Queen Elizabeth traveled to Sandringham by train without Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at King’s Lynn station

Here are some photos of Queen Elizabeth traveling by train to Norfolk on Thursday. Wednesday was her big Christmas luncheon at Buckingham Palace, and she usually travels the day after to Sandringham. There are a few unusual things about these photos – for one, the Queen usually loves to wear bright colors, even in the dead of winter, so it feels noteworthy that she’s in this brown coat. Also notable? Prince Philip didn’t travel with his wife. He also arrived separately by car to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday for the Christmas lunch. My question: are Liz and Phil living separate lives??

Do you think the Queen is worried about all of the drama and petty squabbles involving Prince William, Prince Harry and their wives? Vanity Fair would have us believe that she was concerned about Meghan’s father enough to order the courtiers to try to do something, only to have Meghan try to manage it on her own. Still, I’m guessing that the Queen will try to enjoy her Christmas holiday with her extended family – she reportedly asked to be surrounded by all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren this year.

One last thing: for Christmas, the Buckingham Palace pastry chefs shared their tips for royally perfect gingerbread cookies. Apparently, the Queen doesn’t like gingerbread cookies in the shape of men – she prefers the cookies in the shape of hearts, stars and bells.

Queen arrival KL

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Embee says:

    I’ve believed all along that the Queen wanted everyone gathered for Christmas because it’s likely to be the last one with Phillip. Which is poignant. I also wonder if she will step down and allow Charles to become King? It would make sense given age and health but I’m American and not at all sure if this would be appropriate according to custom etc.

    Either way I hope she has the Christmas she desires and deserves.

    • manda says:

      That is very sweet! I’m so on the fence with Prince Phillip. She loves him, and he seems charming. But then the anti-semitic history cannot be forgotten (at least, I can’t forget it), and I feel like I’ve heard he’s racist too (which, given he’s a like 100 years old and that his family was involved with the nazi party, that isn’t that surprising, which isn’t giving him a pass but is just an observation), but maybe he’s not anymore? And then, the Crown gave me some insight on how he was as a young man, which probably isn’t 100 percent accurate but is at least something of a sketch of how he probably was, but omg, what a spoiled brat jerk he was. I just don’t know whether I like him or not. But like I said, she loves him and as far as I am concerned, everything in her life should really be about her

      • historybuff says:

        Phillip never had any Nazi sympathies. His sisters married German aristocrats who did join the party, but he was actually hustled out of Germany in the 30′s because he didn’t show respect to the Nazis — and this was before anyon knew just how awful they were. Later, he joined the British Royal Navy to fight Germany during the war. He did quite well, by all accounts.

        Phillip’s attitude towards race, which at the time was seen as quite liberal, was always more towards the “white savior” colonialism.

      • Tina says:

        And also, Philip’s family was split, as were so many aristocratic families of the time. He chose the right side, as did his mother, who hid a Jewish family in Athens and is recognised as one of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among the Nations.

      • outoftheshadows says:

        Wow! Thanks for the history lesson. The Crown did a bit of a hatchet job on him, I think.

  2. Red Snapper says:

    Much will be made of her down to earth, low budget train ride. This is an annual PR stunt that costs millions in security costs. You know, just like us.

    • Milla says:

      Exactly. Look at her, just a regular old granny, with security which costs more than a private plane. And she’s wearing brownish coat, to look even more like a modest old lady. Of course that coat could feed few hundreds of children, but who cares? The queen took a train.

      • Someone says:

        So what should she do? She’s the head of state, not the British pm. all countries spend money on security of their heads of state. If she flew, people would complain about it. If she drove at this time of year, there would be traffic issues.
        There’s legitimate complaints About cost like supporting the endless children and relative and second sons and then wives and then there are costs of state.

  3. Peg says:

    This is a woman that dealt with the blitz, Diana, Charles, Andrew and Fergie scandals.
    The Markles are child’s play to her, anyone can see all the Markles want is money and to hang with the Royal family.
    What’s the biggest scandal about Meghan? she is a social climber and when she dumps you she moves on. Surgery comes to mind, the surgeon don’t leave the cup open.
    Piers Morgan is still whining about getting ghosted after meeting her once, the question people should be asking, is why a married man is so invested in someone else’s wife. Did he want to be more than friends? Or did he think she was going to fall his smarmy charm.

    • gm says:

      I agree. I like Meghan and most of the BRF but everyone is complex, maybe she is a humanitarian and socially ambitious, warm, kind and cold. Most of us are many things and so is she depending on the situation.

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      I read Piers Morgan’s account of meeting Meghan (they played text tag for a while, eventually meeting for a drink during one of her early trips to London). He seemed quite smitten with her, and had nothing but good things to say about her. I think he was crushing on her, and his feelings were hurt when she stopped answering his texts. The mean and nasty things he writes about her in the Daily Mail are his revenge. How sad and petty, especially for a married man who should be sniffing in his own back yard (seriously, did he really think he stood a chance with Meghan?!?). But, then, he’s a longtime Trump sycophant – and we all know how Trump handles people who flip in him.

