The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are benevolent, conciliatory PR geniuses

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit the BBC

As we’ve well established, royal courtiers and a handful of royal family members don’t really care for the Duchess of Sussex. They’ve spent the past two weeks dragging Poor Meg for everything. She is responsible for all of the white tears in the UK, especially the tears of the Duchess of Steel Marshmallows, which must have been some sort of ingenious Middleton branding to remind everyone of Boomf. As the Mail on Sunday detailed in an exhaustive piece, the “war” between the Cambridges and Sussexes is real, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The Mail also claimed that the war had gotten so bad that the Cambridges really were going to avoid Sandringham at Christmas this year, which I thought was interesting because… it was always going to be Will and Kate’s year to go to Bucklebury. It felt like the “war” was getting more play so that Will and Kate would have an excuse to just do what they wanted to do anyway, which is go to Middleton Manor for Christmas. But just hours after Team Cambridge put that information out there, Kensington Palace courtiers (Poor Jason) had to backtrack to multiple media outlets and say that actually, Will and Kate plan to spend Christmas at Sandringham after all. People Magazine confirmed that, as did the Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes, who made note of the fact that “off the record briefings” were happening in various palaces, with communications officers being sent out to tamp down the speculation about the war between the two camps.

So what can we tell from this? While I always maintained that this was off-year for the Cambridges to spend Christmas in Bucklebury, I’ve also said repeatedly that Will and Kate would likely look for an excuse to spend Christmas at Sandringham, and get a lot of face-time and camera-time with the Queen and Prince Charles, because they couldn’t allow Meghan to get all of that attention. Is it possible that William and Kate orchestrated this entire psychodrama so that they would have an “excuse” to spend Christmas at Sandringham, and get “credit” for being conciliatory towards that impossible Black Diva Meg? And if that’s not enough, The Sun dropped this little piece yesterday, which comes across as extremely threatening towards the Sussexes:

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s “tit-for-tat war” could “bring the monarchy to its knees”, a royal insider has claimed. It comes as pregnant Meghan and Prince Harry, 34, revealed they would be leaving the home they currently share with the Cambridges at Kensington Palace.

The royal source told the Sun Online: “Meghan would be very unwise to get involved in a tit for tat war with Kate or anyone else. That is what Charles and Diana did through third parties and it brought the monarchy to its knees. A dignified silence is the best course. I’m sure there are tensions between Kate and Meghan but I also think they will work them out.”

[From The Sun]

Royal bitch please. The source is basically telling Meghan that if she tries to fight back in any way, Kate will make sure the whole world knows that Mean Angry Black Diva Meg made Poor White Kate cry repeatedly, and all Kate wanted to do was be a rule-following marshmallow!! As for Diana and Charles almost bringing down the monarchy…Diana understood her power, and she was an excellent tactician, but she lacked the longer-term vision to really understand the deeper impacts her war would have on future generations. Mostly, Diana learned how to stand up and fight for herself and her own short-term interests, and to see that being used as a cautionary tale to silence Meghan is…quite telling.

Cenotaph Remembrance Parade

Cenotaph Remembrance Parade

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  1. Sassy says:

    William is heartless to attack his pregnant sister in law in the press like this. To turn on his brother, I knew he always put Harry down but I thought that at least he loved his brother. This move just looks like he hates him.

    • Rulla says:

      This isn’t a family, it’s a den of wolves.

    • Roxie says:

      I have been waiting for this backlash for a while now. I think the nail in the coffin was the very very VERY successful Tour that Harry & Meg’s took back in the fall. The crowds & the good will. The only negative thing that they ( the press try to spin) was the announcement of their growing family. The announcement after the Wedding. But outside of that That TOUR was massive & brought the RF & Harry/ Meg’s great publicity. Meg & harry did jump ahead of William & Kate. I don’t really think that it is Will’s & Kate but their PR people & the teams. I remember the same thing going on when Andrew & Sarah got married. Andrew was younger & more light hearted & fun( At that time) . & Charles was older & more still at that time. The same thing happen when William went to college. Charles’s court Kind of set up Edward with that hole filming thing. They spun it that Edward was selling out William at college. After that Edward just pretty much threw in the bag. He & Charles from what I read where not on good terms for years afterward. I think the same thing is going on here. Have your noticed that after the wedding Will’s & kate are doing PDA’s. & Kate is making more public appearance than usual. Hell even her mother now is giving interviews WTH?????

      . I think that it is a good thing that Harry & Meg’s move out of KP & Set up their own shop. Enjoy the holidays & each other, because before they know it, there will be a third. Just saw a Pic of Meg’s she is really out there.

      • Anare says:

        Ditto Roxie. Remember when the Sussex’s were on tour and there was a blurb, maybe in the Daily Beast, can’t remember, but it mentioned how William takes after his father in being jealous of anyone else getting attention. The article said that Kate has learned to fade back so they won’t have ugliness like when Charles sulked because Diana stole the spotlight from him. Apparently William is just like his dad in that regard. The article cautioned Harry and Meg that getting all that attention, love and media coverage was going to cause pissiness back at the palace. And here we are. Tell me again that William’s camp isn’t behind this ugliness. I’m a little surprised the Queen or Charles isn’t telling William or his people to STFU unless they have and William is doing it anyway. I might be a nobody from nowheresville but at least my family doesn’t shit on each other like this. 🙄

  2. Serphina says:

    IF Wills and Kate really are such PR geneuses, that speaks volumes for how shaken they are by H and M (their popularity and her ease with the public).

    Wish the drama would stop. Two brothers with families who have the platform to do so much and we get the war of the Marshmallows. Sad.

    • Roux says:

      They’re clearly not PR geniuses and this is getting more ridiculous by the day. If they were PR geniuses, it would look a lot less like this was coming from their camp. Why on earth would they put out so many horrible stories, which come across so badly and cause everyone to point fingers in their direction? Maybe I’m thinking around corners but it seems much more likely that this is being made to look like them. They’re not coming out of this entirely favourably either. Maybe someone else is the puppet master?

      Would William really destroy his relationship with his brother just to have Christmas with the Middletons? William and Kate have plenty of faults but this is starting to make them sound like sociopaths.

      • Serphina says:

        No one knows who may have spread the gossip. Leaks may have come from inside the Cambridge Camp and it’s not like Kate or Wills are showing or saying that it’s not the case. Doesn’t take much for rumors to start.

        What ever the case may be with both camps, this needs to stop. Just makes everyone look bad.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        They were never too savvy with PR to begin with in my opinion. It’s not hard to believe they went all in without realizing how heavy handed the stories looked.

      • Natalie S says:

        Even if it wasn’t them, (and I think it was partly them) Kate was not smart to do so many rewears because it clearly shows a public reaction on her part to Meghan.

