Kim Kardashian sent Chi West to Cleveland with Khloe so Chi wouldn’t get the flu

Kim Kardashian in NYC

Every year, I get more and more scared of the flu. I think that’s the point of all the reporting on the flu – they’re trying to scare us and make us take it seriously, especially when we’re in the middle of a particularly deadly flu season. So I’ve started getting regular flu shots and whenever I get any kind of sniffle or sore throat, I’m eating Vitamin C gummies and sleeping more and just trying to knock sh-t out before it gets bad. I haven’t had anything more than a 48-hour cold for a few years now, and I’m very thankful that I’ve escaped the latest flu cycles. It helps that I’m (happily) childfree: kids catch everything, and they bring home their viruses and colds and the whole family gets infected. It’s especially rough for families with babies. So how far would a mom go to keep her baby away from the flu? In Kim Kardashian’s case, she’ll literally send her baby more than 2000 miles away to avoid the flu.

Kim Kardashian West is making sure her baby girl doesn’t get sick. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star explained to Extra on Thursday that she sent her daughter, Chicago, to stay with her aunt Khloé in Cleveland to prevent her 10-month-old from catching the flu that’s going around the KKW Beauty mogul’s home.

“Yesterday was a hard day because we have the flu going around,” the mom of three told the outlet during the launch of her KKW Fragrance at Ulta Beauty in Los Angeles. “So once the flu happens, and I felt it in the house and my baby didn’t have it — Chicago — I sent her to Cleveland with Khloé. So I said… ‘Khloé, please take her for like four days, because she’ll get sick [at home] with everyone.“

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I find this both reasonable and unreasonable. It’s reasonable because I feel like a lot of parents would totally do this too if they had the chance – send your baby to their aunt’s house thousands of miles away to avoid the flu, with an added bonus of making the auntie take care of the baby while you’re dealing with two other kids with the flu. It’s unreasonable because so few people have access to private planes and an auntie who has nothing else to do but take care of your baby. Still, I don’t really blame Kim for giving Chicago to Khloe for a week or whatever. Khloe’s been enjoying it too – I bet Chicago and True end up having a great cousin-sisterhood, like North West and Penelope Disick.

2017 NBC Upfront Kim and Khloe Kardashian

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  1. broodytrudy says:

    My husband was diagnosed with influenza a last week. I sent him to my dad’s to live in his fifth wheel for a bit while i took a day off and disinfected everything. We are really lucky to have that option, else my immunocompromised two year old would definitely have gotten it, and no telling how bad it would be, even with her flu shot. Kim is lucky she has this option. I am lucky to have the option we did. No shade here.

  2. Tw says:

    I can’t stand Kim and Kanye, but man their kids are beautiful. Chicago looks the most like Kim.

  3. me says:

    The flu exists in Cleveland too. Khloe could catch it or Tristan or one of their nannies. I mean Kim’s house is so big, Chi could have had a whole corner of the house with herself and a nanny.

    • anon says:

      My husband got the flu last year after visiting his father at the Cleveland Clinic. I am so happy he started showing symptoms on the plane and knew he was sick by the time he arrived home. He stayed in our bedroom and my immune compromised daughter and I stayed away from him. We only live in 800 sq ft and we didn’t get sick.

      • IMUCU says:

        Yeah, we just section off the house and our house is not as big as the Wests, seems to work fine for us (and I am immunocompromised)….

    • Eliza says:

      There is also a 2 week incubation period… so she could be a carrier to Khloe and her daughter.

      Baby safety comes first and getting her away from germs is best, but not sure planes and airports (even if private, they’re still not disinfected/ cleaned often) are the safe route.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        That’s my concern, too. There’s no way to know… babies six months and up can get a flu vax- I hope they all were vaccinated.

        There’s too much risk, IMO, in sending her child away- I know her intentions were good, but if she was exposed, I cannot imagine having your child get influenza, being geographically separated from her.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yeah it’s silly, you’re more likely gonna get the flu from the ppl on plane/drivers/Tristan’s side-chicks than by staying home and having ppl wash their hands before going in the baby’s room. Also, it’s easier for the kid.

