Kaia Gerber in McQueen at the British Fashion Awards: ugh or amazing?

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Here are some photos from last night’s British Fashion Awards, which turned out to be a major moment for British fashion and British gossip. The Duchess of Sussex made a surprise appearance to present an award to her wedding gown designer (which I’ve covered separately), but even if Meghan hadn’t come out, the BFAs still got a really good turnout this year. Kaia Gerber was there with her family – mom Cindy Crawford, dad Rande Gerber, and brother Presley Gerber. I still think Kaia is missing that It Factor, and I still think she has a few more years until she grows into her looks and her body. But whatever, Kaia is the New Big Thing. She wore Alexander McQueen.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Kate Moss looked so happy, I almost didn’t recognize her! The dress seems out of character too.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Kendall Jenner in Julien Macdonald. If this had really good lining, it would be an amazing dress.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

I usually don’t like the “fish scales” kind of fashion, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Givenchy is STUNNING.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Lana Del Rey in Gucci, still bringing her witchy energy, even though the dress is quite awful.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Penélope Cruz in Chanel Haute Couture. Chanel dresses are always the wrong length, have you noticed that? It’s like the “signature” of Chanel.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Kristin Scott Thomas was a glorious trainwreck in this Valentino sack.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Rita Ora in Prada. Yawn. And please don’t tell me visible knee-high hosiery is now chic.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Oh, Victoria Beckham. Always with the head tilt, like tilting one’s head can save a marriage.

The British Fashion Awards 2018

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Sticking one leg out from a slit skirt/dress looks really dumb and I wish women would stop doing it.

    Kaia definitely doesn’t have that it factor that her mother had. She’s not unattractive, but she wouldn’t be so popular if not for her mother.

    • SK says:

      Kaia is okay but she would be nothing without her family connections. I was hoping Adut Akech would win. Adut was a school girl hailing from suburban Adelaide in Australia, with no connections whatsoever, and took the entire fashion world by STORM. She walked the most shows out of any model this year (along with Fran Summers), including all of the most prestige shows – many of which she opened or closed; was the first black Chanel bride since Naomi Campbell a loooong time ago; has been in endless high-end campaigns – most recently she stood at the front of supermodels from the last decade or so in the new YSL campaign like a BOSS (with Kaia invisible in the back somewhere); has covered various international Vogues this year as well as other major mags; is an absolutely delightful ray of sunshine that absolutely everyone seems to adore; and beyond all of that is a refugee from South Sudan and REPRESENTS. She has done some incredible talks at BOF for example about how she will always be a refugee and her early childhood in Kenyan refugee camps. In her BOF talk she said (amongst other things): ““I will always be a refugee, because that’s who I am. No amount of money or my status or how famous or whatever the case is…. I’m always going to be a refugee and I’m proud of who I am.” “I represent black girls, I represent refugees, I represent people that came from nothing and made something of themselves.” How can you choose this vanilla representation of nepotism over a goddess like Adut????? I may be biased because, as an Aussie, I’m super proud of Adut. But, all the same!!

      • Sue Denim says:

        Thanks for sharing this wonderfully inspiring story. True inner and outer beauty.

      • Pineapple says:

        SK .. thanks for this!!! This was a great post. I will now look out for Adut!! I honestly don’t follow fashion that closely but anyone who has lived in a refugee camp, well, my heart goes out to them!!!! Good for her! What a role model.

      • C-Shell says:

        I had not heard of Adut until reading your comment (eh, I don’t really follow the fashion/modeling world), but your description is captivating so I looked her up and Adut is absolutely stunning! Wow. She reminds me so much of Lupita Nyongo — sooo beautiful, it’s almost unreal. Thank you for this bit of education to start my day.

      • SK says:

        Oh ladies, I am happy to hear that! She is gorgeous, makes the clothes look amazing, has a great walk and is beautiful and interesting in editorial. She also seems to be glowing with health rather than starving – she has the long skinny arms and legs typical of South Sudan that work perfectly in modelling, but rather than looking too thin, is toned and has a full bust. She was basically engineered to be a supermodel! She blows the nepotism models out of the water. She has huge supporters in the likes of Naomi Campbell and Edward Enningful, is a muse for YSL and Valentino, and is a favourite of King Karl. She seems to have people looking out for her in the business which is great. After her crazy success, Elite immediately signed 4 other black models and hopefully that trend continues. Last year she went from a mental fashion month straight back to Adelaide to graduate from high school – something her own mother was never able to do. She is just 18 and she wants to start a foundation to help with homelessness and a modelling agency in South Sudan to give girls there a chance for something else. She says she thinks about poverty a lot. I think she is sensational and it annoys me that cute little Kaia gets opportunities and accolades that Adut can’t or won’t purely because of who Kaia’s mum is and her subsequent platform.