        I think they wanted to go to Bucklebury but devalue Meghan’s first married Christmas with the Windsors. They’re doing the RAF Christmas celebration, William is upping his numbers, Thrifty Kate is wearing her old clothes, and there’s an enormous smear campaign against Meghan about no one liking her so that when she does the walk to church with the family, that’s what people will be thinking of and not about how close the Sussexes are with the Windsors.

        And the happy, normal Christmas will be over in Bucklebury with a Christmas tree each for George and Charlotte. Except now plans have changed and the Cambridges have been told to go to Sandringham for Christmas.

      • Mac says:

        Kate and her sister both had babies this year. I think Kate probably wanted to spend the holidays with here family because they do so every other year and this is the “other” year and its even more special with the new babies. That said, Philip’s health is so poor, it may well be his last Christmas and William may want to spend the holiday with his family. I don’t think anyone was “ordered” to spend Christmas at Sandringham, I think it is the same balancing act we all do when figuring out our holiday plans.

    • Vava says:

      The Cambridges would be smart to shut this entire thing down and be aggressive about it.

      • Serphina says:

        Vava, EXACTLY.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes. If this isn’t coming from the Cambridges – it sure looks like it is, so they need to counteract that ASAP. If it is coming from them, they should realize they overplayed their hand and this is just super messy and petty, and they need to stop and shut it down.

      • ----- says:

        But if they aren’t t causing it what can they do? They can’t control mm and her behavior. And they can’t protect her…if she’s rude she’s gonna get called out by someone. Will and Kate aren’t her minders. Or her nanny. She’s almost forty and it seems being single that long has made her a bit self centered.

      • Jaded says:

        @——: MM’s behaviour has been nothing but flawless. All this nit-picking and sh*t flinging is nothing but fatuous, petty BS. Furthermore, she hasn’t been “single for a long time”, she was in a relationship and prior to that was married. Why don’t you take your racist nonsense to some other blog.

      • emerson says:

        ^^ ” They can’t control mm and her behavior. And they can’t protect her…”
        Protect her from what? Ambition? The need to fufill her duties?
        The sun? Actually being “keen” about baking/cooking?

        “…if she’s rude she’s gonna get called out by someone. Will and Kate aren’t her minders. Or her nanny…”
        I’m guessing actually performing duties and giving THREE SPEECHES on her1st royal tour and disregarding the Duke & Duchess of Lazy’s rules of royal tours (lots of lightweight events & days off).

        “…She’s almost forty and it seems being single that long has made her a bit self centered.”
        Of course being in your late 30′s single and with job security makes you self-centered. LOL!!
        Put the bottle down

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Cambridges are not smart, never have been and never will. They’ve banked on their alleged popularity (I don’t put much stock in polls) to pull this and its blown up in their smug faces.

        Its not yet at the point they will push back on it but they might simply because Carole is getting backlash from the tabloids for her interviews. Neither of these 2 interviews has painted her in a good light, all it does is prove the narrative surrounding her as the ultimate controlling, pushy stage mother. Carole may have started the PP idea and was behind its growth in the early years but I still think Mike and Uncle Gary were the ones that drove it forward (Gary with his money and Mike from a businessman sense). I think once the Great Prince Hunt began she took a step back from it to support Kate in getting her Prince.

      • Mac says:

        And here is further proof why Harry and Meghan need their own staff. Poor Jason clearly doesn’t have a clue how to handle this. Even if it is William and Kate spreading all of this crap, he still needs to be messaging that it isn’t because it makes them look terrible. And if it isn’t them, he has no idea how to control, much less change, the narrative.

        I don’t buy that William and Kate would be this blatant. I think Charles is driving this because it is making both couples look bad. I’m waiting for Charles to step in and once again, heroically, save the day.

      • Tina says:

        That theory relies on William and Kate cooperating. Charles has very little influence over them.

      • Roux says:

        I think it’s strange that even Harry is yet to say anything so I think the fact that the Cambridges haven’t said much publicly, doesn’t mean anything. Harry was all over it very quickly when the press got involved before they were engaged. This is considerably worse and yet there is just silence.

    • Himmiefan says:

      I don’t begrudge Will and Kate any success they have…as long as they’re not behind these rumors. I hope they realize people are starting to point fingers at them. I also hope the Queen knights Meghan outside of the church on Christmas day and then loudly announces that Meg is her favorite in the family. And gives her a key to the tiara room.

  3. anniefannie says:

    Id think since this could likely be Prince Phillips last Christmas would be the primary reason for W & K attendance

    • Lucia says:

      It does sound like it. Philip has been winding down for a while now. But I could also see him lasting another decade out of stubbornness.

    • Wilma says:

      I would suspect that there are some concerns for the queen’s health too. People get too hung up on where to spend christmas anyway.

    • Casi says:

      I agree. When my husband’s grandparents were in their 90s we re-arranged a few Christmases because “this could be Grandma and Grandpa’s last Christmas.”

  4. Patty says:

    Am I the only one who finds all this drama boring? It’s like world’s most tedious soap opera starring a bunch of people who are rather dull and living a life of such privilege they’ve got nothing better to do. It’s all so messy and sloppy it makes all involved look ridiculous, petty, and immature.

    • Rosie says:

      @Patty Sunset Beach was so much more exciting. 😉

    • Beth says:

      I agree. Getting as boring as a reality show like the Kardashians or the Real House Wives. It’s not like they’re the only family to have soap opera drama disagreements, and we don’t know if it’s even true or if British tabloids are making stories up to get readers interested and keep them hooked on following the daily reports.

      General Hospital was so much more exciting years ago

    • AnnaKist says:

      Hahahaha! It’s just after midnight here in Sydney, and they’re playing a repeat episode of The Windsors on the telly as I type… Wills is green with envy at how the Sussexes have so quickly become popular. The Cambridges need to get off their royal arses and get to work. (Gosh, Kate is the dead ringer for one of my good friends, especially since she did away with those here horrid overplucked bows.)

      • windyriver says:

        @AnnaKist – IKR? Doesn’t take a PR genius to figure out W&K need to get out there and work. And ditch the big initiatives (Broken Britain?) that set them up for failure because they don’t have the experience or skill to handle them – seven years of coasting took their toll. Focus on their interests (there must be something), any assets they do have (at least Will is the heir), get out there, and at least act like you want to be present.

        H&M didn’t actually do a lot of things this year, but the tour and book event showed they were willing to work, and engage with people. It wasn’t just about charisma.

        @Erinn, you make some good points. I agree none of them really want to give up a life of privilege, but I’d probably think about a normal life too if I had to put up with all the scrutiny and BS.

