed her the wrong way, in the super emotional days following creating and giving birth to a human.
      The media is really grasping at straws here.

  52. Fluffy Princess says:

    I bet Meghan is tougher than many in the BRF anticipated. Meghan has been on a long-running TV show, and many guest appearances on other shows. Ex. I just watched an old episode of “Castle” and she was the guest star on that weeks “murder.” It literally doesn’t matter that she might have “only” been a C-List celebrity. Even GETTING to the point she was at–on a TV show, guesting on other shows is HARD. Thousands and thousands of people competing for jobs–you have to be tough and mighty determined NOT to give up–to keep plugging away, to keep trying–especially when Meghan didn’t fit the “standard” beauty mold.

    We’ve all heard plenty of stories about H’wood, how demeaning, how gross, how disgusting some people are in that industry–and yet “she persisted.” This whole drama, while stressful, might not really faze her that much. ??

    • lanne says:

      That’s my hope as well. Hollywood is a nasty cesspool, treacherous for women to navigate, and she succeeded where 99.9% of people fail. Screen Actors’s Guild, the union to which all actors must belong to work in Hollywood films, reported that 95% of the members make less than 5,000 dollars a year. Hopefully, this royal gossip seems silly to her in comparison. Grown women crying is a media story? You’d think Kate and Meghan were on the playground pulling pigtails. It’s absurd! I almost wish that Kate and Meghan would issue a joint statement together, saying something like, “We’re enjoying the process of getting to know each other, and we’re eager to discover how we can support each other and learn from each other. ” Who cares if it’s true or not? But that might be a way to stop this infantalizing feud-stirring nonsense. No one else in the world can fully understand what they are going through besides each other. That should make them allies, which is even more important than becoming friends. I’d love for them to go rogue together!

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        I wish for a statement too–on the other hand, that’s playing right into the Daily Fail’s hand–like, “AH HA! We got them to make a statement.” And then the DF tries to ride that line or go over it in the hopes of provoking another statement from them. I think it’s just best to ignore, do what she’s doing and just keep on, keeping on.

        This nonsense about two mid-30s women having these petty little arguments is tiresome and eye-rolling. This is not high school, these are real grown up women. I think they are probably cordial and friendly to each other, and will grow to be more so over the years. They are in a rarefied circle where only the other one will understand what’s at stake, the pressure, etc. They both seem like nice women, I don’t know why they wouldn’t get along to a degree anyway???

      • notasugarhere says:

        Another statement wouldn’t get them much of anywhere. Best to keep on, working hard, doing their new initiatives, and being successful in their royal roles.

        Kate had seven years to do anything, anything. This vague “helping the children of broken britain forever” is nothing special. Just another round of KEEN Kate going to do something sometime, where Catherine Quinn does all the work and Kate shows up for a 20 minute photo op.

        What was incredibly obvious was the W&K/Middleton plant in the Middleton Mouthpiece (Daily Fail) about this new idea three days before Meghan’s cookbook dropped. They knew how bad her initiative and hard work was going to make them look, so they scrambled and flubbed big time.

  53. MaryContrary says:

    If Kate did cry, it’s because those little flower girl dresses were hideous and ill fitting.

  54. Maddogs&Englishmen says:

    The BRF has become a reality show and an anachronistic one at that; today’s episode….two commoners marry princes….they apparently do not get on…meanwhile, back in the real world.

  55. Tanya says:

    I’m thinking a Kate and Pippa Storytime moment here. Kate gives Pippa info and the latter cries to the papers. Since almost no one cared about her pregnancy and child’s birth, why not aid in her sister’s need for attention?

  56. Sara Martin says:

    Go home, Samantha

  57. Emily C says:

    (Sorry if this has been said before, there are a lot of comments)
    It’s good folks here aren’t rushing to judgment. When I read this, my first thought was just that maybe Kate was crying bc of emotions/seeing her daughter growing up. When my mom had just had my baby brother, she would cry a lot over me growing up, even though I was little.
    Also the scholarly sources on the article were a great inclusion! Important point to make—thanks for adding them!

  58. Natters5 says:

    I think its time for the Sussex’s to nip this in the bud and file multiple libel lawsuits. We know that the tabloids need click-bait to survive and Harry and Meghan are perfect fodder. When the Cambridges sued the French press for taking and posing pictures of a topless Kate Middleton, it got the message around to not fool around with them, now Harry should do the same and stop all this fiction being thrown around about his wife so tabloid can sell newspapers and raise the hate and racism factor.

    • arsesds73 says:

      The Times story is still a bit confusing to me, not saying that his source is unreliable, but why are they coming out about this tiara gate story 6 months after the wedding? Plus the girl is pregnant, are they purposely trying to stress her out – that’s not good for her mental health. If they really want to put her in check can’t they wait after she’s given birth – or better yet why don’t they try talking to her? A lot of people are saying these are “leftover” bits of stories from Jobson’s book – who had access to Charles’ courtiers. So the question is why are Charles’ inner circle talking right now and what are they trying to accomplish by going on a smear campaign against Meghan?

  59. Emby says:

    As I posted upthread:
    My theory is that the Queen is going to die soon and Charles is getting ready to take the throne.

