George & Amal Clooney think they’ll be asked to be godparents to the Royal Polo Baby

Amal Clooney, George Clooney arrive for the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Windsor Castle

George and Amal Clooney made a big show of attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May wedding this year, and then the royal wedding’s after-party was suspiciously shadow-sponsored by Casamigos tequila. I still believe that the Casamigos connection should not be overlooked. My theory is that the Clooneys made some sort of substantial donation – either to Harry’s charity of choice, or to the funding of the afterparty – in exchange for Casamigos being heavily featured in the articles, plus wedding invitations for George and Amal. My point is that I still don’t buy that either George or Amal has had any kind of long-term friendship with Harry or Meghan. My point is also that I don’t believe this Daily Mail story:

George and Amal Clooney are all but confirmed to be among the godparents of Prince Harry and Meghan’s first-born child, can reveal. The A-list actor’s family, who still live in George’s hometown of Augusta, Kentucky, are convinced George and Amal will make the grade after becoming incredibly close with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

George’s cousin Ben Breslin exclusively told the 57-year-old would make a ‘wonderful’ godfather to the royal couple’s baby, saying: ‘I’m all for it. He’d make a wonderful godfather, he’d make a wonderful just about anything – he’s a good guy.’

Family insiders say George considers himself almost a ‘shoo-in’ to be asked. George and Amal, a British human-rights lawyer who shares a long-standing friendship with Meghan, are believed to socialize regularly with the royals. The Hollywood glamour pair flew Meghan and Harry via private jet to George’s luxury residence on Lake Como after their May nuptials, where they received a crash course in parenting after meeting the pair’s one-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander.

A source close to both famous couples told ‘Amal and Meghan have been close for years, and Harry and George have become buddies because of that. They’re much closer than the headlines let on.’

The insider adds that George has ‘told a couple of people he has a strong hunch’ that they’ll be among the couples asked to form such an important role in their little one’s life. In a testament to their strong ties, Harry and Meghan are expected to attend a dinner party next month at George and Amal’s London home, with Barack and Michelle Obama on the star-studded guest list.

[From The Daily Mail]

Considering the British media’s incessant shaming of Meghan for being “too Hollywood” and “too actressy,” I seriously doubt that she and Harry would make the mistake of asking George and Amal Clooney to be godparents. I think Jessica Mulroney and her husband will definitely be asked to be godparents, and I could see Meghan perhaps asking Serena Williams, but George and Amal? Please. Casamigos sponsoring the wedding afterparty is one thing, but when it comes to royal babies, there will be no sponsorship deals. You can tell that George is really dead-set on having a little Prince Casamigos of Sussex as a godchild though.

The Royal Family attends a Service to commemorate the Armistice on the centenary of the end of WWI

George and Amal Clooney are looking sharp after the Met Gala in New York

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    NOW this is a royal-celebrity story that I love because its just so ridiculous. Right. Sure Jan. George Clooney is going to be the godfather of royal polo baby. They are secretly BFFs behind the scenes and just no one knew until the wedding. DUH. Its so obvious now!!!!

    (I’m going to eat my words in a year when he is announced as the godfather, just watch, haha.)

    I do think Jessica Mulroney will be one of the godmothers. I think there will also be some royal family members included.

    • Erinn says:

      I think there are *some* rules about who can be the godparent when it comes to the RF (about a member becoming god parent). But I laughed so hard at this story, it’s genuinely one of my favorites yet.

      But I’ll laugh myself to tears if it somehow happens despite it being such a BS story.

      I’d say JM is a relatively good bet, though.

      • Becks1 says:

        They can def have a member of the royal family as godparent. Zara is one of George’s. I think Will and Kate in general have avoided asking other royals. They’ve asked some other cousins but no one else from the royal side besides Zara.

      • Erinn says:

        I wonder if it’s rules regarding those in the immediate line of succession or something. I also could have read something that was just incorrect lol.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Erinn could be! I’m not an expert, I just remember reading when one of the Cambridge was christened that there was some surprise that more royal cousins weren’t included (or Prince Harry.)

      • niki says:

        (Baring some rule), I wouldn’t be surprised if Eugenie was a godmother. Will has always seemed closer to Zara/Philip and Harry to Eugenie/Beatrice.

      • Roux says:

        I wonder whether they have to be church of England? I shouldn’t think many rules will apply since they’re so far down the line of succession.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Maybe for baby two or three, but for this one, I think Meghan and Harry will pick more traditional, less show business people. Maybe Beatrice or Eugenie.

    • Koneullee says:

      I’d go for Oprah , if just to see her lovely hat.