        However, I think Will and Harry are very different, and Harry now is not who he was when he was younger. If he were, he’d have picked a different wife. Harry spent ten years in the military, and seems to have learned from that. He appears to be a person with goals and objectives beyond himself. He’s also got his father as an example. Charles has many flaws, but he works hard and has done good things. Besides, the Obamas like Harry, so there must be some value there!

        As people have pointed out, W&K are the historical outliers regarding their work ethic, and I’d say your last few sentences describe Will much more than Harry at this point. Will has set up his cozy trust fund kid life within the RF, and that world is being seriously rocked. They’re trying to compete using a PR battle they’re likely to lose, because there’s no substance to their public life, and people know it. Meghan and Harry meanwhile are good at what they do, more people will get to personally know Meghan as time goes by, and this kind of smear campaign (she made Kate cry!) will look even sillier than it does now.

        Plus, as mentioned in the other article today, H&M are about to play the baby card, take away one of W&K’s advantages (the kids!) and give Charles the opportunity to look like grandpa, which Will has reportedly been reluctant to do…

        @Leyton made a good point in a weekend comment about how Charles screwed up when younger trying to compete with Diana via PR, a battle he was bound to lose, and how he’s learned from that how other people’s strengths (e.g. H&M) can be used to reflect well on him. Harry already knows that, and isn’t threatened by Meghan’s popularity. Will has a ways to go before he learns that lesson, and it’s likely to be a rough ride.

        But at least he’ll have several lovely homes and lots of staff to cushion the impact while he ponders it all.

    • Erinn says:

      Same. There’s the odd story that’s slightly amusing to me -but honest to god I truly believe that commenters are more upset over all of this (whether real or fabricated) than Meghan, Harry, Will, or Kate.

      I honestly doubt it’s nearly as big of a thing as it’s been made out to be in the press and by the comments. I think for the most part, people have their die hard duchess or whatever and they’re looking for upset where there might not even be any. I know Meghan has taken a lot from the press that’s been over the top racist – but not every single comment is. If someone says her pants are too long it PROBABLY just means they think her pants are too long. When it gets to the point where people are making lists of things each player is thinking, it’s gotten a bit out of hand. We don’t know these people. Everyone is taking some basic speculation and the odd quote – often out of context – and making up backstories and motives.

      Do I think they play the PR games? Absolutely. But they all do. Every single one of them does it because they know being relevant is important. Meghan puts on a face, Harry puts on a face, Kate puts on a face, and William puts on a face – they literally are only of importance if the public cares about them. They all know what stories make them look great – they all scheme to some degree to achieve their goals. None of them are saints. None of them are villains. It’s gotten so far out of hand that it comes off as people are personally about to cry or scream because they’re SO wound up over a vague story from the press depending on who is coming out the alleged victor of the story.

      And my god – I am so tired of hearing how fragile pregnant women are. Someone grab the freaking smelling salts because a story might come out where Meghan – WHO DOESN’T READ THE GOSSIP – might come off looking like someone slighted her. I remember there was quite a lot of b-tching about Kate – despite being pregnant. But as soon as Meghan gets pregnant it’s a case of “WE NEED TO PROTECT THIS ADULT WOMAN” even though she has literally said she doesn’t read all the stupid stories that get made up about her. It doesn’t mean that magazines should go out of their way to be cruel – and it does not excuse the racist bullsh-t that has been written. But a pregnant woman is not some delicate flower who can’t make it through every day life – it’s so patronizing the way women are treated because they CHOSE to have a child.

      And at the end of the day – every single one of these people have actively chosen this life. Meghan knew what she was getting into. Kate knew what she was getting into. Will and Harry both are actively choosing to live this life when they could just leave it all behind. But they LOVE the privilege. ALL OF THEM. They love being adored, they love their lifestyle. They’ve made it pretty clear that the negative aspects that they complain about are outweighed by the kind of life they get to lead. And my god, it gets tiring to hear them longing for ‘normal’ lives – I give the women in this situation some props because I don’t recall either of them complaining like their husbands have. But they don’t WANT normal lives. They want privileged trust fund kid lives. And even then – they know that their current lives afford them so much more opportunities and comfort than even the lives of their rich kid friends. But they’ll never leave because they don’t actually WANT to be responsible for their own income and life choices. They’d rather play the duty card so that they can blame anything they are unhappy about on someone else’s choices.

      • OriginalLala says:

        your last paragraph is soooo spot on!!!!

      • Rosie says:

        Well said.

      • Rulla says:

        It’s not about being fragile while pregnant but rather whatever stress a pregnant woman feels is transferred to the fetus. That’s the problem with all of this. IF Meghan feels any stress from all this drama it’ll directly affect the fetus.

      • Tina says:

        99% of pregnant women have to deal with stress. The stress of a job, of looking after existing children, of cooking, cleaning, everyday existence. Meghan has none of those stresses. I’m pretty sure she can handle this.

      • Piper says:

        I think you ubderestimate character assassination then. And you’re pretending it’s no big deal for every media outlet in U.K. to carry for 6+ months negative stories about who you are and rewriting your story because of who you are and now who you’ve married. Sure it’s not upsetting to maybe W&K, why would it be. Media has not attacked their character in these stories, or even the past, following Wills around or dressing boring are non stories. This is different and really Kaiser points out, it’s non stop. Kate’s been pregnant 3 times, point out when they’ve attacked her this much while with child?

      • Rulla says:

        I’m aware, Tina. I’m pregnant myself and deal with the type of stress you mention. But, it’s nowhere the type or level of stress she has to deal with. The type of stress she has to deal with is unnecessary and if it’s truly coming from her husband’s family then I’m sure it’s even more distressing not having people in your corner.

      • Tina says:

        I don’t think what Meghan has to deal with is right at all, and I’m not trying to belittle it. But it’s not every media outlet in the UK. It’s specific tabloids, which are easily avoided. This is not being reported on the TV news. If Meghan wants to avoid it, and I very much hope she does, then she can do that.

      • Anitas says:

        So true. The comments on these posts are amazing and amusing, there is so much wild projection on this family whose every public appearance is choreographed to details and who will never directly confirm or refute anything, so anything goes! Fill in the blanks based on who you personally like or dislike.

      • Pandy says:

        Bravo – your last paragraph says it all. I don’t buy any of these stories anyway. And there’s too much coverage of them here (aside from the fashion coverage). Meghan is not the second coming of anything. None of them are.

      • befrazzled says:

        Coming out of perpetual lurkdom to say HEAR HEAR!!! Yes to literally everything you just said.

      • Skipper says:

        AGREE!! I think Meghan is going to be ok. I’m sure women who had their spouse/partner die while they were pregnant, had complications, lost their job (or their spouse did, have a family member get sick and so on would tell you that a few trashy tabloids printing nasty stories about Meghan is nothing to worry about.