  4. Jag says:

    That’s a good idea only if there aren’t actually sick people who have been around her, because she could be harboring the virus or bacterium. But yay if not, so that she gets time with her cousin and doesn’t get sick.

    Look into the studies showing that having a good level of vitamin D can also prevent the flu. One study was in 2010 in Japan, if memory serves me. Just don’t take more than 5,000 IU a day, which is the maximum that I saw recommended for safety. (I think one of the studies said 10k a day, but I’m not going to take that much.) Hope everyone stays well! (Never had the flu shot and never had the flu, but have had pneumonia 4 times, 3 of those directly after my father got the pneumonia vaccine. Ugh.)

    • Kitty says:

      You’ve never had the flu but you’ve had pneumonia four times? And three times directly after someone you knew had the vaccine? That seems really strange to me

      • BeachBlythe says:

        Both my grandmother and mother have also never had the flu! My mom has had pneumonia twice, pleurisy, and bronchial issues. But absolutely never ever had the flu! It always struck the rest of us as strange!

    • lucy2 says:

      Pneumonia seems more and more common, I’ve heard of so many people getting it in recent years. I tested very low for resistance to it so I got the vaccine a few years ago.

  5. Pansy says:

    Dang I just send mine to their room…..

  6. Lightpurple says:

    So, baby who has been living in the house with sick people is sent to being the illness to people in another state.

  7. Nacho_friend says:

    Kids can’t wear snowsuits, jackets, coats or heavy sweaters etc while they are in their car seat. Duh, what an idiot. That’s why you use blankets on top of it’s cold outside or those zippered covers that go over the infant car seat.

  8. FHMom says:

    Does she have a green post it note attached to her top? What it that?

  9. Chaine says:

    She’s such an idiot. As if there won’t be anyone in Cleveland with the flu spreading it to other people. I mean, what if Khloe invites someone into her home whose job involves going to an enclosed public place packed with tens of thousands of people all breathing and sneezing and coughing on each other…

    • me says:

      I am sure Khloe has a chef and maids and a nanny. Those people don’t live with her. They go home and go in public. They can pick up germs. This family makes no sense.

  10. Amelie says:

    I’ve never had the flu that I know of but my father got the flu a few years ago and he had it bad. A few days before he really got sick, he fainted in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom and hit his head on the bathroom floor. It terrified all of us as he NEVER gets sick. He was alone as my mom works in Boston. The next morning when he finally called my mom and realized he was still not feeling well, she hopped on the first train back to NY and took him to Urgent Care where they sent him to the hospital for observation for 24 hours. A few days later, he was sick with the flu (also on his birthday which majorly sucked). He spent an entire week in bed and even after when he went back to work, he only did half days at first.

    I got my flu shot this year but I’m in week 5 of the nastiest lingering cold/upper respiratory infection which I caught from my mom who ended up with pneumonia because of it (she’s still in denial she gave it to me). My throat has never hurt so much and keeps hurting on and off. The worst week was the second week (same as Thanksgiving) which I spent curled up in bed pretty much as I had no energy to do anything. The coughing was pretty bad the first few weeks too and kept me up at night, now mostly limited to night time/early morning. It’s been pretty miserable though I am really happy I now have enough energy to go to the gym and work out which I hadn’t been able to do for a month.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I had a weakened immune system earlier this fall, and got sick 3 times in September/early October. As soon as I felt up to it, I got my flu shot. No thank you!

    I also just read Station Eleven, which centers on a flu wiping out most of the population, and was so paranoid after it!

  12. SJhere says:

    My goodness those Kardashians are so over the top, aren’t they?
    The majority of people use regular precautions such as lots of hand washing, antibacterial wipes, keeping the sick folks seperate as much as possible.
    To send a baby across several states, going thru the airport, ect.
    Good grief!
    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if this family would donate to charity the same amount of $$ they spend on such foolishness?