  2. Rulla says:


  3. skipper says:

    I don’t believe this either. I’m not privy to royal protocol regarding godparents but wouldn’t they choose someone in the royal family before they would choose a “commoner”?

    • Sunnyjyl says:

      Isn’t Elton John godfather to Wills or Harry? I think they have multiple godparents.

    • Nina says:

      As far as I can remember the little Cambridges have godparents that are not royal, I think Harry is not even one. They’re close friends of Kate and William.

      • Becks1 says:

        I was just looking this up. The only “royal” godparent is Zara Tindall. (I put that in quotes because some people on here insist she is not royal but “just” a member of the royal family.) The rest are cousins on the non-royal side (Jane Fellowes, two Middleton cousins), the Duke of Westminster (who I don’t think was duke when he was named godparent), Jamie Lower-Pinkerthon (I think I have that spelled wrong) and then old friends of Will and Kate.

  4. Melania says:

    It’s some time I have the feeling that Abigail Spencer will be one of Baby Sussex’s godmothers

  5. jan90067 says:

    Yeah, no. There was *definitely* a “pay for play” arrangement for the liquor for invitation to the weddings (esp. considering Jack is the ‘all of a sudden’ “brand ambassador” for the liquor – personally, I think that was made up for him before H & M’s wedding to wrangle that first invite, and they offered up “donating” the liquor for that one; E & J’s was *definitely* a sponsorship deal (IMO).

    I think Eug or Bea, and/or Zara will be asked. Harry has always been close to his cousins. And as much as I dislike the poser, Jessica M. will definitely get an ask by Meghan, and yes, Serena is a likely ask.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Jack became brand ambassador in 2016. There was nothing sudden about it and it didn’t have anything to do with Harry and Meghan. The fact that Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception may have been sponsored is really bad and wouldn’t have been up to Harry or Meghan. Prince Charles paid for their evening reception and I don’t see him making deals like that. He’s well aware they aren’t legally allowed to be promoting brands unless it’s a British/Commonwealth brand with a Royal warrant and they would never be so obviously tacky about it. I think Clooney paid for the PR which is why Serena felt the need to shoot it down.

    • PrincessK says:

      Interesting that the Clooneys did not attend Eugenie’s wedding.

  6. Sparkly says:

    Well if I was them and contemplating it, I’d sure change my mind after reading that article. WTG, DM.

  7. Lily says:

    I will bet my own first born this won’t happen. The godparents will likely be Jake Warren, Harry’s best friend and god brother(Harry is the godfather to his little girl), one of the Spencer cousins(likely Viscount Louis) Lindsay Roth, Benita Litt (Meghan’s best friends and the mother of her own godchildren), Jessica, Mike Tindall, Princess Beatrice/Zara Phillips, Edward Fox, The Prince of Lesotho and Mark Dyer. At least that’s the people I think are all in the running. The only celebrity I can see The Duke and Duchess picking is Elton John to be honest

    • upstate diva says:

      Lily, I like how you think. Meghan has close friends that nobody cares about (e.g., Lindsay lives in the UK and was with her the night before the wedding) because they do not make good gossip. And Harry, like Wills, has his longtime pals. My only question is, do they have to be Anglican/Episcopalian/CoE? — because that might eliminate some people from Meg’s list.

      • Lily says:

        Thanks! Godparents can be of whatever religion. one of Prince Charles’ godfathers was Orthodox and the Queen/Charles/William/Anne/Phillip all have godchildren who are of different branches of Christianity

    • molly says:

      I’d love Mike Tindell to be asked. I think he’s the BEST.

  8. deezee says:

    Love how you say “Jessica Mulroney and her husband will definitely be asked to be godparents” without mentioning Ben’s name. Since he is the famous one in Canada, and she may be a stylist, but really, she was known as just his wife.

  9. Capepopsie says:

    Don’t believe it either.

  10. Emmet says:

    Only in Baria’s dreams this will happen.

    She loves to plant DM articles.

    • flower says:

      making things up about a woc, huh? interesing… how very DM of you.

    • Biscuit says:

      Baria does plant dumb stories all the time and you can usually tell because they usually have really over the top fawning tone and a lot of detail about Amal and the twins. This one’s from the Clooney’s side; it’s full of direct, exclusive-to-the-DM quotes from his cousin and a bunch of people from his hometown, with lots of references to the actual names of local businesses and intimate pics of the Clooneys.