      • Natalie S says:

        Having to worry about the people you interact with because your actions might be twisted into a tabloid story will take a toll on anyone. And this is the follow up to the press giving her abusive family a platform to harass her. Meghan can work more. No one is saying she’s too fragile to work. But months of harassment by the press is going to affect her, pregnant or not.

        I’ve criticized Meghan’s clothes and I very clearly like her. The problem is not about being criticized because her pants are too long, it’s that very often the same poster will in that comment or another comment say something racist or clearly about singling out Meghan for something they don’t have a problem with when done by other royals.

      • Huh says:

        What a crock @Rulla if that’s the case all pregnant women should go on maternity leave straight after conception.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Huh. You think all women should go on maternity leave right after conception if they’re stressed out about being harassed by their husband’s family?

      • mynameispearl says:

        Erinn, this comment is 100% spot on!!!

        This is all a Royal soap opera to distract us from actual important issues, they may or may not get on, whatever… 95% of these stories and comments are pure conjecture. The daily fail is gunning for Meghan, like they used to gun for Kate, and Fergie before that. They also absolutely hated Diana, until she died and the narrative swung in her favour. Total crap, all of it. Meghan is probably a very nice girl, as is Kate. The Royal family will never be useful, or relavant. The real aim of the game is to promote themselves (ie via a Royal Tour) to achieve positive PR in order for the public to still feel affection for them so they don’t start grumbling for a Republic. Any charity that happens along the way is still to further the PR (even if the actual person carrying out the charity work genuinely believes in it). All this ‘work’ cutting ribbons, visiting cities, smiling, waving… it just adds to the Royal bank of affection. Both princes having pretty photogenic wives is a must, its why an event without one of the wives doesnt get even half as much coverage, and why Ann and Sophie do loads of ‘work’ but us regular folk dont really care… give us Kate or Meghan and lets see their clothes/ hair or dont bother please.

        If the 2 duchesses were able to team up to do events together the public would go wild, they could leave the husbands at home.

      • Anitas says:

        Just to get some perspective here. It’s not been “every media outlet in UK”, there’s a selection of tabloid trash like Daily Mail, Express, The Sun and Pierce Morgan riling up their racist readers and I agree that’s horrendous. Any respectable media outlet, of which there are quite a few, either don’t bother with royal gossip or report stories in a generally neutral way. Royal fans like to think that Meghan is some impressive mover and shaker but in reality she’s just not particularly interesting to most people aside from some big event like her wedding or childbirth. Neither are Kate or William or Harry or anyone but the queen.

        And funny you should mention Kate, while she was pregnant with Louis there have been quite a few comments flying around about another royal parasite on the taxpayers teat or variations of that… If you think that’s not attacking or upsetting a pregnant woman, I don’t know what your criteria are.

      • Rulla says:

        Huh, there’s pretty solid research detailing how maternal stress negatively affects fetal development. Your personal opinion is irrelevant.

      • MrsBeast says:

        Erinn–FINALLY a voice of reason. It is tiresome to read the same blogger here constantly make this into White Duchess vs Black Duchess or reading how people here feel the need to make a grown ass woman an infant because she is carrying a child. I mean seriously….

    • Trashaddict says:

      Yes, and two words in response: Grow up.

  5. Kittycat says:

    William and Kate are not genius’.

    Their pr plans aren’t complex.

    They just have the support from within the palace to get their way.

    I hope once William is king harry and Meghan have established a completely separate life.

  6. Rosie says:

    I thought when it was revealed (no idea who by) that Doria was invited for Christmas at Sandringham, it was said to be because TQ had issued a grand edict that everyone should be together this year. Diana should be a cautionary tale to ALL of them. Hopefully they will all be together at their friends memorial Carol service today and peace on Royal earth will descend.

  7. Claire Voyant says:

    If everyone looks no further than the Cambridges as saboteurs could we not be missing the real culprit(s) behind Meghan’s attacks?

    • terra says:

      Interesting idea, but then who else could it be?

      There’s no question that Andrew had a little hand in it around Eugenie’s wedding, but the vast majority of the stories lack the ‘me, me, me’ feel about Andrew to be coming from him.

      And who is most affected by this coverage? Will and Kate, who, until now, received more attention than most anyone.

      To be fair, I think a good portion of this is coming from Will himself and his dislike for anyone being fawned over more than him, but Kate likely doesn’t much care for the comparisons either. She was the glamourous one until Meghan showed up. Now what does she have? She’s had no real initiatives beyond her sporadic mental health appearances. And Meghan is having a baby right when Kate is likely done, so she can’t even pull attention that way.

      Will and Kate used their relative popularity to cover the fact that they don’t really work all that much. Now that strategy is being questioned even more thoroughly than before. Plus, Doria being welcomed into the RF in a way that the Middleton’s have not is likely also quite concerning to them.

      The British press isn’t helping matters with the disgusting current of racism running through the majority of the stories, but the sources are likely all coming from the same place – and I just can’t see who else it could possibly be.

      • Becks1 says:

        Good analysis/overview.

        Andrew could be behind some of these stories, for sure. I don’t think he is behind all of them because honestly, I doubt he is out to tear Meghan down just for funsies. Tear her down to make Eugenie look better, or to remind people of how the blood princesses should get better treatment than the newcomers, or whatever – sure. But it just doesn’t make sense for all of these stories.

        I think your comment about how Kate and Will were able to use their popularity to somewhat conceal their lack of work is pretty dead on. Yes yes, William has worked a great deal more this year, and that’s great. But their image of being lazy royals is pretty set. I think its going to take a few years of increasing their workload to make that completely go away.

    • Kerfuffle says:

      Because that would require thinking beyond the easy “Will and Kate are the worst” narrative.

      Personally, I think that a lot doesn’t add up. A lot of the anti-Meghan stuff that has been lobbed about seems to be taking existing items and turning them into a narrative. That weird tiara story speaks volumes to me – there’s no tiara that ever fit that bill, and yet the account was given by 2 of the more reliable royal sources who swear it was factual while utterly ignoring that it makes no sense.

      Personally, I think that Meghan is being put in her place by someone other than the Cambridge’s or the York’s.

    • Bluthfan says:

      It’s the Cambridges. There is no other royalty that is higher than Harry in rank who stands to gain from this Meghan trashing. At this point Kate fans are being delusional in denying it.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that Kate’s mothers gave 2 interviews as of late? I find it odd, givensne hasntspoken a peep, that she has know given 2 interviews and will be the cover of a magazine? And she mentioned how Charlotte and George gave their own trees in their respective rooms to trim it to their delight?