    He doesn’t want people going on about how the Crown should skip him for the next, more popular generation, so alongside the “Good old Charles” stories come a flurry of stories about how messy the next generation is. The leaks are coming from his camp.

    I’m pretty confident my guess is at least close.

    • I’m with you on that one, Emby. Charles will be king, but it’s unlikely he’ll ever be as loved by the people as the queen. He simply doesn’t have the personality. As you said, he’s read the articles that suggest the people want William to be king instead of himself, that has to sting. So whomever is getting good press at the moment will be tossed under the bus by Charles’s camp. Right now, it’s Meghan’s turn, next week, Charlotte. How dare she be so cute.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Charles is in a tub of PR butter with the wedding, Meghan admiring him, and his multiple public statements about expecting a new grandchild. He knows having Meghan and Harry on his team is key, so these leaks aren’t on his side.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I find that hard to believe because barely a month ago, there were many articles focusing on how wonderful and welcoming Charles has been to Meghan, how close he and Harry are, etc.

      THAT was his/Clarence House’s main PR push in my opinion. And it’s been consistent because we’ve been seeing articles like that prior to the wedding, with the aforementioned uptick in frequency last month. Those articles came right when the Sussexes had great press from the tour too, to address a previous poster’s point.

      This latest campaign is something else entirely. If anyone else noticed, some of those “Charles loves the Sussexes” articles had some brief lines here and there about the Cambridges. Not overtly critical or even negative on the surface, but little things like declining invitations and such were casually mentioned. If anything, this latest batch of articles is more likely to be coming from their direction.

      • Amarah says:

        Charles’ 70th PR book unleashed the latest wave. He doesn’t like being outshined. He complained when W/K received attention in the beginning. He complained when Harry released his statement because the spotlight was taken off his Middle East tour. He could very well be annoyed with the new Sussex attention.

  60. ChamomileLawn says:

    Perhaps it’s Camilla Tominey who is projecting. She always seems like a full on mean girl herself.

  61. Jaded says:

    I smell Ma Middleton all over this. Charles is taking on more and more of his mother’s duties and Harry and Meghan are getting great press. William and Kate are probably of the mind that as Charles gradually ascends to the crown, their status and responsibilities should move accordingly, but they’re not. Because everybody knows William is a lazy git and his wife is a doormat. Enter Harry and Meghan who are nose-to-the-grindstone types and the passive-aggressive sh*t via the media begins.

    • okay then says:

      Your comment is gross. Really? Namecalling? Doormat? Ugh.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I smell the Middleton/W&K camp as well.

    • PrincessK says:

      It could also be the Personal Assistant who supposedly resigned but may have been asked to leave because she was discovered to be gossiping. She must have been witness to a lot of things, including the tiara and bridesmaid dress silly stories, and someone on Team Cambridge must have passed on her gossip to the media. I am pretty sure that this woman was disloyal and she was allowed to resign.

      The truth will eventually come out. The Sussexes will definitely know the source of all these stories that are slowly coming out drip by drip, and sadly a journalist has said that there is more to come unfortunately.

    • Amarah says:

      Their status and responsibilities are moving accordingly, though. This year has been different for William.

  62. Hunter says:

    The fact that some random source is willing to blab about an incident, yet not tell what the incident is, tells me there is NOTHING to tell. Made up garbage to sell tabloids.

  63. Katebush says:

    This whole narrative is stupid. Doubt that anyone really believes this made up feud or cares too much outside of hard core royal watchers

    • Rosie says:

      Yes, I don’t think many people are talking about this in the UK. The Bodyguard got people more excited.

      None of us know what’s really going on, and it’s not even fun guessing. People here keep forgetting the BRF runs like a plc, hence the nickname of ‘the firm’. The Queen is the chair person, Charles is increasingly taking control of operations as the chief exec and William is his deputy. They are main board and get to make the decisions. Harry & Meghan are really senior management, heads of dept, and they depend on the good will of the main board for role & budget It’s not actually in Meghan’s best interests to be ‘a super star’ . In a company you do that if you want your boss’s job or you want to be headhunted. The senior roles aren’t available and life outside the firm would mean leaving a life of guaranteed luxury. As a royal she does need to keep in her lane and it has nothing to do with her race or her nationality. You don’t piss off the boss, ever. Not if you want to keep your job or have an easy life. Harry might not have been honest with the job spec, but if he’s oversold it and the courtiers are trying to rein her in, she’d be wise to take some advice. I’d be writing the same about an English aristocrat’s daughter, or a man if Harry had been born Harriet. Being a royal is to do with duty not popularity or stardom.

    • Tina says:

      Virtually no one cares here. We are consumed by Brexit.

  64. Meg says:

    I can’t believe a cretin post like this engendered 300 replies. Blergh.

  65. Boo says:

    This site’s bloodthirst for Kate is unreal. The irony to judge the DM for doing to Megan exactly what’s been done here for a decade to Kate is baffling. Let’s face it: they’re all shitty people, for different reasons. Probably.

  66. Flying fish says:

    All this speculation and gossip is nothing but ‘noise.’