2019 Grammy nominations: Taylor Swift was shut out of the big categories

2018 American Music Awards - Press Room

The Grammy nominations came out this morning and I was unprepared, as I always am for the Grammys. Not to be Trumpian, but to me, the Grammys have always been a fake awards show. I mean, people take them seriously and everybody comes out for them, but the Grammys truly do not matter -there are always so many controversies about racism and sexism, and the Grammys are ALWAYS out of touch. They always have been, always will be. I’m sure this year will be no different. What’s notable this year is how many big-name artists got shut out of the bigger categories, like Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande both got nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album… but they were shut out of the big categories. Jay-Z and Beyonce were shut out of the big ones too. You can see the full list here.

Album of the Year
Invasion Of Privacy, Cardi B
By the Way, I Forgive You, Brandi Carlile
Scorpion, Drake
H.E.R., H.E.R.
Beerbongs & Bentleys, Post Malone
Dirty Computer, Janelle Monae
Golden Hour, Kacey Musgraves
Black Panther: The Album, Music From and Inspired By, (Various Artists)

Record of the Year
“I Like It,” Cardi B
“The Joke,” Brandi Carlile
“This Is America,” Childish Gambino
“God’s Plan,” Drake
“Shallow,” Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
“All the Stars,” Kendrick Lamar & SZA
“Rockstar,” Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage
“The Middle,” Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

Song of the Year
Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the Stars
Ella Mai – Boo’d Up
Drake – God’s Plan
Shawn Mendes – In My Blood
Brandy Carlile – The Joke
Zedd & Maren Morris – The Middle
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow
Childish Gambino – This Is America

Best New Artist
Chloe x Hale
Luke Combs
Greta van Fleet
Dua Lipa
Margo Price
Bebe Rexha
Jorja Smith

So… The Recording Academy is all about Post Malone, Drake and Cardi? While I think Drake and Cardi had good albums, I wish… I don’t know, I felt like Florence and the Machine had a great album too. And I like it when Taylor Swift gets nominated for sh-t, because then she shows up. Now I wonder if Taylor will even bother to come out. That being said, most music critics did agree that Reputation was probably her worst album, or less successful album musically/lyrically. As for the rest of the nominations… Lady Gaga will TOTALLY perform with Bradley at the Grammys. I assume Kendrick & SZA will perform too, and the performance will probably be FIRE. Oh, and I’m super-excited about Janelle!!!

2018 American Music Awards Arrivals

2018 Global Citizen Festival - Performances

Janelle Monae performs as part of the 'Today' concert series

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  1. Lolly says:

    She shouldn’t have even been nominated for the best pop vocal. Yes, it did well in sales, but that’s because her fan base is fierce (and also bought multiple albums). It did not do well on the charts, did not make any impact whatsoever.

    I can’t believe Camila Cabello was nominated. The Grammys get worse and worse every year, it’s ridiculous.

  2. Dee says:

    “This is America” +++++++

  3. Piper says:

    Can’t complain with these nominations. Maybe the Carters album missing out but great main list

    • Jessica says:

      That album flopped hard, which was surprising. I wonder if Beyonce will stick to the surprise release formula now that the novelty’s worn off. The Grammys should have recognized her for Lemonade (and Jay Z for 4:44), but I’m not surprised Everything is Love wasn’t on their radar. It wasn’t on anyone else’s either.

  4. Daisy says:

    I didn’t like Taylor’s album at all but I feel like she should’ve gotten a nom because of the success, especially since it’s the reason Drake, Post Malone and even Cardi got nominated (their albums are weak).
    Also Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Bebe Rexha and Ella Mai getting nods is a joke, it has to be.
    It was a weak eligible period for music, Kendrick, Kacey Musgraves, Janelle Monáe and Brandi Carlile were the only artists that actually did something worthy, their releases were way above everyone else’s.

    • a reader says:

      If Janelle doesn’t win everything she is nominated for I may explode. She made the album of the year, PERIOD. Nothing captured the pop culture zeitgeist like Dirty Computer.

      And I agree – weak nomination period. Mass music sucked in 2018.

      • KCo says:

        2018 music has been so so sub par. I teach spin class four mornings a week to college kids, and I’ve been saying all last spring and this past fall semester that music this year has been WEAK and very difficult to make good spin playlists from. Keep in mind, these college kids, including myself love to workout to up tempo rap and hip hop, and any up tempo NON-SHRILL song, but it has been really difficult finding quality spin song lists this year. I always try to make 12 song lists that dont repeat songs from list to list, but yeah. Yeah…This year’s music was bad.