  8. Ellie says:

    Meg, please remember,even if most of your family or in laws don’t support you, the rest of the world does. Take care of yourself and your new family and keep doing your thing

    • Advika says:

      If only people cared as much for other people as “the whole world” cares for Meghan. She’s in a super privileged position. She doesn’t care about random nobodies on the internet supporting her. However, some random nobody out there might really appreciate an ounce of this OTT sympathy or care that is heading the way of a very well off woman who chose and strove to get where she is now. I wish her very well, but there is an uncomfortable amount of vicarious living and/or colonial flag waving going on that, as an Indian, I find incredibly distasteful.

      • ValiantlyVarnished says:

        Wow. This comment is both presumptuous AND judgmental. This post is ABOUT Meghan. People declaring their support for her doesn’t negate their support for others. As a Black Muslim woman I can have support for the women within my community who are discriminated against and still have emapthy and understanding for Meghan. I find the judgment for showing her sympathy rather distasteful tbh.

      • Nat says:

        Couldn’t have said it better! Very much this.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        @ValiantlyVarnished so true that support for one, who seemingly has it all, doesn’t negate support for others. I find that goodwill and a new perspective on how a wider community shows empathy and intelligence is very helpful on a tough day. I’ve become less harsh and optimistic over time, well I think I always was that way, but growing up in the situations I did made a rough outside necessary for survival. So now I don’t apologize for believing that Meghan and Harry care about “random nobodies” and that fair play put out into the world, directed at whomever, benefits us all.

      • Jaded says:

        And what, if I might ask, is wrong with what Meghan is attempting to do with her position? She’s not lazing around or doing the bare minimum…quite the opposite, and she’s choosing wonderful causes that highlight the need for certain other royals to get the eff off their royal arses and pay it forward. Harry has proven he cares for random nobodies, as has Meghan, and so let’s stop all this nonsense and support what they’re doing. If only everyone with the money and status “chose and strove” to work as hard as they are at making the world a better place….the world would be a better place.

      • Betsy says:

        Who is “colonial flag waving,” precisely?

      • Anitas says:

        Harry and Meghan, just like other royals, only care about the random nobodies up to the point they have to change their ludicrously expensive overly privileged entirely unfair lifestyle. Their whole status is based on an intrinsic social inequality and unfairness, how could they possibly model fair play? To hear them talk about wanting to make the world a better place, then partake in the whole Duke and Duchess pomp, “which 15 bedroom mansion should we move into now” is just ridiculous. By all means it’s great that they’re doing something for the less fortunate. But lets not blow it out of proportion.

      • hershey says:

        Have to agree. Have had and continue to have sympathy for her problems with her Dad in public. It’s an area I care about professionally.

        But other than those family problems, we do not know Meghan or any of these people.

        The British royal family and it’s drama is interesting, but again we don’t know these people. Watching the institution and the changes it goes through with time and new members is fun.

      • Nat says:

        No one said she was doing anything wrong with her position. But let’s not get carried away either. They do mostly PR, mostly on their own terms. They aren’t exactly risking their lives to cure ebola – now if the world wants to support someone…
        Also, many people with status and money earned their status and money, so, unlike this family, they have marketable skills and businesses to run, which prevents them from doing PR as a full-time job.

  9. Lizzie says:

    i want to know the details of kate and her makeup artist. they seem like they are in a war…

  10. Enn says:

    This entire thing is completely out of hand. The leaks, the click bait, the fan fic, all of it.

  11. My3cents says:

    This hallmark lifetime movie is quickly turning into some Game Of Thrones shit.
    Personally I’m for getting Megs some dragons and letting her slay them all.

  12. Becks1 says:

    So the Cambridges can attack Meghan and she is just supposed to maintain a “dignified silence”? Seems reasonable. And also definitely seemed like a threat.

    As to the source – some royals are more PR-savvy than others, yes, and sometimes there may be more than meets the eye, etc. but overall I think very few are PR geniuses and the easiest answer is probably the right answer – that the leaks are coming from Camp Cambridge. That just makes more sense than Andrew is involved in some sort of plot to fake a war between William and Harry because he’s pissed about the wedding, or that Charles has this elaborate scheme to sow discord between the brothers so that in a few months he can swoop in as the hero.* These stories all make Meghan look diva-esque, Kate looks like the victim, etc.

    *(YES I think that some of the stories could be from Charles or Andrew. But probably not all of them or even the bulk.)

    I said the other day that I think its obvious when its from the Cambridges because of how Kate is portrayed, but I also think its obvious bc of how William is portrayed. In some of these stories he comes across as kind of an ass but you can twist it just enough to see that he prob thinks he comes across as reasonable (like the story about not being welcoming to Meghan. At first glance – sounds like an ass – but there were how many comments on here defending his behavior and talking about how protective he is of his family etc.) So to me that’s another sign that so many of these stories are from the Cambridges. They are TRYING to portray William a certain way and its kind of falling flat.

    • Vintage says:

      Why would Charles be at the heart of this since they are so many reports he is supportive of Meghan?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Vintage – exactly. But many insist that all of this *waves arms around* is coming from him so that he can look like the good benevolent father/father in law who is the peacemaker etc.

      • Kerfuffle says:

        Didn’t the tiara story come from one of his recent profiles?

      • Tina says:

        The tiara story allegedly leaked from outtakes from his biographer, who didn’t publish the story in the book. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Charles had anything to do with the story, just that Jobson heard it while researching the book.

    • ----- says:

      Did harry recently make her ditch jm. What about Megan going to Lainey gossip about Kate early on? That I’m sure did not sit well with anyone in the family. And I’m sure they kissed up to her because they didn’t want her blabbing as well. Wrong way to start out I need a new family for sure.

    • Betsy says:

      I don’t really see anyone but the Cambridges, either. Trashing his sister in law isn’t going to prevent Andrew’s name from coming up if Epstein’s sweetheart deal gets tossed and he goes back on trial. Trashing his daughter in law and son isn’t going to make Charles look like a hero. This is all the Cambridges trying to look innocent.

  13. sage says:

    The tabloids are begging for a Charles vs Diana repeat with this Will vs Meghan.
    The monarchy will not fall because some people don’t like the irrelevant sixth in lines wife.

  14. LS says:

    I kind of get annoyed that the “mean black meghan” narrative is being used here when william and Kate have given no indication they think this about her its just speculation. Maybe they really do have an issue, I have had issues with my sisters in laws it does not have to be race related nor does it mean that Will and Kate are trying to make her look like the “mean black lady” Please. And I’m a black/hispanic woman myself but i find this narrative annoying. Its possible to not like meghan without it being race related. Remember one fact, we really do not know these people. We only know how they present themselves to us through the media.