      • RomanH says:

        Thank you! “Does the skinny rich white girl look good?” I’ll let you know when everybody worthy of attention dies.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Hi, SK. Fellow Aussie here. I’m so happy to have read your post. Adut is an amazing woman, whether she’s a top model or not. Stories like Adut’s, particularly in the current global climate of attitudes towards refugees, are so inspiring, and they are everywhere, if we care to look. In this case, Adut is a shining example of overcoming adversity and then using her platform in a positive, inspiring way. Adut is not only a success story, but a simply beautiful human being.

      • SK says:

        Absolutely! With all of this “African gangs” nonsense the right is spewing in Australia right now, I think it’s important to have strong counterpoints. I love that all of our most successful new models are gorgeous South Sudanese-Australians. I love that this girl is so young and yet manages to be a strong role model.

  2. horseandhound says:

    kate moss looks super healthy and exudes happiness. and victoria beckham has the best clothes for sure.

    • Steff says:

      She’s supposedly sober now.

    • Chaine says:

      Kat looks fantastic and years younger! Victoria looks tired and haggard and David looks stretched, must be wearing on them to keep living a lie. His weird forehead encroaching hair plugs don’t help.

  3. prissa says:

    LOVE the Givenchy dress on Rosie. I like Kendall’s dress and I actually like Kaia’s dress even though it looks like she got into a fight with a tiger LOL. It’s very unique.

    I must say, Kaia may still be growing into her looks, but Presley really has the model face in that family. So handsome, so striking!!

    • Chaine says:

      I agree, Presley has “it” and he is model of the year material. Kaia unfortunately just looks like a sulky little girl playing dress up with mommy’s clothes and cosmetics.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah – the brother seems to have his mother’s IT factor, his shots are amazing. Kid has a face that the camera just adores and he has a good career ahead of him in front of a camera (modelling or acting) if that’s what he choses to do. She is pretty but when you see her next to her brother she is nothing special but she’ll have a career either way because of who her mother is however she does have a good catwalk walk as did Cindy.

  4. CheckThatPrivilege says:

    I’m surprised to be typing out a compliment for anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but Kendall Jenner looks more engaged, alive, and healthier than either of the Gerber-Crawford kids. Another over-hyped and over-rewarded family, thanks to pushy stage parents.

    • SM says:

      I agree. It’s like Cindy trained her kids that dead in the eyes look because both her kids look like they are frozen inside. I mean if there is a push for widenning the beauty standard, why not also get rid of this “dead beat horse in couture” look? It’s not cool and it’s not exactly doing whatever it is supposed to do.
      Kendal’s dress is nice, so is Rosie’s.

    • Nancy says:

      Right. Kendall looks amazing. Not a fan of Kaia, or her mother. That girl was going to be a model, like it or not, Cindy made sure of that.

    • Elisa says:

      +1, Kendall looks fab, Kaia looks good as well. The rest…not so much.

  5. Serphina says:

    Love her outfit but would be great to see on a 30 year old and over. Not aure why but maybe Rhinanna or such. And all the women look good here. Finally. Because I was beginning to think I am way too old sonce most of the fashion looks so ridiculous.

  6. Nat says:

    ” . . . like tilting one’s head can save a marriage.”

    First laugh of the day. Thank you Kaiser!

  7. Erinn says:

    I actually really like Kendall and Rosie’s dresses – but especially Kendall’s. I almost like Kaia’s too, honestly. It’s weird, but kind of cool. It’s close to being amazing, I think.

    Love seeing Kate Moss beaming like that.

  8. Oliphant says:

    Wow Rosie!!!! Utterly stunning

  9. Lucy says:

    Kate looks amazing! So does Rosie. The Gerber-Crawford kids seem nice, I like them.

  10. BengalCat😻 says:

    I read an interview with Cindy a few years ago where she talked about Kaia’s interest in chemistry and math and how she (kaia) just ‘got it’. What is with celebrities not embracing academics?! I would kill to have a brain that comprehends even basic math. Kaia is pretty but forgettable. She looks too much like Rachel Bilson and when she’s in pics with her brother, my eye is always drawn to him.
    Kate looks FABULOUS.

    • Sid says:

      That is disappointing. I recall that Cindy was a STEM wiz herself and started an undergrad degree in chemical engineering at Northwestern before she quit in favor of her modelling career. How nice would it have been if Cindy had put as much energy into helping Kaia nurture her talent and interest in STEM as she has into pushing the girl on the fashion industry?

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I think Kaia’s part elvish or fai…. Plus she exudes innocence. She’s dripping with it in that supposed-to-make-her-sexy ‘costume.’

    Wow, Kate’s a full grown woman! Full of happiness and, ‘Who cares?!’ Victoria cares, and so does Lana with whispers of smiles lol.

  12. AmandaPanda says:

    Rosie is so gorgeous.

    I don’t get kaia at all.

    Kendall actually looks good here.

    It must be pretty fun being Kate Moss in this phase of her life.

    (random observations over!)

  13. Lolly says:

    Color me shocked that Kendall Jenner is wearing another sheer dress. She’s just so boring. I think Kaia is beautiful, but has no charisma on camera. These nepotism models don’t have to work for anything so they don’t have to try m, and therefore lack any gumption.

  14. prissa says:

    I was looking over the dresses again and where is Kristin Scott Thomas’s left arm in her photo???

