Felicity Jones in Dior at the NYC screening of ‘On the Basis of Sex’: cute or sleepy?

New York screening of 'On the Basis of Sex' - Arrivals

On the Basis of Sex has been undercover this awards season, so much so that I keep forgetting that it’s a thing, and that there were actually some big hopes that it would be an Oscar contender. It hasn’t been nominated for anything big or small though – the Globes, the SAGs and all of the critics’ associations ignored the film. I wonder if the film would have gotten more hype with a different actress playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I like Felicity Jones a lot, and I think she’s incredibly talented, but man, this was bad casting:

She’s way too young to play the role, right? Yikes. Anyway, here are some photos from the New York screening last night. Justin Theroux didn’t even bother coming to this screening, so it was just Felicity and Armie Hammer. Felicity wore a beige-y dress from Dior, and Armie was showing off his new crew cut. They look like they have the sexual chemistry of two dishrags. I feel for Felicity – she tries to be a Fashion Girl sometimes, but ultimately, I don’t think she cares about styling or labels or whatever. Anyway, this is just a reminder: Armie and Felicity are both snoozes, and this film is going nowhere.

New York screening of 'On the Basis of Sex' - Arrivals

New York screening of 'On the Basis of Sex' - Arrivals

New York screening of 'On the Basis of Sex' - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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9 Responses to “Felicity Jones in Dior at the NYC screening of ‘On the Basis of Sex’: cute or sleepy?”

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  1. Kaye says:

    Armie may be a snooze, but he’s a gorgeous tall hunk of a snooze.

  2. Megan says:

    The RBG doco was so good, we just don’t need a fictionalized version of her life.

  3. Vexa says:

    I quite like Felicity but my god, everything she wears is some variation of a beige/oatmeal/taupe tulle dress, and it really doesn’t do her any favours…

  4. Lindi says:

    “She’s way too young to play the role, right?”

    RBG was 37/38 when she was working on the case portrayed in the movie, and Felicity Jones is 35, so…no?

  5. Lightpurple says:

    I am looking forward to seeing this film. I like Felicity. I love RBG. I’ll be there. As will every other female attorney I know.

  6. lucy2 says:

    That looks like something Jennifer Lawrence would get forced to wear.

  7. ab says:

    I actually saw this last month — a connected friend invited me to a screening. I had never heard of the film and didn’t know who was in it before going in … I am not surprised it is not getting awards recognition. It wasn’t a bad film, but it was a little schmaltzy for my taste and felt like it was dragging towards the end. felicity was great as a young RBG, though I didn’t realize she is in her 30s! she looks younger than her age and it was distracting when she was playing against the actress who plays her daughter as a teenager. felicity has zero chemistry with armie hammer, who is boring in this. I know him for his twitter antics but had never seen him act. I was surprised to see justin theroux pop up, and if anyone does get some sort of recognition it might be him, maybe because of the physical transformation? it took me a second to recognize him.

  8. serena says:

    That’s a pity, it looks like a great movie and I’m gonna watch it.

  9. Ash says:

    felicity isn’t too young she is 35 lol.