    • MCV says:

      if you have problems with your family/people just in general you don’t go straight to the press, you solve it like two adults but these “leaks” are coming from someone and it’s only normal to think it’s coming from the Cambridge.

      • LS says:

        Your absolutely right. My issue is that it’s not always race related. People are always adding in that Will and Kate are trying to make her look bad because shes half black and all I’m saying is it could be a million other reasons why they don’t like her. Could just be straight up plane ole jealousy based on her beauty, the media attention she gets etc. It’s not always THIS
        “Kate will make sure the whole world knows that Mean Angry Black Diva Meg made Poor White Kate cry repeatedly”

    • Mich says:

      It is the British press that has established the “mean/uppity black woman” trope against her. Quite transparently. And given that the press has established it, it is more than fair to cast press stories about her in that light.

    • ValiantlyVarnished says:

      You may be annoyed by it but it’s an accurate description of what is happening with these stories. As a black woman my radar for this kind of thing is especially sensitive and considering that even white people see it within the narrative , it is hardly subtle. You may not “think” it’s about race. But all evidence is to the contrary. Dating back to DM writing about Meghan being “Straight Out of Compton” which was not only inaccurate but a pretty obvious dog-whistles. And while the dog-whistles have become more subtle they are still very much there.

      • OCE says:

        @V.V. and @MICH – thank you for trying to explain to @LS, who claims to be black/latino. It is exhausting trying to repeatedly explain obvious, blatant racism; like, is the world round or is it flat? Is the sky blue or is it green?

      • Nat says:

        it’s quite ridiculous to claim that anything is an “accurate description” on a gossip site. It’s speculation! Hearsay from unconfirmed, possibly non-existent sources that print and re-print rumors. Unless we’ve met them personally or we have sources going on record over this, nothing here is even descriptive, let alone accurate.

    • Skipper says:

      I think her being American and an actress has a lot to do with the negative stories tbh.

  15. Agenbiter says:

    Sorry PR geniuses, claiming that the shockingly vicious attacks on Meghan are now ‘boring’ is not going to make this all go away.

    Twitter hashtag #MyPalaceSource is alive and well

    • Cee says:

      I’ve never laughed so hard while on Twitter. This hashtag is everything. I hope every royal reporter and mean aide is eating shite right now.

      • Bluthfan says:

        Me too. The whole lot deserves to be named and shamed for their bullshit

      • Nic919 says:

        Richard Palmer had a fit and was complaining to Jack Dorsey about it. I guess the peasants can’t think for themselves anymore. Others like Omid Scobie and Emily Andrews appreciated the humour.

    • Becks1 says:

      omg its hilarious. People can be so brilliant sometimes lol.

    • Mego says:

      Twiiter can be a great vehicle for speaking truth to power and holding people to account. This is a fine example and it’s funny too.

  16. OCE says:

    I said this on a another post, I think it is smart for H+M to let these awful stories play out. Next time we see them will be walking alongside the Queen and Prince Charlea, with Doria walking alongside them as well. Meghan is within the fold and has a royal child on the way, nothing can change that, ever.

    I hope Meghan and Doria leverage connections to PR geniuses like Oprah and FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama survived the “angry black woman” slander by focusing, waited it out, and by the 2012 election was seen as “the closer” on the campaign trail. I think this is what she was trying to tell Meghan in her very public advice – everything will be alright.
    Black women being painted as angry and threatening is the oldest trick in the white book – it wont work here, but they can continue to try and waste their time. Hope Meghan will stay focused on what is important and hopefully does what she wants to do with her platform alongside Harry. #BlackGirlMagic

    • Lucia says:

      I agree with that assessment. I think the Queen appreciates Meghan being a fresh step of air. She wouldn’t have invited Doria to Christmas otherwise.

      I know a lot of people felt that maybe the Queen played a small hand in it but I highly doubt it. I don’t think she would do kind gestures only to speak against Meghan behind her back. I think it more likely the Cambridges got “grounded” and told they cannot go to Bucklebury this year. The most recent posts seem somewhat pouty in nature.

  17. Nikki says:

    I still don’t believe a single word of this. Sorry, I don’t believe it’s Will & Kate, or Charles, or Andrew, or Princess Michael necessarily; it could just be the media spinning fantasies to sell to a racist world. All our comments are basically guesses, we’re all being dragged into a huge soap opera, and the only ones benefitting are the media. Poor Meghan!

    • Vintage says:

      I agree. This is a great way to sell stories to a British population that doesn’t want Meghan.

      Also, if true this kind of jockeying for position when new blood marries into a family is not uncommon. Kate’s been “the chick” with the brothers for a long time, and now she has to cede that position to another beautiful and talented woman. Whether she likes Meghan or not, it’s not out there to think she may feel threatened.

      • Tina says:

        Some elements of the British press don’t want Meghan. Most of the British population is fine with her. She has zero relevance to the vast majority of people’s lives.

    • Bluthfan says:

      There is no way these Royal reporters would burn bridges with the Sussexes by just making stuff up. They need to stay on the Royals good side. Only time they air smears like this is if they are coming from someone higher in Royal line than Harry. Queen and Prince Charles have no reason to smear Meghan while lifting up Kate. That leaves the Cambridges.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup. Sure, maybe some of these stories are completely false (because anything is possible) and the reporters are just making things up out of thin air. but in general these stories are pretty bad and weirdly specific in some ways (but not in others) and there is a definite angle here. And, they are being written by seasoned royal reporters. These aren’t people who are okay burning their bridges with the royal family by just printing whatever.

        It doesn’t mean the story itself is true – like Kate crying at the dress fitting – possible it happened, possible it never happened – but I believe that someone within the Cambridge camp did actually leak that, even if they were lying to the press.

    • Nicole says:

      Nikki….stop making sense. :)

    • ----- says:

      Megan started leaking stuff about Kate to Lainey early on. That’s ok? And her bff jm was at the kids fitting where mm acted obnoxious. Big egos with mm and jm.

      • violet says:

        @—–says – +1,000. I think MM didn’t realize that she was playing with the Big Time now, and I don’t mean Kate. I mean the Queen, who has a strong sense of hierarchy.

        I also don’t think the minor occasional scrutiny MM received now and then as a C-list actress remotely compared to the blistering 24/7 scrutiny of a member of the BRF, and maybe she wasn’t as prepared as people assumed, not only for the incredible amount of that, but of the essential mind-numbing boringness of the work and the very low glamor quotient.

      • Lady D says:

        What did she leak about Kate?

      • ----- says:

        That Kate saw her and wouldn’t stop to give her a lift when she and Harry first were dating. Before it was known, and she was over there visiting.

      • Nic919 says:

        Why are you so obsessed with a blind item from over two years ago? That has nothing to do with what is happening here.