      • Hannah Maguire says:

        Well i can’t stand Piers but much like the writers here, he is only writing what sells. Just from the other side.

    • Spargel says:

      She’ll be dealing with a Harry/Meghan scandal/divorce within 10 years, too, if she lives that long. Ticktock.

  4. Eric says:

    While on the train, the Queen verbally sparred with the conductor, pistol-whipped an exuberant fan, and stole a candy bar from the snack bar. For good measure, she wrote “the queen wuz here” in black Sharpie in the toilet.

  5. Maria says:

    Phillip spends most of his time at Windsor Castle, so I guess he went directly from there. He planned to join her at Sandringham.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Philip lives at Wood Farm at Sandringham, not at Windsor. He has since he retired.

      Where they’ll hide Fergie now is anyone’s guess, as HM used to hide her at Wood Farm so she could see the girls at Christmas.

  6. Betsy says:

    I want a lipstick that looks like that. Became Wild Orchid and a Revlon one come to mind, but both of those stain my lips an unattractive magenta.

    • manda says:

      I’m jealous of her headscarf. I’m guessing it’s burberry? Probably just “some old thing” to her. I hope that I am just a fraction as fabulous as her when I am her age

    • Erinn says:

      Not sure if you have access to Annabelle (it might be Canadian) but they have some creamy twist up lip crayons – ‘Royale’ looks pretty similar to me. I own ‘breeze’ which is a lighter slightly blue toned pink that I love, and I don’t believe it leaves a stain. There’s wet n wild liquid catsuit (matte) in ‘nice to fuchsia’ as well that looks close- but could be brighter depending on your natural lip color. Might want to google swatches, but they both seem pretty similar to me.

      • Betsy says:

        Yep, just Canadian. I’m sure they ship but I never feel like figuring out the costs. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • aaa says:

      The Queen does like a bright lippy. There have been articles about the brands and shades she uses, I will try to find and post them, although what she has on in the above photos may not be her typical shade.

  7. Originaltessa says:

    Maybe Philip will go by car?

  8. Loopy says:

    My question: are Liz and Phil living separate lives??…..Why did this make me laugh???

  9. Casi says:

    It makes a little more sense to think that a) trains can be drafty, b) trains can be bumpy and that c) he might not be up for the walk from the train to the car (or that he might need a walker and not want to be seen with it) so he rode uo in a car than it does to say they are leading separate lives.

    And co-sign on the Markles being completely insignificant compared to the other things QEII has stared down in her life.

  10. Mego says:

    Prince Philip has been living at Wood Cottage in Sandringham since he retired. So yes they live separately for part of the week. There is an article about it via DM.

  11. Other Renee says:

    The Queen probably looks forward to this annual train ride and Philip is too old for it. She feels obligated to continue with public work. He’s retired. They’re both home at night to watch “The Crown” in the evening. Hardly what I’d call totally separate lives.

  12. jules says:

    It was explained years ago, that the Queen wears bright/ neon colors at public events, so that the people who came out to see her, are really able to- even from far away. This is her private train ride, so she tones it down

  13. Mumbles says:

    I am reminded how a few years ago Kate and/or William took a helicopter from Amner Hall to London at great cost to the taxpayers, and meanwhile the QUEEN takes the train. And seems to love it.

    And I agree with other commenters….this woman was queen as the Commonwealth countries gained their independence; she peacefully yielded the UK’s centuries-old position as a “superpower.” She lived through a war where the UK’s existence was highly questionable. There was the drama with her sister. There were questions about Phillip’s fidelity. There was the tragic death of Diana and all the kerfuffle about Camilla marrying into the family. The Markle drama is amateur hour to her.

    • Fluffy Princess says:

      I would think that the Markles are definitely amateur hour for HM. Essentially, they are low-class gold diggers. The RF probably deals with so many Gold diggers on the daily (as people try to gain access to senior members and lower tier members of the RF for $$$ constantly), they probably just roll their eyes at their trashy ways. At least, they are easy to head off at the pass because they announce their shizz at every opportunity. Now, if they were sneaky gold diggers, that might be a little bit more work…but they’re not.

      You know, wouldn’t it be amazing to hear QEII talk shizz about people! Like famous people she’s met and loathed–or loved, world leaders who she really admired and those she thought were stupid/terrible/smelly or some other negative thing. Especially, since apparently she likes to mimic people — “Yes, I’m lord fancy pants and my breath smells like a dogs bottom!” Or you know…

  14. Birds eye view says:

    She’s seen so much and dealt with all of it in her inscrutable manner and though th current drama seems ridiculous and insignificant I believe she will be concerned about it especially for harry, she’s seen many marriages unravel in the family …I’m sure she’ll want peace of mind in her advancing years.

  15. Birdix says:

    Sweet! Nutcracker makes me happy this time of year. And I’m up to my ears in it, with the ballet company I work for halfway through 31 performances. Happy Nutcracker!
    AND—I had the best gingerbread yesterday. So gingery and spicy. Wish I could make some myself that good (in any shape).