      • Daisy says:

        Janelle is out of this world, it’s crazy how talented she is at literally everything she does. I only accept her losing to fellow lady Kacey, who delivered another masterpiece.
        Also I forgot to mention before but Rockstar by Posty shouldn’t have been nominated since it was released Sept 15, 2017 therefore it was not eligible according to the academy’s rules lmao They are a mess.

      • Haapa says:

        I love her and I love Dirty Computer.

  5. Babs says:

    I loved Everything is love and still blast it almost every day.

    • Tiffany says:

      Agree. That was a great album.

    • Kk2 says:

      Me too. I love that album. So good and a complete album for begging to end, not just a random collection of songs. I think Beyonce/Jay Z and the Grammys are just at a mutual standoff now.

      So happy for the recognition of Janelle Monae.

      I’ve heard Kacey Musgrave’s album is great. I need to listen to it.

  6. Honey bear says:

    Well, it’s now the rap and hip hip awards apparently. Good mention for Margo Price and Kasey Musgraves. Greta van Fleet? They are a glorified Zeppelin cover band and even dress the part. The rest of it…..really? Most of these people can’t even be considered “musicians”.

  7. Beach Dreams says:

    Personally I’m glad that Taylor was shut out. She’s lucky that she’s one of the few artists with such a dedicated fanbase, because anyone else who released this album wouldn’t have sold 500,000 units, let alone 1 million. Look to the singles to see how well Reputation really did. Also, I’m probably one of the few people who think her songwriting abilities are vastly overrated.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. She still has her core group of fans that have stayed with her, but I don’t think she’s added many to the list. I never liked her music, but gave her credit for hustling like she did. But, success went to her head, too many feuds, too many boyfriends and not enough good music to keep her where she once was. A humble person she is not, I imagine her throwing balls of twine (her cats, of course) at the wall and blaming it all on Kanye. Lol

  8. Nene says:

    I heard Kacey Musgraves for the first time when she performed at the Global Citizen festival and her voice really blew me away. Hope she wins.
    I don’t get the hype around Cardi B’s music at all.

    • BengalCat😻 says:

      I’ve seen KM twice in concert and she is the shit! Golden Hour is perfection and I’m not a country music fan.

    • Oh_Dear says:

      Kacey is someone I can get behind. She wrote and sang about embracing who you are as a pro-LBGTQ+ song quite a few years ago and it did well in country. She wrote Mama’s Broken Heart and Miranda Lambert exerted her power and took it from her. She’s never publically complained that I know of, but the story got out. Kacey has been around for a bit and has some excellent work ethic. She’s kind of Dolly Parton-esque.

  9. Amelie says:

    Not gonna lie, I half expected to see Bradley Cooper in the “Best New Artist” category mostly because the song Shallow from A Star is Born was nominated! Which surprised me… I didn’t realize songs from movie soundtracks could get nominated but then I don’t usually pay much attention to the Grammys.

  10. Zee says:

    I wish they’d nominate a more diverse group of artists for the big awards. It’s all hip hop and rap now and other genres of music are completely pushed aside.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      It’s the most popular genre right now, I don’t know why you are surprised.

      • CK says:

        And it’s definitely a change from what it used to be. Heck, even when they nominate a bunch of hip hop or rap artists(which is still a rarity), the grammys find a way to give the award to a performer in another genre.

  11. HeyThere! says:

    Unpopular opinion: I loved everything about Taylor’s album! Do I think it’s the greatest ablum of all time? No. It’s catchy and I enjoy it.

    • Lea says:

      I actually didn’t like it at the beginning, but then it grew on me! I think that the singles choice was terrible though, the singles didn’t really show the potential of the album. Getaway Car, Delicate, Dress or IDSMB should have been singles.

      • HeyThere! says:

        @LEA I 100% agree with the should have been single choices. My current two favorites are Dress and So It Goes. Also, I know this sounds lame but so so so many songs these days have terrible language nonstop and I have two toddlers. I need baby friendly music! LOL

      • Hikaru says:

        Dancing with Our Hands Tied would have been perfect as a single. She choose the worst songs to represent the album.

  12. Levin says:

    I hope Janelle or Kacey take AOTY, and that Post Malone leaves with precisely nothing.

  13. Lea says:

    I’m so happy for Kacey Musgraves, her album is astounding! The only AOTY noms who are deserving are her and Janelle Monaé, who also had a great album. Post Malone and Cardi? I guess if we’re talking popularity wise it’a yes, otherwise…

  14. Grant says:

    Ari better win Best Pop Vocal or I’m rioting.

  15. Scotchy says:

    Seeing these nominations makes me realize how bad music has become. Yiiiikkkkeeess 🙁
    I mean these albums have a song or two but as whole comprehensive pieces of music this is really a whole lotta auto-tuned mess.