      • Becks1 says:

        Of course JM was probably at a few fittings for the kids. Since her kids were in the wedding. and we don’t know that MM was obnoxious at any of the fittings. We’ve been told that Kate cried and are left to assume that it was because of Meghan.

  18. Lexa says:

    The rumors that they would spend Christmas with the Middletons seemed to largely stem from the vague interview that James Middleton gave and the fact that Pippa and Kate both recently had a baby, right? I think, if anything, they’d be annoyed to have their original plans overruled, not necessarily be looking for any reason to come to Sandringham when they could have easily come in the first place. It’s not like they even alternate between the families for Christmas consistently.

    I think the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s ages are a huge factor, but I could also see this as being the first year Prince George does the walk with them to Church.

  19. Lucia says:

    If you look at the recent tones of the current releases coming out in Britian I think the British press (and the Cambridges themselves) know they are losing this battle. No one is coming out of this looking good and it’s causing Charles, Harry, and Meghan to disengage from the press.

    The releases now are taking on a pouty tone, one where Meghan is warned but not outright attacking her. Something tells me that the attacks will stop for fear of alienating Harry and Meghan so much they will avoid presenting their child.

    That said, it didn’t dawn on me until everyone said it yesterday that the Cambridges were behind it all but it makes a lot of sense. I had a feeling The Yorks were behind some of it, especially since the pregnancy announcement came so soon after Beatrice’s big day. I just figured the British press went rogue on them but especially stories about her American work ethic making people in Kensington uncomfortable.

    • ----- says:

      Lol. There is no battle.

      Megan married harry. That’s it. She was an actress no one had even heard of. now we have. Some people are way going over the top with this. She’s no saint and she’s not perfect.

      • Lady D says:

        Suits was the USA Network’s highest-rated scripted show in 2017. Millions have heard of her.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @——- what did Meghan do to YOU. I have been reading the posts and everyone of yours are just sticking the knife in without much reason other than she said something to someone about Kate once upon a time (allegedly). You sound like you are paid by the Middletons/Cambridges, bloody hell, give it a rest, people like Meghan so what!

    • violet says:

      @Lexa – oh, I don’t think the British press or the Cambridges are losing this at all. They can disengage all they like, at some point they still have to go out and do their official work and the press will be there. Kate has come out of this looking better, and she came out ahead of Meghan in YouGov’s popularity poll. Meghan came out sixth, not first.

      They have two choices, as I see it: total silence, which will give the press a free rein, or filing lawsuits and denying everything, which will further antagonize the press, which Harry and Meghan already made the mistake of antagonizing a year before the engagement.

      The Cambridges seem to be fine. Charles hasn’t said a word in MM’s defense, neither has the Palace, and neither, to date, has Harry, which I find rather shocking.

      • Tina says:

        Any of BP, KP, Charles or Harry speaking up on this story would be like putting a match to gasoline. Right now it’s just gossip in the tabloids, they can handle that. Having unnamed “KP sources” deny it is as far as they’ll go.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Violet You sound almost gleeful!

  20. Anastasia says:

    All I can see is that heavy stage makeup on Kate. Yikes.

    • Lucia says:

      I’ve noticed since Louis was born that Kate seems to be aging rapidly. The makeup is highlighting how frumpy she is beginning to look.

  21. Avery says:

    MM needs some Black girlfriends and bring her aunties in from America to whip everybody into shape.

    • ----- says:

      I think that family was doing fine before hand…and will continue to do so. They all seem happy except poor megan. Maybe she shouldn’t have come onto the scene trying to put everyone down, and trying to be competitive and better. How about being grateful and happy for your new family. Instead she runs to Lainey gossip and complains about Kate.

      They already are finding out her backstory….and it’s not pretty. Dumping the man She was with for ten years and setting out w her bff to work the British scene and to get into the same room with harry. Obvious. And guys like harry won’t be happy to know his wife has been creepily studying Diana before they even met.

      Too calculated,and obvious. Now she’s the victim and his family is crazy and wrong about her too? No ….where there’s is smoke there is fire.

      (I mean she was posing for bo ob pics with a hamburger. She said been workin it and has very expensive tastes. Seems a little too “ambitious”)

      • Royalblue says:

        You are a troll.

      • You are literally posting blind items and tumblr crazed Harry & Meghan fanfic. Please go troll somewhere else, —–.

      • morrigan01 says:

        You’re trolling would hilarious if it wasn’t just pathetically delusional. You should take you fanfic back to tumblr.

      • Mari Me says:

        If y’all think “…” sounds crazy here, check out the Pitt divorce threads. “…” knows all of the intimate and intricate goings on of the whole case. Especially that they have already been to court and BP lost all the children. It just goes from there…🙄

    • Nic919 says:

      I think we have an escapee from royal dish on here.

      • Missy says:

        Also a few escapees from Tumblr and Cambridge fan accounts on Instagram.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        They’re probably one of the Tumblr/Twitter conspiracists too. They’ve got that habit of crying about race not being a factor when their original post brought up race in a very stereotypical and unpleasant manner. Either way, someone’s clearly obsessed.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m actually enjoying it. It’s really kind of amusing.

      • Jan says:

        They locked the Harry/Meghan thread on Royal Dish so they needed somewhere to go.

      • Seriously? says:

        they locked the RD threads on Harry and Meg? Comical. Expect to see more RD refugees spreading their bile and hate here then.

        All the reasonable posters there fled a while ago. Truly pathetic.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      It would be great if Meghan befriended Emma Countess of Weymouth, another mixed race woman who married into aristocracy. She has been through all this racism as well.

  22. violet says:

    I don’t think Kate Middleton arranged those optics on the balcony on Remembrance Day, the Queen did.

    • Seriously? says:

      The optics of Meghan being asked to host a very important guest on a big anniversary? LOL, the reach!

  23. Heather H says:

    Still not buying any of it. I think the majority, if not all, is a made up BS story by the media.

  24. Maxie says:

    Why would Kate or William be threatened by Meghan? They’re the future Queen and King. Meghan will be the wife of the 11th in line or something in 30 years. She’ll be like Sophie ; a nice lady that nobody cares about.

    The backlash probably comes from the infamous courtiers that want to put back in her place. They probably think the wife of the sixth in line should keep a low profile.

  25. Fluffy Princess says:

    LOL! I’m sorry this cracks me up.

    He is a 34 year old man with loads of dating experience-. You cannot MAKE someone fall in love with you if they don’t like you, aren’t attracted to you, etc., just because you “hatched a plan” and “said all the right things” and had everything lined up–it literally means NOTHING.

    You don’t think OTHER WOMEN haven’t studied the royal family, Diana, knew things about Harry and then tried to land him? Really? Like Meghan is the first woman who schemed to marry someone royal??? Okaaaaaay.