      George probably sold this to his hometown folks as, “This is a story for YOU and your businesses,” but it’s really about him being a regular, wholesome Kentucky guy who, can you believe it, manages freaking Brit royal friendships AND hangs out with humble hometown folks, and who just *sigh* loves his wife so much. And the royal-godfather angle was the “bomb” in the headline to make the story go viral.

  11. me says:

    Was Prince Harry at George and Amal’s wedding (not sure if Harry and George knew each other at that time) ? Anyways, I would NEVER invite someone to my wedding if I wasn’t invited to theirs.

  12. Enn says:

    With absolutely no shade to Suits (because getting a full time gig on a network television show is a huge accomplishment), if Meghan and Amal are such good friends, why didn’t George make any introductions for Meg? Cast her in one of his projects? I recommend talented and capable friends in my own day-to-day, non-glamorous line of work.

    The relationship is weird to me.

    • Lily says:

      I honestly think they struck a friendship when Meghan moved to England. Nothing more or less. The press are just hyping it up.

  13. Flan says:

    No way. It will be Oprah.

  14. minx says:

    This sounds like yet another made up royal story.

  15. Elena says:

    That red dress! I just remember Amal was asked to please only wear it on the red carpet, and then she didn’t.

    • Bucketbot says:

      Yup. It’s a Tom Ford design. He was very put off. Anna Wintour also called her out. It’s a very nice dress and she looks good in it but I’m always going to remember this incident when i see Amal in this dress. I’d like to believe though that she didn’t mean any harm or disrespect but who knows?

    • Lady D says:

      I’m missing something here. Was Amal lent the dress for one red carpet appearance or did she buy the dress? Was it made for her? Why does Mr. Ford get to decide she only wears it once, and what does Ms. Wintour have to do with it?

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think it was that it was “only” for the red carpet, but she DIDNT wear it on the red carpet IIRC, right? She wore something else and then wore this later in the night and that’s why tom ford was so pissed- bc he thought he was designing her red carpet look, and if she wasn’t going to wear it on the red carpet, they didn’t want her to wear it at all.

        @LadyD – this is from the Met Gala this year. Tom Ford designed this dress for her but she did not wear it on the red carpet for the event, she changed into it later. Different sources dispute how big a deal this was, but the initial gossip was that ford was PISSED at the change.

      • KatMatz says:

        Tom Ford lent it to her. She does not own it. That’s how it works. He could ask for it back, which I hope he did. I recently saw a Azzedine Alaia exhibit in London and many of his red carpet looks were in it because the actress/singer/celebrity gave it back for his archives. Unless your Amal. Primadonna probably kept it.

      • Eliza says:

        I believe this was for the MET ball. She wore it to an after party after agreeing to wear it to the main event – I believe it was custom. Partnerships of celeb/designer is taken very seriously for this event. She went for a huge train instead that George had to wrangle.

      • Biscuit says:

        Yep, it was custom made for her on the basis it’d be the featured outfit for the Met, and it tooks weeks. When she changed her mind Ford’s people said that’s was okay but don’t wear it at all so they can give it to someone else to debut. Well, obviously she didn’t do that and naturally Tom Ford was annoyed. Wintour was exasperated she actually got changed in the gift shop. The clothes horse actually changed a third time that night, for the Rihanna afterparty, a Versace if I remember right.

      • windyriver says:

        I saw the gala exhibition, by chance; it was still on when I went to the Met this summer for something else. Never realized the gala involved an actual exhibit, thought it was just a social event. I looked at red carpet pictures later.

        The Tom Ford dress’ color is good (cardinal red) and the material interesting, but IMO the style is too understated, and somewhat uninspired, for this event. Not surprised that Amal chose a more elaborate outfit, especially if she got wind of what co-chair Rihanna was wearing. Of course, it was disrespectful to wear the Tom Ford later, when she was told they wanted to debut it elsewhere. No surprise though.

        But – unlike most other people, her actual red carpet dress had no relation to the theme of the evening. Maybe she should have stopped in the gift shop first and tried some pertinent accessorizing (the Met gift shop is basically a department store, lots of options).

        Some people wore outfits with overt religious symbolism, but others had subtle takes on the theme. Priyanka Chopra was fabulous in a dark red dress and gold hood. Blake Lively’s dress was a little much, but the spiked gold headpiece and embroidery reflected the couture in the exhibition, itself a take on clerical vestments (in another gallery, on special loan from the Vatican). The Tom Ford dress was blah by comparison.

        It was quite an exhibition, so many amazing garments, in an unusual space. Sorry I never made it up to the Cloisters to see the the rest.