  16. couiny says:

    I’m so happy to see Janelle, YAY! She is fantastic and dirty computer was awesome, by far the best album this year imo and the videos were perfect too. She isn’t probably going to win but she should. Also, Florence Welch is awesome, super talented too but so underrated. I adored her first three album and she should have won more awards for how big,blue, beautiful because it was amazing imo. But I didn’t like her fourth album that much, I was disappointed. Same for everything is love, Beyonce should have won for Lemonade or the Beyonce album, it was better. I’m happy that Taylor was shut down, she is overrated and thirsty. Carbi B and Camella Cabello, Post Malone are a joke and embarrasing. I liked All stars, the video was gorgeous and Apesh**t too. But yes, the grammy awards are lame now,

    • a reader says:

      Hello brain twin!!! LOL

      I completely agree with everything you wrote. And as a HUGE FATM fan I can say that yea, this last album was not her best. In fact I didn’t like it much at first but it’s grown on me. Still not her best effort.

      As to this: “Carbi B and Camella Cabello, Post Malone are a joke and embarrasing. ” HAHAHAH YESSSSSS!

      Janelle for the win… PERIOD.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think Florence’s new album is a “slow wave” kind of enjoyment. It lacks the percussive intensity of the previous albums, but I appreciate that she was trying a different sound. I do, however, think it has some of the most beautiful and moving lyrics she’s written yet.

  17. Queen Frostine's Original Face says:

    Going to be the weirdo in the room here and represent for all my country music women nominated this year: Ashley McBryde, Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, and Margo Price. I’d LOVE to see Brandi and Kacey–who are both nominated for Album of the Year–have a real shot at winning, although Kacey is probably a lock for Best Country Album.

    There is a huge controversy involving the lack of radio airplay women in country music get these last few years, even the more mainstream acts like Kelsea and Maren. It’s good to see that Grammys hears them and recognizes them! Don’t let the state of mainstream country radio fool you–the women are often far better, but because they don’t have penises, they are at a disadvantage.

    Anyway, back to pop music for y’all. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. 😛

    • adastraperaspera says:

      I saw Brandi Carlile in concert, and it happened to be right after George Jones died that week. She did a rendition of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” that left everyone in tears. I’ll never forget it. She’s a force.

      • heath says:

        Another Brandi fan here — I love her & am so happy for her that she’s getting this recognition because she SO deserves it! She’s utterly phenomenal. I’ve seen her live a number of times as well, & seriously, she’s just CRAZY talented. I’ve seen musical artists who don’t sound nearly as good live as they do on their albums, because they probably really don’t have that great of a voice so it gets doctored up in the studio to sound better (hello Gwen Stefani). But with Brandi…my gawd! She sounds even better live that she does on her albums, & she sounds fantastic on her albums. For real, that girl has got one powerful set of pipes! Not only that, but she’s an incredible performer to boot. She has tons of positive energy & an awesome personality, & she really engages the crowd in such a fun & cool way. She’s most definitely a force!

    • TeamAwesome says:

      I’ve seen Brandi live three different times, and each time she has blown me away. By the Way, I Forgive You is such a great album and I hope she and the Twins rack up the awards.

  18. Jannieh says:

    Ariana will be the next Katy Perry… Her album was good and deserved more :/

  19. Veronica S. says:

    Any academy that thinks Post Malone is worth nominating for anything is worthless, and if it beats out the BP soundtrack, I will be livid. Kendrick Lamar has been pushed aside long enough that at least “All the Stars” should win.

    At least with Taytay, she’s had plenty of previous recognition that we can say “reputation” wasn’t her best work, since it’s essentially carried by 3-4 really great tracks among mediocre ones. Glad to see Janelle on there, even though I don’t think she has a chance of winning it.

    I’m not surprised by the lack of Florence and the Machine, sadly. The album definitely has a more sedate tone than we’re used to from her, though I think it’s one of her more poetically beautiful ones. The fact that “Big God” isn’t nominated for anything is a goddamn shame, though. That song is incredible, both in lyric and performance.

  20. xdanix says:

    I don’t think there’s any chance Gaga and Bradley will perform at the Grammys, unfortunately- I think they’re saving it for the Oscars. I actually think Bradley doesn’t even particularly want to perform there- he said he was terrified every time he sang live, and once the movie wrapped he had no plans to perform live ever again- but he knows they more or less have to if the song is nominated.

    Editing to add, I just realised the BAFTAS are on the same days as the Grammys. So if ASIB does well with nominations I wonder whether either of them will even attend the Grammys? Or maybe split up and each attend one?

  21. Jen says:

    Wow…the Grammys become worse every year. Beerbongs and Bentleys over K.O.D.? Let’s see, frathouse white kid rap over one kg the most thoughtful, incisive rap albums that’s covered addiction, money and social status, love and fidelity?