    All this “Poor Harry was Duped by conniving Meghan” is just so ridiculous. Like he’s a little puppet who doesn’t know up from down. And what could poor, helpless Harry is so dumb, so blind do but just follow along like a dog on a leash because some pretty woman was set up with him on a date, and said some things he might want to hear. Get real.

    This is just the most High School/Jr. High School analogy ever.


    • L84Tea says:

      I agree 100%. All it takes is one look at the way Harry was looking at Meghan during their wedding to know how utterly smitten he is with her. Nobody was ever going to MAKE Harry marry them. Biggest eye roll ever…

      • MrsBump says:

        Agreed. Sick of this woman trapping man into marriage bullshit.
        See also, the sexist comments about how kate and her mom ensnared william or kate was the last woman standing.
        Let’s be real, other than the tiny population of british aristo girls, the two brothers could have picked literally anyone out of millions of willing women. They CHOSE Kate and Meghan.

      • Anitas says:

        @MrsBump I’m your fan! You speak so much sense on all of this.

  26. DML says:

    I do not believe any of this.

  27. Ally says:

    One thing makes me really doubt the William/Kate as the source for these leaks. Lainey is fully and repeatedly standing behind her claim that this is coming from Charles and his royal courtiers. I don’t think Lainey is the authoritative source on gossip, but she is very close to people who are very, very close to Meghan. I think she’s getting the Charles angle from somewhere. She may be speculating on her own (which I doubt, because she has access and people are gossipy), or she is putting forth ideas that she got from someone. In that case, either people around Meghan really believe Charles and his people are behind much of this, or people around Meghan are purposefully taking the heat off William/Kate.

    • Tina says:

      Charles has no incentive to do this. He will only look like a saviour if the relationship is actually repaired, and he has pretty much no influence over William and Kate. It would be far too risky for him to leak this, and he has no incentive to do so. I don’t think Lainey knows anything, she certainly doesn’t understand how the BRF works at all.

    • SDuff says:

      Lainey’s sources may want her to report that.

  28. sa says:

    Her friend has “big injected lips” and wears “slutty looking shoes”? Her friend’s shoes are a reflection of Meghan’s character? Really?

  29. Ms says:

    Are there ANY receipts, anywhere, or is it possible this is just speculation run amok by the Daily Fail?

    • Anitas says:

      Daily Mail loves nothing more than to pit women against each other and tear them apart. They had this agenda since Meghan first came on. It started boringly, comparing outfits and who’s copying whom etc. Now they’re charging with proper nasty fodder. It’s laughable that their stories are given any amount of credibility.

  30. SDuff says:

    Folks, does anyone have any insight on Jessica M status? As in… most people seem to know about the apparent leak to Lainey early on, resulting in a blind item unfavorable to Kate. That set the stage for tension long ago. Lainey still heavily favors Meghan in her postings, most recently suggesting that she and Kate are media victim of Prince Charles… which seems a bit of a stretch. Is JM still around?… I wonder if she has been left behind. Speaking from a purely logistical standpoint, remaining connected does not seem beneficial to Meghan especially if anyone connected dots re: Lainey.

  31. hershey says:

    It is a fact that the true characters and personalities of all of these people are unknown to the public.

  32. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Meh. It’s just strange that the Markle stuff died off, and then all this BS magically appeared. I’m not buying into it.

  33. morrigan01 says:

    Will and Kate are what happens when privileged people who live in a bubble think they are smarter than they actually are. Of course they are the source for all this drama and, frankly, you’re gulible as s–t if you are trying to point this at someone else, except for maybe Andrew/The Yorks. (The Jeff Epstein thing will come to a head sooner or later, and that will be the Karma for Andrew).

    Maybe they shouldn’t have tried to “other” Meghan if they didn’t want to look like as racist as they are doing this. And some of you trolls? Please miss me with that “she’s half white” BS. Barack Obama was half white and it didn’t stop the racist coming from him with the whole “born in Kenya” thing. (Or the really disturbing racist images involving him, including him being lynched). People always want to pull that “half white” bull to try deflect from obvious “othering” that goes on with biracial people, particularly half-black ones.

    Whatever. I feel about this the same way I feel about Kit Harington’s marriage. Only people who wanted to desperately believed that “true love” PR narrative about his and Rose Leslie’s relationship believe it (or people who didn’t know any better); he cheated on her five or more times and they broke up over it more than once. None it was a secret, nor was his propensity to hook up with women as much as he could. So I wasn’t all that shocked when he got caught with that Russian model girl a few weeks ago. (And only gulible people believe the denial that it was him). Some people, do to their clear hatred for Meghan (because they feel threatened by everything she is, including having to do with her race) will jump through hoops trying to say that the Cambs were not involved in any of this. Then, sooner or later, we’ll get undeniable proof that they were, and these same people – some of them here – will then twist themselves into knots to justify it.

    Being that I’m American I don’t care if Will and Kate will one day be King and Queen. From what I’ve seen of them, they look like they’ll be pretty s–t at the job of being Head of State and his Consort, but whatever. They’ll never be influential on the world stage in any meaningful way, even when they do, and *that* is the main point for me. (Queen Elizabeth, OTOH, still actually is in some ways). Harry and Meghan are slowly building, working and making *that* kind of influence that, in the long run, actually will make a difference to people’s lives, whether big or small.

  34. Mash says:

    Kate and William are such a PIECE of work for this!
    they really tried with that dog whistle racist bitchy tactics

    K&W are over. Kate is and has always been a WAITY loser

  35. sa says:

    Neither shoe choice, nor lip injections are a reflection of either woman’s character or values. They are a reflection of what they think looks good, which, of course, is subjective and others will disagree. But bad shoes is not sign of bad character.

  36. Fluffy Princess says:

    Well then if Harry wouldn’t think it’s cool, do then tell him IMMEDIATELY! Tell him he doesn’t know his own mind, his own heart, that he can’t tell when someone is grifting him, that Meghan conned him 100%.

    This isn’t Harry’s first time at the rodeo. He’s had long-term girlfriends before. He’s dated lots of women–but let me guess, they were all pure of heart, unlike conniving Meghan. Meghan with her dubious planning and her voodoo ways–is the only woman ever to try to get close to the royals. His other girlfriends–who by the way resembled his mother much more looks-wise were somehow different–but it is the dark haired, dark eyed Meghan who has successfully imitated Diana enough to dupe this poor, poor Prince.

    Okay. Yah. Got it.

  37. Fluffy Princess says:

    This was an answer to another post – and not meant to be on its own. :-)

  38. sa says:

    That happened to me too, twice. The posts I responded to disappeared, so my posts, which were responses, have no context and probably seem very random. :)