  15. smee says:

    For a moment I thought P Cruz was cupper her stomach. Unflattering dress on her.

    K Gerber looks like a 12 yr old dressing up to look adult. ITA not sure if she has “it” or not.

    L Del Ray should work on her posture.

    K Moss looks curvy and happy – wow

    What is going on with K Scott Thomas? The huge wrinkled bag she’s wearing makes me wonder…

    Rosie HW always is the winner.

  16. Jessica says:

    I feel like Kaia’s parents are letting her do wayyy too much too soon. She’s still in high school and really has no business in the cut-throat modeling world. I would keep my daughter as far away from that as possible.

  17. Gina says:

    I feel like kate miss gained like ten pounds. She looks f*$%ing amazing good on her happy as he’ll . Smile on babes!

  18. Mich says:

    Kendall’s dress is terrible. To truly appreciate how terrible you have to see it from behind. It isn’t just slightly sheer, it is completely sheer. As in, she looks naked. Gross.

  19. Mich says:

    Kendall’s dress is terrible. To truly appreciate how terrible you have to see it from behind. It isn’t just slightly sheer, it is completely sheer. As in, she looks naked. Gross.

    Kaia is beautiful but her eyes/face have no spark.

  20. BANANIE says:

    I don’t think Kaia is talented or charismatic, but I’ve got to say I think her makeup here was extremely well done. This is the first time she’s looked anything like a model to me on the red carpet/at events.

    I wish I could see Rosie’s dress sans cape!

  21. Kristic says:

    Just here forever for the amazing Kristin Scott Thomas!

  22. DML says:

    Kaia is a beautiful girl but she is not yet ready for a lot of the womanly clothes they put her in.

  23. HeyThere! says:

    I guess the thing I don’t like about fashion people trying to make Kaia the next IT model is that she’s a child. They have been trying to worship her for a few years now! It weirds me out. I see a little girl playing dress up and when they try to dress her sexy I get so weirded out!! She has every fashion houses ideal body, aka almost invisible, and that really bugs me. She was modeling women’s clothing at 14 years old and it’s just all too much for me. She can’t help her body type but this isn’t who should be modeling women’s clothing. It’s unhealthy to push this. Try again when she’s 18 or 20 but just let this kid be a kid. I sound old, well it’s relative but I’m 33. I don’t feel old. I guess I just wish fashion houses would use women as models since it’s womens clothing on the runways. It’s just all a bit much for me.

  24. Shannon says:

    Cindy Crawford’s dress looks almost exactly like my prom dress from 1994, so I just can’t take it seriously. Kaia is very pretty, but she just doesn’t look model-ish to me, idk. She’s actress-pretty, not model-pretty, if that makes any sense (it doesn’t). I thought Kate Moss was Kristin Chenowith at first glance.

  25. Nacho_friend says:

    Looks like David Beckham got new hair plugs *giggles* I guess that blind item was correct heehee

  26. Alyse Leitao says:

    Kaia is gorgeous… but really does look her age (omg right!)

    This is not a negative on her or how she looks:

    What I mean by that is… I was flicking through a mag the other day and saw her advertising some $7000 watch and just thought… who is this appealing to? The people who can afford/want these aren’t her age, and anyone not her age isn’t going to be sold on luxury by someone who looks 15

    Luxury should be sold by older women… they just sell the worldliness of luxury more. Seen it all done it all. I’m saying that as someone in their 20s (so not in some ‘bitter older woman’ way).

    Branding just seems off and out of touch. This is a wider industry thing, but Kaia has really stood out to me as a big example of a very young looking lady being pushed to sell an image she’s far too obviously young to fulfil.

  27. sophieb9 says:

    Victoria always tips her head down because she has pug nostrils. Her coverup has become a signature look, emulated by others.

  28. Dorky says:

    Kate Moss looks exactly like Ellen Barkin. And love seeing her look happy.

    Kaia has a weird face, like her features are smeared or something. I’m sure she doesn’t care about our opinion, though. 😎

  29. Nopseky says:

    Honestly don’t get the big deal over Kaia, tbh. She’s pretty in the way she ticks all the boxes, but otherwise just bland as oatmeal.

  30. Anare says:

    There is a lot to giggle and snipe at in these pics. The young Gerber baby is pretty but she looks like a really tall 10 year old. Her dress is a fug mess. Is she taking posing lessons from Paris Hilton? Kate Moss looks great with some curves. That dress is so cheap looking though. Cringe at the color too. Kendall Jenner please move along. We have seen your boobs and your butt cheeks enough to be bored. Why bother wearing an ugly bikini thong under your see through dress? Just flash your vag. Everyone will just just
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and keep scrolling. Note to Kendall no one else is wearing see through clothing. Maybe you need to find a new fashion niche. Kristen Scott Thomas OMG! I’m dying here. The hair! That monsterous gown. Her missing arm! 😂 Rita Ora still trying to be relevant while looking so try-hard. Her outfit looks like a 16 year old attempting quirky street wear look to post on IG.