    Everything is Love may not have been on everyone’s radar, as someone above said, but it was a lush, effortless reflection on family and legacy…and Beyonce fully leaned into rap (and did it well!) more than ever before!

    God’s Plan, Post Malone and Cardi? Guess the Grammy’s are just picking the top of the Spotify hit lists to select nominations now. Trash.

    • ZGB says:

      Did J Cole ever do something to the grammy execs? They stay consistently snubbing him. KOD was a great album

  22. Misty says:

    I could use a break from Taylor, Beyonce, and Jay so good for the Academy, lol.

    I love Brandi Carlile and am glad she’s getting recognition.

  23. Case says:

    I love Taylor’s music, but Reputation didn’t deserve Grammy nods. Not her best work at all.

    The only thing I feel strongly about is This Is America winning.

  24. Janet says:

    What a yawn these Grammys are. Not diverse musically or culturally. Huge disappointment.

  25. CK says:

    CB, you better start writing the “Nicki Minaj and her 12-year old Barbs respond to Cardi’s grammy nominations by …” articles today because as soon as her PR agent fails to talk her down from that ledge (or when Queen Radio drops) Nicki is going to set the Recording Academy on fire. That’s if the BTS Army doesn’t beat her too it though. Then again, given BTS general level of success internationally, I doubt they or the fans will care as much unlike someone who didn’t take being #2 well at all.

    I’m pretty fine with the noms. I adore FATM, but I thought High as Hope was their weakest outing and would probably only throw it some song nominations in a weaker year. There’s no way Kendrick&Sza or Gaga/Copper perform since those are like Oscar nominees.

    That being said, Post Malone better not be the Bruno Mars of this year and I cackled when they put him in the Pop category since what he does is pretty much singing.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      Nicki has been poking the bear (Cardi) for a good year. It’s about time Cardi rubs it in her face. LOL

  26. Puravidacostarica says:

    I love Brandi Carlisle! I also love that LeAnn Rimes does a cover of “The Story”, and soon thereafter, the great Ms. Carlisle gets nominated for two Grammy categories. Don’t lose faith, LeAnn! Maybe next year they’ll have a Christmas category for those singers whose albums are at the bottom of a heap at Walmart.

  27. Yes Doubtful says:

    I’m surprised that Cardi B got album of the year nod. It was good, so I can’t complain. Minaj got totally shut out which I find humorous. She is so talented, but extremely unlikable. She is shooting herself in the foot this year. I am bummed Eminem didn’t get more love, but at least Lucky You got a nod. I’m glad Swift was overlooked, the album was forgettable.

    • Bella says:

      Eminem always deserves more love and he’s really gone off on the Grammys recently, including in Lucky You, so that nomination stands out in multiple ways. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the Lucky You video is genius and Joyner Lucas is crazy talented.

  28. Marianne says:

    I dont listen to enough modern music anymore to really care. The only songs Im familiar with (outside of the movie ones) are “This is America”and “In my Blood”. Thats it.

  29. U.S and them says:

    Rock n Roll is dead. 👎

  30. Mb says:

    Aren’t the Grammys ( like most award shows) totally political ? I thought it was all just about predetermined by the record labels ?

  31. Bc says:

    I loved the music that came out this year. Janelle Monae went all out with Dirty Computer, that was such an experience, i need to rewatch the vids, what a story it told. Ella Mai revived that 2000s R&B vibe i had been missing. I think she is so talented. Toni Braxton just keeps getting better. My eyes welled up when i saw All the Stars nominated. Black Panther was a festival for me. I dressed up and watched it six times and that song was the soundtrack of my summer. Im so happy for them. “This is America” was a phenomenon. I think i studied the video more than i ever studied for some subjects back in school haha. The thinkpieces it inspired! Wow, i need to go watch it again. And its those songs that once they grow on you, you never tire of playing them. I think many people in many countries even made parodies. It was music at its best role – a reflection of society. I enjoyed Drake this year. Nice for what was my jam. Gods plan was catchy. I even liked Cardi B. I dont know why Maroon 5 are never considered cause Girls Like You was my jam. Same to A**S*** by the Carters, that was my workout jam. What of Dose and Level Up by Ciara? I dont understand how some can say there was no catchy music this year. Ariana did great with No tears left to cry. Dont get me started on Jason Derulos catchy jams.

  32. ?? says:

    Taylor Swift has always been mediocre, she doesn’t deserve any awards except from the ones based on charts/sales. At least when she used to sing country she was somewhat of a big fish in a small pond, but tbh when it comes to pop she has competition. Even Cardi B is better than her and that says a lot…