      • PrincessK says:

        I remember the times Meghan had to hunt around to find designers willing to loan her a dress for a red carpet event, and how she was often turned down. She knows who these people are….lol!

  16. Mel says:

    If we’re going to throw out crazy names for god-parents how about The Obamas? That would just about kill White House Voldemort. LOL!!!

  17. Meg says:

    am I the only one who thinks this makes George look sad? He needs good press as his last few years in his career have not gone well so he literally pays for a wedding invitation he knew he would get tons and tons of press from? Others invited have shown years of support to royal charities but George hasn’t. the timing of his ‘interest’ in the charities is convenient. Hes best friends with cindy Crawford and her husband who ran around with kid rock and pam Anderson-I remember seeing an old paparazzi video of them all on a yaht each giving their husbands lap dances. that’s their taste-running around with kid rock who couldn’t get more low brow or white trash but George seems to know his career isn’t going well so he married a barrister, had kids after years of saying it just wasn’t for him, goes to royal weddings- it’s all to create a certain image. I thought maybe he met the right person and wanted a family he didn’t want before until he met the right person-that happens. But given this behavior, paying to get invited to a popular wedding, this is what he’ll do to get attention? its just sad IMO

  18. KatMatz says:

    Completely off topic here..but I get SO ANGRY when I see Amal in that beautiful Tom Ford red dress which she changed into at the Met Ball AFTER she walked the red carpet in that monstrosity of a gown (forgot the designer). Ford’s people and even Anna Wintour asked her not to change into it..let someone else wear it on a red carpetI But NO, Amal changed into it anyway because, well, she’s a narcissist and a jerk. And her preening for the cameras! I lost all respect. Just sayin….

  19. Corporatestepsister says:

    I think Clooney is unaware that this isn’t going to impress anyone and the BRF will not let him take any kind of custody or control over any children of Harry’s if something happens to Harry. It’s not like being a godparent is anything other than ceremonial in the case of the BRF. Clooney used to be hot stuff, but his rat pack schtick is worn out and his UN ‘work’ isn’t anything other than ornamental. He is old news and his movies suck because he loads it up with all sorts of philosophical symbolism that gets old after a while. He had a great run as a career, but there are newer generations and I am certain that he is eager to be important and be a player on the world stage, but it simply isn’t happening.

  20. Biscuit says:

    He “gave” his cousin “permission” (complete with a script) to do this story about how George is just one of us wholesome Kentucky guys. I agree with the poster up there saying it all looks sad. I have a legal background myself so I found him marrying a lawyer very interesting and have paid close attention to coverage of these two. Then he started irritating me with overtalking her – and it wasn’t just the usual loving husband stuff – and I realised he has a serious agenda. He’s said he’d never get married, never have kids, and never go into politics. I think the last declaration is obviously another one he means to go back on. He just does not seem smart, cool, collected, and intelligent about shaping his image for a political role. His wife is totally out of control with her attention seeking, and he just seems lost and scared of sliding into irrelevance. With the royal connections, he looks more like a suck, all sycophantic and obsequious than an equal or the power player he obviously wants to be.

    As for Harry and Meghan, I wonder how they feel about being “used” in this way for PR? I notice the palace has actually confirmed some of these holidaying-at-the-Clooneys-in-Italy stories. I don’t think Harry is very bright and this hobnobbing-with-celebrities is Meghan’s idea for boosting their relatability.

    Also, for the record, Amal is a successful junior to mid-career lawyer, nothing more. You can easily find thousands of lawyers more experienced and elite than her in any big city. The difference is they work in areas of law that are in a sense obscure to the general public, in contrast to more public-interest-related areas like the int criminal law and HR work she’s done. This is not trying to take down a successful woman but pointing out her PR has been building her up to untruthful heights. Please feel free to look up some big law firms and their lawyers’ profiles and you’ll see a whole list of publications along with impressive, significant cases they’ve worked on. She’s still a baby in legal terms and will not get much further with the very few hours a week she puts in. Also, I was expecting her Vogue spread to sort of give some background to her fashion obsession. I expected her to have kind of an intellectual, nerdy take on women’s fashion, some sort of brainy explanation for loving great clothing, like understanding of fashion history or the importance of the industry as a commercial force or whatever, but she had nothing deep to say about fashion (I’m certain they would have included it if she had) or anything at all. The people commenting she takes whole outfits straight off the catwalk and has a haphazard style were right. This woman is as shallow as they come and what you see – the fame-crazed woman constantly seeking out the paps and wearing designer gear in order to get papped – is what you get.

  21. knowitall says:

    I don’t think this is true and it just shows how thirstay George and Amal are.